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38.46% All-Father's Journey (Overlord Fanfiction) / Chapter 5: DUNGEON, BOSS BATTLE.

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As the light of the waiting screen died down, a dark space waited in front of them, positioning themselves at their own position, the team began to move toward the darkness, as they began to walk, torch began to lit up on the wall of the cave.

And in front of them, hundreds of skeleton, armed with swords were waiting, looking at them, Odin did the first thing that came into his mind.

"Guys, focus your boost on me, I want to show you something!"

Not knowing what he was talking about, but trusting him, they did so. Taking a step forward Eostre began to chant her spell.

[Yggdrasil's Blessing: Aura of Strenght!]

[Yggdrasil's Blessing: Aura of Agility!]

[Yggdrasil's Blessing: Aura of ...]

And then, Odin began to run toward the skeleton under the eyes of his friends, sword in hand, soon he was in the middle of the group if skeleton, his team began to fire spell at the skeleton while the supports used boosts on him. Slashing at the skeleton he decided to use his 'custom made' spell.

"[Sword Domain: First Heaven!]"

His words could be heard by everyone in the cave, and after a moment, all the skeleton around him began to die, one by one, on the remaining bones on the floor, sword mark could still be seen, after killing all the skeleton, Odin sat on the floor, with exhaustion. Seeing no other skeleton in this room, all the other member of the group began to regroup around him asking him questions.

"What was that Louis?" Asked Clement, dropping the role-playing for a moment. "I am pretty sure it isn't a spell from the [Sword Master] class."

"You know, it was suggested by the devs for the melee player to have better reflex, and as you know, I have swordsmanship lesson every day after school, and during one of my farming session I unlocked this feature by repeating the same action, so now I have a passive skill for slashing, parrying and all for my sword, but then I thought why not?" He shrugged. "And so I created this active skill by combining a lot of skill, the skill takes a lot of slots."

Clement was about to say something when Cedric decided to interrupt him. "Another wave is coming!" And then without waiting for anyone to answer, he went back into a role-playing mode by shouting. "I shall cleanse this filth by the light of my holy hammer!"

Rh'llor followed him murmuring words, Odin was only able to catch a few mumbled words like 'thick' 'headed' and 'ape'.

[Holy Shroud!]

Suddenly a huge amount of light began to spill from Hephaestus covering every skeleton and they began to slowly but surely die, not wanting to be undone, Rh'llor began to chant.

[Summon: Dark Knight!]

Dark smoke began to form a huge knight with red malevolent eyes who then began to charge the mage skeleton in the midst of the slowly dying army, killing them like ants.

"Why is it so..." said Polaris.

Sirius continued. "...easy?"

At the end of their words, the ground began to tremble as an enormous giant, clad in a robe that was tattered from the passage of time and carrying a mage staff in one hand, with a rusty sword at its waist began to slowly walk toward them, killing the skeletons from his side.

"Dark Knight! Attack him!" Yelled Rh'llor, wanting to show off in front of his Light-sided rival.

"No, wait!" Said Odin, wanting to stop him.

But it was too late.

The Dark Knight began to run toward the giant skeleton, and once in front of him, the undead slashed with his sword, leaving a trail of black smoke, the giant skeleton only, slightly bowed it's head, looking at the dark knight with disinterest before killing it with a wave of its hand. With it dead, it looked straight toward Odin's Party and began to talk in a booming, and enraged voice.

"WHO DARES WAKE ME, THE JÖTUNN GEIIRÖD?" Before he looked more specifically at Odin before smiling in a mocking manner. "IS IT YOU? INHERITOR OF IDAVOLL?"

"Inheritor of Idavoll?" Murmured Odin confused. Seeing this the giant began to laugh loudly.


At the end of his words, Geiiröd began to throw spell without needing to chant them, or use keyword, fireball, ice spear, earth spike, everything was thrown toward them, Izanagi was able to erect a barrier to block them all but it was instantly destroyed as the last one made contact with it. Seeing his magical attack ineffective, Geiiröd threw his staff away and began to draw his rusty sword, who then began to glow, showing its edge as the rust began to leave it. At the same times, his robes began to change, and at its place now stood a giant clad in black heavy armor.

"What the hell is this boss! He completely destroyed my barrier!" Loudly said Izanagi. "He is much more powerful than the other mob! And his dialogue! And even his facial movement! It's unreal!"

"Be careful of his sword, it is at least a Divine Rank Item!" Informed Hephaestus as he began to run toward the giant before he saw Hercules running faster than him.

"A worthy challenge!" Roared Hercules who was nowhere as calm as he previously was. "LET'S SEE IF YOU CAN MAKE ME TASTE DEFEAT JÖTUNN GEIIRÖD!"

[Berseker's Rage!]

Before Hercules could reach the giant, Geiiröd raised its now golden sword and smashed the rocky ground heavily.

[Earth Thorns!]

Following which, glistening spikes made of earth exploded from the ground, one after another. Even the slightest touch dealt an enormous amount to the melee player of the party, Hercules and Hephaestus.

This attack was obviously much stronger than all the skeleton's combined attack. Odin's chest tightened at this situation.

How should they defeat him? It seems that he had a level much higher than them, but the devs wouldn't have put him in a zone like this in this case...

