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11.11% All Time Marksman / Chapter 17: Encourage and Fight

Encourage and Fight - All Time Marksman - Chapter 17 by ArkAnghel full book limited free

Chapter 17: Encourage and Fight

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"Finally! We are able to eliminate all of them now it's our time to retreat we are low in health and also in stamina if we fight more of them we are going to die nonetheless. So we need to return to Safe zone Delta." Mo Mei said as she looked at the other who was breathing heavily and looked exhausted. All of them nodded, after that, they slowly retreat to the location.

``the weather is nice but I still need to have sharp eyes this place is ruins and most ghouls and trolls are hiding in those rubles.`` Jin slings his XDR- rifle to his back and then glared at the windows of each building that were not destroyed. ``I still remember this place was bustling with people, but now this place is a real ghost town and slowly the flora is also taking over.

Jin continued to travel until he was a bit tired so he slings his XDR-rifle to his hands and raises it up. He slowly walks up to a door. He reached to the front of the door and check the doorknob. He tried to twist it and luckily it was open. Jin was breathing slowly and he opened the door carefully as possible. And when he entered inside he closed the door and locked it.

``This is really weird how come this door is open`` Jin stepped inside and the first thing that he sees is a bit low hallway with different art pictures on each side. Jin then continue to walk and there he saw the living room all neat there are no looting that happened and that is good. But the clearing is not over there is still a lot of places to check into.

Jin reached the kitchen and he saw that the food that was on the counter was around a day old. ``I think the people inside this place left when they heard that there is a portal rift nearby.`` Jin quickly goes back into clearing the place. Jin then raised his XDR-rifle as he steps on the stairs checking the sides so that there will be no sudden attack.

``So this is the hallway for the second floor it looks simple and there is no further furniture not like the hallway downstairs`` Jin slowly walked to the wooden floor as to not sound any creeks. Jin aimed his XDR-rifle to the first door and then he grabs the doorknob and slowly twists it. Like the earlier doors it was not locked and when he opened it it was all dark. ``I rather not open the light`` Jin then goes in there was a bit shade of light. ``It's getting darker and I need a place to stay``. Jin goes out of the room as he already checked every cabinet and under the beds.

Jin then opened the second door and it looked like it's a girl's room and Jin did not check it as he also felt that there was no person inside the room. ``It's better to conserve skills. Rather than using such skills just to clear a house.`` Jin goes out of the room and returns to the hallway he walked straight to the last door.

And then he twisted the doorknob and opened the door after opening the door it was the room which has the messiest place. ``Holy- what in the hell happened here?`` Jin lowers his rifle and tried to check if there are still rooms like comfort rooms or cabinets. After checking all of those he goes back downstairs.

And as he was going down the stairs he saw a monster running across the hallways. Jin almost fell down the stairs luckily he was able to grab on the wooden rail on the side. ``Oh Lord what was that!`` Jin slowly goes down the stairs and then quickly raised his XDR-rifle to the left and as he aimed at the left he saw a lone spiked wolf. And when their eyes look at each other. The long spiked wolf growls immediately and shows his fangs.

Slowly turning around to face Jin. Jin without doubt he clicks the triggers and the second thing that heard was a shot *BANG* the long spiked wolf was shot on the left bicep but it was still standing. ``Dang I forgot that the long spiked wolf that I am fighting is level 10 and it has 150 Hp and I need 20-30 more bullets in that wolf body to take that monster down.``

And the long spiked wolf runs towards Jin while opening his mouth. The saliva from the mouth drops like rain on the ground.

Jin quickly raised his XDR-rifle once again and then [Triggering Skill usage chosen] {Registered Skill] [Firing Skill: Rapid Fire]

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Jin already felt the sense of frightening feeling inside him put his finger slowly at the trigger and pulled the trigger. *Prfft Prfft Prfft* He was lucky that he raised his XDR-Rifle much sooner as he was almost killed by that monster.

[Magazine Bullet round: 35/60]

Then Jin heard a loud 4 consecutive knocks at the door. Jin whispered "Open Character Sheet" and then a tab appeared in front of him.

