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Chapter 5: Chapter 5 - Chance Encounter

How should one react in this kind of situation of being caught bad-mouthing another?

Chen Ruo Yu didn't have much experience in this. She stiffened and bravely said... "Mr. Li said, he can see that Dr. Meng has achieved professional success and has a promising career."

"Such a great mind.., I'm falling in love with him." Meng Gu went over to Li Jian and sat down beside him. Chen RuoYu really wanted to hit her head.

Revenge..... he's absolutely here to take revenge.

"My friend has left and I'm feeling lonely." Meng Gu smiled at Li Jian. His smile made Li Jian feel fear rising in his heart.

Does this mean, he wants to start something with him? But he's not into this!

Li Jian stared At Chen Ruo Yu and visually pleaded for her help.

But Chen RuoYu herself was also a guilty party and she didn't even dare to fart.

Meng Gu stared at Li Jian and continued to smile. His hands started to stroke Li Jian's thigh... "How shall I address Mr. Li? Li.... Li Jian".

"Ah Jian... Ah Jian.....". Meng Gu dragged on his last word which made Chen Ruo Yu's heart tremble. He called him "Ah Jian...." Does he have to be so cheap?!

**(.. the first "Jian" means healthy and also has the same pinyin as the word 'cheap' (the second "Jian". The Chinese characters of the two words are different in writing)**

"Ah Jian.... ah. What's your opinion of relationships between men?".

Goosebumps rose all over Li Jian and he didn't care to respond. He quickly moved his leg away from Meng Gu. Meng Gu didn't move towards him instead he put his hand gently on Li Jian's shoulder.

"You don't have to be shy. As doctors, we've seen a lot and we're very broad-minded."

Chen Ruo Yu really couldn't stand it any longer and said, "Dr. Meng....".

Just as she opened her mouth, he glared at her. She quickly shrank down and shut her mouth.

"Ah Jian, is it because you've little experience, so your curiosity is great?". What do these words mean? Li Jian shook his head desperately. He's not curious at all and he does not need to have this type of experience.

"Since you're not curious, then it must be your morality that's not good. Otherwise, how can you speak proudly without thinking, making reckless guesses, tarnishing another person's sexual orientation, who they're with and what they do..... what has it got to do with you? If you feel empty, bored, lonely and unsettled, you can hide inside your home and spend your time watching romance or action movies instead of coming out and having obscene thoughts about strangers. This will have a negative impact on social security. Even if you intend to come out and harm someone, you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror first at home. You must prep yourself before you come out to meet people. Look at your dressing and the oil on your hair, it is so tasteless. Not to mention...with the face of a man over 40, sprouting acne all over.. coming out for a blind date with this type of look, don't you think you're letting this society down?".

That long speech was spoken in one breath without deep thought or preparation. His voice tone had taken a 180-degree turn from the tone he used... when he initially sat down and shocked Li Jian.

Chen Ruo Yu flushed and felt his words slapped her directly on her face.

But the one that was hurt the most was Li Jian. He said... "You.., you..." for a long time and still could not spit out any words. In front of Chen Ruo Yu, he couldn't and wouldn't fly into a rage due to this humiliation. The most important point is that after getting angry, he's not confident that he'll be a worthy opponent of Dr. Meng. When he looks at Dr. Meng's calmness and confidence level, he knows that he will be easily suppressed.

"Ah Jian, do you think I'm wrong? Where am I wrong? If you have any opinion, you can speak up. We can discuss this, even if we go deeper, it's alright. I don't mind."

That evil hand started to touch his thigh again.

Suddenly, Li Jian jumped up and left quickly without any formalities. He did not even have time to say goodbye Chen Ruo Yu.

Chen Ruo Yu stared blankly as he left and did not know how to respond.

After Li Jian left, Meng Gu turned to face Chen Ruo Yu. She straightened her back and knew he was going to deal with her next.

"I came back to inform you that this weekend Yin Ze will be having a gathering. Initially, I had wanted to invite you, however, since you're a person who fabricates rumors and slander about your friends behind their backs, I think its best you don't attend."

Chen Ruo Yu stared blankly at him and her face boiling hot.

"Gao Yu Lan should be calling and inviting you soon. I hope you'll reject it. Think of a reason to reuse and don't let it look bad to everyone. What do you say?". There was no angry tone to Meng Gu's words but for Chen RuoYu, his words were harsh.

She knows he's angry.

After Meng Gu had finished speaking, He left.

Chen RuoYu sat there in the same place, feeling extremely embarrassed.

She was not this type of person but why did she say such words? And she got caught red-handed by Meng Gu which made her unable to argue. In his heart, she's this kind of person.. someone's who gossips, create rumors and trouble. She felt unhappy and depressed.

