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92.3% Amorous Devotion / Chapter 12: Highest Class Escort

Highest Class Escort - Amorous Devotion - Chapter 12 by BlaccLotus full book limited free

Chapter 12: Highest Class Escort

[ Chapter 47 ]

Cassandra dolled up for Saturday night.

Having just finished her full bath, Cassandra took off everything she's wearing and went to her vanity table, sitting her graceful form in front of the mirror and doing her makeup.

Starting with her eyes, she applied smoky eye shadow in an alluring bronzy-pink tone and added some mascara to her already long lashes that made them even more enticing.

Cassandra then brushed a little blush over her prominent cheekbones and turned to her luscious mouth, smacking her full pouty lips while applying a coating of peach matte lipstick on them.

Finished with her makeup, she began to proceed on jewelleries and slipping herself in the white dress she had meticulously prepared. Accessorized herself with a white pearl necklace and matching white hoop earrings.

Turning around, Cassandra stood looking at the full-length mirror, being self-critical as she examined herself. Humming in approval as she nodded, deciding that she had held up very well for a woman in her late thirties.

It seemed those rigorous workouts she had been faithfully putting herself through almost every morning and eating as healthy as she could had actually paid off, as thankfully, the curvature of her body showed it.

A contented smile bloomed over her face as Cassandra reached up and fluffed out her frosty blond hair, very much pleased with the look of the ravishing and tall regal woman standing in front of her.

It had been ages since she had gone to this point in dressing up for a man, she smiled at herself, but suddenly as she remembered the situation she was in, her breath hitched as her smile froze.

While Cassandra continued taking in her exquisite reflection, she held her hand up touching her face, finding it quite hard to believe with her widening eyes.

In the mirror, looking back at her was a woman who's brimming with vibrancy, she still remembered the last time she had seen such a woman was when she dolled herself up for the last date she had with her late husband.

Exactly just like this, she's standing in front of the mirror with a sweet smile holding up her lips, sparkling glint in her eyes with the warmth of his gentle hands wrapped in her waist.

Sighing as Cassandra exhaled while examining her reflection, she wanted to deny but if she's honest with her feelings, surprisingly, she's anticipating this night more than necessary.

Was this really her? Cassandra mumbled  while studying the vivacious and vibrant woman in front of her with her eyes wide in disbelief, as if looking at a different person.

Catching her crimson lip between her pearly white teeth, it occurred to her that she was truly about to start her dating life again after years of dry spell.

With another sigh slipping out from her parted lips, she reminded herself what this expensive date means for her. It's also about her giving herself a chance, embracing herself again as a woman. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Two weeks had already passed since the conference ended. Because of his involvement, aside from the business perspective which he contributed tremendously, the event gained more attention from the public.

Most of the general public usually didn't pay much attention to this kind of business events, but his presence unexpectedly brought massive exposure to the event. He's now well known throughout the nation.

Cassandra walked to the window and peered out. It's a beautiful night, the weather neither feeling cold nor warm. It's quiet, save for the calm wind with the starry night lit the sky up above.

When the time pointed at seven past thirty, her paid date finally texted her that he's arrived. Her instant response was double checking herself again. Clutching her small purse, she then made her way down her private suit.

Both an eternity and a couple of heartbeats later, Cassandra reached the spot where he waited and it's like seeing him again for the first time that night.

Her date looked like a combination of beauty and heartbreak.

Standing with a bouquet of flowers in hand, Julian was a captivating vision in a black button down shirt and set of a new collection of Brioni black suits that brought out the depth of his eyes and the lines of his adonis curvature.

Attractive was an understatement. He looked dope with dark hair that seemed wet from a recent shower. His eyes, black jewels, flashed with the hot searing intensity and vibrancy that black diamonds lacked.

Meanwhile, as Cassandra examined him with captivated eyes, Julian wasn't in any different state as he's even more enamoured by his date for the night.

For a split moment, Julian felt more of a youth seeing his much older crush whom he constantly dreamt of than a womanizer he had always been.

In the two months since he started to know her, though vaguely, Julian knew that he's changed in ways even he didn't entirely understand. He admitted that he couldn't control his flaming passion—obsession—for her.

