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Ambiguous lover

Author: Crimson_Sun97

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SeoYeon sighed as she collects her books and stationary from the library table as she looks at the library receptionist who went back to the counter. After she makes sure there's nothing left, she got up from her seat and went towards the librarian with a smile. The librarian who they always called Mr Yoon is still quite young but his noble temperament cant be hidden as he is the library owner that loves knowledges and books. The simplest word to describe him. Bookworm.

Mr Yoon lifted his gaze from his book and looked up at her with a smile formed on his thin lips.

"Sorry to disturb your study but it is already way too late and you can't possibly just sleep here,"he said with concern.

"It's okay Mr Yoon. I was too immersed to complete my proposal until I didn't notice it's already this late. Thanks to you for reminding me,"she bow politely at him "farewell Mr Yoon. I'll leave now,"

He nodded and smiled before saying to the girl who was about to exit through the automatic door.

"Be careful on your way,"he said to her as he stands up and looked at her before he sits back down then continue his reading.


"Sigh,"she sighed once again,"aigoo seoyeon-ah you should have looked at the time,why do you still have to trouble the poor Mr Yoon to remind you to go home!"she scolded her ownself.As she kept on mumbling, due to the dark alleyway she couldn't see anything that she have to use her phone's torch.

"Hey there baby girl,"a rough voice came from behind her which makes her jumped in shock.she turned and saw 2 guys with disheveled clothes and messy hair, scanning her from head to toe. Her instinct made her turn around and tried to run from them when her wrist was pulled back roughly until she fell onto the cold ground. She grunted and the 2 guys pinned her down while their hands were roaming on her body.

"NO!!Please!HELP!!"She screamed her lungs out.after a few moments theres no one coming to rescue her and there's not even a sound in the alleyway.she felt her eyes became teary as she pleaded the 2 guys to stop."stop please stop I'm begging you,"

"What the heck are you guys doing?" Suddenly a sharp and hoarse voice makes the 2 guys stopped and stares at the man before them.Before they could even see the man clearly, their body was already thrown to the hard walls and fainted. The man bend down and helped her up."are you okay?"he asked her while he takes off his jacket and offered it to her.she was trembling a little but she mustered all her energy to answer the man in a soft voice.

"Y-yes I-I'm f-fine. Tha-thank you,"she stuttered. the man nodded slightly then turned to leave but suddenly he stunned on his spot while holding his head then fainted in front of her.she was flustered a little that the man fainted before her then quickly scrambled to the man's body and shakes his shoulders.

"Sir!Sir!wake up!"she thinks about how to wake him up then remembered something takes the water bottle out and sprinkled some of the water on his face. he didn't even budge.she checked his pulse.

"at least he isn't dead. Absolutely not.but there's no way I could leave this poor guy here.he even helped me just now,"she thinks for a while then decided to bring the man to her home. Luckily her house isn't that far from that alleyway as she dragged the man with all her strength. after she opened her house, she puts him in the sofa with great difficulty.

"Sigh.what did he eat? he's so heavy that my body hurts just by dragging him,"she stretched and turned the lights on.she then turned to look on the sofa and her jaw dropped.

"OH MY GOD!"she screamed in shocks. she nearly fell limp on the floor when she saw the man's face.thankfully theres the walls supporting her body.she walked to him while trembling.

'what is this?!h-he looks like someone who walked out from those Japanese manga!'she skimmed through his face. His dark greyish eyebrows was tidy and it shaped like a crescent moon.his small nose looks so delicate with a pair of dry lips that it's looks cracked.sharp jawline and messy silver hair which is quite long was tied in a loose tie.his grey eyes seems like it's beamed with dark red aura that makes her lost in it.

"What are you doing?"he asked her with a deep and hoarse voice.she shooks her head as she was back to reality.

"Sorry!I didn't mean to...,"she was flustered as her cheeks blushed red like a reap tomato while she hastily stands up.

"Where am I?"the man sits up and looks around.

