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48.31% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 43: Opened Floodgates

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Chapter 43: Opened Floodgates

Meng Gu seized the opportunity to sneak into her mouth and exploring and deepening the kiss, they stroked and shared each other's taste.

Chen Ruo Yu felt the tip of her tongue being sucked and her heart was beaten crazily, her head was dizzy and her brain was not processing and giving out instructions to her, and even though she withdrew a little, he did not give her any chance to retreat or hesitate.

His kiss was very strong and overbearing.

It definitely matches with Mr. Tyrannosaurus's imposing manner.

He tightly hugged her waist and held the back of her head and kissed her deeply while holding her tightly to himself. his lips and tongue tangled with hers and grinding together in an intimate atmosphere.

The breeze blew and brought with it a floral fragrance from somewhere. Chen Ruo Yu was somewhat confused but, she couldn't help but stand up on her toes to receive him.

The kiss made her feel sweet and confused.

She closed her eyes.

She likes the feeling of him embracing her, she likes his overbearing kissing, his powerful arms, his refreshing and clean taste.

She likes him!

Chen Ruo Yu's heart suddenly jumped.

She likes him!

She pushed out of his arms and was confronted with his eyes, they were deep and his expression was gentle. And she just felt her face getting hotter and her heart jumping.

It's messy, it's messy.

How can he kiss her, and how can she happily enjoy it?!

She was suddenly angry with him and she was also angry with herself!

She glared at him. So Meng Gu's face went green.

"Chen Ruo Yu, is my kiss so bad?" He roared at her.

Chen Ruo Yu's answer was to stomp on his foot and then raw away to escape.

She ran fast, regardless of Meng Gu's loud calls behind her. In fact, the more he called her, the faster she ran.

Chen Ruo Yu ran out to the street in one breath, and then happened to see a taxi and reached out and stopped it and escaped. After the car pulled away, she began to feel heartache, ah really stupid, why take a taxi, it would have been better to take a bus.

But this is not the time to grapple about the fare. Her heart was still jumping erratically, it's a mess. She's in trouble, no, he's in trouble. That's not right, it shouldn't be called trouble.

In short, their wonderful friendship is broken.

But she didn't want it to be like this, she treasured it very much, she also has so many worries right now, and was depending on her friendship with him to support her life. What can she do now? Her pillar of moral support has turned into a chaotic mess.

She has learned before that once this border is crossed, everything is destroyed! Can they still be as comfortable as they used to be? Can they still gossip and chat unrestrained about their mind's worries?

He was upset today and unexpectedly followed the craziness.

No, it should be said that today his beastly nature surfaced and he even dared to put his hands on her. This rogue!

Unfortunately, she seemed to be more hungry and thirsty than him. female rogue!

it's messy, it's all messed up!

Chen Ruo Yu wanted to cry but did not have any tears to cry.

Her phone kept ringing and her heart was alarmed. She fished it out and looked at it, it was Meng Gu. It rung again and she looked again, it was still Meng Gu.

She helplessly put her phone to vibrate and did not dare to answer his calls.

When she arrived hime, she hurriedly greeted Liang Sisi and did not dare to talk to her much before going to into her room, she quickly hid in her room. After getting for just over an hour, her phone showed 19 missed calls.

Chen Ruo Yu was scared half to death. She couldn't help but question why seeing N-number of missed calls would make someone happy while she actually feels scared?

Sure enough, he is abnormal.

And she is also not normal either.

She paced around in her room and thought that she should find someone to consult with.

How do you mean the friendship between a man and a woman? This matter cannot be figured out with the normal thought process, and following her logical thinking, this must be the beginning of...

Chen Ruo Yu does not want it to think like this.

She pursued Meng Gu, she knows that it is impossible to be with him!

This is not just a matter of obscurity, but this is a cruel reality that is right in front of her eyes. His ex-girlfriend, Qi Yai is a bloody living example. In Qi Yao's situation, the love between Cinderella and the prince was still defeated, not to mention she is the kind that cannot be easily eliminated, the spring breeze blew and gave life to the grass girl.

And Mr. Tyrannosaurus has made it clear that he does not have a habit of going back to graze on old pastures.

And she just happens to be one of those old pastures, and she was even an unsuccessful one!

Failure aside, she herself has long set her own direction, the type of partner she is looking for cannot be his type. Actually, Mr. Zhou Zhe, the good-hearted passerby, seems to be very much her type...

Halt. Chen Ruo Yu reminded herself that she must not get distracted, and she should concentrate on understanding Meng Gu's matter.

