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Chapter 29: Chapter 29 - Payback

Chen Ruo Yu lowered her head and quickly packed up her things, and behaved like she didn't hear him. This person is really annoying, can't he keep his words wait until after the two elders have left? Saying that puts her in an awkward position, he really does not have any foresight.

She put the lunch box away and took the bag of bones, tied it and rushed to the trash can to throw the bag away. When she was done, she turned around and was walking back to them, when she heard Dean Meng whispering to his wife, "Didn't I ask you to just wait for a little while? and you just picked up anything and started to eat."

Mother Meng replied, "I am not a dog."

Chen Ruo Yu subconsciously said, "It's fresh and clean."

Both the young and old Dr. Meng looked at her. Chen Ruo Yu touched her nose and lowered her head to look at her bag. Well, she means her feet and food were all fresh and tasted good, what the old Dr. Meng said was a little insulting to her dish.

Mother Meng smiled, but father Meng's face was not too good. Chen Ruo Yu felt some grievances in her heart, it's not she was the one who asked Mother Meng to eat. The gift she was supposed to give to Meng Gu has been eaten up, she is also a victim.

At this time, Meng Gu's conscience suddenly cropped up, "Dad, Mom, hurry up and go for your dinner, I have something to do with Chen Ruo Yu."

Chen Ruo Yu was happy and quickly nodded. The elderly couple were not reserved and finally left hand in hand.

Chen Ruo Yu looked at their back and suddenly felt envious. When she is old, would she be able to walk hand in hand with her spouse?

"Dr. Meng, your father and mother are very loving."

"Oh, fortunately." Meng Gu also turned and started to leave, Chen Ruo Yu quickly followed.

"How did they meet each other?"

"Blind date."

"Oh." This matter of blind dating is not related to whether one is rich or poor, regardless of the age, it is universally popular. Chen Ruo Yu gave herself some encouragement, others can find such a loving life in this way, perhaps she can also have this kind of luck. It seems that she cannot vent her indignation, and must continue to persevere.

"Have you spoken to Mr. Tang? Meng Gu suddenly asked.

"What? Oh, yes. I told him I will call him when I get it."

Meng Gu stopped, turned and looked at her, "I meant, have you told him clearly, that this is a one-time thing, and that there won't be a next time?"

Chen Ruo Yu quickly nodded, "I told him, I said it. They said thank you very much, and said that they want to invite you to dinner."

"Is there nothing new except for dinners?" Meng Gu was not angry.

Chen Ruo Yu looked down at the lunch box in her arms and she thought that she was quite innovative. Does not need to eat together, or invite him to dinner, with this she could express her apology and also achieve a little trick for her satisfaction.

It's just that now the plan went down the drain, what a pity.

Meng Gu followed her line of sight and smirked, "This is really a surprise. CHen Ruo Yu, you are really creative. You said that a person with a more cheerful personality can find happiness from this?"

"Auntie was very happy just now." Chen Ruo Yu felt it was necessary for her to defend her feet.

Meng Gu laughed, turned and continued to walk.

Chen Ruo Yu chased behind him, "What are you laughing at? Really, Auntie was very happy when eating. She also complimented that it tasted very good."

"Chen Ruo Yu, do you know that I don't like gnawing on feet?" Meng asked as he was walking.

"I didn't know." Chen Ruo Yu was quiet for a while, then recovered and defended herself, "This time I did it sincerely. I made a special trip to the market to buy the materials yesterday. Food bought outside is filled with preservatives and added coloring, it's not healthy."

"Is it not because it is expensive outside, and cheaper to make it yourself?" Meng Gu looked at her, he was no longer smiling, but his eyes held a happy glint that showed his intention to tease.

"That is certainly another important factor." Chen Ruo Yu was a little annoyed, she had thought about this for half a day, and it only did not achieve her purpose but she was also made fun of.

Meng Gu did not say anything and continued to walk forward. Che Ruo Yu looked at his back and felt that he was still laughing at her. She was unhappy and suddenly remembered why had been following him, it was so she could get the note.

"Dr. Meng, where are you going? Well, I won't bother you. Just give me the note and I will leave."

Meng Gu suddenly stopped and turned to her, "Dismantling the bridge after crossing, huh? You're done, so you're throwing me away?"

Chen Ruo Yu opened her mouth and was very surprised. After a while, she whispered, "Is it necessary to make it sound so criminal?"

Meng Gu stared at her for a long time and suddenly sighed, turned around and walked away and only said. "Follow me to collect the note."

Chen Ruo Yu frowned, what's with the sigh? She is so articulate today that he can't keep up, so he is depressed? She walked two steps hesitantly before picking up her pace to catch up with him, she followed him all the way to his car, "Where are you going?"

"To eat."

When Meng Gu sat in the driver's seat and saw Chen Ruo Yu's disgruntled expression.

"What happened?"

"You just said that there is nothing new except going out to eat."

"I meant as a way to express gratitude or to apologize, people only ask to meet for a meal, there are no new ideas. My current desire to go eat is to solve a physiological need, I am hungry therefore I have to eat. This does not need any new ideas, be practical."

"You have said it all."

Meng Gu behaved like he could not hear her discontent and only stretched out a hand to her, "Let me have a look."  


