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Chapter 9: Chapter 9 - Misfortunes

For a long while, Chen Ruo Yu did not meet Meng Gu again. It was Liang Sisi who had helped her with the hospital checkout formalities. After hearing that Meng Gu was not in a good mood in the hospital, Chen Ruo Yu did not even dare to venture out the door of her house.

Going into hiding for a while had benefitted her. She did not have any scary 'romantic' encounters again. Later when she started going out again, she didn't go to the hospital, the supermarket nor the cafe anymore.

In fact, Chen Ruo Yu felt that Meng Gu was right.. they really don't match each other well. He was calm, collected and understood the situation earlier. While she was blind and naive, only feeling the pain after hitting the wall.

The distance between them was like being separated by land and sea. Not only was their social circles different, but their personalities were also different. There were also several shameful, disgraceful and stupid acts that occurred in front of him that have separated them too.

He was very clear about the fact that her pursuing him was not because she had feelings him. He even knew she had picked between him and Lei Feng, and had chosen him because Lei Feng already had a fiancee. It sounded like she was a woman who disregarded feelings, emotions and only cared practicality, this made Chen Ruo Yu feel very shameful.

She wanted to argue that she is not an indecisive woman, who is fickle and uncaring in matters of love. She had just hoped to find a man with good qualities and live a peaceful life with him. There's nothing wrong with having this kind of hope. One who has not always been able to meet someone with good qualities, and by chance meeting someone who was good, was it wrong to take the initiative first?

This is also similar to going on blind dates. At the first meeting, perhaps one may not be able to fall in love immediately, but if the other person can get along with them and is willing to try, wouldn't it be the same thing? Feelings can be slowly be cultivated.

Well, Chen RuoYu also had to admit that although this argument is somewhat reasonable, it's also weak. Just like the time she was caught red-handed on the spot bad-mouthing Meng Gu with someone else. It had a sense of indisputable helplessness.

In short, she must have given the impression of an unlikeable woman. So, he had clearly rejected her and said they could only be friends.

But she does not want to be friends with him. She likes him very much, therefore, there was no way they could be friends. She didn't want to do this, but after completely destroying her own image in front of him, only then realizing she likes this person. She really did not want to this sort of stupid thing. But since it has already happened like this, she has to face it. She wants to silently cut off all her emotional ties and feelings for him and so she does not intend to meet him again.

She wants to continue living her ordinary and chaotic life. Maybe one day, she will encounter someone more suitable to love and get married.

But first of all, she must brace herself and go through the series of unfortunate events that she has been going through

Recently, Chen Ruo Yu's luck is indeed bad, so bad that it cannot get any worse.

The first unlucky thing that happened was that the two wicked people who had assaulted her refused to pay for her hospital expenses. Before that, they had agreed to pay compensation but now they are backing out, unwilling to pay up. Although, Chen Ruo Yu is afraid to get into trouble, but for this matter, she hardened her heart to seek justice. So, with her injured body, she had to run to the police station back and forth, even consulted a lawyer. If necessary, she planned to bring these two wicked men to court.

She went to Liang Sisi and held her hands. "If anything happens to me, I'll have to rely on you to settle things for me. Help me inform my family, I've brought insurance for myself and the beneficiary is my mother and as for my bank account, there's not much money inside. There's also my best friend, Gao Yu Lan... if any misfortune befalls me, you must only tell her at the last minute."

"Okay.., okay.." Liang Sisi interrupted me... "Please don't entrust me with this type of heavy responsibilities. Take good care of yourself. If anything really happens to you, you will find out you have tasked the wrong person later. I'm afraid that you will not rest in peace."

"I look forward to your sterling performance."

"You should curtail your sterling performance. You've already done your best and those two men don't seem like they are good people."

Chen Ruo Yu nodded. Although, she feels scared, she was also reluctant to back down. In this life, she had always been timid and afraid of trouble. Only in this matter, she was brave for once. It had nothing to do with anyone else except her, so she was doing it her own sake, so she persisted.

Fortunately, her client finally received his full insurance compensation which gave her some comfort.