In short, this situation right now is messy and unclear. Not to mention irrespective of their feelings, their conditions cannot match together, that it, if the parents of both sides meet, that will be an episode of tragic chaos.

That is thinking too far in this life, it will be impossible for their parents to meet.

Anyway, at present with the kiss situation, it is said that the clean and honest friendship is already damned.

But she really doesn't want to lose him.

Chen Ruo Yu sat on the edge of the bed and felt a little sad. She really wants to catch Meng Gu and shake him and ask him loudly why he kissed her, why must he destroy the friendship between them.

She cherished it so much, she likes the feeling of being with him, even if she is only a friend, that they can aimlessly talk together, gossip together, talk about their minds' worries, she was also happy.

She wants to shake him hard, shake his head hard and ask why did he destroy it!

Well, with the height difference between them, it may be hard for her to shake him, but it is always possible to give his legs a few kicks. A moment ago she seemed to have also kicked him. It's a pity, it was only once!

While she was absorbed in her thoughts, her phone suddenly started vibrating on the bed. Chen Ruo Yu was startled and her heart also jumped, she did not move, she did not dare to look but also couldn't help but look. Fortunately, she looked this time, it was actually a call from Gao Yu Lan.

Chen Ruo Yu quickly picked up, at this time she really needed the comfort of a friend.

"Rou Yu, how did you provoke Meng Gu?" Gao Yu Lan unexpectedly asked about this issue.

Chen Ruo Yu was dumbfounded, "What is going on with Meng Gu?"

"He called Yin Ze and raged for half an hour. I didn't really catch what he was saying, but I heard your name."

Wow, this stinky man actually called Yin Ze to report her?

"Then you help me inquire from Yin Zi. What did Meng Gu say about me?"

"Cannot ask, he just went out just now. He said that Meng Gu went to drink. I can't ask him, so I called you after he left to gossip. What did you do to Dr. Meng Gu?"

"What can I do to him? Why don't you ask me what he did to me?"

"Well, what did he do to you?" Gao Yu Lan's gossiping heart was burning at this moment.

"I..." Chen Ruo Yu was speechless. In fact, she couldn't tell what was going on either, that is, she enjoyed the kiss, and then felt her mind felt chaotic and confused.

"Wow, what's up with your reaction? Just tell me about it."

Chen Ruo Yu's head hurt, "I'm trying to figure it out, wait for me to sort it out, then I'll tell you."

"Really? Don't hide it." Gao Yu Lan's tone made Chen Ruo Yu think that she has been corrupted by Yin Zi.

"Oh, I won't. But in order for me to figure out what's going on, you have to help me ask Yin Zi what Dr. Meng said to him."

"This you don't need to tell me, I will definitely ask. I am too curious! Ruo Yu, you are very powerful, Meng Gu actually roared for half an hour, I calculated the time, it was half an hour."

Chen Ruo Yu's face went black. Her lovely girlfriend is gone, she has now been transformed to a female version of Yin Zi, it's so depressing.

Chen Ruo Yu finished the call and her heart felt even more chaotic. She was a little terrified, and Mr. Tyrannosaurus roared for half an hour, it must have been a big scene. Fortunately, she didn't pick up the phone, otherwise, it would have been fatal.

Wait a minute, Chen Ruo Yu suddenly thought of an important point.

She hurriedly called Gao Yu Lan.

"Lan Lan, quickly call your family Yin Ze and tell him that Dr. Meng worked overtime this night, and ask him to ask Dr. Meng if he has already eaten dinner. He also said that his stomach was hurting, so he shouldn't be drinking alcohol and Yin Ze should stop him."

Gao Yu Lan took note of the instructions with excitement and went to make the call. After a while, she called Chen Ruo Yu back.

"Yin Ze said that he asked him and he did not mention that you said it, but Meng Gu roared at him: Let that woman come to tell me herself!"

Chen Ruo Yu imagined Yin Ze and Gao Yu Lan's excited faces as they exchanged gossip, and then it was quickly replaced with the image of Mr. Tyrannosaurus growling.

She sighed and stroked the picture of Mr. Peach Blossom forest on her phone screen. It seems he still has quite a lot of anger.

But this stinky man has not eaten, has a stomachache and is drinking, what kind of behavior is this?

The more she thought about it, the more she worried and so she called Gao Yu Lan, "Lan Lan, do you know if Dr. Meng drove himself? You call Yin Ze and reminded him not to let him drive after drinking."

"I know, when Yin Zi left the house, I told him not to drive since they are drinking, they are well aware of their situation."

"Dr. Meng doesn't count, he already has a history of drunk driving, you help me tell Yin Ze."

After a while, Gao Yu Lan called back, "Yin Ze said that Meng Gu yelled at him: Let that woman say it herself!"