Julian watched through his long lashes as the beauty strode toward where he stood by his black Maserati. While she walked, he's unable to resist himself from luxuriating in her graceful form.

She's wearing a pure pristine white dress with no embellishments. Her tall, violin-shaped figure fit on white midi dress that accentuated her feminine beauty without flaunting much of her assets as it showed no cleavage and stopped just below her knees.

Her makeup was beautifully done. Her long hair was blond and smooth, her eyes a rich almandine hazel, and her enticing lips were like flower petals with a soft close-lipped smile gracing them.

Cassandra was now close enough that Julian could see the moistness in her jade-like skin and lips. She had a light blush on her cheeks and a pink pallet around her exquisitely-shaped eyes.

"Oh my," Cassandra began, addressing his silence. "Could you proceed on with the flowery line first please?"

While Julian seemed to be in a daze in his spot, temporarily mesmerized unable to hold himself, Cassandra gently parted her luscious lips, teasing him while putting on an amused smile.

Naturally, getting that kind of captivated look wasn't something special for her. But when it comes to Julian Long giving you such an incredibly intense attention, it's a ten on richter scale achievement.

Cassandra had to admit that she's pleased with herself, for still having such an effect on men. It feels intensely satisfying when you could enamour such a young suave gentleman.

Snapped out of his reverie hearing her words, Julian focused his gaze only to see the mirth in her twinkling eyes. His pretty face flushed just for fractions of a second. "I just couldn't get over how beautiful your ladyship is."

For a briefest moment, Cassandra couldn't believe her eyes when she caught him blushing for the first time. Was her eyes seeing things or he really looked nervous? How sweet of him.

Lowering his impressive form, Julian bowed low before her. In the next second Cassandra found her fingers caught in his. He brushed his lips against the fluttering pulse at her wrist, just above the lace trim of her glove.

After the gentleman kiss that lasted a second more than necessary, Julian rose and somehow her breath caught at his imposing virility. He smelled nice and breezy with a hint of raw masculinity.

Finally, Julian held out his long, finely sculpted hand, presenting her multi-layered petals of roses as the fragrant scent reached her senses. "Beautiful roses, for a beautiful lady."

Elegantly receiving his roses, her lips curled into a smile and she lifted her eyelids at him in a way that conveyed how appealing his gesture was. "I see you're being much of a sweetheart tonight," she proclaimed, approvingly.

His eyes sparkled. "I'm here to be anything you want for all night." His voice was low-pitched and smooth, sending a shiver up her spine, then she shifted her eyes from his to the roses.

Cassandra cradled the bouquet in her hand, admiring the well arrangement of red roses wrapped in metallic grey and pink special papers. It looked sweet and dainty. "Date and flowers. You're really going all out, aren't you?"

"It's nothing, Cassandra, wait till you see the fireworks." Julian flashed his signature smile, pleased to be rewarded with her approval.

Turning around, Julian opened the butterfly door and held out his manly hand, beckoning her to get inside. Flaunting her femininity, Cassandra placed her compliant hand on his and got inside, settling herself comfortably.

While gliding around to the other side, Julian took his time in order to breathe a long calming breath, feeling the unfamiliar wild beatings of his heart. He needed to calm himself before sitting down next to this goddess.

What the hell happened to him? Julian refused to believe that he got nervous just now. With just a look, she had him wrapped in her fingers. He sighed, this was unbecoming of him.

Cassandra was too exquisite and alluring for words. Every time he looked at her he wanted her all over again. He couldn't remember ever being this drawn to a woman.

It's understandable though, knowing at long last, after all the efforts he made and those craving he had been through, he finally got the chance to be with the woman of his dreams.

Though this was their first date, he vowed to make this be the their first of many.

Finally, when Julian sat himself in the driver seat, he started the ignition and shifted the gears, peeling out of the driveway. Upon hitting the highway, Cassandra smiled over him.

With the occasional stealing glance and the way his hands clenched the steering wheel, she could see how excited he was, making her grin. It's appealing to see this different yet sweet side of him.