"At my house.since you helped me but then suddenly fainted in front of me I brought you home,"she said gently as she was grateful for him.

"I have to leave,"he said shortly and gets up, only to stagger and nearly fall onto the floor but she reacted fast and supported him.

"You can't possibly go home in this condition,"she helped him lay on the sofa again,"and I don't have any cars or extra money to pay a for a taxi, to sent you back,"

"I can just walk,"he insisted in a pained expression.

"You just saved me so let me thank you for that.i don't want to owe anyone and your body are in a bad condition.stay here at least till next morning before you go back home,"she speaks without any pause and insisted to let him stay while she's crossing her arms.

"I can't stay here.it's dangerous,"the man said solemnly while kept on trying to stands up.

"What is?my house is secured.i just changed the password yesterday,"she said honestly. The man sighed out loud as he can't stand then he lay down quietly.she looks at him laying there with his eyes closed."are you hungry I'll go and find some food,"she said the hurriedly walked to the kitchen.she just found some instant noodles, packed Kimchi.she then yelled to the man from the kitchen.

"Hey! Is instant noodles okay?"she asked.when she heard there's no reply she looks at the man direction.he just sits down there absentmindedly. she sighed helplessly then went to him.

"Hey hummm.."she paused and look at him."what should I call you?"

"I don't know,"he shook his head then looks at her with an innocent face. he looks down and scratches his non-irritating head."I can't remember who I am,"

She gasped and with a sympathetic face, she sits besides him and patted his back."did you really forget about yourself?"she asked gently.the man just nodded.indicating that he didn't remember anything.she sighed while closing her eyes.she stood up and look at the man."well,there's nothing you can do, if you lost your memory. I'll go cook the instant noodles.lets eat first,"she said then walked towards the kitchen.

"There you go! instant noodles with eggs and kimchi.this is what I have,"the man revealed a gentle smile.

"Thanks for accepting me as a guest,"he bowed to her gratefully.

"It's not a problem.moreover you helped me too,"she sits down and placed the bowls on the table then hand him the chopsticks.

"Thanks for the food,"she said before she eat then he copied her."thanks for the food,"then they dived on their bowl filling their growling stomach.

After they finished their food, the man got up and do the dishes.she told him not to but he kept on insisting so she let him do it but she goes in the kitchen as well to look after him.in case if he fainted again.she speaks a lot with him as he just smiled while he listened to her.they sometimes laughed when she told him something funny.afterwards she takes out extra blankets and pillows to give it to him.since it's already too late they bide each other goodnight then proceeded to sleep.


The next morning, SeoYeon woke up quite late.the sun already risen and she missed her usual morning jog.she stretched and looks at her phone.the clock shows its already 10:24 a.m. she sits up, then take her small towel and went to the bathroom.she then saw the man still sound asleep on the sofa.

'so last night isn't a dream,'she shrugged and went into bathroom and did her normal routine.after she finished he already awake and he is looking outside through the window.since her house is on a hill so maybe he's enjoying the morning view. Her stomach started to growl lightly and she remembered there's practically nothing in her fridge.

"Hey,let's go to the supermarket,"she said while she looks for her shoes.she turned to him and saw him nod."and by the way,you will need a name.its sounded rude for me to call you 'yah' every single time,"

"You give me a name?"he tilted his head while he thought of something.she exhaled.

"Yea, well only if you want,"she found her shoes and put it on.she saw him nodded cutely. he seems eager to get a name.she giggled."okay then.hmm.let me think," she holds her chin while she looked around then saw a poster of BTS hanging at her bedroom wall.

"Since I like V a lot,"she thought for a while,"but I can't possibly just let you use 'taehyung' though.maybe TaeSung?"

"TaeSung? That's great.my name shall be TaeSung from now on,"he eyes shone and he smiled like a child who gets a big lollipop from his parents.

"That's good that you like it. However, we have to change you a little,"she rumbling in her closet.

"Change me?"he tilted his eyes.then the girl took a crimson red oversized hooded jacket with black shirt. He received it with confused look.

