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76.92% All-Father's Journey (Overlord Fanfiction) / Chapter 10: SURSHANA, GRIM REAPER - FINAL

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After having won his first match of the world tournament, Odin decided that he should at least have more cards in his hands if he wanted to win against the other competitor, and so for days, apart from fighting other players who were not worth his attention he began to make to finish his quest for his class, the [Celestial Ruler]. And so here he was.

Dark clouds filled with lighting shrouded the sky, followed by the darkness and chaos that descended upon the earth. The stone stairs stretching toward a mountain, bloody corpses, armories, weapons lying around the way, and on top of the mountain, a golden throne made of stone stood there, with an ancient and sacred feeling, as if immovable, it just stood there.

Odin took a deep breath, but he wasn't able to taste the cold and bloody air. After all, it was just a game. It had been a long instance, for two hours he fought non-stop against a army of Jötunn, like his first boss they were all of the same race, from the backstory he discovered during his quest the previous Celestial Ruler sacrificed himself to seal all of them here and so all of them harbored a great hatred to him which he passed to Odin making all of them crazy and bloodthirsty.

And so for hours he fought them, and now as he stood in front of the throne of the previous ruler, he despite feeling excited was also feeling extremely exhausted, but with great determination, he dragged his feet toward the throne, after a moment he sat on it regally.

The moment his body made contact to the throne it began to glow slightly before the glow died down and a golden aura began to paste his body coming from the throne before it too died down. Seeing nothing else happening he began to look around and as he was about to leave a notification sounded in his ear.

[System: Congratulation to the player Odin_Borson for completing the secret quest; Your class has changed and you now are officially the new Celestial Ruler, your current class grants you...]




Two days later, a stronger looking stood in the arena of the world tournament, thinking about his quest and the equipment he earned by vanquishing his competitor a proud smile naturally formed on his face, he, after all, was the finalist of the tournament, and his only opponent now stood in front of him.

Stopping his thought, Odin looked in front of him, there an undead stood in front of him, his name was Surshana, from some guild's name he couldn't remember, while not a mage, his race was more something like a race of a Grim Reaper, the physical attacker counterpart of a Lich. He wielded magic with staff and his physical attack with a scythe who was more a cash item than anything else.

This was the final match of the tournament to know who would become the World Champion, and while his opponent was extremely strong, Odin had no fighting intent toward him.

Surshana might have sensed it as he looked outraged and began to shout toward Odin.

"Who do you think you are? You are only lucky to have won against Luci★Fer!" After this, he suddenly began to look arrogant. "And more importantly you are against me! Surshana, and I shall lead you to the afterlife praying to God for your death to be a painful one and then..."

Before he could continue his monologue Odin interrupted him, with a soft but commanding voice.

"You can pray to your God." His eyes becoming more indifferent, like a higher being looking at a lower one, he continued. "But spoiler: I won't be listening, for I shall send you on your way, now. Fight. Show me if you are worthy of me using my magic."

"Arrogant bastard!" Shouted the undead angered. "Let me show you the depth of my magic! [Grasp Heart!]"

Before the attack could connect, Odin slashed casually in front of him with his sword, deflecting the effect of the magic before sheathing his sword once again, but the undead was not finished.


Appearing in the air above Odin, Surshana began to chant his magic.


His chant done, cloud and lighting began to gather and water began to rain down on Odin who for a moment seemed to have taken an interest in the magic being used by his opponent before he began to laugh loudly.

"That is quite a strong magic! Who would have known an undead such as yourself would have learned it."

"Ahahah! You are right to fear me, but it is too late now, but if you kneel I might..."

"... Such a pity it is not enough." The soft-spoken words of Odin were heard all around the arena and even the spectator watching through the screen could feel the disdain coming from him but Surshana who was standing in front of Odin felt as if he was facing an unreachable existence.

"If I was the one before changing my class I would have been defeated by your level 9 magic, but I am something more now, and to show you the respect I have for you, magic caster, I shall use my strongest state." Suddenly a golden aura began to appear around Odin, coupled with his character's design for a moment he seemed like the Sun God, but then the aura began to change becoming more like lightings, reaching for his sword Gungnir, he softly said:

[Odin's Force]

"NO! YOU ARE BLUFFING!" Shouted Surshana, in fear more than out of anger. "DIE! [TIER-9 MAGIC: LIGHTING DRAGON'S STORM!]

The lighting that had accumulated around the undead suddenly began to form into an enormous western-looking dragon who then roared before charging toward Odin who still shrouded in a golden aura began to unsheathe his sword and with a resounding *Ding!* took the sword with both hands on the handle before slashing toward the undead and the dragon heading his way with a shout.

"[Sword Domain: Only I am Supreme Under This Heaven and Earth.]"

An enormous golden light slashed toward the lighting dragon, and with a final unwilling roar, the dragon died down, but the slash was not finished nor was it weakened by the obstacle, it directly tore the clouds that had formed by the undead's magic before appearing in front of the undead itself.

"No... no... no... NOOO! It's impossible!"

And with a final roar filled with indignation, the undead was cut in half by the slash of Odin's sword, his avatar disappearing in broken pixel leaving in its place a system notification that all the player of Yggdrasil heard and saw.

[Winner: Odin_Borson.]

[May the light of Yggdrasil always bless it's chosen.]

All_Father All_Father

Some Team Fourstar reference in there with a bit of fanboying. Can't be that bad.

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