[Name]: Ru Jin

[HP]: 1500/1500

[Level]: 8

[Primary Weapon]: XDR-Rifle

[Secondary]: Sego Pistol

[EXP]: 4.85%


Power: 34 (+50)

Agility:25 (+50)

Dexterity: 37 (+50)

Intelligence: 86 (+50)

Vitality: 34 (+50)

[Available points: 50 ]

[Elemental Resistance]

Water: 16 (+20) Earth:13 (+20)

Fire:17 (+20) Wind: 14 (+20)

[Available points: 45 ]

[Character Personality]

Class: Marksman

Title: Blood Bullet Heir (+50 to all stats and +20 to Elemental Resistance)

School: Akushu Technological Academy

Jin tapped the Intelligence stat and then followed by 10 on dexterity and 10 for vitality "30 on intelligence and 10 on Dexterity and 10 on vitality" And then he scrolled down and then said, "For elemental 10 for all." Jin nodded he was deciding enough faster because he is in need to quickly move.


Power: 34 (+50)

Agility:25 (+50)

Dexterity: 47 (+50)

Intelligence: 116 (+50)

Vitality: 44 (+50)

[Available points: 0 ]

Water: 26 (+20) Earth:23 (+20)

Fire:27 (+20) Wind: 24 (+20)

[Available points: 5 ]

``I still have a reserve of 5 more points I'll keep as that so that there will be no problem regarding if I need to boost some Elemental affinity.``

Jin then raised his rifle and turn to the left facing the door. And as he turned his rifle he saw that the door is already destroyed. ``I locked that door earlier. Who opened it dammit there was someone who entered the house and I did not hear. Maybe it is one of the classes that are Assassin and from what I currently am I cannot face an Assassin especially a higher level than me.``

Jin slowly walks towards the door where the living connects to the hallway. And as quickly as he can he turned towards the living room his XDR-rifle was aimed front. "Hello?" and then a man with a black uniform appeared behind him.

"Hands up!" a rough voice Jin heard from the back. "I am a player" Jin replied "I don't care PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" ``dammit this is pestering me that much…`` and the man with a black uniform from the backfired a single shot and from the bullet that fired made Jin deaf for a moment.

"Dargh!" Jin yelped of pain and knelt awhile putting his hand up. "Good, I cleared the person inside the house copy." The man said while he clicks a button on his collar. Jin slowly breathes and then whispered.

"Zero Eye Blue Bullet," the man from behind said "What did you say?" and Jin just continues to put his head down. "Keep your hands up! And don't ever put your damn hand down!" Jin smirked like it was a joke and then smirked.

And soon enough Jin left eye turned into a crosshair and the whole place turned into blue and white lines and it also became a 3-dimensional point of view and after that Jin was able to see how many people were standing behind him. And also the people that will enter the house.

"What is going on here who is that guy?" Fang Huang questioned Shen Qi who was aiming at Jin. "Well, he said he is a player but I don't think that with that suit of his is a player. He much looked like a black cell the rebel cell that is supposedly allied with the Skull Association of the Red Banner."

"Well then have you interrogate him?" Fang Huang added. "Well, I did not and I also looked at his weapon it looks like it is much powerful than all starters from the player Association of guilds." And Shen Qi shouted at Jin "OI! What guild are you from do you have a special hunting card?"

Jin twists his head a bit "I am a citizen in this city I a normal resident that I lived nearby the Akushu Technological Academy."

"Oh, he is an Akushu student! huh, what do we say about Akushu Fang Huang" Shen Qi sarcastically saying as he looked at Fang Huang. Jin still activating his Zero Eye Blue Bullet ``Someone coming… 3 figures.``

"Who did you catch?" a soft voice but a bit tough in tone. "Oh, Team Leader!" Huang and Qi saluted as they looked at Qinge Yu. "Team Leader, this person I just caught is an unidentified player that I have seen in this house. He doesn't look like he lived in this house because I have seen some pictured near the hallway and the people who are living here are two young adults."

"Player, what is your name?" Qinge Yu said as she grips the handle of the sword that was at her belt. "My name is Ru Jin and I am an Akushu student. I am just an awakened player so I am still new to what is happening. I came here because I just want to spend the night as I know that ghouls are much aggressive when the moon is high in the sky and if it's darker."

"Let him go and we will occupying this house so better leave now," Qinge Yu said as she turned around. "I was here first," Jin said as he tends to fight his claim as the first who enters the house. "We are now occupying this place and don't make myself repeat" Qinge Yu looks at Jin and then walked towards Jin and immediately kicks Jin back making Jin slam his face on the ground. "Ughk!" and with that Jin turns around and raised his XDR-rifle. The rifle quickly releases a different kind of aura. Jin smirked and said "try me then"

But before he put his finger at the trigger. The sword was already at his neck. "What are you saying?" Qinge Yu said as she was standing in front of Jin. The sharp blade has left a scratch on Jin's neck. "Put your weapon down." Jin slowly put his weapon down.

ArkAnghel ArkAnghel

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