"Sirius and Polaris on the sides can attack freely, try to target his eyes for critical damage. Hephaestus, cast [Light's Armor] on Hercules and try to let him tank while dealing damage without changing his focus. Rh'llor, focus on damage no need to summon more undead, it wouldn't be wise as he is the boss of a dungeon where we mainly fought skeletons." Odin seriously commanded.

"Got it." Although Hephaestus was curious as to why Odin wanted him to use his strongest defensive spell on Hercules so soon, he did not question the command. Immediately, he cast [Light's Armor].

Initially, Hercules lost HP just for using his racial skill but because of the boost each of his hit dealt enormous amount of damage to the Jötunn, but his own HP began to rapidly decrease as the giant began to counterattack. However, with [Light's Armor], the giant's attacks dealt less damage to the Berserker. In addition, Saraswati healed Hercules with a spell that made him regen a lot of HP every second. So Hercules could survive quite a while without the healers' assistance.

However, shortly after the activation of [Light's Armor], the giant abruptly slashed its sword, sending a golden wave, dealing massive damage to all enemies within ten yards. Naturally, Hercules, who was tanking him and Hephaestus could not avoid the attack as the Giant's sword slammed them to the ground.

This attack was simply too frightening.

Odin, however, despite being surprised at least had mental preparation. He already theorized this attack by thinking from the devs point of view and believed that as long as the players withstood the attack, they could attack him while the skill was on countdown.

"Good. Next, focus on dodging his normal sword attacks, and check your HP bar, his passive his dealing us quite a lot, Eostre, Saraswati, we will be counting on you." Seeing as there were no major issues nor questions from his team, Odin waited to be buffed by [Yggdrasil's Blessing: Aura of ...!] before he dashed towards the Jötunn. He had no intentions of saving his stamina and mana.

The Giant passive was a zone effect that triggered as long as you stayed in the area around the boss for a certain amount of time. As long as he stayed a short amount of time, he would be immune to all passive effects. In other words, the spell passively emitted by the giant would not affect him, and he could fight without worrying.

With Hercules holding the Boss's aggro, the other member of the group began their relentless assault on the beast.

Spells and arrows bombarded the giant. Meanwhile, the melee classes desperately attacked the giant and stunned him before he could throw spells, thereby limiting its attack to melee.

The members of Odin's group wore excellent equipment, and practically all of their Skills could deal a great amount of damage. Among the team members, Odin and Hercules were the strongest.

Following them were Rh'llor and Hephaestus. As Geiiröd was a Jötunn, it possessed a passive skilled name [Magic Resistance]. Hence, magic attacks were not as effective as physical attacks against the giant, and while physical, Hephaestus' attack was mainly magical.

Meanwhile, activating one of his customized spells, Odin appeared directly above the Jötunn. He sent a slash of his sword descending on its head.

Dealing a quarter of the boss health.


"The damage I deal is better than I expected." Odin ignored the giant's dialogue and keep attacking him with his passive sword move.

Following which, Odin executed a slashing movement with his sword.

His motions were as smooth as flowing water. (Classical Chinese line, couldn't help myself.)

Odin's astonishing damage shocked his friends.

A short moment later, the Giant's HP fell to the 20% threshold. However, none of these players were satisfied. During this short period, everyone's mana and stamina had lowered significantly. For example, Eostre and Saraswati, the support of the group had to take a great amount of mana potion just to buff and heal them from the onslaught of the Boss.

Originally, when the giant came and began to talk, every member of the team felt awe and fear toward it. Now, however, every member of the team was looking at him with greed in their eyes, waiting for him to die so that they could loot him.

The Jötunn looked kind of pitiful right now…

"YOU ACTUALLY DARE TO RESIST ME? THE GREAT GEIIRÖD? YOU ANT! LET ME SHOW YOU A POWER SO GREAT THAT YOU WILL NEED ETERNITY TO UNDERSTAND CONTEMPLATE ITS GREATNESS!" Geiiröd bellowed, causing the entire cavern to tremble, seeing this all the melee player, Odin, Hercules, and Hephaestus retreated.

The torch on the wall of the cavern began to flicker and then the flame began to gather and condense in the giant's hands. In the dark cavern, for a moment it seemed like Geiiröd held a golden sun that dispelled the darkness from the previously dim cavern.

"This isn't a spell we know right?" Said Rh'llor, salivating silently. "I want it..."

Before he attacked, everyone could feel a searing sensation wrap around their bodies. In the next moment, they began losing a big amount of HP every second. If Geiiröd released its attack, it would likely obliterate the entire team instantly.

When the giant held up the mini replica of the sun made of golden fire, which it had formed from the torch on the wall, Odin made his move.

[Sword Domain: First Heaven!]

Suddenly, the massive fireball exploded and liquified the previously solid rocky ground. Meanwhile, the Jötunn had weakened significantly following the interruption.

"Go! Its magic resistance has weakened! Activate your Berserker's Sacrificial Skill!" Odin hurriedly shouted to Hercules.

Suddenly, Hercules activated the [Berseker's Sacrificial Blood], boosting all the attributes of the team's member in the cost of his own HP which decreased to the amount of 8%.

In a fraction of a second after Hercules' spell, The team's spells and arrows bombarded the Jötunn, forcing constant, painful screams from the 'GREAT' Geiiröd. Following which, it's HP rapidly decreased, and even its hard armor began to crack. In the end, the Geiiröd was reduced to a pile of ashes, leaving behind a massive resplendent book made of gold and gems and a mountain of loot.

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