Chen Ruo Yu's lips twitched and she was angry, this dead man is truly really annoying.

She sat still for another tens minutes, then felt restless and could no longer sit still. Yin Ze, that guy is also the kind to joke around and cannot be relied upon, told him to stop Meng Gu from drinking, in the end, can he even stop him?

She couldn't help but dial Meng Gu's number. In the end, Meng Gu did not pick up.

So Chen Ruo Yu dialed Yin Zi's number and Yin Zi picked up.

He loudly said, "Ruo Yu ah, do you miss me? How come you called me? Would you like to come over and drink with us?"

Chen Ruo Yu knows that he was deliberately doing this and she really wanted to record this for Gao Yu Lan to listen to, listen to her family's Yin Zi's lack of moral integrity. "Boss Yin, you guys should drink a little less. Dr. Meng is in a bad mood today, he worked overtime again, you should advise him, how much have you guys drunk now?"

Yin Ze laughed and sounded sober, "We haven't drunk much, we can still fight. Don't give him an excuse of being in a bad mood. He is so arrogant this night that I cannot help beating him up."

Chen Ruo Yu sighed, she knew that the two men would really fight, their way of expressing their friendship is special. She had no alternative but to ask, "Boss Yin, can you give the phone to Dr. Meng?"

She heard the voices of Yin Zi talking on the end, and then heard Meng Gu drunkenly say in a loud voice, "No, let that woman come over to say it herself."

Why is every sentence that I should come?

Chen Ruo Yu gritted her teeth, and very politely asked Yin Ze, "Boss Yin, please where are you guys?"

Chen Ruo Yu will go over to handle it.

She arrived at the bar where Yin Ze and Meng Gu were drinking, she saw the two people lazily sprawled in a booth. A beautiful woman was talking to Meng Gu.

Chen Ruo Yu walked over and heard the woman saying, "Handsome, aren't you looking for a companion?"

Meng Gu coldly smiled and said, "Before asking this question, you should first ask me if I am satisfied with you?" The thick sarcasm and it's implied meaning made the woman immediately lower her head. Yin Ze burst into laughter and shouted, "If you ask me, my answer will definitely be more polite."

The woman turned her head and walked away, Chen Ruo Yu passed by her and stood in front of Meng Gu.

Meng Gu stared at her for a long while and then suddenly smiled, "Oh, look who's here."

Yin Ze cooly said, "It's the woman you've spent the whole night scolding."

Chen Ruo Yu ignored them and asked Meng Gu: "Have you had dinner?"

"No." Meng Gu confidently answered.

Yin Ze was watching the two of them beside him, laughing.

"Did you drive here?"

"Yes." Meng Gu nodded.

Chen Ruo Yu reached out and pulled him up. She thought that he would be very troublesome, but she did not expect that he actually quietly stand up.

"You should eat something, then take a shower and sleep. Just leave the car here today and come back to pick it up."

"Are you controlling me?!" Meng Gu gave a rebellious reply but did not shake off her hand.

Chen Ruo Yu turned to look at Yin Ze for help. Yin Ze had on a delighted expression, clearly enjoying the show, seeing that she looked over, spread his hands and said, "I can't control him, he is very fierce. I'm going home, my Lan Lan will be worried about me."

Chen Ruo Yu glared at him, she knew that he could not be relied on. She didn't bother and pulled Meng Gi out. Meng Gu did not struggle and docilely followed her to go outside.

They went out the bar doors, the irritating music was finally gone, looking around it was pretty quiet, even the air smelled good.

Chen Ruo Yu breathed a sigh of relief and walked a few steps with Meng Gu, then turned her head and wanted to ask whether he wants to eat hot noodle soup or porridge. There is a shop nearby, but before she could open her mouth, she felt a tight grasp on her wrist and she was pulled into his arms.

She did not have time to react before she was turned and pulled into a corner by the wayside and pressed against the wall, his lips came down and ferociously kissed her.

Chen Ruo Yu was startled, "En", she struggled, but her limbs were held down by him and his body was firmly held by him and she found it difficult to move.

She was angry and turned her face to avoid him. He held her wrists with one hand, and used the free hand to hold her chin, and applied a bit of force and opened her mouth.

His tongue came it and sucked her tongue hard, rolling deep and held her in an arrogant and lingering kiss.

MiraiSaesang MiraiSaesang

LOL this guy is behaving like a child in the chapter...I felt bad for that girl in the bar, those are words that can traumatize someone...and Yin Ze, that guy is something else too...

...The schedule will be 5 chaps/per week (Mon-Fri)!...

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