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8.92% All Time Marksman / Chapter 18: A Feisty woman

A Feisty woman - All Time Marksman - Chapter 18 by ArkAnghel full book limited free

Chapter 18: A Feisty woman

``Hah…You got me there`` Jin looked at Qinge Yu. He was dazed for a moment and then soon enough Shen Qi suddenly looked at him as he points a gun at his forehead. "You can stop at looking at our Team leader alright" at the end Shen Qi smiled sarcastically trying to provoke Jin if he will fight.

Jin then turned his look towards Shen Qi and said "If I were you I will remove that gun from my head." Jin smiled and then stood up. And suddenly a large explosion outside caught all of their attention. "What was that?" Jin exclaimed he then rushed towards one of the windows that was near them and as he tried to peaked it was too late there was another explosion near the house. "What the heck is this?"

Mo Tingfeng said as he clenched his fist and prepare himself for a fight. Meanwhile, Jin has taken cover. "Alright Group Squad D! Battle Station!" Qinge Yu said as she looked at them and like it was all synchronous movement all of them were in their positions.

Mo Tingfeng was near the door, Shen Qi was at the left side corridor who was able to see a glimpse of the monster outside. "It's a level C volcanic minion." Shen Qi said as he tried to look for assurance and when he was really assured he relied upon the information to Qinge Yu. Who ordered Gong Long to go out and take the aggro because of the speed of Gong Long followed by Fang Huang.

"Hey what is a Level C?" Jin questioned but he was only ignored by the group squad D. Jin grip his XDR-Rifle and tried to find a suitable spot to provide support fire. Jin rushed towards the stairs. And another explosion erupted. It was much stronger than the first and second explosion earlier. ``dang it, there was this kind of monster roaming around this kind of place.``

Jin's thoughts were now running wild his adrenaline is using through his body. And as he found a suitable position for an over-watch he saw a 9 ft monster with magma vein that flowing throughout its body. Its head also has a small volcanic eruption. The monster growled and roared towards the group squad D.

Jin aimed his XDR-Rifle perfectly aligned to his target. as he put his finger at the trigger and pulled the trigger [Triggering Skill usage chosen] {Registered Skill] [Firing Skill: Rapid Fire]

*Prfft Prfft Prfft*

[Magazine Bullet round: 35/60]

And as the XDR-rifle fired at the flesh of the monster was easily penetrated. The monster reacted by roaring in pain and then looking at where did that shot come from but sadly Jin was concealed enough to not be discovered immediately. the group squad D was shocked to see that kind of penetration of a gunner can do that because they also know that a volcanic minion flesh cannot be easily be penetrated by a bullet because of its thick magma defense rocks that make its skin very thick and like an armor of a tank x3.

"What the hell was that I saw the magma overflowing on the holes of those bullets? Am I seeing right?" Shen Qi said as he was about to attack the monster with his superhuman strength. He was stopped because he saw someone fired a shot.

And because of that the monster gets angrier and started unleashing hell on the group squad D. Explosion left-right and magma flow has been unleashed to them. "Dammit we need a plan Team Leader we cannot beat this monster if we keep running. Qinge Yu, nodded and said "Alright, Shen Qi go at the front with Tingfeng get the most aggro and avoid all attacks as possible. And then Fan Huang and Long go at the back of the monster and take hits surrounding that monster will make our job easier. While I do the last hit at the neck of that monster."

After Qinge Yu finish her words she then unsheathes his weapon and rushes towards the volcanic minion monsters who were also casting spells of explosions. Around, Qinge Yu was able to dodge almost all of that. Followed to that Shen Qi and Mo Tingfeng get the main aggro of the volcanic minion both of them exchange strikes with the volcanic minion. On the other side, Fang Huang and Gong Long were also striking hard but Shen Qi and Tingfeng have the most aggro that is why the volcanic monster is focusing on the front rather at the back. But as the monster do that the monster is quickly losing Health.

But Jin doesn't want to just sit and watch so he aimed his XDR-rifle once again at the monster but it was directed at its head. Jin whispered "Deep Breath" and with that buff skill, Jin was able to aim much better to avoid failure of missing the shot. After that, he put his finger at the trigger and pressed the trigger.

[Triggering Skill usage chosen] {Registered Skill] [Firing Skill: Ray Gun Burst]


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And a beam of light fired all of the group squad D goes into cover as they did not know what kind of skill was that or what kind of power was that. But after that, it was also an explosion. The debris of rocks went flying meanwhile the position of the monster was covered in dust. "What the heck was that I almost died because of that!" Shen Qi shouted.

But when the dust vanished by the wind they saw a volcanic minion standing but without its head. It was decapitated because of that skill and all of them were stunned by what they have seen. "What the-" Tingfeng voiced out as he never has seen a skill like that and they never have encountered a skill that can decapitate a volcanic minion. After Jin killed the last hit from the volcanic minion there was a Blue tab that appeared in front of him.

[Message: Congratulation for Killing your first Volcanic minion. Your rewards will be: 150 gold, and a volcanic minion vest]

The vest looked sick and Jin was smiling as he saw the vest.

"Everybody clear!" Qinge Yu shouted as she was standing. And when he heard all of them shouted "Clear" she was relieved that no one was wounded or injured. But because of that skill, Jin's position was revealed. And all of the group squad D looked at Jin who was on top of the roof.

But with a cover of some rocks and wood, Jin looked at them and he too was stunned because from what he saw earlier that the volcanic monster was around at level 11 which is 2 3 levels high than him. But he has also taken a factor that the group squad D have damage the volcanic monster that is why Jin was able to take a one-hit skill thing.

And he thought of that as a bit of dumb luck, after that moment Jin was in a crawling position and he sigh at it was finished and from the looks of it, none of the group squad D was injured. Jin stood up and then slings his XDR-Rifle. And the group squad D were all stills tunned looking at Jin location.

Qinge Yu walked towards the volcanic minion. And when she walked towards the volcanic minion it also gave them a boost of their powers. All of the group squad D were still shocked. Meanwhile, Jin walked down from the stairs and when he was about to step on the main floor he saw Shen Qi on the left side wall of the hallway leaning.

And said, "You almost killed me out there." Shen Qi glared at Jin who was looking at Shen Qi. Jin replied with "Well it was not my fault that you were in front of the monster my only task was to kill that monster nothing else." Jin walked past Shen Qi but Shen Qi said "The team leader wants to thank you for what you have given support to our fight at that time." Jin replied with "Like I said I just want to kill the monster and not really help"

Shen Qi gritted his teeth in anger but he can't make a move towards Jin because of what he did earlier to support the team. "Alright I'll tell that to our Team leader," Shen Qi said as he walked towards the 2nd floor. Jin smirked as he grabs the doorknob and opens the door. And there he sees Qinge Yu who was about to open the door. "Excuse me please," Jin said as he looked down. Qinge Yu on the other hand whispered "Thank you for earlier." Jin replied with "No worries, I just want to help you guys"

After that Jin steps aside so that Qinge Yu can enter the house. After that their eyes interlocked and suddenly Tingfeng coughs at the back of Jin. "Please excuse me you are blocking the entrance." Jin turns around and steps aside. After that, he looked at Qinge Yu once again and smiled before leaving the house.

``That was an amazing starting battle I guess traveling more can give me more encounter from those kinds of women strong and feisty``

ArkAnghel ArkAnghel

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