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10.67% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 9: Dark forest Part 4... You are

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Chapter 9: Dark forest Part 4... You are

The next evening Gray woke up to the sound of battling. Opening his eyes he could see a lot of Pokemon were killed and were getting dragged away by green Nidoking's, and Nidoqueens. Pokemon Rangers with green veins that were prominent on there face gave the orders.

The Fearow and its flock fought with Blitz attacks. They never stopped moving as they caused mayhem. The Galvantula fought against the Nidokings that targeted the child Pokemon. Electric webbings went out everywhere.

Gray attempted to get up but he was stopped by the White Scyther. It shook its head at him to stay quiet. Gray just nodded his head and watch the battle.

A Trainer that looked a little like Tricia was brought forward. She was bound and gagged. Gray stretched his hearing to listen in. He did not activate his aura to keep from giving away his position.

After an argument ensued. The Tricia look-alike was bought away by a pink hair Poke Ranger. This Ranger had a medical symbol on his back.

The battle continued for another 10 minutes till the Ranger group retreated. Once they were gone Gray was finally able to walk out and help.

"What happened? I mean I know what happened but how did they find us?" Gray asked the Fearow.

The Fearow was too injured to respond. Instead, A Mightyena stepped forward. It bowed to Gray before speaking.

"Grr gr gr grrr," We were tracked by the scent of the berries. He said.

'They have too many bug types. They are quite good at finding a large concentration of berries. Treat our wounded human we must leave this place. Even the Watcher believes so.' The Fearow said as he bowed his head to rest.

'The Watcher... ah, that Voice.' Gray thought as he used the supplies to treat the Pokemon again it didn't take nearly as long with it mostly being scratches and the vast decrease in Pokemon.

While Gray treated the rest. The Fearow stood up. 'By the orders of the Watcher, we will flee this forest. Rest easy, we will gather who we can as we depart. I know some of you wish to go and free our brethren. But what I have been told the Guardian has fallen. We must leave.' The Fearow said as its voice amplified by its aura traveled the area.

Gray gathered as much information as he could as he treated them. The Pokemon all disperse to gather as many of there kind as they could. Gray was given the location of a group of people to meet up with. From the information, the Pokemon new of these people had been fighting Pokemon since they came into the forest. They were not trusted in the least.

Next day while walking to that location he was ambushed as soon as he arrived there. Greninja struck from the shadows.

Gray had just enough time to deploy his aura for a shield before he was hit.

The Greninja had a leaf eye patch and was extremely angry. The blast of water caught Gray off guard as it launched him into a boulder, breaking it apart on impact.

"Kuff," Gray spat out some blood. Looking up he saw a blur of white shoot past him.

Even with aura up, that impact was too brutal. The Greninja launched itself at him with an ice-covered hand. It did not connect, as its hand was chopped off.

"Scyther scy." I'll handle this go. It said.

"You got it." Gray pulled himself out of the rubble and limped away. His breathing was erratic and he could barely see out of his eyes. He couldn't tell what blue bubbles appeared that's how bad his vision was. He was extremely angry to be running again. But he had others lives in his hands right now. That took precedence.

"Shlk," Scyther slashed into Greninja torso. Greninja fired a green jet of water that Scyther used all its energy to get away from. Its instincts alerted that it would be bad to touch that.

The Greninja screamed in pain on the ground. After a few moments, it laid on the ground not moving. The Scyther moved away into the woods following Gray slowly.

"If you are gonna follow me. Do you want me to capture you? If not I won't? Gray said as he saw it while laid next to a tree tying bandages around himself.

Scyther collapsed not too far from Gray. Its breathing was irregular and the wound on its back started to open back up.

"Damn it, "Gray said as he treated it. He reached in the bag and used a Healball that the Pokemon gave him the other day with the supplies.

The Heal ball didn't shake once as the Scyther went inside with no problems.

"Once everything calms down I will release you if we survive anyway. With that Gray finished treating himself and released Abra and Pidgey to eat. After that was done he had Pidgey as watch and Abra to assist as he passed out. A few hours later, he returned the Pokemon and started on a destination that he hoped led out of this forest.

Thinking to himself Gray tried to ask Abra for help through the Expokeball. 'Empress do you have a range or is that weird phenomena still stopping you from using teleport.'

'I will give it a shot. Hold still.' Abra transmitted.


Gray found himself in a clearing. He didn't know how far he traveled but did some moving he hoped.

'To tired gonna sleep for a while. You owe me lots of head rubs and a kiss on the forehead' Abra transmitted before falling asleep.

A few hours before nighttime Gray came across a group of Trainers who were all hurt and injured just like him. He couldn't trust them so he circled around and continued on his way. Over in the crowd of people, a Trainer had spotted him.

