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Chapter 84: The Return Of A Prodigal Son

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The heavier an athlete was, the more of a burden his body had to bear. For an athlete who did hurdles, if he was heavy, he would consume more energy every time he hurdled, meaning his ankle would have to withstand more pressure every time he landed.

Therefore, an athlete of the 110m hurdles was much lighter than a 100m dash athlete. Feixiang Lin's height was around 190 centimeters, and his weight had reached its peak at 160 pounds. For an athlete of the 100m dash, who was the same height as Feixiang Lin, their weight was probably closer to 180 pounds, or even more in some cases.

Because Feixiang Lin had not taken his training seriously in the last two years or control his diet, he was already over 180 pounds. It was only due to his height that he did not look fat.

Obviously, 180 pounds was not an ideal weight for an athlete who did hurdles. Feixiang Lin knew that his main task was to lose weight, but he laughed with disdain when he heard the words "slimming exercises."

Feixiang Lin was indeed much fatter than he was before, but because he was still a professional athlete, he could not lose weight simply by doing slimming exercises. Besides, anyone who had even a bit of common sense would know that doing slimming exercises would have no effect on an athlete.

"Come, let's do the slimming exercises," Dai Li said seriously.

"You are kidding me," Feixiang Lin said, waving his hands.

"I am not joking with you." Dai Li became more serious.

Feixiang Lin shook his head and said, "I admit that your massage was very effective, but as for these slimming exercises, why don't you go do it yourself in the gym!"

"Do you see that scale? Go and weigh yourself, then do the slimming exercises with me. If you do not lose weight it will not do you any harm, and you can just consider it a warm-up," Dai Li said.

Feixiang Lin still did not believe him, but when he remembered that Dai Li would help him do the manipulation rehabilitation, he stood on the scale, weighed himself, and did the slimming exercises with Dai Li.

"These are just warm-up exercises for radio music! It cannot even be considered as a warm-up," Feixiang Lin thought.

"Stand on the scale and weigh yourself." Dai Li kept egging him on once they finished a set of slimming exercises.

Dai Li was full of expectation. Seeing his face, Feixiang Lin did not want hurt Dai Li's feelings, so he stepped on the scale unwillingly.

"Ah? The number has dropped? I have already lost 0.3 pounds in just twenty minutes. Seriously, what is going on?" Feixiang Lin turned around and looked at Dai Li, who was feeling very confident.

"Is this really because of the slimming exercises? No way! I cannot believe it!" Feixiang Lin stepped off the scale, looked at Dai Li, and felt very suspicious about this. He then said, "Let's do it again!"

"No problem!" Dai Li nodded.

Twenty minutes later, Feixiang Lin weighed himself a third time.

"I have lost another 0.22 pounds! Is this scale broken?" Feixiang Lin thought for a while, then stepped off the scale and put his shoes on it to see if the scale was broken or not.

"The weight of the shoes has not changed, which means the scale works fine. Is it possible that these slimming exercises really work? But isn't it strange that these slimming exercises, which are just like warm-up exercises, can really help me lose weight?"

Feixiang Lin looked at Dai Li.

"He has only massaged me once, yet I felt much better instantly; for these slimming exercises, I have only done one set, abut nd it works immediately. This is incredible, I think no one would ever believe me if I told them this, but is it possible that Dai Li is an alien?!"


Feixiang Lin was a very intelligent person, but he was completely stunned by Dai Li. However, he cared more about whether he could get back on the field, and whether he could be as good as he had been before.

Dai Li could help Feixiang Lin recover and lose weight, which already made him qualified enough for Feixiang Lin to follow his every order.

Feixiang Lin was like someone drowning in the middle of an ocean, while Dai Li was like an island. Even if it was an uninhabited island where there were many beasts, and the food was not edible unless it had been cooked, Feixiang Lin would try his best to swim to the island because it was his only chance at survival.

After earning Feixiang Lin's trust, Dai Li began to lead Feixiang Lin through the slimming exercises. For an athlete of the hurdle, the lower his BFP (body fat percentage) was, the better. The slimming exercises could help Feixiang Lin achieve just that, and lose any excess fat.

Inside the training hall, Dai Li began to count numbers everyone was familiar with.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight; Two, two, three, four..."


"My eyes are not deceiving me today. Feixiang Lin is not late for training! He came before 8 o'clock."

"It seems as if the prodigal son has returned! With his talent, he will probably win another world championship if he works hard on his training."

"Come look, what is Feixiang Lin doing? Is he doing slimming exercises to radio music?"

"Probably not. Why would he come here an hour earlier just to do slimming exercises to radio music?! Is it possible that he is warming up?"

"For us, that amount of slimming exercise is everything but a warm-up! I do not think we would even sweat!"

"I have heard that Feixiang Lin is going to take part in an activity at the Hope Primary School. Maybe doing the slimming exercises to radio music is part of the activity, and he is preparing for it beforehand."

"I think you are probably right, but since when did slimming exercises to radio music look like this? Which set is this? Anyway, it is completely different from the one I did when I was in school."

The athletes in the training hall were speaking in low voices. Meanwhile, Coach Ding Jihai's face was turning rather gloomy.

"I thought you were the prodigal son that had returned and planned to come back to training. I never thought the reason you would come here is just to do some slimming exercises! Feixiang Lin, you have truly disappointed me. Maybe you really are beyond helping now!" Coach Ding Jihai let out a long sigh. He felt quite sad.


"I have lost four pounds today! If I keep doing this for ten more days, I can be as slim and strong as I was before," Feixiang Lin said confidently.

As he was speaking, Dai Li was dong the manipulation rehabilitation for him. He said, "Do not be too optimistic. The reason you have lost four pounds in one day is because that you have a lot of fat. Once the fat begins to decrease, you cannot lose it as quickly as you did today."

"How long will it take for me to be 160 pounds again?" Feixiang Lin asked.

"About a month!" Dai Li thought for a while, then said, "I hope that you can be fully recovered within the next month. I will help you be as good as your old self by the third month."

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Feixiang Lin asked.

"Do not forget, I was only transferred here temporarily. I can only stay here for three months, and it is almost the end of the first month." Dai Li became very serious. "I hope that before I leave, the old, invincible Feixiang Lin can come back!"

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