Chen Ruo Yu sat there distracted for a long time, then paid the bill and wandered on the streets, like a wandering soul. She didn't flag down any taxi nor get on a bus. She was so deep in thoughts, she didn't know where she had wandered off to. Her tired legs hurt a little and then droplets of water fell on her face, she raised her head, looked up and saw that it was raining.

She sighed... she is surely one unlucky girl. Just as she was about to look for a bus stop nearby and figure out how to get home, the rain suddenly poured down heavily. She put her hands to cover her head and ran quickly to the entrance of a convenience store. When she reached the eaves, the store's door opened and a man came out carrying a big shopping bag while speaking on his phone as he pushed the door open... "I've bought it.., I've bought it. Everything you listed.. squid strips, beef jerky, potato chips, beer, dried beans, etc... What? You also want spicy soup? Damn you! You still have so many requests while playing mahjong. Do you know it's raining now? Eat whatever is there and don't make a fuss, you scum...".

As the man spoke, he turned his head and met Chen Ruo Yu's eyes.

Excellent, it's him again...Dr. Meng Gu.

In life, where does one not meet by chance? Meeting someone is good, but why must it be him?

Chen Ruo Yu felt sick and a pain in her heart. Why did she have a chance encounter with someone she already knows and has already met? If it was not him, wouldn't that be nice?

Her brain was in a mess under Meng Gu's surprised glazed, she turned around and silently ran out into the rain. It was better to be drenched in the rain than be humiliated by him.

He's not thinking she's following him, right?

He's not thinking she has ill-intentions towards him, right?

He's not thinking she still cares for him, right?

Chen RuoYu rushed forward into the heavy rain and just then a bus arrived. She didn't care where the bus was heading and as soon as the door opened, she hopped on. In the end, she sat down at the end of the bus, reeling in her embarrassment.

After she sat down, she subconsciously she turned around to glance for Meng Gu and saw him as he got into his car parked by the roadside.

She faced forward, leaned back on the seat and let out a sigh. The two of them were really from two different worlds... she's riding public transport and he's driving his own private car.

Wait a minute, the important point is not how she got entangled with him. The important point is, he's the villain who had bad-mouthed her behind her back. But now, she had actually become a villain in his heart.. this is truly two worlds apart.

They despise each other very much so there'll no more interaction in the future... this is the best result.

Chen Ruo Yu was not only unlucky to get on the wrong bus but eventually, she had to change three buses to finally get home.

Liang Sisi was waiting for her at home, when she arrived, she excitedly inquired about the result of the blind date... "How was it? Is it correct that your blind date partner was not up to your expectation?"

Chen Ruo Yu nodded.

"Is there anyone that you unexpectedly encountered, who made your heart flutter excitedly?"

Chen Ruo Yu nodded again! How could it flutter excitedly? It nearly jumped out!

"Wow! Just as I said, it's so accurate. Then.., then.., it was also raining.. is there any more romantic happenings?".

Chen Ruo Yu, with her long hair still dripping water, turned her head and quietly said.."Sisi, ah..... This chance encounter thing, if it's good... it's considered romantic but if it's bad.. it's considered a nightmare."

This nightmare's too damaging for her health. Chen Ruo Yu went to shower then went straight to bed, with hopes to change her dream.

And she did dream...

In her dream... Meng Gu wearing his smart white doctor's coat gently said to her.." I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said you're not good to my nurses. It's all because of my bad-mouth... will you forgive me, please?".

Ah..... this is shocking! He actually apologized to her!

What's even more shocking was, she responded back by shamelessly saying.. "It doesn't matter, I don't mind."

No, no, no..... who said she doesn't mind? Obviously, she minded very much and she was also hurt too.

But Meng Gu didn't hear what she shouted in her heart and continued to say.. "Since you don't mind then shouldn't you also say something to me?".

What is she supposed to say? She blinked her eyes and blushed.. so soon, he wanted to hear me, Chen Ruo Yu saying she likes him.

Wait a minute, does she likes him?

Is he really waiting for her confession?

Confession? What confession? Obviously, both of them were not in good terms, much less even together.

She was struggling with herself in her dream while having nonsense thoughts. Suddenly Meng Gu's face became ferocious and he began to roar in anger..."I had only said a few words of truth and have apologized to you. You and another stinky man had degraded and slandered me for being a gay, don't you think you should apologize to me a hundred times more? When did you figure that I am into men? The number of girlfriends that I have had, can queue up from the main entrance of the hospital, up to the front door of your house. Do you want to interview them and ask whether I am really into men? You better apologize to me otherwise this will never end!"

Suddenly Chen Ruo Yu opened her eyes and woke up.

Damn! What a nightmare!

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