"Hey, you!" The Trainer yelled.

Gray took off in a dash further in. Getting caught was not the best choice right now. A tall man with a stern face walked up to the Trainer that shouted.

"What did you see Mary?" He asked.

"I saw a Trainer. Lance, he went that way. He was pretty banged up. The moment I called out to him he ran away. Why would he do that?" Mary said.

"I don't know, but I will find out. The rest of you break camp and move forward with the plan." Lance ordered as he took off into the forest. Lance moved through the forest with amazing ease. The littlest of movements were used to move from each obstacle in his way.

'Why is there a Trainer here by himself? Is he working with the people that have been hunting us? Has he found Professor Juniper? I hope she is ok. We have lost too many people here. What is the League doing? A search party should have arrived by now. I must find out what he knows!' Lance thought to himself. At that, he picked up more speed.

"Huff, huff, I need to go faster but I have to conserve my aura energy. There has got to be away from those people and a safe place to rest." Gray said as he ran deeper and deeper into the forest.

"Stop, I am Champion Lance!" Lance's voice boomed from the forest. Lance used his power as a Dragon Aura user to boost the strength of his voice.

A greenish-white mist traveled off of Lance towards Gray slowing him down.

It seemed he didn't care if he alerted the other people. He was that determined to capture Gray. But to Gray, that presented itself as the individual could move unobstructed by the bug types here. Gray ran even faster using his reserve of energy. When his aura energy started to die down a burning sensation made its presence known in his chest.

'This can't happen now!' Gray thought as he saw a cliff in the distance. 'That over there is my only bet! Please have water below like in the movies.'

Gray ran to the cliff as his aura energy died out. Even then he still needed to walk. As his body started to burn from the inside out it was a struggle. He over-drafted his aura abilities once again.

"Stop! You have nowhere to go." Lance said as he came out of the trees. "You need to come with me now. I have some questions for you."

"Fat chance," Gray said as he turned his back to the edge of the cliff. 'These trees are too high. I can't see down there.

"You have nowhere to go. Why resist? This is not the way. Answer my questions and I promise I won't be hard on you. Why are you people doing this?" Lance asked as he stepped closer.

Gray took further steps back as Lance approached. "I have several places to go to. If you don't resist you die duh. I don't have to answer jack! But I will answer that last part." Gray said as he reached the cliff's edge.

"I am not the one doing this. Some possessed Ranger's and the Pokémon in this forest are doing it. From what I gathered so far Professor Juniper is with them." Gray said as he hoped this guy Lance would believe him. He really didn't want to jump.

Lance stood there for a few moments thinking. Gray, on the other hand, felt the paralysis from earlier setting in.

"I am sorry but there is no way Professor Juniper would do this. I am taking you with me! How did you learn this information? Tell me now!" Lance threaten.

A green glow was present in his eyes from what Gray could see.

'Damn it he is one of them!' "Get bent you filthy dreg," Gray said as he fell backward.

"Are you crazy kid?" Lance called out as he ran to the edge. This was not what he wanted to happen at all.

Gray fell far into the thicket of trees. Luck was on his side as he was caught by something. The problem was the same as before. His eyes were stuck closed and he couldn't move but he could hear.

The sound of air passing by his ears was heard. That let him know he was traveling. But there where no hands on him so how did not continue to fall.

After an hour or so Gray was inside a cave. It was warm surprisingly. He was definitely near some light. The only reason he could tell was due to the change of darkness from his eyelids.

'Are you ok?' A voice played in his head. The same voice from the other day.

'Not at all. I just fell to what was presumably my death. But I am not dead. Thanks for that. I am utterly exhausted though. Who are you? I can't quite open my eyes right now. And I forgot to get your name earlier as well.' Gray though to it.

'You may call me Origin. That's what I have been called before. Or Ori for short. I saved you, for I have a task for you to complete. Will you do this for me? I do believe it is less work than before.' Ori transmitted.

'I don't have a choice in the matter, now do I? I am not that ungrateful. You saved me so I guess I can help you.' Gray was uneasy but there wasn't much he could do at this point. So he agreed.

'Good. I will transfer the knowledge I have of the last few years to you. You must act quickly to stop her. I will reside in you till it is time.' Ori said as it placed itself on top of Grays's chest and disappeared in light motes.

'Wait a minute why inside… Ahhhh, fuck this hurts stop!' Gray yelled out his thoughts. He could feel something push its way through his ribcage and through the rest of his body. Something inside wanted to lash out against the intruder but stopped once it realized what was going on.

'The pain is fleeting. Just relax. I will transport you now, to the one who could help you fulfill this task and to the one causing this problem.' Ori thought to him. 'I will rely on your judgment to decide if they are worthy.'

