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25.84% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 23: Chapter 23 - Blind Date

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Chapter 23: Chapter 23 - Blind Date

Chen Ruo Yu had heard about Meng Gu's family at the last gathering from Ding Xiao Yun. That time, she had heard that his father was the Deputy Dean of the hospital.

Just now she was not bothered but now as stood up and she tried to swallow her bread. She secretly peeked at the elderly man to study him clearly. Father Meng really had a dignified appearance of a Deputy Dean with thick eyebrows, thin lips, and a square chin.

He looked at her for a moment and only nodded his head slightly. He did not display much reaction. However, Chen Ruo Yu felt panic-stricken as she has always been fearful of her elders. After she tried to swallow the bread, she quickly greeted him. "Uncle..."

Wrong! She is not familiar with him. Calling him as uncle is a bit too casual. Is greeting him as Deputy Dean alright? What if she remembered wrongly?

Chen Ruo Yu was tongue-tie again. She took in a deep breath and finally said."Hello, Dr. Meng."

Yes. Regardless of whatever title he has, greeting him as a doctor is definitely correct.

The two doctors, one old and one young, both did not show much reaction. After she had greeted him, both men turned away and talked to each other again. Later, after they had spoken a few words, the old Dr. Meng left and the young Dr. Meng walked back to her.

Chen Ruo Yu fiercely patted her chest and drank a few sips of water. Finally, she was able to swallow the bread and her breathing was normal again.

"That..... that's your dad?"


"Dean of the hospital?"


Chen Ruo Yu took a deep breath and still had not get over her shock. "You don't have to introduce high-status people like your dad to me."

"Do you think I wanted to introduce you to him? He asked me who you were. If I try to hide it, he will surely think you are really someone significant. So it is better to state this clearly, don't you think so?"

"Oh." Who is she? She is really someone insignificant. He is right. It is definitely better to state clearly.

"Why are you guilty of?" He asked.

"No.. No.." She waved her hand."I have an Elder phobia. I have always been afraid of meeting the elders."

"Elder phobia?" Meng Gu laughed. "Your problems are really extraordinary."

Chen Ruo Yu scowled, finally could not stop herself and said. "Dr. Meng, why can't you talk using proper words?"

"What is wrong with my words?"

"Your sarcastic tone makes me uncomfortable."

"Just don't think too much."

"It's just that the way you speak is terrible. Dr. Meng, this is your weak point. Not only are your words unpleasant and but your temper also bad. Are you not planning to change?"

"Who should I change for?"

Chen Ruo Yu was surprised. Is this guy really an idiot? Who else should he change for? Isn't it for his own good? Changing will improve his interpersonal relationships and put him on a higher level. Isn't this reason enough?

"A person's character is hard to change and I feel comfortable being myself. I have not met anyone that is worth changing for and so there is no need to change. When we do meet, naturally I will change." Once again Meng Gu said things that Chen Ruo Yu did not fully understand.

"Anyway, you are being impolite to me." Chen Ruo Yu glared at him and finished eating her bread in a few bites.

Meng Gu looked at her and did not know whether to laugh or cry. She was criticizing him while eating and glaring at him. If this is not impolite, then what is?

She gathered up the plastic bags including the one Meng Gu left on the bench and threw them into the trash bin in the center of the Atrium.

Meng Gu resumed his slouching posture on the bench and stretched out his long legs. He watched as Chen Ruo Yu go to the center of the Atrium and walk back. He frowned when he saw her casually rub her hands on her pants.

"Why are you frowning?" Chen Ruo Yu glared at him. "I didn't rub my hands on your pants."

Meng Gu continued to frown. "Why did you change back to your hedgehog stance?"

"You caused me embarrassment."

"Are you referring to my dad?" Meng Gu was surprised. "You were the one who chose this place, alright. I was counting on eating a big meal but you only treated me to a piece of bread. Talking about embarrassment, don't you think I'm even more embarrassed? Just now with that eating image of yours and your stuttering, letting others know that I'm acquainted with you, isn't that more embarrassing for me?"

He is still ridiculing her.

Chen Ruo Yu's anger was rising fast. She was the one who chose this place and she was the one who invited him here for dinner but all of these were forced upon her by him, okay? She did not even think they would meet any of his colleagues, how would she have thought they would meet his dad here?

Abruptly she rushed forward in big strides, grabbed Meng Gu's hand and gave him a big bite.

If she can't win him in a verbal spat nor win him in a fight, why can't she bite him?

Apparently, Meng Gu did not expect Chen Ruo Yu to suddenly turn into a wildcat from a hedgehog all of a sudden. He was so startled that he screamed. "Ahh...."

