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Chapter 38: Chapter 38 - Homecoming

By the time Chen Ruo Yu arrived in C city, it was already past midnight. She was afraid of disturbing her parents' rest, so she brought out her key and gently opened the door. She didn't expect to hear the voices of several people immediately after opening the door.

"That's it for today."

"Look at how happy you are, it's all your win."

"I can't help it."

"Are we still playing tomorrow?"

"No, my daughter is coming back tomorrow. After a while, I will call you." In the last sentence, Chen Ruo Yu clearly heard the voice of her mother. She turned into the living room and saw a mahjong table set out and a few of her mother's playing buddies saying their farewells.

Chen Ruo Yu was a little dumbfounded, she was so angry she wanted to scream

"Yo, isn't this Xiao Yu? Your mother said you were coming back tomorrow, and you came back this late at night."

Chen mother saw her daughter and was surprised. When Chen father heard the commotion in the room, he rushed out and saw Chen Ruo Yu had come back. He was surprised and happy, and hurriedly led her to sit down and rest.

Mother Chen saw her daughter's face was not good, and knew what was going on, so she sent her friends out. Chen Ruo Yu looked on coldly, clenching her teeth and couldn't say anything.

Chen father also felt some guilt. he poured a glass of water for his daughter and asked, " Did you not say that you were coming back tomorrow morning?"

Mother Chen returned to the living from after closing the door and began to clear up the mahjong table, ignoring her daughter.

Chen Ruo Yu got even more annoyed and loudly said, "Didn't you say she had a heart problem? I was afraid that it was something really serious and hurried back this night. I didn't think you would be able to play mahjong with this illness."

Chen mother dropped the tiles she was holding and loudly scolded, "Is you rushing back in the night so great? This old mother raised you until you were this big, do you feel wronged you have to take the night bus?"

"Even so, you shouldn't lie!" Chen Ruo Yu stood up, "Do you know how worried I was?!"

"You also know that it not good to lie? You also know it is something that causes worry? Chen mother's voice was very loud, and she pointed a finger at her. "You think about the good things you have done! What trading company manager, what job is giving you a promotion in a year, you have the nerve to talk! At that time we found out the truth of your situation and were looking for you, your phone line was also disconnected, we didn't know where you live, looking for someone but could not reach them, it is also a girl alone in another city with no one around. Your father and I could not sleep for a couple of nights, weren't we worried? Did I say anything to you? This old mother restrained herself and did not teach you a lesson, yet you are very powerful, the moment you came back you are loud and noisy. Worried? You know the nothing about being worried!"

Chen Ruo Yu's eyes felt hot, and her nose sore, she opened her eyes wide trying to resist the urge to cry, she only felt embarrassed and sad.

Chen father eagerly persuaded, "Oh, it's too late now, don't say this. Out daughter just came back, she's tired, let her rest first. We can about this tomorrow morning." As Chen father was talking, he acted fasted and led his daughter into her room.

Chen Ruo Yu's room was a small room of less than 7 square meters, a bed and a table already took up all the space. She left the city for two years now, but the room was still cleaned. Chen father pressed her to sit on the bed and said to her, "You just got back, don't argue with your mom."

Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip and nodded.

"Are you hungry? Dad will make you a bowl of noodles. You should be tired from the bus ride, take a rest after eating."

"I won't eat." Chen Ruo Yu opened her mouth and found that her voice sounded hoarse.

Chen Ruo Yu sighed, patted her shoulder and said, "You rest then, I will go talk to your mother."

Chen Ruo Yu nodded, and her dad went out of the room. CHen Ruo Yu heard the sound of slamming on the table outside, then heard her mother shout a few words, then heard her father's quiet advice, after a while, everything went quiet.

Chen Ruo Yu was still sitting and thinking about what her mother had said, and she felt really sad. She said they couldn't sleep for a few nights. Chen Ruo Yu imagined the scene and thought about their feelings then and felt very guilty.

But they also lied back to her and she felt very angry. She took out her phone and silently looked at the picture of Mr. Peach blossom forest on the screen. She wanted to call Meng Gu, but it was so late and she was afraid of waking him up, but will be waiting for her call? He asked her to give him a call tonight, she does not want him to worry about her.

After thinking for a long time, she was preparing to dial his number when there was a knock on her door.

Chen Ruo Yu responded, and Chen father opened the door and walked in. He quietly said, "I saw your lights are still on, so I will say a few words."

Chen Ruo Yu got up and pushed over a chair for her father. Chen father sat down and handed Chen Ruo Yu a medical record, "This is your mother's medical record, look at it. Dad lying to you is not right, but it was also not a complete lie. Your mother stayed in the hospital last week for two days, her heart was not doing well and she needed to be observed for two days, nothing came of it, other than the same old advice of rest more, maintain a good mood, don't tire yourself. You also know your mother's temper is like this, she doesn't speak well, her words are harsh, but her heart hurts for you too. Finding out you sell insurance made her very angry, and she couldn't contact you during that time, she was also anxious and couldn't sleep well every day, then she will fall ill. Wanting you to come back to settle down here, will not be harmful to you. We originally thought that since you have a good job outside, it was fine for you to stay out there, but now that we know you are not doing well, why not come back home?"

Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip and couldn't speak.

"Some words are not easy to say over the phone. Your mother will get angry as soon as she talks to you on the phone. I know that you definitely feel bad in your heart, but you shouldn't be considerate of us, don't be angry with her. This period, although her body is not good, she is also going everywhere to find a suitable partner for you and finally found one, so she wanted you to come back to meet each other. I am afraid that you will still fight with her and remain stubborn about not returning, that's why I told you that. You look at the medical record, I did not lie to you, she is ill, you should also come back to see her. For such a long time she has been depressed and it's only these two days that she started playing mahjong."

