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Chapter 16: Chapter 16 Another Godly Skill

On Riku's Mindscape

He was seeing all of his past wives touching his body all around even his little brother is no exception, he had the urge to reborn immediately and bang the four of them at the same time.

But he can't since he can't skip the time for his reincarnation, he only can wait for himself to be reborn.

Enjoying the scene from the outside his Mindscape, while his four wives are doing a ritual that will make him back to life.

But the cause is huge, their lifespan will be consumed by half of it, this was a forbidden ritual even for the gods.

Riku now noticed that they were doing such a ritual, he was getting worried right now for them, since he now remembers everything, they were like his daughters that he raise, but now they were his wives.

"Anne, how long do I have to wait to be reborn!"

[ In 7 Seconds Riku-San ☆〜(ゝ.∂ ) ]

"Uhmm... Okay..."

Riku is really happy right now that he wanna kiss anyone to death right now, of course he won't kiss a man, he isn't gay. Only women he wishes to kiss.





Then Riku's body started to disappear on his mindscape, he only smiled since he knew he was now being reborn and will be given by a huge leap on Strenght.


Ice Phoenix, Primordial Azure Dragon, Golden Crow and Vermillion Bird was rubbing all around his body even his little brother was rubbed and licked, Golden Crow who was on laying on his chest felt his heart is now beating.

"Ah... His heart is now beating..." Golden Crow cried as she felt his heart beating.

The other three also cried as she told them that his heart is now beating that means that he is now being back to life, but they were confused, the ritual is not done yet, it was not even on half complete.

"But, the ritual is not even finish how can he be alive right now?!" Primordial Azure Dragon happily said.

"HMPH! He is our husband you know..." Ice Phoenix said as she snorted.

All of a sudden a really bright light is coming from their husband's body, they immediately get off of him and closed their eyes because the light is really bright that can make someone blind by just staring a few seconds.

Riku is now back on his body and slowly opened his eyes and saw his four wives magnificent naked body while they are covering their eyes, he knows that the bright light is coming from him and he immediately opened up his status.


[ Name : Riku Saito ]

[ Age : 10 Billion Years Old ]

[ Body Physique : Eternal God Beings Body ]

[ Realm Power : 3rd Divine Tribulation Realm ]

[ True Combat Power : 8th Divine Spirit Realm ]

[ Relationships : Chu Yuechan ( Lover ), Chu Yueli ( Lover ), Ice Phoenix ( Past Wife ), Primordial Azure Dragon ( Past Wife ), Golden Crow ( Past Wife ), Vermillion Bird ( Past Wife ) ]

{ System Points : 78,000 }



[ Condition : Fully Recovered ]


Strength - 95,000 > 450,000

Defense - 75,000 > 300,000

Agility - 125,000 > 8,000,000

Stamina - 200,000 > 1,000,000

Luck - 80 > 150

Will - 200 > 5,000 ( A Huge Boost Due to unlocking a sealed memory )

Charm - 100 > 140



[ Skills ]


[ The Eternal Way Of Sword Techniques ] : Has the techniques of a Eternals Way of Sword, it has multiple set of skills that will be used in close combat or long range, this technique have only appeared once in the whole world.


[ Lighting Speed ] : Is a High Leveled Speed Technique, can transform the person's speed into lightning, even high leveled opponent will not be able to see your speeds. It has ten levels, current level (9/10) Exp (0/10,000,000)

When a person had able to level this to level 6, then the speed will be threefold, level 7 will be fivefold, level 8 will be tenfold, level 9 will be twentyfold, then level 10 will be fifty fold.

Current Skill Level 9 : Speed will be at a 3rd Divine Master Realm Level, other divine master will be not able to hit you if the person had a cultivation of 8th Divine Master Below.

Once it reaches the max level then it will be upgraded to a better one.


New! [ The Eternal God Origin Skills ] : Only a being such as 'Eternal True God' will only have this skills, this was the origin of all profound skills since the beginning of time, no skills can match to it even the skills are heaven defying, it will be not be able to compare to the origin of all skills.

It consist a skills of : Eternal Barrier, Eternal Treasure Creation, Eternal God 1st Form ( Unlock ), Eternal God 2nd Form ( Lock ), Eternal God 3rd Form ( Lock ), Eternal God True Form ( Seal ), Eternal Bizzare Energy Rush, Eternal Nightmare of Endless Torture, Eternal Destroying Bomb


[ Passives ]

[ Eternal ] : An Ageless body and Undying Body, it also harden the skin of the host, it is extremely special when host is experiencing death or dying, Host will be reborn and will gain huge boost of Strenght.

[ Extremely High Regeneration ] : An regenerating type of passive, this was a extremely high leveled regeneration, only few people in the world have obtained this, it can also make limbs regrow in a minute.

!NEW [ A True Gods Ultimate Growth ] : An unbelievable growth that only a true God can have, the person who have this has boundless limits, nothing shall stop its path even other true gods will not be able to, you are the one who will be the ruler of all.


[ Equipment ]

Devil Weightless Katana, Rejuvenating Pill 39x


Riku didn't expect that his 'Lightning Speed' to be leveled up to 9, he was really not expecting it to be increase by a huge margin.

But the only thing that really surprised him is his new skill called 'The Eternal God Origin Skills' and 'True God Ultimate Growth'.

Knowing that he has another form, he must try to use it later on.

But first he must deal with his wives infront of him, naked...


"What's happening to him!" Primordial Azure Dragon said as she tried to block her eyes from the light.

"He is being reborn!" Vermillion yelled as she did the same as Primordial Azure Dragon.

Ice Phoenix and Golden Crow didn't said anything because both of them are really surprised that he was being reborn as Vermillion said.

It was almost the same as their skill called 'Rebirth', but they will be weakened on such state.

As they kept blocking their eyes for a while, they heard a bizarre voice in front of them.

"Sorry for being a useless father and husband for not being able to stay with you, I hope you can forgive me."

After Riku said that, the light that was coming out from his body have finally dispersed.

The Four Lady removed their hands from their eyes and look at their husband with tears falling on their eyes.

"H-Husband... Have you... Finally remembered... Us..." Ice Phoenix said as she sobbed.

"Yes, I have finally Remembered everything, sorry for not believing that you really are my daughters and also my wives." Riku said as he had a gentle smile on his face.

Primordial Azure Dragon rubbed her tears from her face and immediately dash towards Riku.

Riku seeing his wife dashing towards at him, he didn't bother to dodge and was pinned to the ground by her.

"Drop the daughter thing and make me your wife already." Primordial Azure Dragon said with a seductive voice as kept rubbing her cave on his little brother.

Ice Phoenix and Vermillion can't help just gasped by Azure Dragon's sudden bold moves.

But Golden Crow had a 'O' on her face, she always had thought that she was the most naughty and daring one, but she didn't expect Azure Dragon to be bolder than her.

Riku's little brother have evolved to a dragon amongst dragon, as he saw her bold moves he can't help just smiled and slowly raised his upper body to her.

"What happened to the Prideful Dragon that I know?" He said as he caressed her melons.

"Mnn..." Azure Dragon Moaned as he grope her melon softly, ever since she had confessed she really wanna mate with him for a long time and this was the moment she was waiting for.

"Just call me Suyin or Yin'er my husband, and stop with your tease and do it with me." Azure Dragon told her real name as she kept rubbing her dragon below him wet cave.


Authors Note :

Chu Yuechan And Yueli will be also reunited with Riku sooner or later, they will be secretly training for now on.

So don't worry..

RikuSaito RikuSaito


Just For Academics Purposes, F.A.P.

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