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33.33% Ambiguous lover / Chapter 3: - The Masked Woman

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Chapter 3: - The Masked Woman

After he finished showering he dried his hair using the towel and head to the bedroom and sit on the chair Infront of seoyeon's makeup table. He tried to remember what she did and managed to turn on the hair dryer. he proceeded to set his hair which he had cutted shorter. His bangs reached his mouth and his ears were now visible. His skin seemed more radiant than before as he brushed his hair using his hand. He gets up afterwards grab the keys then put on the same shoes as yesterday and locked the door. he was planning to go to Mr Yoon library to read more about the Blackthorn. he wondered why those name sounded so familiar yet it felt distant to him.

On the way to the library,he felt someone was watching him. he didn't turn to look instead he went to a dark and silent alley then waited for the person to come there. As he expected,a person in black coat comes to the alley. Taesung takes a closer look at the guy as he stood still on his hiding place. The guy turned around and around seemed to be looking for something or someone.when he saw there's no one there he hurriedly went out and asked some passerby. Taesung quietly went out and secretly listened to the men in black and the passerby conversation.

"Have you seen a tall man with silver hair come through here?"the man in black is using a black mask and his voice is hard to recognise.

"No I didn't see any,"the passerby answered honestly.

"Is there anyone in this neighborhood like him? I mean silver haired?"the masked man insisted. The passerby just shook his head and excused himself as the man in black started to annoy him. The man sighed as he started to went and ask the passerby and the stores cashiers about Taesung. little did he know the person who he supposed to be tailing had become the hunter. Only after the man sighed and give up in Searching for him did Taesung saw him going back to his car.

The moment he reached the car, he takes his hood off and pull the masks then throw it in the car,Taesung realises that he is actually a woman. He raised his left eyebrow.

'that person is actually a woman?'his eyes twitched.The woman took the coat off and put it on the passenger seat.she tied her long hair in a single pony tails while she walks to the driver seat. Taesung didn't wait and he stood up and hurriedly gets in the car when she still didn't notice him then sat on the passenger side with his canned soda on his hand.

The woman who didn't notice him entered her car jolted in shock after she got into the car. Her eyes widened as she screamed loudly. She saw the man with silver hair is sipping his soda peacefully then turned to her with murderous look.

"Who are you?"he asked as he squinted his eyes at her.

"Y-YOU!HOW DID YOU GET IN MY CAR?!"the woman yelled at him.

"Why did you follow me?"he turned back to the front then sipped his soda calmly.

"JiHyun tell me about this long silver haired man.he told me he seems so charismatic and has the nobility air all around him in their I came out looking for him,"she sighed a bit,"after walking for some times I accidentally saw you and I thought you fits what he told me unless for the hair I decided to follow you,"

"Just that?"he asked again.

"Yeah,just that nothing else,"she paused then look at him closely,"is that man you?"

"If the JiHyun you said was one of the three man which I bumped to yesterday than maybe,"he said as his right hand held his chin. The woman eyes brightens.

"Then it really is you! You cutted your hair! When they shows me your pictures your hair was really long,"she said excitedly.

"Hmm,I just cutted it this morning,"he shrugged.

"What's your name? I think I want to recruit you to my company! You even exceeded my expectations you know,"she nodded her head vigorously.

"I don't have a real name,"he answered honestly,"I just have a fake name which my friend gives to me,Taesung,"

"No real name?!what do you mean by that?!"her round eyes widened with curiousity.

"Sigh, I lost my memory. I don't know anything about myself.seoyeon takes me in as she felt grateful and sympathy towards me," he sighed as he told the woman his story.

"Then you have no name?no ID card?"she supressed her amazement.

"Well then since there's nothing else,I'll take my leave now."he opened the door and walks out. The woman who was still dazed just stared at the man's back.she closed her eyes and sighed heavily before going out and chase after Taesung.

"Wait!if you willing to work for me,I'll help you get a new identity,"she said after she catch up with him.

"New identity,"he stopped and look at her with his almond shaped grey eyes narrowed."why do I need a new identity?I only wants to be with SeoYeon to repay her kindness to me,"

"If you have a new identity and if you work for me I can pay you with money,"she blocked his path."money can buy everything you know,"

He just shook his head in disagreement and walked away from her.when she blocks his path again he furrowed his brows and he massaged his temple in order to hold his anger.

"Don't make me leaving now and you will not follow me,"he squinted his eyes and creeping coldness seems to be lingering in the air surrounding them. The woman stood there stunned and Taesung walked past her. Only after the coldness stops makes her shuddered did she dare to look behind her towards the man.

"What is with him? There's no one ever refused my offer before,"she scoofed and turned back to her car.


After he makes sure that masked woman didn't follow him anymore,he goes straight to Mr Yoon library and scanned his card.

He walked towards Mr Yoon while greeting him.

"Morning Mr Yoon. How's the research today?"