But the continuous effect of this incident did not end here. Her company was not happy with her actions in creating trouble over this incident. To some higher-ups in the company, her actions had created disruption in the company. Not only did she cause trouble but also involved the company. Fortunately for Chen Ruo Yu, her immediate supervisor supported her but during the following days, she had to constantly go for meetings and be reprimanded. As a result, she was both mentally and physically exhausted.

During this period, Meng Gu had called her twice but she was afraid to answer his calls. She stared at the screen showing Meng Gu's name until the ringing stopped and the screen finally went dark.

Chen Ruo Yu's family also made several phone calls to her, informing her that a relative would be going to A-City and reminded her to receive and entertain him. They also asked whether she could let him stay at her place for a few days and requested her to bring her relative to visit her company.

This is simply asking for her life. Her rented apartment is so small that there's not enough room for him to stay and even if there's ample space, she wouldn't let him stay. How can she allow a male relative to squeeze into her small apartment two girls are sharing?

Sometimes, Chen Ruo Yu really could not understand what her family members are thinking and also she has to take her relative to visit her company. This type of common people antics to purely show-off really makes her feel ashamed. In addition, she cannot allow her family to know about her company... how can she dare to tell her family she's selling insurance?

Chen Ruo Yu made various excuses to decline her family's request. She even lied that she would be out of the city on a business trip but did not expect that her job as an insurance salesperson would be exposed.

One day in a coffee shop, she had a meeting with her manager and a client... after the client left, her manager sat there giving her advice patiently for half-an-hour. He taught her how to behave and deal with customers properly, she had put in too little consideration for her last client that she had serviced, etc... She did not refute, bowed her head and listened. When they were leaving, she found out a friend of her hometown rival, Qi Na was sitting at the next table. His face was full of interest and showed a happy expression and she knew he was going to gossip about her being scolded by her manager.

Chen Ruo Yu quickly left but in her heart, she felt a large stone pressing down heavily, making it hard for her to breathe.

This person will certainly tell Qi Na about this. And since Qi Na resents her, she will definitely spread the news and apart from that, she would add spice and salt to make the rumors juicier. She wondered whether Qi Na would make a special trip to her home to tell her parents and relatives, expressing her sympathy and regrets for Chen Ruo Yu being such a failure of a daughter.

With all these unlucky events piling up together, Chen Ruo Yu felt defeated.

She had just lost her love, was avoiding his calls and had offended the person she likes. She had deceived her family and was going to be exposed soon and she will be treated as a joke by the person she resents. Soon she will be a laughing stock of all in the social circles of her small hometown. She was assaulted but the culprits had yet to be brought to justice. Her life was still in danger and her work was at stake as her superiors kept a close watch over her...

These few days, Chen Ruo Yu didn't even have the energy to sigh.

Her phone kept ringing endlessly, the two evil men were threatening her and warning her to watch out. Her mother had called to check whether she had left for her business trip and told her that her relative would come to visit A-City as soon as she had returned. One of her hometown friend who she still kept in contact with, Yang Yang told her that Qi Na had recently spread damaging news about her and for her to be prepared. Prepared? What preparation can she do?

Every time her phone rings, she trembles and feels scared.

Finally, she decided not to care anymore. Since her mobile plan had already been used up, she did not intend to top up it up and let the phone line get suspended. After pretending to be dead for a few days, she finally reached a decision and simply canceled her line. She wanted to alienate herself from all these unnecessary problems and start afresh.

She did not believe that she will continue to be so unlucky. She didn't think that she could encounter even more unlucky events.

But she was wrong.

She really met with an even more unlucky event!

She had acute gastroenteritis and was hospitalized again!

She was in a bad mood, drank a can of beer and ate a bowl of spicy soup which caused her to suffer from acute gastroenteritis and got admitted to the hospital.

Chen Ruo Yu who was lying in the hospital bed felt like crying.

The only good news was that she was conscious enough to choose her hospital for admission. The hospital was located far away from where Meng Gu was working and far away from the people she knew.

She needed to be alone. However, her loneliness did not make her feel better. She felt vulnerable and sad. She really wanted to hide in a place where nobody knows her. What Chen Ruo Yu didn't know was that during her hospitalization, her group of friends were frantically looking for her.

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