The Queendine, one of Imperial's most luxurious restaurants, was located on the eastern outskirts of Imperial City, in a higher ground that takes twenty minutes of ride from her Hotel.

This restaurant was famously known for its quiet, exclusive and elegant dining space, as well as refined service making for ideal companion to the finest culinary offerings.

When they arrived at their destination, Julian was pleased to see that Cassandra waited, after he stopped his car, for him to come around and open her door.

Many women these days seemed to have lost their enthusiasm for such chivalry. He smiled, appreciating her femininity. It's apparent that she's a lady down to her bones. 

Julian calmly got out and walked around to the other side, opening the door for her. Cassandra chuckled at him and approved, "It's nice to see chivalry is very much alive."

He just flashed a grin in response, swallowing while attempting his best not to roll his eyes down her impossibly sexy legs as Cassandra got out.

By now at this close, he noticed that her look was like a white daisy flower that needed to be taken care of lovingly. Pristine and graceful, nothing sensual about her tonight.

By the time the valet took his sedan, Cassandra had her womanly arm hooked with Julian's as they headed inside, looking like a genuine couple as they did.

Two minutes rolled past and the edge of Cassandra's red lips were upturned as she went deeper into the private room he prepared.

An intimate table for two was at the center of the room. Two sides of the walls were covered with tall wine racks, while the other sides were floor-to-ceiling windows that had a view of the glimmering lights of Imperial City. 

Shimmering candlelight decorated the room, a thoughtful combination with the charming gentle and soft glow from the ceiling. To complete the romantic ambiance, a soothing instrumental of a modern song softly pervaded the background. 

Feeling the tightening of her smooth hand in his arm, Julian tilted his head to her side, taking her quiet intake of breath as approval. He asked low, "How did I do so far?"

Cassandra pursed her lips, meeting the intensity of his hypnotic eyes as she spoke. "You get a very good point for the candlelights. Compliment and roses check, the chivalry, mmm, you're doing well so far."

"Just well?"

"Julian you have all night to perform remember." Cassandra curled her lips and teased, "As I evaluate, make sure to please me so I don't have to make a complaint to the auction."

As Julian held her eyes, although her gaze wasn't seductive, there's something enticing about it, something that tugged at his heart in shocking fashion.

Julian then proceeded to lead her to the table where the elegant looking chef in his late fifties served the dishes in the table. Before she could sit down, he pulled out the chair for her.

He's certainly a certified gentleman, knowing flawlessly well how to please a lady, a keeper that was for sure. With an approved smile, she sat down in one fluid motion.

When the chef finished serving the fine meals, he politely smiled at them and took his leave of the room as he closed the door, giving the couple complete privacy.

"Chef Allen was exceptionally friendly with you." Cassandra remarked, simply curious.

It's known that the person she mentioned was a veteran name in the world's culinary industry, as he's the main chef of the prestigious Queendine and known for his aloofness.

"My family is the frequent patron here." Julian smiled as he answered. "Back in his youth, he had once served my family for a period of time." He paused for a moment and sighed, "My grandmother loved to bring me here when I was small."

At the mention of his grandmother, Cassandra could see the fleeting sadness in his eyes. 

After a few moments of talking, they then proceed to eat about the exquisite gastronomic delights that were served before them. Julian loved the fact that she liked the food he chose, one of his favourite food, which only made their fine dining experience even more pleasant.

As they relished the main course, Cassandra realised that she thoroughly enjoyed his company. She felt good knowing the first date she had in years was with such a fine man.

"Wine for your thoughts?" Julian asked, holding a bottle of white vintage wine in his hand. Cassandra gently nodded her head letting him refill her glass.

When he settled himself again in his seat, Julian watched as Cassandra delicately placed her well-manicured finger into the martini, swirling it around before downing it. He swallowed and shifted in his seat.

"Now I'm intrigued." Cassandra began, "Could you tell me more about you. Julian, what's your story?"

Julian paused and swirled his wine, downing it before responding, a killer smile on his pretty face. "Which story are you referring to?"

"Anything about you will do." Cassandra seemed to mull it over for a moment before making a suggestion. "Something personal, like—"

"Have you ever been in a relationship before?"

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