"Use this first since I don't have any men trousers,you can use the one you have,"then she hand d him a clean towel and spare toothbrush."just use everything else in the bathroom.

The man just nodded.he went in the bathroom and took a short shower. The moment he comes out, he was shocked by her who was waiting for him right in front of the door.

"Did you wash your hair?"she looked at his wet hair."did you used the shampoo?" The man nodded."great come in to the bedroom first,"she said with blushed face.she didn't expect him to be more handsome after he cleaned himself.he follows her to the bedroom and she began to dries his hair. Afterwards,she combed his hair and saw that his naturally straight hair was really smooth.she made a simple braid on his left side hair and let the other loose on his wide and firm shoulders. she sighed as she looks at him.

"There's no way we could go to the supermarket unnoticed but well, let's just go with the flows,"she shrugged and searched for shoes in her store room and then come back out with a pair of black and white striped shoes.she looked at him once again from head to toe while nodding to herself. he just smiled at her behaviour. In his eyes, she looks really cute. she grabbed her black bag and glasses then gestured him to follow her. The moment they goes outside, murmuring and gasps could be heard and all the way till the supermarket.


"Let's go buy some meat. Shall we,boys?" Jung JiHyun the leader of a boys idol group asked his 2 member which is a twin. The elder brother name is Kim Beum and the young one is called Kim Geum. They both answered simultaneously. They took their wallet and masks to prevent anyone from recognising them as they won't be able to shop peacefully if anyone did. Since their group debuted last year, their fame has been shooting up because of their handsomeness and uniqueness. They use JiHyun's car to go to the supermarket close the their dorm then went inside happily when they thought about meats.

"Ahhh!it's feels good to have free times!"Kim Geum exclaimed while he stretched his hands.

"Yea. it's been quite some times since we last go out like this because of our packed schedules,"the older twin said.

"Beum-ah! Shouldn't we be happy that our schedules is packed?"he tilted his head,"it's mean we're popular and being popular is good for singers like us!"Kim Geum said to his brother. Kim Beum just shrugged.

"He's right.we should be thankful to our fans as well,"Jung JiHyun said calmly. Every time he speaks, he makes people felt a sense of tranquility that calmed people as well as when he sings. His soft voice is like a tranquilizer to all his fans and thus granted him some diehard fans. the twin just kept quiet and nodded. The older twin ,Kim Beum, is the group's rapper but he also talented in making his own music which is why nearly half of their songs is his. meanwhile the younger twin,Kim Geum, is really talented in dancing and his slightly hoarse voice attracted many ladies. Their group is unexpectedly quite balanced.

Suddenly,Kim Geum grunted as he fell onto the floor after someone accidentally bumped to him.the worse thing is,the person fell on him as well but a thin arm slid over the person waist and pulled her back. Kim Geum is the only one who fell. the girl then hastily bow at Kim Geum and apologize over and over again.when the girl looks at the man she bumped to her eyes widened and jaws dropped.

"Kim-Kim Geu..!!!"her mouth got covered by the man besides her. He shook his head and scratches his neck.

"Do you know him? Why are you screaming?"the man asked curiously as his eyes never leave the man whose mask was pulled and still on the floor with his eyes widen while looking at the out of ordinary handsome man beside the girl.

"You don't know them?"she asked with a low voice as if she's whispering to him.TaeSung shook his head and raised one of his eyebrow.she thinks for a while then she shook her head."sorry I forgot that you lost your memory,"she sighed and explained to him,"they are one of the popular idol group that just debuted last year."she changes her gaze at the man on the floor."if I'm not mistaken this is Kim Geum the group's main dancer younger twin.the tall one in the middle with blonde hair must be their leader, Jung JiHyun. then the last one,rapper,older twin Kim Beum. good thing they used different hair colour if not no one would be able to tell who is who,"

"Looks like you know our group really well,"the man in the middle takes his mask off and bowed."my name is Jung JiHyun just like you said.this is Kim Geum and Kim Beum."he said with a small smile on his face.

