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33.7% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 30: Chapter 30 - Drunk Delivery

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Chapter 30: Chapter 30 - Drunk Delivery

Chen Ruo Yu angrily stood at the door in shock for about two minutes, before she pulled out her phone and angrily dialed his number.

Can be humiliated, but the note cannot be lost. She had already informed Tang Jin Cai that she was going to get it today, she can't go back on her word, this is a matter of her reputation.

Meng Gu did not answer the phone. Chen Ruo Yu thought that he was driving and so it is not safe for him to answer the phone, so she decided to forget it, she sulked and unhappily went upstairs to her house.

She waited for a long time and became hungry, as a result, Chen Ruo Yu decided to go buy a pile of feet tomorrow to cook and gnaw on them as Meng Gu. The more she thought about it the hungrier she got so she went to make a bowl of noodles, added three eggs, she was so angry she was trying to supplement it with food.

After she finished eating, she looked at her watch again, she felt that enough time has passed, and he should have arrived at his destination, so she called Meng Gu again,

This time Meng Gu still did not pick up.

She watched TV for fifteen minutes and then called again, still no answer.

Chen Ruo Yu's anger started to rise again. What the hell is wrong with this person? Did she offend him again? Is he so angry that he is not even picking up his phone?

The more he didn't pick up, the more she wanted to fight.

After twenty minutes, Chen Ruo Yu called again and still no answer. After ten minutes, she called again and still no answer.

Chen Ruo Yu dropped her phone, rolled up her sleeves and began to clean up the house, scrubbing and brushing, the living room became as clean as new. After cleaning for a while, then she will try his number again. After she had finished the work, she looked at the time and it had been over an hour, but still no answer to her calls. She couldn't help but call again, this time he still did not pick up.

Chen Ruo Yu sat on the sofa and sighed, and she suddenly became worried.

Although Meng Gu has a bad temper, he is a very responsible person. He will answer the phone and ridicule someone and not say anything good, but he won't be so angry and not pick up.

Did he forget to take his phone somewhere? Chen Ruo YU thought about it carefully, when she was in the car, she saw him put the phone in the phone holder, maybe when he got out of the car, he forgot the phone inside?

But he is not such a careless person.

Chen Ruo Yu began to think about it, the more she thought the more she worried. Did something happen on the road? Is he okay now? SHe couldn't help but call his number twice again and still only heard, 'dudu'

Chen Ruo Yu was uneasy whether she was sitting or standing, she tried to suppress her worry telling herself that he's fine and that when he sees her missed calls, he will definitely call her back.

She waited and waited until 11 o'clock and still did not receive Meng Gu's call, she could no longer hold back and called a few times again, and of course, there was still no answer. At this time, Liang Sisi came back, when she entered the door she said, "I was scared to death, on the road there were two cars racing, and almost hit the taxi I was riding. They brushed past us, then whooped, bastards! I almost thought I was going to die. If they want to die, they should die by themselves and not involve other people. My taxi driver was so scared that he stopped on the side of the road for a while to collect himself before he continued the journey. He was angry like me, those two bastards didn't even give us a chance to raise curses at them, they were lightning fast. Damn it, I am going to take a shower to get over the shock."

Liang Sisi went to get over her shock, while Chen Ruo Yu was even more scared. In the end, Meng Gu did not have an accident, right? She really had no options left other than to give Yin Zi a cal to ask if he has heard from Meng Gu tonight.

"Yes, that guy called at 7 o'clock and said that he was coming over for a meal, saying that he was on the way and he would arrive soon. In the end, he has not shown up yet."

On the way? After he dropped her off, he called Yin Zi, but why didn't he show up?

"Then he still hasn't arrived?"

"He hasn't arrived."

"You didn't ask him what happened?"

"No, he may have changed his mind, I guess? I have been busy so I didn't pay attention to it. We are used to it, when he wants to eat he will come, sometimes he doesn't even say hello."

"Don't say hello when he comes, even when you set up an appointment, he won't come and say hello?"

Yin Zi seemed to be thinking, then he just asked, "What's wrong? Did something happen to Meng Gu?"

Chen Ruo Yu was getting more anxious, "I saw him in the evening, he sent me back home. But I called him later, but there was no answer all night, I don't know what happened. He said he was going to eat but did not show up, could he have met with an accident?"

"You don't worry, I'm sure he's fine. I will look for him."

Hearing Yin Zi say this Chen Ruo Yu was relieved. Yin Zi will be better at looking for Meng Gu than her. At least he knows where Meng Gu often goes and the other friends he keeps in contact with, "When you find him, can you let me know?

"Okay, don't worry. I will tell you if there's any news."

Ten minutes later, Yin Zi called back.

"Found him, he is fine. He just met an old friend and went to the bar to drink a bit and forgot his phone in the car. Just now he just got back to the car and saw my missed call and called back. He's alright, don't worry."

Chen Ruo Yu heard this, and felt weird in her heart, she was not sure how she was feeling. She thanked Yin Zi and hung up the phone, her mood was very bad.

She was worried all night like a fool. He returned Yin Zi's call, but did not return hers. Chen Ruo Yu stared at the Mr. Peach blossom forest on the screen of her phone and poked at the back of his head. If he does not call back, then he does not and she won't call him again. If she worries about him again, then her surname will no longer be Chen!

Chen Ruo Yu was sulking in her room, Liang Sis shouted from outside, "I am done with the bathroom."

