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100% Allfather of Asgard / Chapter 3: The Completeness of the Bottomless Soul

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Chapter 3: The Completeness of the Bottomless Soul

At the vast space, The kingdom of Asgard

Day 1

After a Day has passed the Asgardian is still as cautious and tense as ever.

Thousands of Angels and Dragons could be seen flying And thousands of Asgardian soldiers riding a winged horse could be seen marching in every corner of the world of Asgard no matter how big the world is Asgardian could be seen in every meters you step forward.

And Odin's soul is transported to a realm he didn't know

"Huh where am i? I should be waking up in Virtual Reality capsule."

said Odin in Surprise as he continued to wander around.


At the Mount Olympus , Midnight ,Day 2

Every Gods could be seen in the council of Gods located just besides Throne Room of Mount [Olympus] they are discussing and arguing about something important.

of the 37 Gods Only 10 are present, as Frigg, Gaea , and Tyrael is proceeding to heal their King, The Allfather "Odin", the other 27 are all still cautiously guarding their respective field

In the meeting Room you could see 10 Gods That all look like the Grand Creator spend so much time on them to be crafted and are all so otherworldly handsome and beautiful in their own rights and seated in the Round table as they waited anxiously for the news of their Creator Odin.

Then suddenly the door of the Council, suddenly opened and their appears a fierce looking man with a curly Black hair and Beard, a pair of eyes that is so red that it reminds you of blood and wearing a set of his Divine Golden Armor , and a blood Red Cape,

you could see his Face that is full of Relief. He is named Tyr Also the Right hand man of the Allfather.

"Good, Now that you have arrived Lord Tyr what is the status of our Almighty Allfather?" Said the buff looking God named Zeus that looks like a handsome middle age man, Wearing his Divine set of Items that is flashing with lightning.

[ Zeus guards the Mount Olympus along with his Olympian soldiers]

All the gods watch him anxiously as they begun to sweat profusely waiting for the Good News Or possibly a Bad news.

"He is still Recuperating inside his chamber and his soul is steadily improving but- ." Said Tyr

[Guards the Throne Room]

Tyr got cut off by their loud cheers.

All the 10 Gods present here then burst into Cheers as they received the best news they heard and joyfully Cry and hug each other..

"Long live The Allfather!!!" Said a 5 meters tall and buff looking man with a White hair and beared paired with his Green Eyes, and is wearing a set of clothes That is of Divine Rank, he is named Chronos the Titan.

[Chronos and Gaea is the Guardians of the wilderness outside the walls of Asgard they are the First line in defense they have Thousands of Titans and Hundreds and millions of beast under their command]

"Long live The Allfather!!!" echoed along the Gods

"Then how are they doing Gaea Tyrael and Friggg are they okay? do they need assistance?" said Chronos with a concerned face seeing , as he cut off Tyr when he's not done speaking he begun to fear of what is left to be said

"But they need the complete assistance of the other 30 and 7 archangels , As Gaea said that even with the best healing godly spells they still can't complely stabilize our Fathers soul and the Power of Gaea Tyrael and Friggg are rapidly decreasing although it is not at alarming levels we need to go now and be prepared". Tyr

"Heavens , Gaea my wife ,Tyrael and Friggg are known to have the most tremendous amount of Mana out of all us 37 Gods and Archangel," Chronos

"Don't be surprised there Chronos and let's go immediately! " Zeus

"Loki and Thor you both call all the Gods and have them go at the palace immediately !" Tyr

" Yes Lord Tyr I planned to do that" said Loki.

"Understood ,We shall call them out and immediately go to the palace." Thor

They then started calling them and are on their way to the Palace of Valhalla and proceed to the chamber of the Allfather

"Loki Shall we prepare a banquet for our father?" Thor

"We shall if we are done with our task". Loki

After that small talk they Instantly Dashed away at full power in the Direction of the Heaven of Asgard, To the Valhalla , where their Allfather reside in.

They then begun to do their own unique way of healing for Their Respected Allfather with all their might

After that Thor ask Loki some trivial things and what should they prepare for when their father awakens, Tyr then reprimanded them as the Holy Father is in Dire situation.

They stopped talking and then with determine faces they all decided that even if it would kill them they would heal Allfather And let him live.

Odin would be pleasantly surprised to find out if his creations suddenly started to become alive. And if Odin knew what happened here he would be moved to tears.


Meanwhile at the Palace of Valhalla Day 2 [23:55:00] Am

As Odin continued to Fuse his soul with his body slowly although he did not know it ,as his soul is Instinctively trying to absorb the energy that surrounds for him.

"Am I having a Dream or something? Fascinating! might as well explore and try having fun in this dreams ohh what's that?"

Odin then continued to wander around in what looks like an archaic Realm that is so full of energy and there are so many floating Runic Characters surrounding him , and each of the archaic characters contains tremendous amount of Archaic Mana.

"huh? what is that floating thing? it looks Fami-!!!!"

When suddenly all forms of energy and the Runic Characters in the archaic Realm begun to flood in his Forehead and he felt an immense pain.

He then roared loudly


His soul struggled for dear life as his soul can't bear the pressure of accumulated experience of a 22 thousands year old body to his 30 year old soul. He Felt pain that makes even the demons and devil's of the deepest part of hell make them cry in pain.