"Of course I do. How can there be anyone who didn't know you?"she looks besides her,"except for him. he's a special case,"she smiled politely then turned to TaeSung."aa..do you still have the mask I gave you before?"he blinked and rumbling his pockets then he took out the black mask. He gives it to her. she takes it and gives to Kim Geum.

"I'm sorry for ruining your mask. we just have this one here right now.would you accept it as my apology?"she speaks apologetically with guilty on her face. Kim Geum looks at his leader helplessly.

"It's okay.just take it. It might won't be convenient for us to be known,"since the leader already said his reasoning,he can't possibly say no.he took it, bowed then put it on.meanwhile his eyes is still on him. Kim Beum is the same as him.they thought they have seen him somewhere before but they can't recall where and when.

"Then, we'll take our leave first,"she bowed and the man besides her bow halfway before he pulled the girl wrist.

"Wait!"Jung JiHyun called out.the girl and the man turned back to them."would you leave me your phone number? Seems like you're suitable to be an idol. However I can't make this decision alone and we'll have to ask the president first," the man shook his head.

"I don't have phone number neither do I have phone,"the man answered honestly. JiHyun eyes blinked twice.

"I'm sorry Mr. Jung but he really do doesn't have a phone,"the girl paused for a moment, before continuing,"he has a special conditions. but if you want to contact him you can call me."she took a card from her wallet and handed it to Jung JiHyun. he took it with a smile. He looks and realised that the girl's name is Kim SeoYeon.a cafe owner.

"If you don't mind.could we come over to your cafe?"

"Sure I'll prepare a private space for all of you,"

"You can just let us sit on the public. it'll be more convenient for you,"he said with his hand on his chin.

"It'll be uncomfortable for you.my cafe is for people to relax when they're stressed or tired from work or study.i don't want to make my cafe popular just because of your group,"

"Then thanks for your consideration. We'll totally go there frequently from now on,"he bowed then he suddenly remembered something."by the way, what is your name,Mr?"

"Taesung,"he answered shortly.

"Then I'll just call you Taesung. see you soon. Ms.Kim and Taesung."he bowed turned and walked opposite to theirs.the twin followed after him.


"Wow!our Taesung-ie is too handsome till he got scouted by the group leader himself!"the girl said excitedly."what will you do?are you going to accept it?"

"I don't know.should I?"the man looks at the girl who walked besides him.

"Why do you ask me?you decide it,"she pointed at his chest,"follow what your heart desire,"

"Then no,"he said shortly.the girl's jaw dropped listening to the man choice that she stupefied to where she stand.

"What do you mean no?!that's a once in a lifetime opportunity!you should at least think about it for a while!" She chased after the man.

"Still no. I'll work for you.since you gave me a name,"he curled his lips and looked on the other direction. The girl stunned.


After they finished shopping they went back home and started to make their lunch.

"Oh yeah taesung-ah,I'll go to Mr Yoon library after this and might be late.you can stay here while I'm there,"she told him. He immediately stopped chopping the carrots. Then he looks at her with expressionless face.

"I'm coming with you,"he said then continue cutting the onions. She was about to say he doesn't have to when she was cutted by him.

"There's no nee..."

"What if the something happened to you again and I'm not there to help you? I don't care I'm coming with you,"she stunned and looked at the guy besides her.

"Alright then,"then after they finished cooking and eating,he did the dishes then they off to the library.


She opened the door and swiped her member cards for her and him as well then she went to the counter and greeted mr Yoon as usual.

"Good afternoon Mr Yoon. how are you today?"she smiled.he looked up from his book and smiled to her.

"Good afternoon.im good as usual and who is this?"he asked her after he noticed the good looking man behind her.

"This is my new friend his name is Taesung."she signaled to him and he bowed to Mr Yoon.

"Good afternoon Mr Yoon. I'm Taesung. Nice to meet you,"he smiled to Mr Yoon.

