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100% Alpha king / Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Alpha king - Chapter 7 by Broken_angle full book limited free

Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Isabella's POV

It's been a while and I'm still sitting here in this bench with no care in the the world while king is taking his sweet time with atlas. Oh, how I wish I was better and have a horse. "hey princess I'm back "kings voice was heard. That jerk took his sweet time with that horse. Yes I understand he was talking him out but I still want to ride it. I decided I am going to play with him and ignore him. I turned to look the other way.

"princess what happened are you ok" he said worried tone as he approached me leaving atlas somewhere. I still haven't looked at him. No I'm not okay you left me when I really wanted to ride but you left me here is what I wanted to say instead I shrugged. "Bella what happed are you ok why are you quiet look at me baby" he said grabbing my chin and turning so I was looking at him.

We have been here for a while and he kept going on and on asking if I was ok, right now I'm on his lap and he is checking if something has happened to me. It's actually a funny site to see. He is actually sweaty and freaking out. I'm enjoying every minute of it but I know that I will be in trouble later. He is actually cute. It shows me how much he cares about me. I like him a lot already and I know I'm steps away from being in love with him. But I don't care. I am smirking true

"oh I know you are mad that I didn't take you on a ride with atlas" he finally figured it out. We have been here forever. His lips turned into a smirk. "I guess you don't mind me talking atlas inside" oh no he didn't play that card. This boy is something is not. "why didn't you tell me" I said pushing his shoulder. He chuckled and answered "Bella I tried telling you but you weren't talking to me so I thought something was wrong we have spent time here me making sure you were ok while we could have spent time in the field" now I feel guilty. "I'm sorry" I mumbled as I hung my head low. "it's ok princess I should have told you and I am sorry for that" he said bring my eyes to meet his. "no don't apologize I should have waited and listened to you. Don't say sorry I already feel guilty about teasing you" I blurted out. He chuckled and kissed my hair.

"how about that ride" he asked. I nodded like a maniac. "k princess came down why are you so excited" he asked as he laughed. "I told I haven't been on a horse for a while" I said. "come on" he said carrying me to the horse and helping me get in it. He got grabbed the strap and whispered "come on boy" to atlas. "we are doing only four laps ok love" he said as atlas took off. I hummed in response.

I always hated the fact that when you enjoy something g time will go in the blink of an eye but when you want it to end it will travel in the speed of a snail. I was actually smiling and enjoying my time but my dear lovely time decided to ruin it. I went to get down but king stopped me. "um…what are you doing" he asked amused. "getting down" I said in a duh tone. "not so fast princess" he said getting on with me. I looked at him smiling he is making me happy. "don't get too excited we are just taking one of the courses and we will be done for today" he said and he was off. I wrapped my arms around him I was giggling the whole time.

"and we are done for today" he said as he locked the door to atlas stall and hanging the key on the hook in the side of it. He went into Megan's office as I waited for him at the front door for him. "we are done for now we will come by later" I heard king say as he opened and closed Megan's door.

"come on let's go" he said wrapping his arms around my waist and leading me back to the house. "so, did you enjoy it" he asked as we walked through the familiar dirty road. "yes, I did" I answered truthfully. "king?!"

"yes baby girl" he answered. "thank you for today. I really enjoyed it" I thanked him. I was happy mentally and physically. If I could savor these moments, I would hold it forever. I wont change this for the whole world.

Before I knew it we were back at the house. "so, you want to have a something to eat" he asked as he seated me in the counter top. "I don't want to eat" I answered. I honestly didn't have the appetite. I feel full and I know if I eat more than I should everything will come out. "princess you have to eat something how about a snack since we will be having dinner soon" he tried to compromise.

"fine" I compromised after thinking. I mean I could use a snack. "so, what do you want to eat" he questioned as he rested his elbows on top of the countertop and his chin in his hands. "can we have pizza" I asked hopefully suddenly having craving for pizza. "of course, Bella you can have it. what flavor do you want??" he asked. "um can we have um tandoori chicken pizza extra cheesy and spicy" I asked. "of course, is that your favorite??" he asked.

I nodded my head frantically. He went to grab his phone from the living room. I sat there alone and got lost in my world. I wonder what is mates. I mean he promised he would tell me soon but want to know since this is a complete stranger I have met and he is the alpha of the people who have tortured me so should I be scared. I mean he haven't threated me like them all he does is look after me and cherish me. I don't want to lose that. The more he cares the more I fall in love with him. It is like he is perfect. Maybe it is the mate bond but I fell so connected to him. Its like he is a long-lost part of me that needs to complete my soul. Maybe it is but I still want to know about what is going on between us.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when a hand was waved in front of me. "princess are you ok…I have been trying to reach you for a while" he asked concerned Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"huh??! Yeah I am fine" I answered. But I still wanted to ask him about this mate thingy. "how about before bed I tell you about mates" he asked as he read my mind. I nodded my head and laid my head on the countertop.

"are you tired princess?" he asked as he ruffled my hair. I hummed in response. "we can go to bed in a while. Hmm. How does that sound?" he asked. "perfect" I mumbled. "king…. did you give the order for pizza" I asked? "yeah I did"

I sighed and closed my eyes. He sat besides me rubbing my thighs calming me down pulling me to a deep sleep. Before I knew it, I was drowning in sleep.

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