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35.95% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 32: Chapter 32 - Heart to Heart

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Chapter 32: Chapter 32 - Heart to Heart

Meng Gu stared at Chen Ruo Yu for a long while.

Chen Ruo Yu poured a cup of wine and downed it in one gulp. Then she asked, "What do you think is the main point?"

"The main point is that my first love came back and has sent me a message that she wants to get back together. Meng Gu lightly swirled the wine in his cup and seemed to be thinking.

"Oh, right, it seems that the blind date girl has no hope."

"Chen Ruo Yu, aren't you going off topic again?"

"How is this off topic? This is the central idea derived from the main content. You haven't forgotten your old feelings, don't tell me you still want to pursue a new love?" Chen Ruo Yu's tone was a little high and her eyes seemed to be looking down on him.

"I didn't say that I haven't forgotten the old feelings."

"Does that mean that it is a win for the blind date?"

"I didn't say that the blind date was meaningful."

"Tch, you are really difficult to please."

"It's your mind that is in a mess that is difficult to please."

Meng Gu stuffed a piece of sushi into his mouth and swallowed it, then he asked her: "Chen Ruoyu, what made you pursue me at that time?"

"You are handsome and good-looking, I was confused by beauty." Chen Ruo Yu grabbed a piece of sushi and felt very happy that she could talk to him so calmly. Look, she can live cooly and freely too.

"More handsome than your ex-boyfriend?"

"Yes, Dr. Meng is taller than him, your profession is better than his, you also earn a lot more than him. So, the comprehensive score of Dr. Meng's is definitely higher." She was so quick to respond and happy, that Meng Gu suspected that she was flattering but he still smiled.

"You have grasped the main point this time."

"Tch." She looked down on him again, "The main point is that I have talked to him about love and I haven't talked to you about it." Her tone seemed to imply that it was Meng Gu's loss.

Meng Gu raised his eyebrows and before he could say anything, she stopped him, "Wait a minute, don't tell me about why we didn't talk about love. This issue is too profound and not worth discussing."

"This issue is about your life." It was Meng Gu's turn to look down on her, "Why don't you be braver and keep fighting for it?"

"Don't encourage me." Chen Ruo Yu poured a cup of wine and downed it, "I am someone who is easily incited. I am afraid you won't be able to bear it, when your ex-girlfriend cries for meeting such a formidable enemy, I am afraid that you will be too busy."

Meng Gu laughed so much that tears came out.

"Chen Ruo Yu, I suddenly feel that it is good to know you."

"Yes, yes, you should be grateful. Be nice to me, don't be ruthless and say bad things to me. If you lose a friend like me, you will regret it. Then, who will be like me, be so good to listen to you pour out the rubbish in your heart and accompany you to highlight the main points."

Meng Gu laughed again and ate a few bits from the two side dishes, and asked, "Did your ex-boyfriend regret it?"

"Well, yes." Chen Ruo Yu made an effort to nod hard, "He is definitely at heartbroken at home tonight. I hope the heartache gives him heart disease."

Meng Gu could not help but laugh, "You are saying cruel things about him like this yet you say you don't hate him."

"You say cruel things to me all the time with your uncouth mouth, could it be that you hate me?"

Chen Ruo Yu reacted very quickly and articulately. Meng Gu looked at her and saw that her eyes were bright and glasses, cheeks were flushed, and couldn't help but smile and ask, "Chen Ruo Yu, are you drunk?"

"No, sake is not alcohol, how can I get drunk?" She replied confidently.

"There is the word wine, so it is alcohol."

"Long Island tea has the word tea, but it is not tea."

Meng Gu did reply, after a while he said, "Our conversation is again becoming aimless."

"No, I think it is very interesting." Chen Ruo Yu leaned on the table on her elbow and rested her chin on her hand and poured herself a cup of wine with her other hand, "Dr. Meng feels bored, then let's change the topic. Does Dr. Meng's mother like Dr. Meng's first love ex-girlfriend?"

"She said her personality is too strong and I will have to work very hard."

