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23.07% All-Father's Journey (Overlord Fanfiction) / Chapter 3: FIRST QUEST, FIRST DIFFICULTY

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As the light increased enough to blind him, he had to close his non-existent eyes to shield them from the phantom pain. When the light disappeared and he was finally able to see again, he noticed that his arms actually had fingers and he was wearing dull brown clothes. Looking around, he saw all manners of beasts around him, all walking along as they had somewhere to be. He could see a slime talking to a bird-ish looking man and an octopus monster conversing with a white knight. If he didn't know he was playing a virtual reality game he would have thought he had gone mad.

Seeing a message pop up in front of him, he began to read it. It simply said that NPCs with objects above their heads could be interacted with and to go to the NPC with a question mark above their head.

Looking up, he saw the NPC with a large yellow mark above his head. Remembering the message about talking to NPCs, he took his first step in Yggdrasil.

Doing so, he took his first step into his new life. Looking around he was able to determine that he was in a small village, opening his map he saw that his position was at the top right corner of Midgard, thinking for a bit he remembered hearing his friends talking about how everyone would be randomly spawned the first time they joined the game so this is what they must have been talking about.

Having determined his position he closed his map before searching for his first quest, looking for an NPC he saw one in front of a small wooden house.

Approaching the human NPC he asked him as he saw in the tutorial.

"Greetings human, I am Odin son of Bor, may I help you with any of your trouble in exchange of reward?"

"Player, our hunters have been attacked by wolves for days, I wish of you to destroy their dens and bring me their teeth as proof of your success." Replied emotionlessly the NPC as a notification made its way in front of Odin.

[Eradicate the wolves' den: Kill every wolf in the den north of the Glouster Village in the mountain of Bliss.]

[Reward: 500 XP, 50 copper coins, a fine sword.]

[Accept quest?]

"Quest accepted." Nodded Odin before going where his map indicated the den, sword in hand, meanwhile he checked the spell his class granted him, as he looked through them a thought made his way into his mind.

'I should probably learn swordsmanship if I want to really be good as a Sword Novice.'

His thought soon came to his friends and stopping in his tracked he opened his friendslist and began to add his friends.


[Friend Request sent to Player: Izanagi.]

[Friend Request sent to Player: Hephaestus.]

[Friend Request sent to Player: Saraswati.]

[Friend Request sent to Player: Polaris.]

[Friend Request sent to Player: Sirius.]

[Friend Request sent to Player: Rh'llor]

[Friend Request sent to Player: Ēostre.]

[Friend Request sent to Player: Hercules]


The eight of them were all friends of his in the real world, all of them choose to have a gods name, but no one wanted to use the same pantheon that the other much to the irritation of Rh'llor, otherwise known as Clement who simply chose to pick a movie's name that was popular during the 21st century and the other like Saraswati and Izanagi simply choose name from their homeland, India and Japan.

'The twin simply chooses star name, quite funny from them, I respect you Gabriel, Sylvestre.' Absently thought Odin, as he dodged a wolf that was pouncing on him before gripping his sword and slashing at the wolf.

-25 HP

'Maybe I should have taken a greek gods' name?' He slashed the wolf once again who then crashed down on the floor dissolving in lights as another attacked him coming out from the den.

-28 HP

Another wolf came from behind a tree and attacked him, having no time to defend himself the wolf bite down on his neck causing him major damage.

Critique! -88 HP

Seeing his health bar quickly decreasing he suddenly use a spell from his Sword Novice Class.

[Fatal Edge!]

Suddenly his sword began to glow, slashing toward the wolf behind him he quickly began to retreat.

-52 HP

Seeing as the wolf was almost dead he stopped his retreat and began to run toward it, sword in his hands he roared.

[High Vertical Strike!]

The light came again on his sword, this time brighter than before.

Critique! -27 HP, Target: Dead.

[Loot: x3 Wolf fur of good quality, 1 gauntlet of good quality.

-Quest Item: Wolves' teeth.]

Level up!

Level up!

Level up!

You are now level 3.

Putting his level in his swordmaster class and upgrading his physical stats his stats updated themselves.


Name: Odin Borson

HP: 112/200

Mana: 5/100






Sword Novice, level: 2/10.

Dragonoid(Racial Class), level:1/10.


[Quest Updated: Go back to Fabrice and show him the wolves teeth and take back your reward.]

Seeing the last pop-up, Odin decided to go back to the village to buy potions and finish his quest before logging off for the day.

[Your friendslist has been refreshed, you currently have: 6 friends online.]

"Oh, it's a good day! Well in the game at least." Said, Odin, before he was interrupted by someone to his left.

"Indeed, Dragonoid scum." Said the lizardmen to his left who was holding a sword and a shield in both his hands.

"What do you want?" He asked the lizardmen curiously as he saw his looking at him and standing next to him with an aggressive stance. "We are not far from the village." He quickly said trying to bluff his way out of this fight.

"You are right." Nodded the Lizardmen before he looked at Odin with a smirk. "But you won't have the time to go back there as you are a bit... overwhelmed." At the end of his words, other players of the lizardmen race and of different class stepped out of the shadows of the trees, holding staff, bow, lance, and sword.

"Now die, and remember, death has been granted to you by the prestigious [Salamender's Own] Clan." At his words, every member of his groups began to laugh mockingly at Odin. Soon enough Odin was engaged in melee by two members of the group, he was able to maintain his ground for a moment before he was shot by an arrow and fireball coming from the mage and archer, seeing that he was distracted the melee player slashed at him.

And soon, Odin knew no more, as he respawned in the village, one level lower than he was before just in front of the NPC he had to meet.

"Oh m*therf*cker!"

All_Father All_Father

Just introducing some low-level rival who will be quickly dealt with in future chapter before being forgotten by all.

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