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30.33% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 27: Chapter 27 - Asking a favor

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Chapter 27: Chapter 27 - Asking a favor

In the evening, Chen Ruo Yu made a call to Meng Gu.

When she heard Meng Gu's voice, Chen Ruo Yu felt her heartbeat speed up.

With her experience of talking with Meng Gu, she knows there is no point in faking pleasantries, so after saying hello, she went straight to the point and said that she wanted to ask him for help, to help her friend get an appointment with a psychiatrist, Director Liu.

Meng Gu apparently did not expect this request and was quiet on the phone. Chen Ruo Yu thought that maybe he was thinking it was very troublesome, maybe it was not convenient? She was already thinking about it in her mind, if he refuses, does she have anything else better to talk about? She wants to talk to him for a bit.

Meng Gu spoke up, "Chen Ruo Yu, you, only know to call me when you need something?

"Ah?" it's nothing, it's okay to be scolded by him.

"When you were having fun with Yin Zi, you didn't know how to call me, but now that you need help, you know to think of me."

"Ah?" How did he know that she was having fun hanging out with their friends?

"Ah, what?"


Meng Gu did not say anything.

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly said with some urgency, "Dr. Meng, Dr. Meng, don't hang up."

"I didn't say that I want to hang up."

"You won't say so before you hang up."

"That's you."

"Oh..." Yes, she is guilty of this matter of hanging up without a word, and it was in the middle of the night too.

"You, today, are you only going to use non-human language to talk to me? Are suffering from a language impairment, have you developed a disorder?"

"No, no." Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip, obviously, she has been speaking the language of the brutal tyrannosaurus planet.

"So, Dr. Meng do you know Director Liu? Is it nor convenient for you to help?" Actually, she doesn't care, okay she is really not kind.

"Who is the friend? and what is their condition?" He actually asked.

"That, the person from the blind date last time, Mr. Tang, the one introduced by my friend..." Chen Ruo Yu explained about Tang Jin Cai uncle's condition and that they have tried with difficulty to secure an appointment for a few months, then she waited for Meng Gu to reply.

"This illness is serious enough for Director Liu to have a look, but can that person be considered your friend? Didn't you call for help last time, how can you help him ask for a favor?"

Chen Ruo Yu's heart felt somewhat empty, she was secretly glad she called, so he couldn't see her embarrassment, "The last time was the last time. His family member is seriously ill, isn't it good to help, it is..." She thought it was really awkward to put forward this request and that it may not be convenient for Meng Gu. "I don't know if this matter will be troublesome, if it's not easy, then forget it."

"It is not troublesome. Director only sees one outpatient a week, and only sees people by appointment, so the number of appointments is very small, so it is difficult to get. I will ask him to write a note, and the clinic will add an extra appointment for one day. I know it should be okay."

"Oh, in that case, it's not too much trouble then." It turned out it was easy to settle. Chen Ruo Yu tried hard to think of something else to say. However, Meng Gu spoke up, "It's not troublesome for me, but I am afraid it will be very troublesome for you."

Chen Ruo Yu was confused, "Why?"

"Because you owe me a big favor. This matter is hard to settle, it is difficult to get an appointment. If you didn't know me, you wouldn't even be able to buy it with money."

"That, Mr. Tang said that he can offer rewards, it won't be difficult to handle."

"Chen Ruo Yu."

"Ah?" He is not happy again?

"Who do you think I am?" He is really upset, Chen Ruo Yu thought in her mind, that it seems offering money is very insulting to him.

"Offering bribes and accepting bribes is a crime."

"I'm sorry."

"What do you want me to say to you?"

"I have said sorry."

"I remember that last time you said that as long as I save you, you would do as I say. But then it seems that you didn't even give me a chance to talk you after either."

"So what do you want to say?" This person is really, I was still thinking hard on a topic to talk about, and now I don't have to look for it.

"Chen Ruo Yu, don't you think the dialogue between us is becoming more and more aimless?" He said the conversation is aimless, but the words were not spoken by her alone and he trying to blame her for the aimlessness of it. But then again, although she seems very happy to chat with him, thinking about it now, looking back at their conversations there doesn't seem to any meaningful topics between them.

"What is a conversation with an aim?" She asked him.

Meng Gu did not speak. Chen Ruo Yu suddenly did not know what to say, so this legendary zone of no common topic between them?

Chen Ruo Yu clenched the phone, then she heard Meng Gu suddenly ask, "Chen Ruo Yu when are you coming to look for me?"


"Again. You are deliberately messing up, aren't you?"

"You have no patience today." Chen Ruo Yu frowned, "I didn't have time to react, what am coming to look for you for?"

"If you don't come to see me, how do you plan to get Doctor Liu's note? Do I have to send it to you?"

