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43.82% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 39: Chapter 39 - Mothers-in-Love

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Chapter 39: Chapter 39 - Mothers-in-Love

The next day, Chen Ruo Yu was taken to the blind date.

On this day, Chen Ruo Yu and Chen mother both restrained their tempers. Although they didn't say anything, Chen Ruo Yu took the initiative to do the housework at home. Chen mother also silently bought Chen Ruo Yu's favorite food. During their meal, the two also picked out food for each other.

Chen mother saw that Chen Ruo Yu's attitude was good and didn't scold her anymore, she informed her that there is a dinner to attend in the evening and that she wants her to come along to eat so the other party's young man can see if Chen Ruo Yu is pleasing to the eyes.

Chen father gave Chen mother a meaningful glance, saying that this is not how you say it. How can she say that their own daughter is not going there to see if she likes the other party, but is just there to be passive, this is looking for more trouble.

Chen Ruo Yu sighed, her mother's style has always been like this, why is her dad still getting bothered?

In short, that evening, Chen mother went along with her daughter.

When they arrived at the restaurant, she met a woman who seemed as old as her mother, Chen mother held Chen Ruo Yu and said, "Call her auntie."

"Auntie, hello." Chen Ruo Yu greeted politely.

The woman smiled and looked Chen Ruo Yu up and down, sizing her up and praised her, "Xiao Yu is pretty, her eyes are bright and clear, and she looks upright, your mother has indeed done well to have you."

"You're too kind. She is lucky and so picked such a good place as me and her dad." Chen mother was obviously very happy and hurried said this.

Chen Ruo Yu was smiling on the side, thinking that her mother really has a speech problem, what is she talking about?

All three people sat down. Chen Ruo Yu's elder phobia had begun to attack and her movements were somewhat stiff.

As the woman ordered food, she said, "My son is busy, he just came back this afternoon. He wasn't even home for a few minutes before some friends called him and he had to leave for business. He wants to open a driving school here. He has some errands to run, so he will come a little late, don't mind it."

"How can, how can." Chen mother's manner was very good and the two people chatted, it was like the two people were already a family.

Chen Ruo Yu couldn't even get in any words, and just listened to the two mothers talking about the recent weather condition, the price of vegetable in the market, the store that sells cheap clothes for mothers, cheap and good quality skin care products, also different kinds of healthcare products...

Chen Ruo Yu quietly poured tea for them, quietly waved the waiter for water, the food came and she moved the dishes around, and the rest of the time, she just quietly listened to the two mothers chatting.

She was musing about the situation, it's best for the young man to be so busy that he can't make it, and the mothers can just continue to chat and gossip until they are tired and they can go home and she is liberated.

In the end, she had not even relaxed her mind before the woman changed the subject to Chen Ruo Yu, "Xiao Yu is so gentle and quiet."

"You're too kind, my Xiao Yu is actually very capable."

It's over, Chen Ruo Yu started to feel nervous. Do you have to start?

"It's not that I am praising her, my family's Xiao Yu is very good in the kitchen, she makes good dishes, she is skilled in handling all kinds of housework. Her career is also very good, she used to be a manager in a trading company. Later she wanted a change in career, and so resigned. She is good at managing a business, her boss also relied on her very much..."

Chen Mother talked non stop, Chen Ruo Yu restrained the urge to sigh, and poured her another cup of tea.

The other mother also praised her son, saying that her son has been working in the management of a driving school. He is also very filial, he still comes home often to accompany his old parents, he even wants to come back here to open a business and so will be opening the driving school. There is not much issue with the funds for the business, but it takes time to do these things. He cannot leave his job in A city for a while, so he has to still say in A city for a while, and settle everything properly before moving back.

Chen mother repeatedly praised and said that this is really fate, because her family's Xiao Yu was also in the same situation. She can't leave A city for a while, but is still planning to come back. So the two people are really suitable, they have so many commonalities.

Both mothers thought that this was the case, the more they chatted, the more they started to plan out how things will work if they are getting married, which venue is good, how much money to spend, if it's peak season it would be difficult to find a venue, and where they would live after, when they have the child, how to raise it?

Chen Ruo Yu began to sweat and she finally couldn't sit still and said she was going to the toilet and slipped out.

In the toilet, she began to pace about. When someone came in, she simply hin in a cubicle. She was a little panicked now. Looking at the way things are going, aren't the two mothers setting everything up? This is even worse than her meeting with Tang Jin Cai. It was only Tang mother planning herself, this time the two mothers hit it off.

She couldn't help but hope that the other mother's son would come soon, if not he would not be there when he is sold by his mother. Even if he comes, what could he do if the matter is already settled? She can't raise a protest here, can she? Even if she doesn't protest here, she can go home and fight it out with her mother, right?

