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16.66% alpha's alpha mate / Chapter 13: flight: plane to Switzerland

flight: plane to Switzerland - alpha's alpha mate - Chapter 13 by no_chu57 full book limited free

Chapter 13: flight: plane to Switzerland

after they all left jungkook and I went towards our bedroom to finish up with our packing... I took some warm and cozy clothes as Jennie said that it would be very cold there incompared to here... after I finished my packing I helped jungkook with his... suddenly jungkook spoke up...

jungkook: umm!!! yuna do you know about the mating season....? ( plain and smirky look )

yuna: ammm!! yup... Jennie told me about it when I was home schooled. she told me about this when I was around 15 years old.... ( I said what I should tell )

jungkook: ok... but you know when it is going to start? ( smirks more )

yuna: umm!!! NO!

jungkook: hehe!!! from today... that means you will become horny and crave for me... ' his smirks and grind face never leaving his face which is making me blush even more and I totally look like a red fully riped tomato'

yuna: yaa!!! JEON JUNGKOOK shut up your mouth... ' still red '

jungkook: haha!! you look so cute when you blush... ( laughs ) by the way we have to leave now or else we will miss our flight and I'm not lying about the mating issue... ( teasing tone when talked about mating issue )

yuna: YAA!! jungkook!!! ( pouts and folds her arms on her chest )

jungkook: ok... ok... cool down... let's leave ... ( smiles and snakes his right arms around my left arm )

yuna: ok...

we went outside our room heading towards the outside of the big palace... as we reached outside the exit door .. I saw a red and blackish Ferrari sergeo outside the garage for us to drive in... we hopped inside the car and the male maids put our luggage in the cargo ( car trunk )... the driver started the car and jungkook and I was in the passenger seat... jungkook was busy in his phone while I was looking outside the car was all silent so I thought of starting the conversation...

yuna: jungkook!!!

jungkook: hmm!! ( he hummed as a reply )

yuna: by what time we will reach airport!!?

jungkook: I think we will reach there around in 20 minutes... why!?? ( slowly looked up )

yuna: nothing... just !! ( smiles )

jungkook: look at these all... which one is good... I can't pick one... can you help me out...

he showed me his phone in which there are photos of many hotel rooms ... I must say those hotel rooms were quite modern and lavish and even... I can't choose one...

Yuna: umm!!! I don't know each and every room is so good... by the way why are you asking!!? ( curious )

jungkook: hehe... because till now I have'nt chosen our hotel room that's why.. ( smiles innocently ) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-alpha-mate_18462225806918605/flight-plane-to-switzerland_50109479357832642">;s-alpha-mate_18462225806918605/flight-plane-to-switzerland_50109479357832642</a> for visiting.

yuna: ouh!! what!!! till now you haven't booked!! yaa!!! show me the rooms... ( pouts )

jungkook shoved his phone Infront of me again... it was difficult To choose atlast a finalized the room because the room is near a pool and a nice view can be seen through the window... and the room is a bit eco-friendly and I love nature... I am a blood-born-nature-lover ... hehe...

jungkook: wahh!!! it's soo cool.. why didn't I choose this before... ( amazed )

Yuna: I know right... that means from before you are looking after this only... ( folds her arms on her chest and seats back )

jungkook: yup!!! hehe... ( smiles cutely showing his famous bunny smile )

yuna: ( in mind ) ahh!!! he is so cute and as well as handsome I falling for him more .. stop it yuna!!! it's just attraction... what!!! attraction... am i attracted towards him now... I'm so in love with him!!!

I look towards him and he is already looking at me... I look away to ignore his eyes, I'm scared I'll fall for him even more if then, I won't be able to separate even for a second .. yeah , he is handsome, cool, cute and any girl wish to have him...

jungkook: did you say something!!?

yuna: n-no!! (in mind ) damn!!! did he heard what i thought in my mind...I'm so embarrassed ...

jungkook: ok then let's go out... we already reached the airport before that wear the mask and the sunglasses...

yuna: jungkook!! don't worry too much about me... I know!!

jungkook: why won't I worry!! iam your husband ... ( smiles )

yuna: whatever!!! ( ignores his eyes so that he won't catch her blushing again )

we got out of the car wearing our masks and sunglasses the place was filled with crowd and cheering for us... I feel happy when I show our names written in a board...

' Kim yuna and jeon jungkook '

' yunakook forever'

' jungkook ❤️ yuna '

it's a lot of crowd so jungkook hold my hand all through the way... I feel so good when he was holding my hand in between the crowd...

fan1: yaay!!! Kim yuna and jeon jungkook...

fan2: Kim yuna you are so beautiful!!!

fan3: jungkook and yuna ... you both look so good together....

fan4: Kim yuna!!! you are so pretty please leave him and accept me...

jungkook was on his limits of nerves... I tried to stop him by assigning him and even from my healing power...

yuna: jungkook!! please don't...

jungkook: how dare they... how dare he... I won't spare him....

jumped tried to lose control but i continuous stopped him... after passing through the crowd... we got inside the airport and went towards the counter office.. I was looking at him and he was still on mood off mode... he was still mad but his hand never leaving my waist pulling me closer to his body protecting from everything bad here... we reached Infront of the counter lady and then jungkook spoke...

jungkook: these are our passports... ( takes out our pass and pushes towards the small hole in between the glass divider... ) we booked for a private flight to Switzerland... can you give us the timing and plane information...

counter lady: please wait a minute sir ( checks in the monitor ) yes!! jeon jungkook and jeon yuna right... your plane will be ready in 20 minutes you can wait in the waiting room... ( smiles )

jungkook: ok .. ( he walked out with me with the same expressionless face )

we left the counter and went towards the waiting room and sat in a chair... there is still 20 minutes time for a flight so we have to wait... jungkook didn't say anything and just sat on his seat so I did the same... he was sitting silently without saying anything I feel irritated with his silence...

yuna: jungkook-ah!!! ( said with a pouty yet cute voice )

jungkook: ... ( no response )

yuna: Kookie!!! kookah!!! See I even gave you a nickname please say something...

jungkook: ... ( no response )

yuna: jungkook!!! say something do I look like an idiot talking to you... jungkook please say something... ( shakes his arms )

jungkook: ... ( no response ) ( he crosses his hands on his chest and pouts )

yuna: ( in mind ) aww!!! so cute... he is really hitting my inner feelings.. I'm just going to fly my heart ..

I think to my left and right and when I saw no one looking at us ...I lifted up my butts a little and peaked on jungkook's left cheek ....

he opened his mouth in shock and looked at me... I just smiled at him and he leaned closer towards me... and pecked my lips...

information officer: your attention please.. the private plane for switzerland booked Mr. and Mrs. jeon is ready ... Mr and Mrs jeon please come to the platform no. 17.... thank you...

jungkook stands up from his seat and forwards his hand to me...

jungkook: come let's go... my wifey... ( smiles brightly )

yuna: ok... my hubby ( holds his hand )



hey guys it's the author... please tell me if you want mature content or not so that I can prepare something or take someone's opinion on it 😅... I'm not good in writing matured contents so that's why I'm asking this....

ok then thank you have a good day ....

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