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100% All Existence / Chapter 98: Breaking the Rules

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Chapter 98: Breaking the Rules

Even a pin dropping would be heard in the silence that had enveloped the field. Nobody saw anything, no attacks, no movements, just a head silently flying off.

Lucien remained indifferent and turned to look at the rest of the foes.

He didn't even pay attention to the Rank 2 Practitioners and started walking towards the Rank 3 that dared to attack in his presence, one step at a time.

Nobody dared to move, an attack that nobody could perceive either put him on a Rank much higher that their own or he had someone backing him on a Rank much higher than their own. Either way, moving would spell death.

'I guess... I will have to make sure nobody dares to touch my things.'

In fact even though Lucien had such an esteemed status and was a war hero as well, many families wouldn't mind crossing him if the benefits were enough, or using his identity to their benefit. It was mainly because he didn't interact with the outside world at all.

From their perspective, the amounts of time this prince had left the palace could be counted on one hand. And if there was a tiger that always hid in its cave, people liked to assume it was sick. They would even dare to barge in its cave and do whatever they felt like, since the tiger didn't strike back, what could go wrong?

There were even families that made a faction that supported him, and used his name to expand it. Lucien never bothered about those small things, they were at most a couple of Rank 2 Practitioners there.

But now the DawnStar family had decided that they could take his business, and he was completely sure they had some excuses like they would help him manage it better and hand it back in the future or something along those lines.

While thinking Lucien was almost in front of the Rank 3 foe that stood there and was waiting for a chance to escape.

It was at this moment that a Rank 2 decided to bet and started running away, alas he didn't even manage to make a second step when his head rolled on the ground as well.

This time everyone was paying even more attention, but still couldn't notice a single thing.

"If it was before I wouldn't mind a Rank 3 Slave, but at this point... you are just useless."

Everyone was shocked at the proclamation. Who in the world wouldn't want a Rank 3 Slave?!?

Lucien meant every word he said. Even if he turned him into a slave, it would still be some random Practitioner that he would have to keep commanding and instructing at every small juncture. While he already had two clones that were Rank 3 and the number would only increase.

They were practically himself. He didn't need to instruct them or supervise them, they acted like he would act. Why would he need subordinates when he already had multiple versions of himself handling everything?

The Rank 3 Practitioner was the one that was given the biggest blow. He was not even worth the title of slave in the eyes of this person?

"I admit that this is my mistake, and would like to take any punishment you would be willing to offer. May I know your name, Your Majesty?"

He called him Your Majesty only because he heard the title from the Commander who was still kneeling in the distance.

"It seems you are still not convinced... but that is fine. My name is... Lucien BloodMoon."

Lucien was not worried about revealing his identity. He made sure the Darkness Clone left and hid away the moment he started rushing with his main body. He wanted to make sure his clones were not revealed.

"Third Prince!??!!"

Many were shocked at the revelation and realized the magnitude of their actions. Almost all Rank 2 Practitioners followed the Commander and knelt down.

"Now that you know, you don't need to get up."

Blades silently formed and every Rank 2 enemy died instantly.

Nobody managed to even plead for mercy. Lucien didn't care about them at all, he preferred to have their Souls and bodies over some misaligned mercy.

The Rank 3 finally realized why the Commander didn't dare to move over this whole event, he had participated in the war and had seen Lucien, he knew his identity. Even though curse words almost spilled out of his mouth for the traitor, he didn't dare move. His hate even spread to the DawnStar family.

"Get up, both of you. I'll give you a small chance to survive. We are going on a trip."

Lucien recalled the one requirement his father gave him in their last conversation. Namely to not kill anyone of the royal family and smiled deeply. The DawnStar family didn't just have his mother as a royal. They were a big family with a couple of their daughters belonging to the royal family.

'It seem I will have to break the rules a bit...'

Lucien started leading the way and showed mid Rank 2 Agility. Even he felt that he was revealing a bit too much, but it was still within acceptable ranges. Especially now that he had a 'secret' organisation backing him in the dark. They had even sent an expect to protect him.

All the people accompanying him were old foxes, the remembered exactly how long ago was the celebration for the birth of the Third Prince. Calculating in their head, they realized what a genius this prince was, which made them even more hateful and upset for offending him. The would rip apart those old dogs for doing this to them.

The DawnStar family was around the capital as well so, it took them less than half an hour to be in the vicinity of their compound.

'I wonder if mother is here...'

It was just a stray thought, even if she was there he wouldn't stop what was about to happen.

"This is your chance... go inside and bring me the Patriarch of the DawnStar family and all the royal members that reside in the compound. Kill anyone that gets in the way, except my mother. You don't have the qualifications to lay your hand on her."

If something was to happen to his mother, it would be caused by himself.

In fact he didn't have to mention this, they wouldn't dare kill royal members anyway. Even abducting them was already past their bottom lines. They just didn't dare say no, this was their chance at life.

"Thank you for your mercy."

The Commander was the only one that knelt once again and offered his gratitude. He didn't care about the DawnStar family at this point. If he got alive from this, he would leave the Scarlet Empire.

He then stood up and turned towards the compound. Opening his mouth he let out a roar. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Zebul Zebul

Sooo I sad note...

I will be putting the novel on a hiatus for unknown period of time... I have mentioned I wanted to treat this as a part time job thing, but its not working out at all to be honest. There are less than 200 people actually reading, even if I put ads and popups all over the place it wouldn't be profitable, so I will find a part time job that actually pays... thus leaving me no time to write. Will revisit it after university is finished...

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