When she was finished thinking, she felt that she could not breathe properly and her stomach began to hurt. Things are harder than she imagined. What was her father talking about just meeting and that it's nothing? Looking at this, she's pretty much engaged and her two children are in kindergarten, it's terrible!

Chen Ruo Yu took a deep breath and she could only think of one person at this time.

Meng Gu!

So she quickly called Meng Gu.

Meng Gu did not pick up. Not only did he not pick up, but he also ended the call.

Chen Ruo Yu did not have the energy to get angry, this person, how can he drop the ball at such a critical time?

But before Chen Ruo Yu's heart could start mounting grievance, Meng Gu called her back. She quickly picked up and whispered, "hello"

Meng Gu asked, "What happened to you? Why are you whispering like a thief?"

"Dr. Meng, my elder phobia has acted up again, I need encouragement."

"Elder phobia? Are you on another blind date?"

"yes, yes." He is really smart.

"What is the situation this time?"

"This time it is even worse. My mother is here, she and his mother fell in love and have started talking about marriage. When I left, they were already talking about how to raise the child. By the time I return to my seat, maybe the child will be preparing to graduate from High school. Dr. Meng, how is that I always meet people who are enthusiastic and eager to the point of insanity?"

"Chen Ruo Yu, where are you now?"

"Restaurant toilet, it's only there that I can catch my breath."

"How come you're doing this?"

"Then what should I do? I have to calm myself down. My stomach is beginning to hurt, I'm cold sweating and the symptoms are starting up again."

"It's useless to call me. You're not in A city, I can't save you."

"No need, even if you can come and save me, if you say I missed a psychiatric appointment to see a doctor in front of my mother, my mother would cough up blood and die on the scene, definitely cannot."

"The same trick, of course, can't be used."

"There is another method?" Is it like Meng mother's trick, hemorrhoids cream has been bought! That wouldn't be it, would it?

"I can say that the child is hungry, and it's time for you to go home to breast-feed."

Bang. Chen Ruo Yu banged her head of the cubicle door. Mom, fortunately, I am not in the city with him, if he really makes such a scene, you will definitely be dead.

"Dr. Meng, thank you, my spirit is much better."

"You're welcome. So how do you plan to reject the two parents in love and the man who is waiting to marry you?"

"Oh, this, I will handle according to the situation."

"Can your IQ meet the requirements of such high-level adaptability?"

"Dr. Meng!" Chen Ruo Yu clenched her teeth, "My spirit id much better, each time I chat with Dr. Meng, it is always like a spring breeze, making me full of energy."

"You're too kind."

So arrogant! Chen Ruo Yu felt aggrieved and asked, "What are you busy with? Why did you end my call just now?"

"I'm at dinner too."

"Blind date?"

"You don't guess randomly." Meng Gu's tone was subtle, but Chen Ruo Yu's sensitively caught it

"Definitely a blind date."

"It's not."

"It absolutely is, I sensed it."

"Do you also have special powers?"

"Anyway, it is."

"I don't think so. It's just the girl's family from the blind date last time, they know my parents so we're having a meal together."

"That is a blind date."

"No, it's not. I have already clearly told my father that I do not have any intentions towards her and that it is impossible, so it's simply a meal."

"The two families eating together is nevertheless a blind date." She still insisted on this point.

"Chen Ruo Yu!"

"So Dr. Meng, are you in the toilet now?"

"..." The phone was silent.

***(LOL how the mighty have fallen...)***

"Dr. Meng, you have really comforted me. It was the right decision to call you. It's a cure! I am really much better and can go out in a moment."

"Chen Ruo Yu, you better turn the other party down clearly."

"Of course, of course."

"Are you sure you can do it?"

"No problem, no problem."

"What are you going to do?"

"Dr. Meng, it's not good to hide in the toilet for too long. For us girls, people can assume we're applying make-up. For you, men staying in the toilet for a long time, won't it be because of constipation or kidney problems. No matter which one, it is too detrimental, you hurry and go out. Let me go out to handle it, we will report to each other on the phone at night. In that case, let's hang up."

"Chen Ruo Yu!"

Unfortunately, Chen Ruo Yu did not hear him and really ended the call.

Now her mood was really much better. She went out to wash her hands, took in a deep breath, looked in the mirror and straightened herself and went out.

When she went back to her seat, she saw the blind date that wants to come back home to start driving school was already here.

Chen Ruo Yu was very surprised. The other person was also shocked to see her.

"Is it you?"

"Zhou Zhe?"

MiraiSaesang MiraiSaesang

LOL with this revelation, the mothers must be over the moon...with the wedding bells are already chiming and the happy wedding picture already framed ...

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