He can't bear the pain he is feeling in the depths of his soul, it was as if he was skinned alived and being poked by thousands of needles and being burn alive.Odin waited to what felt like an eternity of pain hoping for it to stop

Luckily he have 37 High Gods Helping him stabilize his soul if not For their timely help he would be dust by now and will cease to exist and will never enter the cycle of Reincarnation he will be dead in a truest sense.

He continued to Hold on for dear life as he absorb 37 different energy that helps his soul stabilize and ease a little bit of his pain.

After that all the energy in the Archaic Realm all vanished into his Forehead and he began gasping all over the space as the phantom pain he felt earlier can still be felt now.

Little did know that there is still 10 such experience awaiting for him

"What in the Bloody hell is that!! this all felt too surreal, the pain I felt earlier is all too Real this can't be a dream! am I being tortu-!?"

As he said that his spirit arrives in the other Realm The realm full of Holy energy and Runic characters

"Ackk arghhhh!!"

Suddenly all of them began gashing towards him and he felt a phantom pain .


when he suddenly realized that the pain he felt in the earlier process is gone replace with a calming and rejuvenating sense of Energy flowing towards his Forehead.

"No? I'm glad that it did not hurt anymore *hoh*."

He sighed in relief .

[Archaic wisdom] aquired


Clearly Surprised at seeing the familiar screen in Yggdrasil he then began to check it while he is being bask by a white and gold color Aura.

He checked it out and wandered why the system of Yggdrasil is in his Mind because even if close his eyes he can still see the Word Archaic Wisdom. He wandered outloud

"maybe this thing is fusing to my soul right now , I felt like my mind is processing faster now maybe that is the result after I suck all the energy dry in the first room', maybe This is Magic!! maybe this is all real, No it is not maybe! This is all to real!! I shall confirm my hypothesis"

As he point his finger at the sky he then cast a magic spell. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


He then sees a fireball that contains an energy of enermous amount and is as big as the energy ball (of a certain battle junkie Spiky black haired guy and always Wearing an orange colored Clothes)

Odin then laughed like a suicidal and Lunatic mad scientist that has finally make an nuclear bomb capable of destroying a world.

"MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA I have a magic!!!! my Dream and my deepest desire did come true. I think that this energy are like the experience points and the magic spells I learned in the last 22 years (22,000 years in the game of Yggdrasil) is flooding towards my soul and my soul is tempered to fit my Thousands of years old Body , so that's why it hurts, I Think?"

As the Lore and the Devs that 1 year in reality 1000 years in Yggdrasil although it doesn't said that you literally experience 1000 years of life in the virtual world its just devs put it for their Lores sake.

[ Light Wisdom] acquired!


Surprised Odin rub his eyes even though he in soul state.

He then teleported to another realm a realm of Nothingness with floating ominous characters. Then flood towards him swallowing him whole then he felt pain surpassing the first process of fusion.

He Grunted and then shouted loudly , he didn't stop shouting until the pain dissipated.

[Void Wisdom] acquired

Gasp could be heard all over the nothingness

but even if he is in pain, the entity or whoever is causing this Immediately transported him to another realm.

A realm full of mountains of all sorts of corpse and Bones it looks like the the realm of death similar to the other Realm it has Floating characters, then the same process like the last one happen again,.

[Death Wisdom] acquired

Then he teleported to the next realm again that full of life and tress as big as the mountains called the Druidic Realm where the atmosphere is calming and all the characters differs from the last one

They then flood towards him and then his almost soon to be dust soul started to heal at Fast pace.

[Druidic Wisdom} acquired


'At last A breathing time Thank God no mortal could ever survive just one session of forcibly injecting a memories of 22 thousand year old body Although I wondered how I am still alive now, at least I'm getting use to the pain now."

As if some being heard him, His vision blacken and replace with darkest abyss you could see, then in the next second he regained his ability to see again,

He begun to check his surrounding again then

he felt an unpleasant but powerful Mana and he felt another Mana that can only be described with the word Wild and The same process happens like the last but with bearable pain he just grunted their and endured the pain just for the...

"MAGIC! come to me now!!!"

Magic, his dream even when he is in his mother's womb (not literally) he seek for magic he thirst for magic and now that he received it even if he is in unimaginable pain he will received it just for the sake of having Fulfill his dream of Magic.

since the day he was 4 years old he is fascinated by the idea of having magic he read books of fantasy , Myths , and other kinds of books involving magic.

Then, While watching News in his hospital bed he caught a sight of the newly released game called "Yggdrasil Ragnarok" he then bought a capsule then his legend as the strongest player and GM begun.

As he continued to endure his pain, the pain dissipated.

"[Dark Wisdom] [Abyss Wisdom] Acquired!"

And he laughed Madly as all the trials he have are all done. He didn't realize that there is still the last one.

He Arrived in a realm full of memories when he is still playing and at the center of it all is a very familiar book.

"Huh,? isn't that my guild item the book of God? why is it here? could it be it helped me aquire all those energy,"

The book then started float closer to him along with the memories then transform into a speck of Light, then it surrounded his body after that the light then begun to fuse with his soul slowly . He suddenly feel as if he reached Nirvana He experience an Enlightenment.

After the Fusion with the Guild weapon the [Book of God] is done.

He felt that the cravings of his bottomless soul is gone as if he accepted his whole existence and achieved his Desire that manifested over the course of the years and it created a complete and perfect being.

He feels an incomparable completeness now.


Rawfish Rawfish

The craving of Our Bottomless Heart can only be filled with the bottomless one himself

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