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49.43% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 44: Main Point!

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Chapter 44: Main Point!

Chen Ruo Yu couldn't move.

She glared at him, and in exchange, he became even more arrogant in his plunder.

She tried her best, but Meng Gu tenaciously held onto her. CHen Ruo Yu has lived for 26 years and for the first time, she really experienced the difference in strength between a man and a woman. If one truly encounters a rogue bandit...Wrong, this is a rogue bandit right in front of her eyes!

She thought that after he lets go of her, the first thing she will do is to poke his eyes, kick him, shout at him, slap him and then break off relations with him!

Not sure if her resentment was too strong and Meng Gu felt it, he glared at her.

He bit her on the lip.

She was so angry that she had to bite back, but as soon as she wanted to retaliate, he bit her harder.

She gasped, the situation was against her and a wise man knows when to submit to circumstances, so she did not struggle with him for a while. But however, gave him an inch and he wants to get a foot, and he was incessantly arrogant enough to not only bite her lips but even on the tongue.

Chen Ruo Yu couldn't stand it anymore and started struggling.

As she struggled, he became gentle. Although his body, hands, and feet still pressed her tightly, his manner of kissing softened and his lips and tongue became gentle, like a seductive lure.

Chen Ruo Yu was distracted by this, she was little confused and was at a loss of what to do, and so softened a bit, and he in response became even more gentle, and she was bold enough to finally bite him back.

Her biting power was not strong, Meng Gu groaned and bit back.

Chen Ruo Yu frowned and bit back again.

Meng Gu also frowned, kissed her strongly again and finally released her lips.

Chen Ruo Yu was suddenly liberated and took deep breaths, while panting she did not forget to glare at him ferociously.

Meng Gu held her tightly and was dissatisfied with her anger. He frowned and fiercely said, "Whenever I see, I will kiss you once!"

What, what? Chen Ruo Yu was dumbfounded. What the hell is he saying?!

Stinky rogue!

Chen Ruo Yu shouted, "You bastard, let me go!"

"Not letting go." This completely unreasonable confident hoodlum.

This bastard!

"Let me go!" Chen Ruo Yu screamed, she was really angry, in the end, he is clearly insane!

"You apologize, If I am happy, I will let you go."

She should apologize? Why should she apologize? Damn it, she really wants to kill him.

Chen Ruo Yu was preparing to open her mouth, when suddenly she heard someone screaming, "Hey, let go of her."

Meng Gu and Chen Ruo Yu turned and saw two burly men standing not far from them.

As the two men came over and saw that Meng Gu looked drunk, they again said, "Hey you, speak! What are you doing? Let go of the girl."

Chen Ruo Yu was a little panicked and she glanced at Meng Gu. Meng Gu narrowed his eyes, his expression was not too good, and his body was a bit tensed. He let go of Chen Ruo Yu and kept her behind him.

Chen Ruo Yu felt very worried. Although the two burly men looked menacing and the type to bully people, but it obvious that they rushed to rescue someone suffering injustice. This is just a matter of explaining the situation, but what this tyrannosaurus mean by prepping to fight these people?

In this situation, it is easy for a fight to break out.

As expected, alcohol truly makes people belligerent.

Chen Ruo Yu didn't think much about it and quickly shouted, "I'm sorry, sorry it's a misunderstanding."

The two men had already rushed over and were ready to really fight Meng Gu. Chen Ruo Yu when they heard Chen Ruo Yu's words and froze.

Chen Ruo Yu tried to push Meng Gu aside, but Meng Gu refused to move. So Chen Ruo Yu gave him a hard slap on the back. Meng Gu felt the pain, opened his mouth and looked at her.

She glared at him and pushed him again, this time he moved aside. She stepped forward and explained to the two burly men, "I am sorry, I am fine. It is a misunderstanding"

The two men looked at Chen Ruo Yu and then looked at Meng Gu, and somewhat unhappy said, "Be more mindful, this is a big road, a public place."

Chen Ruo Yu blushed, but Meng Gu behind her coolly said, "I am being intimate with my girlfriend, it's none of your goddamn business."

These two people who ran over and mistakenly got involved in other's business, so were somewhat unhappy. One of them was so provoked by Meng Gu, got angry, and swore and he rushed over to hit him.

The other person hurriedly held him back, and Chen Ruo Yu was so scared that she quickly turned back to hug Meng Gu to hold him back.

"You, don't make trouble." She hit him hard.

Meng Gu looked down at her. Chen Ruo Yu saw his eyes were glittering, she wasn't sure how much he drank, she resented him in her heart and hit him one more time.

The man pulling the other one away and so in the end, he didn't rush over. Chen Ruo Yu was embarrassed and repeatedly apologized to them, "I'm sorry, he is drunk. I am truly sorry."

Meng Gu was dissatisfied and said that they were disturbed so why should they apologize. Chen Ruo Yu turned back and hit him on the arm. She knew that they should not remain here for a long time. For fear of starting trouble again, she apologized again, and then pulled Meng Gu to leave, "Go home, you don't cause trouble."

There was a taxi parked by the side of the road, and the driver was standing by the car cheerfully watching the show. As Chen Ruo Yu was pulling Meng Gu away, the driver quickly drove his car forward to grab business.

Chen Ruo Yu put Meng Gu into the car and got in herself, and then gave Meng Gu's home address.

No one spoke the whole way. Meng Gu did not sit straight and was leaning on Chen Ruo Yu. Chen Ruo Yu was furious, but she felt embarrassed to scold him in front of the driver.

The driver, the whole way, kept sneaking glances at them in the rear mirror and smiling. Chen Ruo Yu saw his eyes and was in even angrier at Meng Gu in her heart.