"You should give me my surprise."

"No, only two are left." Chen Ruo Yu hugged the lunch box closer.

Meng Gu stretched his hand and held the lunch box handle. After holding on for a while, Chen Ruo Yu reluctantly let go and gave him the lunch box.

Meng Gu restrained his smile and opened the lunch box. He looked at the two feet and could not help but laugh.

"What's so funny about it?" An originally big full box of feet that looked very good, not looks very pitiful with just those two feet. Chen Ruo Yu suddenly thought and said, "Hey, you don't like feet, so your mother hurriedly ate them for you, right?"

"No, she likes to eat it."

"Oh." Chen Ruo Yu was relieved, "Then why don't you like it? it's very delicious."

"It's troublesome." Mr. Tyrannosaurus said while putting the lid back on the lunch box and put it aside in the compartment between the seats.

He's not returning it to her? Can it be calculated that he has accepted it? Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip and wondered if she should explain to him that these two feet represent a lot, an apology for biting him and a thank you for helping her twice.

She was still thinking about how to go about saying this, when Meng Gu had already started driving, when the car got on the main road, he asked, "What did my mom talk to you about?"

"She said that you also went on a blind date." Chen Ruo Yu said while secretly glancing at him.

Meng Gu nodded.

"She also said that your father likes the girl." She continued to sneak glances at him.

He still nodded.

Chen Ruo Yu didn't bother to ask whether he likes her or not, and Meng Gu did not take the initiative to say it either.

The car was silent for a few seconds.

Chen Ruo Yu's curiosity scratched and itched her, and she scolded him in her heart for the 800th time, that this dead man is very sly. Meng Gu turned his head and smiled at her and asked, "And then?"

"And then..." Chen Ruo Yu sat up straight and looked ahead, seriously looking at the road, "...then auntie praised the taste of my feet."

This time it was Meng Gu's turn to sneak glances at Chen Ruo Yu.

After a while, Meng Gu coughed and asked her, "You, have you been going on blind dates recently?"

Chen Ruo Yu secretly fiddled with the hem of her shirt, hesitating whether she wanted to lie or not that she also had a blind date, if she did would it possible for her to save some face?

"Well?" He couldn't wait for an answer and pressed her further.

"I haven't." She was discouraged, forget wanting to save face, it is better to say the truth. If she lies and it is uncovered later, it will be more humiliating.

"Mr. Tang, was he the same type as your ex-boyfriend?"

Well, they are really alike, Chen Ruo Yu discovered after thinking about it, they are similar and live the same lives, "They are a bit alike."

"So you find yourself still liking the same kind of man?"

This question is a bit deep, she has to think about it.

"Anyway, experiences of the past have proved and I have learned that this type is not appropriate for me." Chen Ruo Yu pretended to be cool and easy going about it and waved her hand, "So I can try other types too."  

Saying it like this should be okay. It can reassure him that they can still be friends, and show that she has unlimited possibilities in the future, without reducing her worth.

Good, pretty good.

Chen Ruo Yu was satisfied with her performance.

Meng Gu didn't talk anymore and seemed to be driving attentively.

As the car was driving along, Chen Ruo Yu suddenly felt that the road was familiar, and after a while, she saw that the road was indeed leading back to her house, She turned to look at Meng Gu, there was no expression on his handsome face now.

Where is he going taking her?

The answer is: sending her home.

He actually sent her home!

Chen Ruoyu was dumbfounded.

Not going to eat? Wasn't he going to eat with her? Did him saying that he was going to eat, mean that he was going to eat alone?

The car stopped at the front of Chen Ruo Yu's apartment, Meng Gu looked at her as if waiting for her to get off.

Chen Ruo Yu was confused and annoyed in her heart, is he playing with her again? She sullenly picked up her bag and forcefully opened the door.

"Dr. Meng, goodbye!"

She must say goodbye to him for good, this temperamental mood-switching bastard!

'Bang!', she used all her strength to close the door. It is best for the door to break and let have to spend money to repair it, making him feel bad.

She passed the front of the car and was walking towards the entranced when she suddenly heard Meng Gu call out to her.

"Chen Ruo Yu!"

"What?" She turned around fiercely.

"You, come over."

"Come over for what?" She did not move, this guy might be angry that she slammed his car door.

She refused to go over, so he got off the car and approached her.

Meng Gu stopped at Chen Ruo Yu's front and furrowed his good-looking eyebrows and looked at her, she also frowned and looked back at him.

He suddenly grabbed her hand and put it in his mouth and bit it hard.

"Ah!" Chen Ruo Yu was startled and in pain.

Meng Gu did not speak when he finished biting, he simply turned around and walked away, got his car and speedily ran away like an arrow.

It took a while before Chen Ruo Yu react to what just happened, the hand was still hurting and the teeth imprint were clear.

Ah!! Chen Ruo Yu wanted to scream, this big bastard took her chicken feet and still bit her! Deceived her saying that they were going to eat and dumped her at her house!


The note! Director Liu's note! He has not given it to her yet!

Che Ruo Yu stood in the parking lot in front of the apartment building and cursed at Meng Gu a hundred thousand times!


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