"Your mother really worries over you." Chen Ruo Yu was envious, "One girl is not strong to endure hardship, she is worried that will have a hard time, the other's personality is too strong, she is worried you will have to work too hard. She's not worried about the girls who have to endure your uncouth mouth every day, they are also very pitiful Dr. Meng, your mother is really biased."

"She is my mother, if she does not have a bias for me, then who will she have one for then?

"I also want to have someone who has a personal bias for me. Someone who, no matter what happens, will be on my side, no one is good to me anyway. To those who speak ill of me, would confidently say she is my daughter, if I am not biased towards her, then who should I be biased towards?"

Meng Gu just looked at her and then asked, "Do you have a bad relationship with your family?"

She shook her head, "It is me who is useless, I cannot meet their expectations and I still lied to them and disappointed them. Dr. Meng, I am truly terrible, I have never done anything to make me or my family proud."

Meng Gu did not say anything, he stretched his hand and put the last piece of sushi in his mouth, and found himself being glared at.

Chen Ruo Yu missed a beat and was slow and did not grab the sushi, so she poured herself the last bit of wine into her cup, "Dr. Meng, what is your relationship with Nurse Tian?"

"The relationship between a doctor and a nurse."

"It's a good relationship."

Meng Gu knocked her forehead, "What is in this melon seed brain of yours?"


"I'll rephrase, what do you think is the relationship between a doctor and nurse?"

"It is the relationship between Dr. Meng and Nurse Tian."

"Don't use the excuse of drinking alcohol to act crazy." Meng Gu reprimanded her.

Chen Ruo Yu propped herself up with the table, smiled and honestly said, "Co-worker relationship. But other people said that you are on very good terms, also saying that the two would make a good match."

"What sort of match?"

"A handsome man and beautiful woman, an ideal match, a doctor and a doctor, a doctor and a nurse. Tall rich and handsome Mr. Perfect and fair-skinned and beautiful Ms. Perfect."

Meng Gu did not say anything, he quietly ate the vegetables and drank the wine in his cup.

Actually, whether they are a match or not, who can clearly say that.

"Dr. Meng, now we are good friends, iron buddies who can sit together and talk about our mind's woes, so if someone bullies me, you must help me. Your mouth is so foul, your words are so unpleasant, you will definitely win quarrels."

"Chen Ruo Yu, please don't be so boastful about asking other people for help."

"I am not asking, I am requesting. It is the duty of friends to help each other out. Dr. Meng, I am so happy, before I used to hate you, but now being friends is actually very good, I am very happy."

"I think you are happy to be listening to gossip."

"That is also true. Dr. Meng, did you exchange numbers? When are you meeting next? If there is a follow-up, you must tell me."

Meng Gu did not say anything.

"And there are two other ex-girlfriends, will they come back and ask you to go catch up? Three people plus you, you can make one full table for mahjong. No, that's not right, there is also Nurse Tian, she is interested in you, you didn't know that, did you? Then they can make a table together, and you stand. Oh, I forgot to count your new love from the blind date, there's nothing that can be done, the two of you can just stand together. Otherwise, you can get your mother and father to join, then you can scrape together two full tables of mahjong..." CHen Ruo Yu laughed, "Dr. Meng, Dr. Meng, you see how smart I am to have given up early. I hate playing mahjong the most."

Meng Gu listened to her talk and pursed his lips and beckoned for the waiter for the bill. Chen Ruo Yu narrowed her eyes and smiled, "Dr. Meng, you have to look for me next time you want to drink, I am very happy to chat with you."

"With such a low capacity for alcohol, how can I find you to drink with?"

"I drink very well." Chen Ruo Yu still smiling, looked at Meng Gu paying the server and said, "Dr. Meng, you look very good when you spend money."

The waitress glanced at Meng Gu's face, controlled her expression and covertly smiled. Meng Gu also smiled, then went up to Chen Ruo Yu, put on a straight face and pulled her up, "Let's go."

"Okay." She quickly agreed.