"She is not in good health, but she's still staying up so late to play mahjong." Chen Ruo Yu also felt some heartache for her.

"She said that they were only going to play until 10 pm, but then they got into the mood and I couldn't stop it. Your mother's temper is very stubborn, if she refuses to move and I say more, we will lose face in front of the outsiders, so I let her be. Also, this is not too late, you also used to see them play all night. Now it's just a little over 12 am, she doesn't play often."

Chen Ruo Yu didn't say anything, she knows that in her family her mother is still in charge, and her father also attaches importance to maintaining face. There are outsiders around, he will absolutely not get into an embarrassing situation.

"Your mother just wants you to go over to the blind date tomorrow, there's no other meaning, not forcing you to get married, it's just for the two families to get to know each other, and make friends. We've already met the parents, tomorrow is for you two young ones to meet. You don't have to resist, just follow your mother's intentions and see if there is something there."

"But Dad I have a job in A city, even if I come back for a blind date, I will turn around and go back, What meaning is there in this?"

"Look at you, you have not even seen the person yet, and you are already opposing it. Your mother was very attentive, she heard that the man also works in A city, but he will come back to start a business after a while, his own company, so your mother is very satisfied with this person. You first meet each other, if you feel the impression is good, you can keep in touch in A city and progress and then come back together. If you feel dissatisfied with the job we arrange for you, you can also help him start his business. You have both worked in A city, you have seen the market so you can definitely rub minds."

Chen Ruo Yu's face went black, where did her parents find such a miraculous figure? He actually works in A city and is also coming back to C city to start a business. Not only is the area suitable, but he also has good job prospects in the future. This man is simply tailored to her parent's wishes.

"Dad will request this, I want you not to be angry with your mother tomorrow, she has a bad temper, so just follow her. Meet the young man first tomorrow, maybe you can get along. Mom and Dad are getting old, we also want to see your children. Even if you send money back every month, we can't be happy knowing that you are not living well outside. Selling insurance is not a decent job, your mother is just angry about it, she also distressed for you."

The word sounded quite reasonable. Chen Ruo Yu did not know what else to say, so she nodded.

"You know that..." Chen father still wanted to say more when Chen Ruo Yu's phone rang, she turned and looked it, Meng Gu!

"I have to take the call," she said.

Her father also thought that it was too late, so he said, "When you are done, just go to sleep. Dad won't continue to talk, tomorrow don't be stubborn and just follow your mother and let her be happy. I'm going, you rest early."

Chen father went out and helped Chen Ruo Yu to close the door. Chen Ruo Yu sighed, her dad's move of "moving emotions" was really effective, all her grievances were swallowed back, and she felt that she has been really too inconsiderate of her parents.

She answered the call, Meng Gu asked, "Have you arrived at home?"


"Why did it take you so long to answer the phone?"

"My dad was just here."

"Is it okay at home?"

"Well, nothing big. He said my mother was hospitalized for two days last week."

"What is the problem?" Meng Gu's questions were probably due to an occupational disease attack, but Chen Ruo Yu felt that his concern made her happy.

"Ah, I have the medical record, let me check." She turned over the medical record, found the diagnosis and medical advice and looked at it for a long time and could not recognize the words, "The writing of you doctors is really ugly, I can't understand the medical record."

"Can your aversion be directed at something purposeful?"

"Isn't it very purposeful? If the doctor's words are legible and beautiful, so the patients can understand them, everyone's mind will be a lot more at ease. Like me now, I don't know what my mother's illness is."

"Scan it and send it back for me to see!" He said in Mr. Tyrannosaurus's usual tone.

"Okay." Chen Ruo Yu sighed and laid down on the bed, feeling that her accumulated stress scattering, "Dr. Meng, are you sure you can understand it? His writing is uglier than yours."

"My writing is not ugly."

"Oh." She agreed insincerely, and asked, "Dr. Meng, do you have calligraphy class in your medical school? Were you specially trained to write like this and to be able to reach such writing."

"Chen Ruo Yu, you are really home, aren't you? Is your skin itchy?"

His tone made her smile, "Dr. Meng, you explain, why is it that when we talk our conversations seem aimless."

"It's you."

"Not me. I just had a profound and meaningful conversation with my dad."

"That must be your dad talking and you nodding your head and reflecting."

"How did you know?"

"It's so simple, profound and meaningful have nothing to do with you."

"That's not right, I also say profound and meaningful words.

"For example?"

"Dr. Meng, do you feel your first love came back to get back together with you, so you're constantly thinking of her, I give up, what is the point of loving you?

"If you love me, then you would not have said it in such a dismissive tone, I feel that you are not being sincere and you're saying it with a gossip's heart."

"I had nothing to do on the bus ride, and so I seriously helped you to think about this issue."

"Was there a conclusion?"


"It seems that you are really idle." Meng Gu said with an equally dismissive tone, then asked, "Chen Ruo Yu, then what do you love about me?"

"This topic is really nothing new. Haven't expressed it before, and the main point is that I was lost and now I have gotten back on the right path. Dr. Meng, I also reflect on life occasionally."

The phone went quiet for a while, then Mr. Tyrannosaurus angered voice came over, "Chen Ruo Yu, you go to sleep! I don't want to talk to you anymore, I have to work tomorrow!" He finished and hung up.

Chen Ruo Yu also didn't mind, she tidied up and went to sleep.

She also has a tough fight tomorrow, not easier than going to work. She held her phone on the pillow beside her and looked at the picture of Mr. Peach blossom forest and said, "Good night."

MiraiSaesang MiraiSaesang

LOL poor guy...I sorta feel bad for him but he froze his own road so he has to skate the ice...

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