Chen Ruo Yu released him and saw teeth marks on his hand but the marks were not bleeding.

The strength was just right! This is the way to dispel her anger!

Then she grabbed her bag, turned around and ran.

"Chen Ruo Yu!" Meng Gu called out loudly from behind her. When she heard him, she ran even faster.

Within one breath, she rushed out of the hospital main entrance and ran towards the bus stop. Standing at the bus stop, she looked back. Fortunately, he did not chase after her. She started to blush and not sure why. She was feeling alright before but suddenly she had felt very angry with him.

The bus arrived and she rushed up with big steps. Just at this time, she heard her phone ring. She took it out and looked at it, it was from the man she had bitten just now. She did not pick up and instead ended the call.

The bus started to move and her phone rang again. Her heart began jumping erratically when she saw the call was from Meng Gu again. She blushed and ended the call.

After a while, she received a text message.

~Actually, I had wanted to send you back but since you prefer to take a bus, forget it.~

Hypocrite! Before he drives her back, she is certain he will retaliate.

Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip and her finger hovered over her phone. She really wanted to reply to his text message but what should she write? She could not think of anything at that moment.

Soon, a second text message came in again.

~Chen Ruo Yu, do you know that a surgeon's hands are sacred and cannot be violated?!~

"Pft..." Chen Ruo Yu almost laughed out loud at him saying he could not be violated.

~I have already violated it, so what now?~

She did not think much this time and quickly sent the reply.

She waited for a long time but Meng Gu did not reply to her text.

Chen Ruo Yu waited and waited and her heart felt like it was being scratched by a cat's paw. She really wanted to send another text but she couldn't think of anything to say. She thought about it for some time and suddenly felt stupid and shameless for sending out that last text to him.

Why was she so muddle-headed to say those words?

All the way home, she felt remorseful. When she reached home, she was humming a song. However, once she opened the door she saw Liang SiSi who was supposed to be away on a business trip for a week, had actually returned.

"Did you hit the jackpot today? Why are you so happy?" Liang SiSi was sitting cross-legged on the sofa, hugging a bowl and asked Chen Ruo Yu as she walked in.

Happy? Chen Ruo Yu felt her face with her hands. It cannot be. She should be feeling upset and remorseful, right?

Liang SiSi lifted an eyebrow and looked at Chen Ruo Yu's face, then asked. "Did you see Dr. Meng today?"

"Ah.... En...." Chen Ruo Yu's answer was vague and she subconsciously switched the topic and asked. "Why are you back so soon?"

"There were some procedure problems with the event organizer, so it was postponed. It was useless to stay so we came back first. We have to go again next time."

"Oh, that is the case. I will return to my room first." Chen Ruo Yu grabbed her bag and went back to her room.

SiSi has returned.

Chen Ruo Yu jumped on her bed and thought of Meng Gu's words. 'I don't want to play games with her.'

Suddenly she felt confused. Should she talk to SiSi? She really wanted to know SiSi's feeling for Meng Gu. What if she is really serious? What if eventually, she can really move Meng Gu's heart? But what if SiSi really just wants to play a game of love with him?

What should she do?

Chen Ruo Yu took out her cellphone and looked at it again. Meng Gu has not returned her text message.

She sighed as she heard Liang SiSi laughing loudly in the living room while watching a TV show, she felt annoyed and at a loss.

For the next few days, Chen Ruo Yu's mood was not good.

Many things happened during this period of time.

She received compensation for the assault on her. Then she sent the money home to her family and had an unhappy phone conversation with her family. Her father had told her to resign from her job and return home. She declined and her father on the other end kept quiet for a long time. Finally, she heard him sigh and then he said. "Think it over." This was the last sentence her father said to her on the phone.

Chen Ruo Yu had nothing she could think about. She did not want to go back to C-City. She could not envision herself leading a happy life in that place. Suddenly she wanted to call Meng Gu. She really needed someone to talk to and release all the unhappiness in her heart. She brought up Meng Gu's number, looked at it for a long time and then dropped the phone back into her bag.

These few days, Meng Gu did not contact her. There was no phone call or text message from him. Liang SiSi also did not mention anything about Meng Gu. She always went to work early and came home late. She said that she had to work overtime and was extremely busy.

Chen Ruo Yu thought, perhaps she did not have to worry about the development between these two people. She was not sleek and sly like both of them and they were smarter than her in their trickery. She should not get foolishly get involved in this matter and cause more chaos for them.