Chen Ruo Yu said, "Oh."She dropped her phone and got off the bed, the less she looks at it, the better. She also went to take a shower, she was not shocked, she was trying to rid herself of anger!

While Chen Ruo Yu was in the shower, she suddenly heard what seems to her ringing tone. Chen Ruo Yu shut off the water and listened carefully, it was her phone ringing. The first thought that came to her mind is: She still has reason to answer Meng Gu, otherwise what to do about the note?

The reason is full and proper, and the phone kept ringing eagerly and cheerfully. Chen Ruo Yu was afraid that the other party would hang up, and so she pulled a big towel and ran to her room. Liang Sisi room door was open and she saw Chen Ruo Yu running out naked and was frightened.

Chen Ruo Yu didn't say anything to her, rushed into her room, close the door and pounced on her bed and answered her phone.

"Hello." She found that her voice came out sounding a little breathless

"Chen Ruo Yu." It was really Meng Gu's voice. Chen Ruo Yu's heart was jumping.

"Were you looking for me?"

What nonsense is this? Mr. Tyrannosauraous can your tone sound even more innocent?

"Where are you?" Although Chen Ruo Yu was not wearing clothes, she felt her manner was quite powerful and imposing.

"Downstairs at your house."

"What?" She was dumbfounded. She subconsciously wanted to look outside the window, but she was afraid of being seen and so shrunk back.

"Were you not looking for me? So I came over."

So he came over? Chen Ruo Yu walked around in circles, this was too unexpected.

"Come down." He didn't even wait for her to think of how to deal with this, Mr. Tyrannosaurus already gave instructions.

"You wait!" Chen Ruo Yu finally found her voice and spoke in a very imposing manner, then dropped the phone, quickly opened her closet to rummage through her clothes.

As she grabbed her clothes, she scolded him very well! For making people worry for no reason.

"Oh, it's too tight. How did this get smaller? No matter what, let's just manage it" She thought out loud, and she hooked the bra and went ahead to pick out clothes, she chose a big T-shirt and put on some sweatpants, and rushed out with her slippers.

Liang Sisi also saw Chen Ruo Yu running passed her door and heard her go out the door and continued to be surprised.

Chen Ruo Yu got on the elevator and organized her thoughts, thinking about what to say to the stinky man. Should she ask him where he went? Why he didn't answer the phone? Forget it, she won't ask. If she asks, it will seem like she is too concerned about him, If he replies, 'what is your business?' won't she be embarrassed?

Thinking it over, she still did not come up with any wisdom or imposing words, the elevator quickly reached the first floor, and she felt the elevator was too fast.

She walked out of the entrance with her slippers and saw Meng Gu's car parked on the side of the entrance in front of the building. He was standing outside leaning on his car with his head lowered as if he was deep in thought.

Chen Ruo Yu stopped, coughed gently, and slowly approached him.

Meng Gu heard her slippers and looked up, seeing her coming he suddenly smiled.

Is there anything to smile about? Chen Ruo Yu criticized him in her heart, thinking that the first thing she will do is to ask him to hand over the note. But when she got close to him, she smelled alcohol on him.

"Were you drinking?"

"Oh." He nodded.

She was annoyed and hit him on the arm, "Drinking, but still dared to drive, what if you had an accident?"

He did not avoid it, nor did he talk back. He just looked her with sparkling eyes.

"What are you looking at? You drinking and driving, is it reasonable?" She was very fierce and was getting angrier, and now that the car accident rate is so high, shouldn't he cherish himself.

"Chen Ruo Yu, I haven't eaten yet." He suddenly said.

She furrowed her brows, "Didn't you go to a bar with an old friend? Why didn't you eat?"

"We just sat together and did not eat." His voice was low and he sounded a little pitiful.

"That..." She immediately softened, "Should I go up and make you some noodles?"

"Liang Sisi is there, it's so late, it'll be inconvenient." He shook his head,

It is indeed inconvenient. Chen Ruo Yu thought for a moment, "Ther is a snack bar at the intersection, they're open till late. You go eat a bowl of noodles or something to first settle your stomach."

"No appetite." He shook his head again.

She was so angry that she hit his arm again. "You have an appetite to drink on an empty stomach, but you don't have an appetite to eat dinner."

"Okay." He turned around to open the driver door, "Get in the car."

"What car?!" She came forward and pulled him hard, "Don't dive, let's walk!" She pulled his big hand with hers and led him forward, "It's not too far away, you can walk off the alcohol."

He did not struggle and let her pull him and cooperatively followed her.

His palm was really big, Chen Ruo Yu was pulling him and suddenly realized what she was doing and blushed and quickly looked for something to say, "Are you drunk?"


"How much did you drink?"

"Did not count, it was not much."

"What a friend, did not let you eat and only drinking."

He did not respond. Chen Ruo Yu looked back at him and thought that what she said was too much, she doesn't know the friend and this issue is something private.

She thought he would not answer, but then he said, "A friend who I don't want to see."

"Oh" See, she really shouldn't ask. If it's someone he does not want to see, then that means the person shouldn't be a friend.

"Chen Ruo Yu, I was originally in a bad mood, then I went back to my car and saw that someone had called me 19 times and I suddenly felt in a good mood."

Chen Ruo Yu went stiff. 19 times? Is it her?

She actually called 19 times?

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