"Afternoon Taesung. Nice to meet you too."he stood up and held out his hand and Taesung immediately took his hand.

"So Mr yoon. I would like to request a membership card for him."

"Of course,"he sits down and started to type something on his computer."tell me his full name, ID card,etc,"he asked.

"Umm .that... can you just use Taesung?"

"We can't do that.we need full information on members,"he looked at her with confused look."the member's information won't be revealed,"

"It's just that.can I talk to you in private?"she asked him with pleading eyes.

"Sure. come ,"he said shortly as he stood up and walked away from the counter after he put a bathroom notice on it.they walked to the back of the library and he opened a magnificent antique door using a golden key then gestured them to come in.

As soon as they entered the room they saw that the room is quite big.it has king sized bed there,a big rectangular table with books that looks old all over it.theres a coffee maker on the room corner and an opened walk in closets.they saw another room and they immediately think that must be the bathroom.

Mr Yoon sits on the chair and gestured them to sit on his bed since there's no extra chair.

"What do you want to talk in private?" He asked at the two who just sat down on his bed.she inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly.

"I'll be honest.this friend of mine has lost his memory and due to some reason we couldn't find out his real identity."

"Why don't you send him to the police station?"

"I already asked my friend who is also an prosecutor. he said he couldn't find this man's information and there's absolutely no missing person that looked like him.i even asked him to extended his search up to 30 years ago,"

"That's weird,"he leaned to his chair.

"Absolutely. afterwards I asked a friend who is a hacker to hack through the government records to check and also let him search for all the people who was born at least 30 years ago and there's no one that looks like him,"

"When did you do that?"Taesung looked at her.

"Since you fainted."she answered.

"Then there really is not a single information about him?"Mr Yoon asked. she just nodded."fine I'll help.luckily I have a friend who can help. however, you must cooperate with him. I'll give you the card to use for a while."


"Thank you Mr Yoon. You helped a lot,"she smiled.

"It's not that hard,"he takes out a card and handed it to TaeSung."here's your card,"

"Thank you Mr Yoon,"he bowed with gratitude.

"So Mr Yoon, how's your research?"she asked him while looking at the books on his counter.

"Too bad I only found a little. want to hear it?"he smiled at her.she put her head on the counter with an excited face. He smiled looking at the cute girl.

"The Blackthorn family,is actually half a supernatural beings. They got worshipped on a mysterious Island which had gone missing all of a sudden 500 or so years ago,"

"They got worshipped?! Why tho?"she asked and gives him her full attention.

"This family seems to have supernatural powers and they were said to be immortal. their only descendant, his name was Leon was taken from 'lion' as he was quite vicious and dangerous like a lion since little," he opened some of the books and shows it to her."this descendant is described as a really good looking with silver hair.he was said that people who worshipped him would send their offerings on the mountain which were said the Blackthorn territory.weird thing is the person who was lost on the mountain never comes back and thats where the tales of Blackthorn mountain started. interesting isn't it?"she nodded frantically.

"Can I join the research as well? This story makes me feel curious,"she asked him.

"I don't know that you were interested in this kind of historical research. I didn't even know that knew about my research,"he smiled.

"I saw the books in the room.clearly you are researching about something,"

"You have a sharp observations.so, why not?"

"Great! I'll help you by searching about the tales,"she then hastily walks in the library.

"This Blackthorn family..."Taesung suddenly speaks,"are they dangerous to humanity?"he asked.

"I still couldn't find out about that,"only then did he looked at the guy closely. long silver hair, crescent shaped brows, his grey eyes that looks like it's beamed with dark red aura, delicate small nose with thin lips and sharp jawline. his built is looking really thin but seemed strong. "Why do you curious about that?"he shook his head.

"I don't know why either. But I'll help her searching about it."Mr Yoon nodded. "Well, excuse me, I'll have to go and find her,"he bowed and went in.

"He has silver hair too and way good looking. But there's no way he can be him.he has gone missing since 500 years ago."Mr Yoon leaned his head on his palm and were deep in thought.


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