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8.84% Alone: Tale of a monster hunter / Chapter 11: The Unknown Hero (2)

The Unknown Hero (2) - Alone: Tale of a monster hunter - Chapter 11 by AkshatArpit full book limited free

Chapter 11: The Unknown Hero (2)

Zaen slowly opened his eyes. He didn't know how long it had been since he passed out. After all, the only way for him to know the time was through the mission clock. But after he killed the Frenzied ghoul, that clock was no longer there. Which wasn't a surprise as it was just counting down the time he had left to kill the boss.

[Your title: Ghoul killer has been upgraded to Frenzied's Slayer. Effect of the title has increased to 10%]

All of a sudden he remembered about the hole in his chest and frantically started going through his body, only to see there wasn't even a single scar on it. He had recovered completely. However, there was a hole in the Hooligan's hoodie and jersey serving as proof that he had almost died while fighting the Frenzied Ghoul.

[Items: Hooligan's Hoodie and Hooligan's Jersey have been broken. Please repair them first to continue enjoying their effects.]

He slowly dragged himself back on his feet, ignoring the notification for now.. His wounds might've healed but the fatigue was still there. He stretched out a bit before noticing something on the ground, where he had last seen the ghoul. Curious, he went to take a closer look.

There was a luminous blue stone and a key. Zaen quickly stored them in his inventory before checking what they were.


Item: Gate key

Type: consumable

Rarity: Rare item


• Essential drop from a field boss. Can be used to open a locked field and return to the world of the living.


"Okay. So I have to use this to open the locked park gate. Makes sense." Zaen mumbled before checking what the stone was.


Item: Skill stone

Type: Consumable

Rarity: Epic item


• Super rare drop which can be obtained after slaying a field boss. Can be used to obtain an epic skill. The skill obtained would be generated in light of the user's affinity. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

• Your level is too low to learn an epic skill. Level up to 50 to use this item.


Zaen scratched the back of his head. He was glad that he got an epic item after all the trouble he had to go through to kill the boss. But he was annoyed a bit at the same time because he couldn't use it yet. Anyways, he stored the stone back in his inventory and left to open the gate.

[Are you sure you want to leave the zone? Remember to take all the loot from the zone first, since you won't be able to return once you leave.]

Zaen wanted to leave the forsaken park and return as soon as possible. Who knows where Aeron was while he was stuck in the park. But after debating for a while he decided to loot the minions before leaving. His only thinking was about preparing himself for the future. He knew he had to get stronger and one way to do so was to collect as much loot as possible.

After a quick search, Zaen had obtained a few useful things from the minions. But he didn't wait to see what he had gained and rushed back to open the gate. But when he tried to open the gate, yet another notification popped up.

[You have unclaimed rewards from completing your first mission. Please accept them first.]

Zaen was on the verge of losing his cool, but as usual, he did what the smartphone told him to.

[You have obtained a rare skill: Shadow step.]

[Charred Ghoul's loot box has been added to inventory.]

[Everyone swallowed by the mist in the city of Lizan has been returned to the real world.]


Shadow Step (Level 1): Instantly teleports the user behind the enemy's back and strike dealing 2.1 times more damage. Rare skill. Has a cool-down period of 30 seconds.


Zaen then used the gate key for the third time and as it's said, "Third time's a charm", the gates opened and Zaen was instantly gobbled up by the green mist once again, teleporting him back to his parent's room.

Zaen had been in the 'other world', as he called it, for more than a day. Yet when he came back to the real world, not even a second had passed. It was still the same day, and the sun was still up. It confused him somewhat but his mind was preoccupied with Aeron.

As soon as Zaen was back in his world, he ran and searched the house thinking Aeron might've already returned. But that wasn't the case. Aeron wasn't home yet. He then ran outside, still wearing his torn and tattered clothes, running on the streets like a maniac. Quite a few people recognised him as he was quite a celebrity, but his physical appearance made them think twice whether he really was Zaen or just a look-alike.

They could think whatever they want because he wasn't there for them but his little brother. He kept looking, still couldn't find Aeron. He was about to lose it when he heard the voice he had been dying to listen to for more than a week.

"Zaen?" Aeron's sweet squeaky voice echoed in Zaen's ears. Zaen immediately turned around to find the little joy of his life staring back at him.

Zaen rushed in to hug his brother. No longer was he able to hold his tears back as they overflowed from his eyes and down his cheeks. He hugged Aeron tightly as his tears drenched Aeron's shoulder. It was real. Zaen couldn't believe it but it was all real. Aeron was back. He brought Aeron back from the mist!

Aeron was a bit confused as to him, he was just returning home from his school as usual. He didn't know that he had been swallowed by the mist nor did he know he had been missing for more than a week. It was as if time has stopped for him when the mist took him and resumed when he returned. That's why he couldn't realise why his brother was so emotional. Also, Aeron noticed Zaen was wearing torn clothes, something he would never even think of doing.

"Big bro, is everything okay?" Aeron asked. He sounded genuinely worried about his brother, "Did something happen?"

Zaen, who was still crying like a newborn didn't utter a word. He just kept nodding while crying all his sadness, pain and worries away. His only thoughts were that Aeron was safe. That's all he cared about. That's all that matters.

However, Zaen wasn't the only one crying there. More than a thousand people were crying with him, as their loved ones had finally returned home. But not everyone was happy with this sudden development.


Within the headquarters of the Special force, a man was racing up and down in his office. Standing 6' 0" tall, this brown-skinned man had a strong and dominant feel about him. He also had a strange mark on his forehead which he never talked about. Displeasure had swallowed his round face. One could almost see the hot breath coming out of his small nose and angled lips. His brown eyes filled with rage and frustration and his short, grey hair made him look older than he actually was. This man was, Major Tom Killen, the director of the special force.

Right now, he was having an emergency meeting with five unknown people, who were known as 'The Fist', on a secured and private video channel. Although he had been working with them for most of his life, he didn't even have the slightest idea about who the five people were as he had never seen their faces. But for some reason, he had absolute loyalty towards the five. He could never go against their wishes. Not even if he wanted to. It was almost as if they had a voodoo doll and they were controlling him using that.

"How the hell did this happen, Killen!?" One of the five people slammed his hands on the table in rage.

Tom remained silent. His eyes intently staring at the black wall in front of him.

"Now, now Three, don't blame the boy for something he had no control over." An elderly woman's voice echoed in the room.

"While I agree with lady Two, it still is worrisome that a guardian beast was killed." The man known simply as Four jumped into the fray.

"We need to find out the one responsible for this before it's too late." This time it was a young woman's voice. This lady was addressed as Five by the other, "Master One, you don't think it's those pesky little treasure hunters again, do you?"

Everyone went silent as number One was mentioned. After all, he was their leader and his words were absolute within The Fist.

"No. They wouldn't do anything to aggravate us. After all, they have already paid the price for doing so." A hoarse and commanding voice came through the speakers, "That being said, Killen, find the one responsible and kill them before we lose any other guardian beast."

After stating this, One disconnected from the call. The remaining members of The Fist followed his suit and disconnected as well. Leaving Killen alone with his thoughts. If The Fist wanted someone dead, he'll have to do it. No matter the cost.

Tom picked up the landline in his chambers and dialled someone, "Round up everyone who was missing for interrogation. I need them here by tomorrow. Understood?"

After a brief response from the other line, he disconnected the call before lighting a cigar.

"Trouble... huh? Looks like it's gonna be fun now." Tom smiled as the room was slowly filled with the smell of burnt tobacco.

AkshatArpit AkshatArpit

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