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23.59% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 21: Chapter 21 - Gift

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Chapter 21: Chapter 21 - Gift

Chen Ruo Yu cried for a long time.

When she was done crying, She sat up and rubbed her eyes. She took out paper towels to wipe her nose and face, feeling a little embarrassed.

Meng Gu didn't speak, didn't ridicule, didn't console nor did he ask any questions. She thought it was very nice of him and she felt comfortable. But what did he mean by looking down on his own shirt? Chen Ruo Yu secretly glanced at him and wondered what he wanted to do.

Suddenly Meng Gu stood up, pulled her up as well and walked towards the department store.

Chen Ruo Yu did not dare to ask and kept quiet. Its seems Meng Gu was quite familiar with the shopping mall. He did not wander around but instead took the escalator to the upper floor and made his way directly to the store of a brand of men's clothing store.

The salesgirl greeted them with a smiling face. Meng Gu waved his hand, went to the shirt section, turned over a few shirts and looked at few designs. He picked out one and told the salesgirl a particular size number and then said, "I will take one."

The salesgirl quickly found the size he wanted and Meng Gu took out his credit card to pay. The whole process from the time of entering the store to paying for the shirt only took a minute to complete.

Chen Ruo Yu foolishly looked at Mr. Tyrannosaurus's agile shopping skills which were similar to his ability to speak poisonous words.

But why did he suddenly buy a shirt?

Meng Gu went to the changing room to put on his newly brought shirt, then dropped the shirt he wore earlier into the shopping bag given by the salesgirl. He carried the bag and pulled Chen Ruo Yu out.

She foolishly followed and could not help but ask. "Why did you suddenly buy a shirt?"

"It's dirty. I have to change it."

Dirty? She thought for a moment and then responded.

What? She did not stain his shirt with dirty water! "Isn't that an exaggeration?"

Meng Gu looked back at her and handed the shopping bag containing his shirt to her. "Take a look for yourself."

"I will take a look." She was a bit unconvinced. She took out his shirt and flipped it over left and right. "This shirt is still clean. It is not necessary to change it."

"Here. Look, there are stains here."

"This is definitely not done by me. I am sure you don't even know where you have gotten this stain."

"Ai... this woman. You're really a hedgehog. I didn't even ask you to pay for the shirt, why are you arguing about it?"

"I..." This was about saving her face and she was just subconsciously trying to salvage her image.

When she was about to say something, she suddenly heard a woman's voice beside her. "Miss, is your boyfriend here? Why don't you let him try the face cream that you were looking at it earlier?"

She raised her head. This is terrible! Isn't this the skincare products counter that she had visited just now? The counter salesgirl was able to recognize her! Obviously, the counter salesgirl had made a mistake and assumed she and Meng Gu were a couple who's on a shopping trip.

Chen Ruo Yu smiled at the salesgirl and waved her hand. She pulled Meng Gu away but the counter salesgirl quickly came over. "Mister, come and take a look. Just now your girlfriend came specially to choose our skin care products for you. Our brand of skincare is really good. I will let you try some of our products."

The lady did not show any interest, so she had to try her best to retain the man. In short, she really must make a sale to this man.

Chen Ruo Yu's face burned hot and watched in embarrassment as Meng Gu was pulled along by the counter salesgirl. Usually, he would have responded rudely but why didn't he protest at all this time?

Chen Ruo Yu sighed in her heart. She braced herself and tried to pull Meng Gu away but the salesgirl had already smeared a blob of cream on Meng Gu's hand for him to try. He really rubbed the cream over his hand and said he did not like the smell. Then he turned his head around and asked Chen RuYou. "What was the product you were looking at just now?"

Chen Ruo Yu's face nearly turned green.

Why is he catching on so fast with his acting skill? Does he have to be so natural? Does he really think we are a couple on a shopping trip?

The counter salesgirl quickly continued to give him an answer. "Ah.., just now the Miss was looking at this brand of hand cream. Does Mister usually use hand creams? Come..... Mister must try this? This hand cream has a natural scent, it moisturizes and absorbs easily into the skin. This cream is specially designed for men's skin."

" it?....." Meng Gu dragged on the last words and at the same time looked at Chen Ruo Yu. The look in his eyes really made Chen Ruo Yu want to dig a hole and bury herself.

She is innocent! She had no intention towards him.

Chen Ruo Yu quickly pulled Meng Gu's hand and said to the salesgirl. "I am sorry. We are in a rush. We'll come back again next time." She pulled Meng Gu away with force.

Her actions made Meng Gu laugh and he asked, "Next time?"

"This is the customer's way of talking. Do you understand?" Chen Ruo Yu gritted her teeth.

"Why did you look at men's hand cream?"

"While waiting for you, I had nothing to do... so I looked around."

"Why didn't you look at the ladies' hand cream?"

"How did you know I did not? I have looked at every counter." She blushed again.

"Did you?" His teasing eyes showed he obviously did not believe her.

Chen Ruo Yu was forced into a corner and she blurted out. "SiSi said she wanted to give you a hand cream as a gift and while passing by, I just looked at it. I didn't even think about it."

"She's going to give me a hand cream?" Meng Gu stopped walking. "She's really amazing. Normally, people will not have this thought of this as a gift."

