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Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Fours Years Later

Four Years have passed since they beg and their training, they didn't stop training till the very end, it was a very harsh training for the sisters.

On the Training Ground, where Riku have chosen as the perfect training ground.

A Young man can be seen fighting two young girls almost at his age, he was extremely devilishly handsome can make any women fall for him, his body is like a gods artwork, but it have already become beyond a gods work, his eyes are deeply blue, it was the most attractive eyes that will be seen in the whole world.

He was Riku Saito, he did not grown but his whole body only change due to his training.

Right now he is having a tough sword fight with the two, they were Chu Yuechan and Chu Yueli.

In the past four years, Chu Yuechan have become more beautiful than ever that can make every man seeing her will be filled with lust, she is definitely a goddess in this world, she have become 15 years old this year, but the biggest change is that the breast on her chest.

Her buttocks have become more rounder and slightly big.

Her skin have become whiter and smoother, her legs had become long and slender legs, her waist have become more curved than ever, her hair have become longer and smooth, she didn't gain any fats on her, she is very fit.

She was almost as tall as Riku right now.

Her breast have already become big, it doesn't even fit on her age, she was only 15 and already has amazing assets, but it doesn't bother her, for her this was her true weapon against Riku, she was wearing a tight dress that it was making her chest about to explode.

Beside her was her sister Yueli, she is 13 this year, she had also become more beautiful that it compares to her sister level, she was still cute and adorable that can make everyone urge to protect her, her skin, waist, legs and face have become the same as her sister Yuechan.

But her chest is only half of her sister breast, but she isn't jelous of it since she is still a growing young girl, she was very proud of her chest right now.

She was now taller and can reach Riku's shoulders, at this moment Yuechan and Yueli are fighting Riku, both of them are now sweating and almost exhausted due to their fights.

While Riku was half tired right now, he was extremely for their progress in the past four years, they didn't disappoint him and was very proud of their progress.

His swords is still 'Devil Weightless Katana' it surprised him that it didn't broke for the past four years and have been used for training swords, but it automatically repairs it self back.

Yuechan and Yueli's Katana are the same as his katana, it also has auto repair that made them very happy for their weapons.

Then Riku takes a step forwards and shouted.

"It's time to finished this be prepared!"

"Yeah, it's time to finish this!" Yuechan and Yueli said at the same time and take their stances once more.

"Eternal Profound Wave Dashed!" Riku shouted as he dash towards two with his katana.

"Glaciers Profound Wave Slash!" Chu Yuechan shouted as she slash her katana towards Riku.

"Ice Freezing Wave Aura!" Chu Yueli shouted as she swing her katana as well.




Their swords clashed each other with Riku's Katana, But Yuechan and Yueli was send flying and hit a tree behind them making the other trees broke down.

While Riku was only pushed away by a few meters, he sheath his katana back to its place and placed it on his waist and started walking towards the two who was laying on the broken tree.

"Girls, you still alive?" He said as he smiled at them

Yuechan and Yueli who was laying on the broken tree where they landed was totally exhausted and can't stand up,

" totally...Huff...Didn't hold back...Huff" Yuechan said as she kept panting.

"Yeah...You totally...made us...totally tired..." Yueli said as she kept breathing heavily.

"Hehehe, well that's today training and let take a relax for a day." He said as he handed his hands to the two.

Yuechan and Yueli immediately hold his hand, Riku helped them to stand up as they slowly walks back to their tents.

They were touching others skins, but they weren't shy anymore since they also have fallen for him for the past years, they also confessed their true feeling to him and Riku accepted them and now waiting for them to get married.

But they didn't do naughty things like sex, but only touch each other's body to feel his warmth.

While they were walking back, they also keep looking at Riku's face as they slowly kissed his cheeks.

Riku didn't bother them since they have also started kissing him at his cheeks many times that he can't count it anymore, it was comfortable for him to feel to their soft delicate lips.


They finally got back on their tents, Riku gave them a pill that will make their energy replenish to the peak of their state, Yuechan and Yueli immediately swallow their pills and feel their energy is now being fill once more.

He didn't die for the past few years since his body have become harder to penetrate by any weapons, but he wasn't sad for not dying for the past few years

Riku is now on his tent and check his status.


[ Name : Riku Saito ]

[ Age : 10 Billion Years Old ]

[ Body Physique : Eternal God Beings Body ]

[ Realm Power : 8th Sovereign Profound Realm ]

[ True Combat Power : 3rd Divine Origin Realm ]

[ Relationship : Chu Yuechan(Lover), Chu Yueli(Lover), ????, ????, ????, ????

{ System Points : 78,000 }



[ Condition : Peak State ]


Strength - 6,500 > 95,000

Defense - 5,000 > 75,000

Agility - 8,000 > 125,000

Stamina - 10,000 > 200,000

Luck - 30 > 80

Will - 40 > 200

Charm - 60 >100



[ Skills ]

[ The Eternal Way Of Sword Techniques ] : Has the techniques of a Eternals Way of Sword, it has multiple set of skills that will be used in close combat or long range, this technique have only appeared once in the whole world.

[ Lighting Speed ] : Is a High Leveled Speed Technique, can transform the person's speed into lightning, even high leveled opponent will not be able to see your speeds. It has ten levels, current level (5/10) Exp (3500/10000).


[ Passives ]

[ Eternal ] : An Ageless body and Undying Body, it also harden the skin of the host, it is extremely special when host is experiencing death or dying, Host will be reborn and will gain huge boost of Strenght.

[ Extremely High Regeneration ] : An regenerating type of passive, this was a extremely high leveled regeneration, only few people in the world have obtained this, it can also make limbs regrow in a minute.


[ Equipment ]

Devil Weightless Katana, Rejuvenating Pill 39x


Riku was satisfied with his progress for the past few years, it was indeed a huge effect of their training, then he noticed in his relationship has four other question marks.

"Who the hell are they? I don't remember having any friends or acquaintances..." He said and shrugged.

RikuSaito RikuSaito

Another chapter for today, and I'll go back writing the next chap...

Maybe I'll release it later on or tommorow, if I was able to finish it.

Then thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy.

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