These few days, a friend wanted to introduce a prospective partner to Chen Ruo Yu. Her name is Zhao Xia, a friend who works together with her as a condom products sales agent. That day when Zhao Xia and Chen Ruo Yu were going on their rounds in the shopping mall, Zhao Xia had mentioned it to her. An owner of a freight company who is her business associate helping her in the distribution of goods is an honest 29 years old man and is currently without a partner. They had been working as business associates for quite a long time and since she found him to be a good man, she asked Chen Ruo Yu whether she was interested in meeting him.

Chen Ruo Yu agreed.

The first time they met, she felt he was easy to get along with.

His name is Tang Jin Cai and his parents own a freight company. Their business is small but business can be considered to be good. He is a medium-sized man with a normal appearance and at a glance, you can tell he is the type that is steady and hard-working.

Zhao Xia did not set up any blind dates for them but instead when Tang Jin Cai helped them to deliver goods, she introduced Chen Ruo Yu to him and said that Chen Ruo Yu is her business partner in the condom product business.

Actually, Tang Jin Cai had seen Chen Ruo Yu once in Zhao Xia's office, he already had an impression of her. When Zhao Xia mentioned introducing Chen Ruo Yu to him, he also understood her intention.

So in this way, Chen Ruo Yu and Tang JinCai were deemed to have met. That day, after the goods were delivered, Tang Jin Cai invited Zhao Xia and Chen Ruo Yu for lunch. He asked politely and it was not considered as enthusiastic, Chen Ruo Yu felt that he may share the same thoughts.

A week later, Tang Jin Cai gave Chen Ruo Yu a phone call and made an appointment to meet her at a cafe. Chen Ruo Yu had thought that this was a formal date, did not think too much and agreed.

In the end, when Chen Ruo Yu arrived at the cafe, she was dumbstruck. Tang Jin Cai had actually brought his mother along. "I am sorry, Miss Chen. When my mother heard I was going to meet you, she wanted to follow. I can't dissuade her." Tang Jin Cai whispered and apologized to Chen Ruo Yu when his mother left her seat.

What could Chen Ruo Yu say? Suddenly she felt discomfort all over her body.

She had a wave of dizziness and felt as if she was sitting in a bed full of pins and needles.

She endured for a short while before she made an excuse to go to the toilet. Then she took out her phone and tried to find someone to help her.

"What? You are at the airport now? SiSi, why are you leaving on a business trip today? Oh, it's a last minute decision..... oh, it is that event..... then I understand. It's alright since you're already at the airport. Good luck on your journey. Be extra careful while you're out and about."

"Lan Lan, what are you doing now? Ah... you're helping Sister Yin Ning to take care of her daughter? Then when will Yin Ning jie and Yin Ze back? Four to five days? Then it's alright. Nothing..... there's nothing wrong with me. Say hello to Niu Niu for me."

**('jie', short form 'jiejie' which means older sister)**

Chen Ru You had made two calls and she almost wanted to cry. She cannot be so unlucky, can she?

A lady came out of the toilet cubicle and wanted to wash her hands in the sink, Chen Ruo Yu was blocking her, so she smiled and quickly moved away in embarrassment.

Chen Ruo Yu knew that she could not look for Zhao Xia. She did not want Zhao Xia and Tang Jin Cai's relationship to break off due to her. But who else can she look for? She felt very anxious and gritted her teeth, then dialed a number that she had not contacted for a long time.

"Dr. Meng, can you do me a favor?" Once the call was connected, Chen Ruo Yu directly asked him, disregarding courtesy.

"Chen Ruo Yu?" Meng Gu's voice tone made her brain conjure up an image of him with his poisonous tongue expression. "Have you washed your hands?"

"Ah..?" Chen Ruo Yu glanced at the sink. The lady just now was still washing the soap from her hands. What was this about washing hands? "I'm in the toilet but I did not wash my hands."

There was silence on the other end for two seconds. " The last text message I sent you stated that when you are ready, you should wash your hands and let me return your bite, then you can call me."

Chen Ruo Yu opened her mouth wide and then said. "I didn't receive your text message."

This is terrible, the unstable telecom signals really cause problems for people. And she thought it was the casual intonation of her text message that had annoyed Meng Gu. She had already expected beforehand, he would eventually take revenge on her. No wonder all this time he had not contacted her. It was all because of this.

But at this time, that matter was not important and Chen Ruo Yu did not care about her pride anymore. "Dr. Meng..... Dr. Meng Gu..... Lord Meng Gu. We can settle this account later but now, firstly you have to come and save me."

MiraiSaesang MiraiSaesang

A man's mother forcing her way into a first date, is a great tell-tale sign of how your life would be once you enter this relationship -__-)'...

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