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6.84% alpha's alpha mate / Chapter 5: 4 uneven attachment: suddenness of feeling just

4 uneven attachment: suddenness of feeling just - alpha's alpha mate - Chapter 5 by no_chu57 full book limited free

Chapter 5: 4 uneven attachment: suddenness of feeling just

I can't believe in myself. am I dreaming or is it real. I'm feeling like the world has been stopped around me. I don't know how to react my legs feels numb and I can't think of anything then to look at my mate continuously who has been looking at me the whole time and smiling. I finished my song and everyone started clapping their hands and praising my singing. I slowly went down the stage .... I saw my mate coming towards me but stopped when my male beta approached Infront of me.... I could see burning sensation in his eyes...

Felix: Alpha... you were sooo cool while singing there... and you have such a good voice.... ( smiles brightly)

yuna: thank you Felix... ( a small shy smile.... )

Felix has become like my brother ... he helped me with everything here in heart lake pack... suddenly we heard a low growl from the side which took alot of attention to the person... when I looked at the direction, it was my mate who did the growl ... I don't know what happened to him to did that .... is it due to the mate stuffs or is he jealous. we didn't even knew each other or ever each other's names but how can our mate bounding be so strong... I didn't know what to do... I just smiled at my mate and slowly went towards him as he also stated walking towards me...

we were face to face staring at each other's eyes like no tomorrow ... no one dared to break the silence and to break the eye contact as if the moment will pass ... but after few moment got distracted when Felix suddenly spoke...

Felix: Alpha!!! is Alpha jungkook your mate.... ( shocked expression)

yuna: h-huh!!! y-yeah!!! ( looked down and nodded)

Felix looked at the alpha of the most powerful pack who was seriously annoyed at the little beta... and he respectfully bowed at him...

Felix: o-oh!!! h-hello alpha jungkook!!! nice to meet you.... I think I should give you both some space... alpha!!! ( Felix looked at yuna).... why don't you take alpha jungkook at your favourite place here behind the pack house..... ( teasing voice)

yuna: b-but ( confused)

Felix: I'll take care of the guests here don't you worry .... take your time.... enjoy.... ( smilingly walked away)

I looked back at my mate who was already staring me ... I was the one who caught him staring at me but I was the one getting all red due to shyness....

' let's go...' he said forwarding his hand for me to hold.. ' which way is the place'

yuna: h huh!! o oh!!! this way....

we walked towards my favourite place here which Felix mentioned earlier.. that is the pack garden which the pack members made specifically for me when I mistakenly told them that I like lots of flowers.... I told them not to do that just for me but they all requested to do something for me and I couldn't deny their pleading eyes... my pack members really do love and respect me .... the garden was all decorated with beautiful flowers and the lights and the moonlight night sky make it more beautiful .... and even my dashing ethereal mate which I can't deny ... we walked to make bench and sat there. I didn't knew how to start a conversation here now... but suddenly he started...

jungkook: hey ... umm!! as you already know my name is jungkook and what's your name!!?

yuna: I'm yuna ( staring down ... feeling awkward but a sense of oneness)

jungkook: your name is so cute and adorable like you.. ( smiles brightly looking at me)

yuna: and yours too...

jungkook: you are from moonlight pack right .. you know your brother is my friend... but I didn't knew he had a beautiful sister like you...

yuna: I have been home-schooled after the incident happened to our parents ( gets sad talking about her parents but her expression suddenly changed) ... oppa always keeps me away from everything or any dangers... but I don't know how he agreed to send me here to become the alpha of this pack...

jungkook: ohh ok!!! I'm sorry about your parents.... by the way ... how did you managed to kill an alpha who was powerful and twice the size as you...

yuna: I don't know... some thing just strucked my body and mind and I couldn't keep myself together and attacked him when I saw him attack the small pup and the mother....

jungkook was sooo proud and happy as well at his mate that he was just listening to her sweet voice like this was the only melody of his life... he couldn't take his eyes off her . her every angle and skin was sooo perfect as if she is the daughter of the moon goddess.. as if the moon goddess was herself sitting in front of him... her sweet voice was like a lullaby to his ears which he could listen to for the rest of his life without blinking an eye...


yuna: Are you hungry!!!? do you want to have something!!!

jungkook: no I'm full by talking with you itself...

yuna chuckled a little, hold jungkook's hand and stood up...

yuna: come let's go and have something... you'll be hungry... ( smiles)

jungkook: ok!!! if you say so... (stood up)

we went back to the party spot and some eyes were on us like why we were together... and one among them was my brother who had a confused look. he came towards us...