She felt regretful that she had leaked out information to him and quickly tried to remedy. "Dr. Meng, pretend you don't know about this. Don't tell her and don't tell your nurses. SiSi is very serious and has taken a lot of trouble thinking about this. Don't give her any harsh words."

Chen Ruo Yu was a bit surprised that he agreed so easily. This was definitely not his style. She was about to reconfirm with him but was pulled back by Meng Gu. "Let's go back and buy the hand cream as a gift from you."

What? She was so scared that her feet were rooted to the spot and she refused to move. "Why should I give you a gift?"

"This is because when Liang SiSi comes to give me the hand cream as a gift, I can show her your gift to me and tell her that Ruo Yu has already given me a hand cream, therefore I cannot accept hers. Look, in this way, I can show her I did not know in advance what she was going to give me and that is also a very good reason to refuse her. So you should be satisfied."

Satisfied? Your ghost! Chen Ruo Yu shook her head in desperation.

This is clearly framing the innocent, sowing the seed of dissent and breaking up a friendship.

"Or to avoid this from happening, you don't have to wait for Liang SiSi to buy a hand cream as a gift for me. You can think of ways now to stop her and also advise her to stop annoying me." Meng Gu grinned showing his white teeth and it made her irritated, she really wants to punch him in the face.

Why is this man so cunning?

"I will talk to SiSi and tell her not to buy you a hand cream. I promise I will try hard to persuade her."

For the sake of their friendship, she must speak clearly to SiSi and tell her about the true face of Mr. Tyrannosaurus. This man is really too scary. If at his age, with such good qualities and he's still unable to find a partner, it's because there is definitely something wrong with him.

"Well then, thank you. You must make sure you do a good job on Miss Liang SiSi's ideology project."

"Okay.., okay, I will."

"Then, let's go and buy that hand cream."

What? Still, want to buy?

"I really need to buy one. My current hand cream is running out."

Is this real or fake? Chen Ruo Yu was a bit stunned.

Meng Gu looked at her and laughed again. "Just now, you had taken advantage of me. Treat this hand cream as compensation to me."

Taken advantage of him? Compensation to him?

Isn't this compensation a little too expensive?

Chen Ruo Yu shook her head again. "I don't have money."

"I have. I will pay for it first." Meng Gu expressed his generosity.

"That brand is not good. Didn't you say that you didn't like the fragrance just now? We should change to another brand. Now it's late and I'm hungry. I will treat you to dinner. Later, I will buy one and send it over to you." She wanted to buy him one that costs only a few yuan.

"The smell of that skincare is not good but the hand cream is good. I have always been using this brand."

With just a few words, Chen Ruo Yu was pulled back towards the counter. This is reckless spending! Does he really need to use such an expensive hand cream? Although she protested, it was useless and eventually, she was pulled back to the counter by Meng Gu.

The hand cream was brought. Chen Ruo Yu's face was expressionless throughout the transaction, anyway, she didn't pay for it. She was also determined not to admit that she owes Meng Gu this money. Meng Gu also did not mind at her, only smiled and led her back to the car.

"Well, next we will go for dinner. Where is that garden restaurant you were talking about? He started the car and was ready to leave.

Chen Ruo Yu looked at him and he directly looked back at her.

"Dr. Meng, I owe you one dinner, right?" She raised her index finger to emphasize the number.

He nodded his head in agreement.

"You just want to eat a sweet dinner in the garden restaurant that I had reserved the last time, right?"

Again, he nodded his head.

"Good." Chen Ruo Yu nodded her head. "Let's go."

She brought Meng Gu to a bakery shop near the hospital, bought a honey butter red bean bun and a white bread bun. Then she went to the store on the side and bought two bottles of mineral water.

Meng Gu followed her around and was eventually led to a bench in the hospital's Atrium Garden. They sat down on the bench and the honey butter red bean bun was stuffed into his hands. Finally, the expression on his face changed.

"Is this the birds chirping with the fragrance of blooming flowers... lovely garden restaurant?"


He looked at the bread in his hand. "Sweet dinner?"

"Correct." She handed over a bottle of mineral water to him. "This drink is also very healthy."

Meng Gu stared at her, then took the bottle of mineral water from her. "Why is it that mine is a red bean bun and yours is white bread?"

"The bun that I gave Dr. Meng represents sweetness and is worth RMB5.00, this small bun is of very high-end and worthy of Dr. Meng. This white bread is large which is enough to satisfy me and worthy of me. Actually, a steamed bun is more realistic but I'm afraid Dr. Meng will give me a dissatisfaction expression."

As she spoke, she opened the package of her white bread bun and started to eat.

Meng Gu laughed. "Chen Ruo Yu, I really have to praise you."

"You're welcome. Don't be courteous."

Meng Gu grinned and showed his white teeth. "You're really cute when you're petty. What to do?"

Do what? Is he throwing poisonous words at her again? With a piece of bread dangling from her mouth, Chen Ruo Yu glared at him.

Meng Gu was still laughing as he unwrapped the honey butter red bean bun and ate it.

He did not speak again. Chen Ruo Yu was on alert and secretly stole a few glances at him.

Ah... he is actually thoroughly enjoying his meal. Didn't he say he does not like sweet things?

MiraiSaesang MiraiSaesang

LOL sweety I think he's enjoying your hilarious company rather than the food...

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