Before Gray could respond he felt his body dissolve into tiny pieces.

Over in what could only be described as a leafy hive we found Gray and some other individuals trapped.

"You definitely would have made good children. But as sustenance, you will work just as well. On second thought, I will breed you with my children. Your Aura will be devoured by them and strengthen them." The creature said as it left.

Gray could swear he saw a trace of sympathy in its eyes.

"Wait, I changed my mind! I will totally breed with you! Oh for god's sake I will not become chow or **** by these little monstrous things. " Gray yelled to no avail. 'What the hell is that thing?'

A bubble appeared.

(Forced fusion between Prof Juniper + Levanny.)

"Well damn it all. That is just perfect." Gray screamed and tried to get free. 'Why the hell is she doing this? Wait forced? How the hell do I deal with this?'

(Find a Pokemon to fuse with. Warning gender match increases fusion abilities. Loyalty must be Trusted + and Psychic state stable.)

'My best bet is Pyron. But where is my bag?' He looked around and spotted some sacks of gear. But not his.

"Is that a person over there? Hey you, help! Help me get out of here. Don't let that thing come near me." Gray wiggled around till a caterpie came around and place new threads around him.

Gray continued to squirm. With each tear, a Caterpie or a Spinark applied more webbing. After continuous tries, he flared his Aura breaking free. Landing face-first on the ground. Tucking and rolling he squashed a Caterpie. The Spinaraks started to chase him when he stood to run.

"Huff.. huff.. fucking hell. To tired for this," Gray said as he hid behind a corner of a building. 'Where the hell am I? I can't afford to use Empress she is too tired. That Growlithe is useless to me. It won't listen. I should leave that fucker here! But that would be troublesome. I also promised to look after it. Where the hell did they take Pyron? Shit hurry and pass me by.' Gray thought as they passed him up finally.

'Ok let's see what's up with that person. Let's sneak over to them.' Gray moved to the side of the building and found the person knocked out. What was left of them anyway? A leg was missing and blood flowed out slowly from the wound.

The left leg had been eaten away up to the knee cap.

"Holy shit Tricia!" Gray exclaimed as he went to help her. He tried his best to wake her, to no avail. She still breathes, but it was extremely shallow. "Damn it, where are your Pokeballs?"

After searching he found them. Well one anyway, It was tucked away in workout shorts. Gray released the Pokemon inside hoping it was Luxray.

"Lux," Hello. It said to Gray as it looked at him.

"Fuse with Tricia If not she will die," Gray said quickly.

Luxray looked at its Trainer and sniffed her before fusing. The duo turned into a fused state but Tricia did not wake. The leg returned but it looked more like a Pokemon's leg than her actual one.

"At least she is stable. Huh, what's that noise?" Gray said as he peeked back around. A group of Caterpie made their way over searching.

"Shit they can't find her like this... I guess I'll have to get captured again." Gray said depressed.

Gray charged at them. He didn't get more than a few feet before he was webbed up again.

Waking up a few hours later, he notices the Trainer he saved from the water the other day. Up close now she looked really familiar.

"Hey, has anyone told you that you look like Sabrina of Saffron City," Gray said as he struggled to get free. The more he struggled the sticker the threads became.

"I do not look like somebody I am." The lady said dryly. "Why don't you, just use your Aura to cut free?"

"I would if I knew how! My aura is more burst type than sawing or cutting type. I am used to tying someone up not being tied up. Do not like this at all!" Gray exclaimed as he moved harder ripping some of the webbings.

"Rip, slick" the sounds of the web that sustained him to the wall gave way.

He was now facing downward on the floor. Mere inches from Sabrina. He looked directly into her eyes. They twinkled like actual stars. The more he looked the harder it was to look away.

"Stop looking at them, idiot!" Sabrina admonished him. "You're not a strong enough psychic for that. Never look into the eyes of someone stronger than you with a weak will. You only become subservient if you do."

"First of all your the idiot who almost drowned in the water the other day. Second since when am I a psychic? Sure your not mixing up my aura abilities? " Gray said frustrated.

Gray continued to struggle until he fell all the way down on his head.

"I am sure of it. You are definitely a psychic type. If not, I don't know what it is. I am a partial aura user I think I can tell the difference. If I could have found Mew this would have been easier to solve." Sabrina said somberly.

"Huh why Mew?" Gray said as he looked up at her.

"Mew is rumored to be the Origin Pokemon. Legend says it had power untold. But since 10 years ago no one has seen one. The last place was here." Sabrina said.

'Huh, Ori have you heard of this Pokemon before?' Gray thought inwardly.

'Of course, I have heard of something I am. Why wouldn't I.' Mew said from inside Gray.

'Wait your Mew. Well shit... Also, why did you teleport us into a trap?'

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