When they arrived at Meng Gu's house, she fiercely said to him, "Take out your wallet." She won't help him pay the fare.

Meng Gu slowly took out his wallet and put it in Chen Ruo Yu's hand. Chen Ruo Yu swiftly opened it to take out money to pay, she can't wait to kick this drunken guy into his house.

The driver collected the money and couldn't help but poke fun at them with two sentences, "Miss, your husband is also good, passionate and obedient, and also protects you, don't be too hard on him, it's alright to amuse him a little."

Chen Ruo Yu did not say anything, she wanted to say that he is not her husband, but Meng Gu actually went "En," agreeing with him, "That's right."

Chen Ruo Yu turned her head and glared at him, "That's right, your head!"

The driver handed over the change, smiled and said, "You couple are still having fun."

Meng Gu "En", and wanted to express his opinion, but was dragged off by Chen Ruo Yu.

Chen Ruo Yu dragged Meng Gu into the elevator in one breath, there was no one there. She hit hard on the hand and hit several times. Meng Gu lazily leaned on the wall in the elevator and suddenly said, "So hungry."

"Serves you right." Chen Ruo Yu did not bother with him.

"Stomach hurts." Meng Gu continued.

"Serves you right." She was so angry that she didn't know what else to say to him.

Meng Gu was stifled and stopped talking.

The two people silently arrived at Meng Gu's doorstep. Men Gu stood still, Chen Ruo Yu waited for a while and finally impatient shouted at him, "Open the door."

Meng Gu slowly fished out the key, Chen Ruo Yu grabbed it and unlocked the door and shoved him in.

Meng Gu went into the house and immediately laid down on the big sofa in the living room. Chen Ruo Yu followed after him and pulled him, "You don't sleep here, you'll catch a cold."

"I am not afraid of stomach ruptures, why would I be afraid of a cold?"

His roguish tone made Chen Ruo Yu hit him again, "You know about stomach ruptures and still dare to go drinking!" She thought about it and asked, "Have been smoking recently?"

Meng Gu turned to look at her and said in a very patient and earnest tone of teaching, "Smoking causes injury to the respiratory tract and lungs, it has nothing to do with the stomach."

Chen Ruo Yu said, "Did I say there is a relationship? I was just asked casually."

"Why don't you something else that is important?"

Chen Ruo Yu was so angry, anyway, he just wants to provoke her. She shouted loudly, "Where is it not important? It is the most important thing!"

Meng Gu stared at her, then suddenly turned his head and ignored her.

Chen Ruo Yu stood by the sofa for a while, she was so angry that her brain was a little fuzzy. She wanted to leave his house, but seeing him curled up on the sofa, she couldn't move her legs.

She gritted her teeth, hesitated for a long time, then turned and went into the kitchen. She opened his refrigerator and looked in the kitchen cabinets. Then took out a pot, noodles, eggs, luncheon meat and started to cook noodles.

As she cooked, she started to feel angry, she felt like her chest was clogged. But the object of her anger staggered his way to the kitchen and leaned at the entrance and looked at her.

Chen Ruo Yu ignored him. Meng Gu still expressed his opinion, "I like a lot of green onions."

Chen Ruo Yu didn't even glance at him.

After a while, the noodles was ready, and Chen Ruo Yu was getting even angrier on the side. She's really...what is wrong with her? She should just pour the noodles on his head instead of worrying about his stomach.

Meng Gu spoke up again, "Chen Ruo Yu, in your eyes, is the most important thing whether I have been drunk driving, whether I have had dinner, whether my stomach hurts, whether I have been smoking?"

"Correct!" Her voice was very loud. She served up the noodles and put it heavily on the table. What is he trying to pick on her again? Her evaluation of what is important is different from his, so what?!

Meng Gu didn't say anymore and looked down at the noodles.

Actually, there were two bowls, but there were no chopped green onions in them.

Chen Ruo Yu ignored him and took chopsticks and started eating herself.

Meng Gu waited for a while, then helplessly went into the kitchen to take chopsticks, sat down and stared at her face.

Chen Ruo Yu couldn't help but shout at him, "What are you looking at? I made it, can't I eat it?" She was waiting for him today and only had a bread bun for dinner today, and also encountered this kind of situation, and she is hungry.

"Chen Ruo Yu, I want to be your boyfriend." He did not respond to her words, instead suddenly said this.

This stinky rogue is taking advantage of her again, she was even angrier.

"Who cares!" She roared, then looked at his bowl of noodles and suddenly reached into it and took the meat and eggs from his bowl and put them in hers.

This stinky man does not deserve her cooking for him.

"Hey." Meng Gu frowned, his expression was not happy.

"You can't eat!" She was even more unhappy.

He opened his mouth but in the end, did not say anything. He bowed his head and ate the plain noodles.

Chen Ruo Yu continued to eat her noodles and didn't look at him. After she finished eating and dropped the bowl.

"You wash the dishes yourself." Then she wiped her mouth, washed her hands, picked her bag and was ready to go.

"Chen Ruo Yu."

Just as she reached the door, she heard Meng Gu angrily calling her.

"What?!" She fiercely turned back. She wanted to put on her shoes and realized that she didn't take off her shoes when she entered the house. This annoying man also did not take off his shoes, so the two of them must have made his wooden floors dirty. He also did not take them off and was even rolling around on the leather sofa, probably getting that dirty too.

She was very angry, and she realized that her brain keeps thinking about trivial things. Shoes, floors, none of these things are important, but what is the important point?

"I want to be your boyfriend!"

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