Meng Gu took her outside and put out a hand to hail a taxi, Chen Ruo Yu then said, "Dr. Meng, although you look handsome spending money, but the way you look making money is more handsome. So, you still have to be mindful when spending. Packaged noodles is not worse than the Japanese ramen noodles, the big bowl is also cheaper. And when you buy hand cream, you can also save some money, don't buy brand names. The next time someone lets you drink and drive, you should beat them up, aren't you Mr. Tyrannosaurus? You are brimming with brutal and savage energy with an imposing attitude, this is the time to fire. When you should not fire, for example, when you are against me, you have to restrain yourself. Since your natural character is flawed and not sufficient, it can only be compensated by you making the effort to restrain yourself every day. You said that, didn't you?"

Chen Ruo Yu spoke incessantly. The taxi arrived and she was stuffed into the car, she sat down, feeling very comfortable and relaxed, she continued to talk, feeling tired she simply held onto his arm and leaned on his shoulder and continued to talk.

She saw the taxi driver look at her in the rearview mirror and smile, she also politely smiled back.

Chen Ruo Yu felt that the taxi driver was driving too fast, she had barely said a few words and they had already reached her apartment complex. Meng Gu pulled her out of the car and she just stood there and smiled at him.

Meng Gu smiled back at her, the laughed and suddenly pulled her hand and but hard.

She screamed, "Ahh!" and before she could say anything, she heard him ask, "Have you sobered up?"

"I am not drunk." She was very angry and glared at him.

"Can you go home by yourself?"

"Of course." She turned her head and raised her chin towards the entrance door. "Look, I know the way, I am not drunk."

Meng Gu stared at her a while, then knocked on her forehead, "Then go home quickly, I am leaving."

"Oh, you have to be careful when taking a taxi. It's so late, don't encounter a perverted driver."

Meng Gu opened his mouth and wanted to say something but finally gave up, waved his hand indicating for her to hurry and go up. She said "goodbye" and went in.

Meng Gu turned and walked away, but did not even take a few steps, when he suddenly heard Chen Ruo Yu from behind rushing up to him, shouting "Dr. Meng."

Meng Gu stopped and was about to ask, 'What happened?'

But saw her rush up and grab his hand and take a bite. Meng Gu felt the pain and sucked in his breath. Chen Ruo Yu let go of his hand and said, "A tooth for a tooth. Goodbye!" Then she turned to run away.

Meng Gu's eyes were quick and he held onto her.

"If you bite me again, I will bite you back." She warned him.

"Forget it, I will send you upstairs." Meng gu said something off-topic, Chen Ruo Yu looked at him, sure enough, their minds are not on the same wavelength, the focus is very different.

But him sending her up, still made her very happy.

The two people walked to the door of Chen Ruo Yu's apartment door. Chen Ruo suddenly remembered, "Oh, I forgot to get the note."

"Tomorrow when I come over to get the car, I will give it to you then."

"Okay." She quickly nodded, anyway she had no energy now and was too lazy to go down again.

"Would you like to have dinner together tomorrow?"

"Okay." She nodded again, "When we have dinner tomorrow, Dr. Meng tell me about your other two ex-girlfriends." Gossip is really nice to listen to.

Meng Gu ignored her and asked her to open the door and enter her house, she nodded, "Dr. Meng, see you later."

Meng Gu turned to leave and Chen Ruo Yu watched his back and suddenly felt very distressed. She watched as he reached out and pressed the elevator button and suddenly couldn't help but yell, "Dr. Meng." then she ran over and hugged him, "Dr. Meng, don't be sad, there must be a girl with the sincerity that you hope to get, who will wholeheartedly like you and not care about any other factors, simply based on feelings."

Meng Gu did not say anything or push her away.

After Chen Ruo Yu hugged him for a while, she felt sleepy so she let go of him and said goodbye, then fluttered back to her door and went home.

As soon as Chen Ruo Yu got inside her apartment, she felt so sleepy that she did not even change her clothes and fell straight on the bed and fell asleep. Before she drifted off to sleep, she suddenly wondered in her mind, 'What did I just say?'

Well, sleep for now.

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