"Oh morning Taesung. My research still the same," Mr Yoon answered as he lifted his gaze from the books on the counter.

All of a sudden the library phone is ringing and he picked it up right away.

"Hello Yoon Sijoon here."after he heard the reply his eyes widened in shock."I'll be there in 10 minutes." He ended the call then turned back to TaeSung.

"I'm sorry but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to open the library today. Thankfully you're the first one here,"

"Oh it's okay but if you don't mind,I can help you,"he smiles sincerely."knowledge is something people learn if they got enough times and opportunities to," he paused for a bit,"and I can help you with the research as SeoYeon already offered her help but she's quite busy on the weekdays because of her works,"

Mr Yoon stood there thinking for a few moments before he nodded his head.

"Very well,I'll let you stay here then,"he smiled gratefully."I'll try to settle it faster,"he then told Taesung about the books checkout system and handed him the library spare keys before leaving.

Taesung bade farewell to Mr Yoon then went back practicing the system. Only after he thought he remembers it did he started to read the books and notes that Mr Yoon wrote.

"sigh,what am I supposed to read in this mess?"he frowned and looks at the scattered pages and didn't know which one is the first page. he meticulously tidy the notes and books then began working on sorting the pages. He kept on sorting before a page caught his eyes. He looked at the pictures on the page with his head tilted to one side.

"so this is the illustration of the Blackthorn family,"he looked closely and unexpectedly saw a familiar face beside the family with silvered hair and exceptional beauty. in fact it's not just one. there's 2 of them! he took the page and shoved it into his pocket hastily then began the reading after he sorts the notes by the dates written on the note. he read the first page silently.

"Blackthorn family. I found out from the tales of Blackthorns who was said to be a family that used dark magic in their everyday life and the descendant of the family is also said to be a genius in that aspect and many other he was also said to have an out of worldly handsome face with the family rare hair colour silver. There's also one of those paragraph where the descendant is confirmed to be immortal after he did one of the most dangerous black magic. He was granted the immortal life however anyone who get near him, they'll unfortunately died slowly and one after another catastrophe will befalls to them. I wonder if he's still exists and he really did immortal then where is he at this moment? Or is he still living in the Blackthorn mountain? Weird thing is why did all the people who worshipped him as a god all gone missing? Maybe I should go back to Blackthorn mountain where my father gone missing 15 years ago? In conclusion, I have to go back there to the Blackthorn mountain." Taesung shifted in his seat.

"So that's why he was researching about this matter,"he leaned back on the chair and tapped his chin while furrowing his brows." I don't know why but I think I have to go and follow Mr Yoon onto the mountain," he sighed and shrugged.

"Let's continue reading,"he sit straight back up and flipped to the second page and kept on reading and sometimes checked out the books for other members.

Mr Yoon got back to the library in the evening and saw many girls were there checking out books and the smiling young man on the other side of the counter swiping their cards and his slender hands tapping on the computer.

"I didn't know there's many readers today,"he tilted his head slightly.As he heard one of the girls were asking to be a member. Taesung politely smiled at her and explained that it was his first time being the receptionist and he didn't know how to registered membership.

Only then did Mr Yoon came back to his ownself and walked towards the counter.

"Hello miss,I'm Mr Yoon and I am the owner of this library."he bowed to her before continuing,"if you want to be a member there's a fees for registering and also for the have to update the membership for half the price after registering once every 3 months."he explained slowly. The girl nodded and then agreed to be the member. Mr Yoon then walked to the computer and clicked something on the computer before he looks at Taesung.

"Watch and learn," he then asked for the girl's ID card and store her information in he system then he takes out a card and swiped it. He skillfully tapped on the computer then handed her the card.

"This is your card make sure that you didn't lose it,"he smiled to the girl then she paid with her credits card and entered the library. The other girls come asking to be member as well Mr Yoon politely handled all of them and after he registered all of them he turned to Taesung.

"Seems like you brought good fortune for my library,"he said teasingly to TaeSung. He just smiled at the man's jokes.

"If you like I could help you takes care of the library,"

"There's no way you could do that for free can you?" The man nodded sincerely.

"Of course,you gave me the member card without paying for it,"

Mr Yoon laughed as he felt that this young man isn't that bad. In the end, they agreed that Taesung will be taking the shift every morning except for the weekend. Mr Yoon smiled to himself as he becomes closer to the young man.

"He let the young man sits with him behind the counter as the young man read his research journal and saw that he had even sorted the scattered pages. He watched the man reads with full focus as he flipped the pages over and over then sometimes he flipped backward.


Goldfish brained author:hello again everyone,sorry that I haven't uploaded any new chapters sooner. •_• .it's all due to my low capacity brain couldn't think of any good ideas to put in my novels. >_< . But as a thanks to readers who like my poor writing, I have planned to release a short comedy stories as an additional within the chapter . ^~^ . Hope you guys enjoys it. Well then see ya later and have a good day or night everyone and thank you *bow* °3°

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