taehyung: jungkook!!!! yuna!!!! what are you doing together? and where were you both during this whole freaking time!!? ( protective mode on)

yuna: o-oppa!!! we were in the pack garden.... and I have to tell you something.... ( gets shy again)

taehyung was off guard but realized when he heard yuna's voice... why is taehyung soo protective towards yuna... what is he hiding from everyone about yuna... why is he sooo insecure about others when it comes to yuna that he even didn't thought of making his own family thinking that it will distract his duty to look after and protect yuna.... Jennie , his mate thinks the same thing too.... she never asks taehyung for pups ... and look after yuna as her own daughter... she can't even imagine her life with out yuna and taehyung but the happiness of being a real mother of her own child is still missing from her....

taehyung: what is that!!!? don't tell me- ( shocked)

yuna: he is my mate... ( said in one go)

taehyung: w-what!!!

jungkook: yes!!! taehyung-ah .... your sister is my mate ... and why didn't you tell me you had a sister huh!!! you don't even believe your own best friend....

taehyung: no jungkook-ah it's not like you think.... there's so much things you don't know and can't imagine too....

yuna: oppa!!! what is that!!?

taehyung: no-nothing!!! you wanna eat something!!! go with Jennie she went to eat something!!!

yuna: o-ohk !!! where is she!!!!

taehyung: near the food section there!!!! (points at the way Jennie is)

yuna: you don't want to have anything!!!

taehyung: no!!! I'll have later... you go and have.... and jungkook!!!! can I have a moment of talk with you.... ( looks at jungkook seriously)

jungkook: y-yeah!!! sure hyung!!!

I don't want to leave jungkook but I had to as oppa said he have something important... it will be very important as he doesn't want me to hear.... I saw them walk away in a corner... i went towards Jennie leaving jungkook and my brother together as oppa told me that he has something to talk to jungkook.... I don't know so I just shrugged it off and went to the direction where Jennie is....


----- JUNGKOOK POV.------

I got chills looking at taehyung's face now.... his is never that serious when we meet. is it really that serious...

jungkook: so hyung!!! what is it that you want to talk about!!?

taehyung: so jungkook!!! you are yuna's mate huh!!! you must be very lucky and what I'm going to tell you now is very important so listen carefully... ( seriously and expressionless face)

jungkook: taehyung!!! are you frightening me!? don't give me chills!!! already.... say is already you are making me worried....

taehyung: jungkook!!!! yuna is not an ordinary wolf like everyone!!! she has some special things that you need to know as her mate!!! do you know how can she kill a wolf in just one go and twice as bigger as her.... because.... it's because she is a she-wolf... you may be thinking she-wolf are just a myth but it's not... she is the last and the only she-wolf here!!! she is a special one gifted by the moon goddess and she is a powerful one but she has not realised her powers yet .... many blood suckers and werewolfs are after her that's why I had to keep her away from everything and everyone ... and no one knows about it except you , me , our parents and my mate... and even she knows what she have inside her is the precious gift by moon goddess... our parents died to keep yuna save and this duty was passed down to me after them to keep her safe but now it's your duty to keep her safe... and I know you'll do it very nicely and I have full believe in you...

I was shocked after what I heard just now and it's too much....but I have the responsibility now.... I feel soo special as moon goddess choose me as yuna's mate.

jungkook: hyung!!! I promise I'll put my everything to keep my mate safe... you know right how I have longed and waited for my mate!!! she is my mate now and my responsibility... so you can leave it on me.... ( serious tone)

taehyung: I believe you jungkook!!! hence, let's go now and join our mates.... you should be with your mate now because you have newly met her.... ( chuckles)

jungkook: haha!!! ok.... ( laughs) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-alpha-mate_18462225806918605/4-uneven-attachment-suddenness-of-feeling-just_49694285406202700">;s-alpha-mate_18462225806918605/4-uneven-attachment-suddenness-of-feeling-just_49694285406202700</a> for visiting.

we started walking towards our mates talking and laughing like as always....




hey!!! it's me the author of this fanfiction....sorry!!! I uploaded late, it's because I was out of ideas like how to start this chapter.... I just wanted to share that this is my first work here in web novel so I'm starting with simple English and if you have any problems regarding the story then please tell me and if you have any idea for the next chapter then also tell me😂... I will try to make it according to your ideas... and thank you so much for reading my story!!!!

thank you

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