"Oh, yes, right. I wasn't thinking, sorry, sorry. I will come to find you, when is it convenient for you?"

"When I get the note, I will call you. You tell that Tang person, that it is not easy to get it and that you can only help this time and not to look for you again next time."

"Oh." Didn't he say it wasn't troublesome? Why is not easy now? However, she can understand that it is always embarrassing to ask people to do something. Chen Ruo Yu did not dare to ask him about it, and only agreed.

"I mean it. Seriously. Don't be timid about it, you have to tell him clearly. He is not familiar with you and has the face to ask for your help. If you too happy to help him and things are done well. Back to his family, they will think that this kind of thing can be done easily and will come to you often. If there is anything, they will turn to you for help, it will be very troublesome. Not every illness needs to be seen by specialists, but many patients do not understand. Do you understand?"

"I know."

"Then you wait for my phone call."


The call should end here, but then there was a short silence on both sides. Chen Ruo Yu thought about what else to say, but could not think of anything at the moment

At that time, Meng Gu said, "Chen Ruo Yu."

"Yes, what's up?"

"Forget it, nothing."

Nothing? What is it? Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip, she really wanted to ask again.

But Meng Gu seemed to be alright, he said, "That's it, let's hang up."

"Wait a minute." She called out.

"Yes, what happened?"

"That, it's not good for you to help in vain."

"Yes, it is good to help you in vain." Chen Ruo Yu wasn't sure if it was her own delusions, but she felt Meng Gu's tone was lighter, "How do you plan to repay me?"

How to repay him?

"Then I will invite you to dinner."

"The last time you invited me for dinner, you ended up biting me, that account is still not settled, and you're inviting me to eat again?"

"..." If she knew he would say this, then she wouldn't have said that, isn't this digging a pit to bury herself in? Why did she have to say that? What is she being polite for? Mr. Tyrannnosaurus did not bring up the matter himself, why did she ask for trouble?

"What does Dr. Meng think is appropriate?"

"You think about it yourself, it is more sincere that way." his tone this time, Chen Ruo Yu was sure, his mood seems to be very good at the moment.

Think about it herself, what does she think? This kind of thing is the hardest to come up with.

After the call ended, Chen Ruo Yu's mind was occupied with trying to solve this problem.

However, Mr. Tyrannosaurus was also a bit strange today, his mood was switching randomly.

When he answered the phone at first he was a bit fierce, in the middle started to speak well, then went back to being ominous and finally was light and happy. It's really hard to understand him.

Chen Ruo Yu was thinking hard to solve the problem that he has given her in one fell swoop. Liang Sisi cam back and when she entered she asked, "Why are you holding the refrigerator door?"

Oh, why is she holding the refrigerator door? What was she doing here? Oh Yes, she wanted a drink.

Chen Ruo Yu took the drink and then turned to leave, she really couldn't think of a good method, so she decided to ask Liang Sisi what method is best to thank and apologize to someone at the same time. Well, the most important thing is the ensure the other party let's go of their grievance and not hold grudges.

Before she could speak, Liang Sisi spoke up, "I went to the hospital today, and I also successfully went to dinner with Dr. Meng."

Chen Ruo Yu's ears immediately perked up, still holding the drink, she went over to the sofa and sat next to Liang Sisi, "How did you go about meeting Dr. Meng?"

"There is a charity foundation event coming up and some materials needed a medical professional's opinion, so I went to consult with Dr. Meng."

The reason for approaching him is really perfect. Chen Ruo Yu had to admire Liang Sisi, she always finds such good opportunities.

"Did Dr. Meng say anything?"

"We just talked about the project, he was really useful and gave me a lot of advice. I also realized things I didn't think of before. Later, I thanked him for helping me and asked him out to dinner and he agreed."

"Did you eat so late?" When she just called, was he still eating with Sisi?

"No, we finished eating earlier. I went back to the company to sort out the information, I was afraid of forgetting it."

Chen Ruo Yu nodded and suddenly couldn't muster up her energy. He did not say anything about it just now on the phone. Moreover, Sisi asked him to dinner and he simply agreed, but when she invited him just now, he had said he was not willing to go. The difference is really great! Hmph!  

"He asked about you."

"What did he ask about me?"

"He asked whether you are busy recently? Whether you are going on blind dates?"

"What did you say?"

"Told the truth, you are not busy. You spend time at home every day watching TV, and only went out last night to hang out together with Gao Yu Lan." Liang Sisi said while raising a hand to look at her nails and whispered that she should re-do them.

"What did he say?"


Didn't say anything? This stinky Tyrannosaurus is really biased. Chen Ruo Yu stared at Liang Sisi's hand and suddenly had an idea.

She has figured out how to repay Meng Gu!

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