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86.95% An Eternal Being / Chapter 20: Chapter 19 Giving Immortality

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Chapter 20: Chapter 19 Giving Immortality

Riku went back inside the kingdom and headed towards to the huge garden, since their Star Realm is the biggest of all Star Realm, of course the places around here is also huge.

The insides are decorated with gold and some dazzling patterns around it, he also started to remember everything that this place was also belongs to him and his wives.

They were the one who made this Star Realm to the most Powerful One, since it only consist of five powerful being and that's him and his wives.

The only people that was familiar with this place is him and his wives, and no other beings, the treasures around this Star Realm can be also called immediately with just a thought from them.

They were the ones who created and gathered the treasures around the places, no one can picked them up unless it was them.

No intruders have come for the past billion years, even the powerful demons didn't invade this place, of course no one would come and dare to attack this place, they will be the one who is facing a true god's wrath, and no one wanted to see it.

He arrived at the huge garden a few minutes later, it was full of majestic and colorful flowers surrounding it, it can be really called True Gods Kingdoms's Garden.

He saw a table at the center of the garden, the table was surprisingly big as well, it has five chairs around the table.

He sat on the chairs and enjoying the wonderful scene on his sight, then he shouted.

"Lovely Wives, come here at the garden for a minute!"

His wives immediately heard him, since they can be able to hear everything around this Star Realm.

Suyin who was on her dragon form and was currently trying to get familiar with her new powers, her dragon form is unbelievable huge and her draconic eyes can pierce any being just by staring at it.

Liu-Li was currently with Ruo and Ying'er was talking about something important, on how to defeat their husband in bed, since they were not able to last hundred rounds of sex with him.

They heard Riku was calling him and quickly went to the garden he was at, they immediately sat beside each other and looking at Riku, since he have to tell them something.

"Dear, do you have anything to tell us?" Liu-Li gently smile at him.

Riku saw her smile can't help just feel to be aroused, her smile was universe destroying one, everyone would die just to see her smile, no being have seen her smile and only Riku would be the only one and her sisters can see it.

"Ahem. I'm here to give you True Immortality, since I can no longer die and probably live forever." Riku slowly said.

Ying'er and the others can't help but to widened their eyes, this was true immortality they were talking about, they never thought that their husband have such skill to give them such divine gift.

But since he was their husband, of course they would be believe his words, he never tricked them before, he was a really honest person.

"On how will you give it to us?" Ruo winked at Riku.

"I can easily give it to you, do you want it to be special one? Like a kiss." Riku also winked at her back, causing her cheeks to be red.

"We want the kiss!" Liu-Ki immediately replied, they all rush towards him giving a smooch on the lips.

After they kiss, they felt their body have started to change to likely a true immortality that never dream of, but today they have easily received it from their husband.

Riku, "I forgot got to tell you that I also have two lovers on our first reunion ( where the four of them visited Riku )"

They only smile as they heard him.

"We're gonna have a new sister!" Suyin jumped in joy.

"Yeah, I hope we will be able to beat him in bed later on with our new sister." Riku sweated as he heard them saying naughty things like that.

Riku, "I'll go get the-" before he could finish he was interrupted by his four wives.

"We will be the getting them!" They shouted with determination on their eyes, they can't wait to meet their new sisters.

"Ok Ok, I'll go visit the the main city of Divine Kingdom, I haven't visit it for a long time." Riku gently said.

Suyin, Ruo, Liu-Li and Ying'er kissed Riku on the cheeks and transform to their perspective true forms, if someone see this, they will die from a heart attack, the four divine beast are gathered around on one spot, how could they stand against the terrifying pressure.

Riku just wave and smiled at them, seeing they leave their Star Realm, he went towards the Portal that can instantly teleport him in the city.

He walks towards the portal and instantly disappeared and appeared on the gate of Divine Kingdom.

The Divine Kingdom was a Royal Star Realm, this was the main city for cultivators to sell their treasures and maybe enjoy the sight of the scenery around here.

It was indeed magnificent, but it was only ant from the size of True Gods Kingdom ( Riku and His wives main Star Realm ).

Quadrillion people are living here, since the size of this star realm is big, their is also a lot of hidden treasures, hidden caves, and hidden beast around the star realm.

Riku was walking around the city and saw a lot of people chatting happily and talking to each other, all of the people around here are at Divine King Realm, no one would mess with them, the strongest one is at 9th Divine Master Realm and that is the ruler of the kingdom.

The Ruler was a woman with fascinating beauty that can make any man lust for her, but she only gives a cold expression and killing intent that looks at her with lust. She only shows a cold expression and never smiled.

Riku will never feel lust towards her, since her wives unbelievable bodies are a lot superior and better than her, of course he won't lust for her except for his wives only, since their assets are better than anyone in this world.

But they were also extremely strong that no one could imagine, since they were at 7th Divine Extinction Realm and above of course no one wanna fight them.

Riku enjoyed the scene around the city, it was very lively and no one caused trouble, it was like a peaceful city, but it was also invaded by powerful demons but they failed to conquer, because this star realm has a lot of back up.

The people around here didn't look at him with a glance, since his cultivation is only at Divine King Realm ofcourse he would be like a normal person around here, but they were interested with his looks and his fascinating clothes.

His looks was the most beautiful thing that they ever seen, he was still a young man, even the women can't stop looking at him and imagining what is hidden behind his clothes, will it also be a god sculptured body or maybe beyond that?

Riku didn't bother and just kept walking around the city, he also ate at a restaurant near him and enjoyed the dishes, he immediately payed and left the restaurant.

Then he saw a magnificent ship floating from the sky, it was a golden ship, people around here started to bow at the floating ship.

This ship belongs to Brahma Monarch God Realm, one of the most powerful Royal realm that exist for today, they showed awe and praise expressions towards the people at the Ship.

Riku didn't bother looking at the ship and just kept walking, the people who were bowing saw him walking away.

"Who is that guy?"

"Probably a guy that was looking for death, how could he not bow!"

"Such a disrespectful young man."

Many men started to say unbelievable things at Riku for now bowing and also for his unbelievable looks.

Then two figures flew out from the ship and headed towards Riku direction.

He didn't say a word and just kept continuing, then he saw two people appeared right in front of him, a middle age man that releases a majestic aura on a level of 10th Divine Realm, beside the middle age man was a universe toppling beauty, she has a golden hair and with a beautiful face that can make other women jelous of his looks.

They were Qianye Fantian and His daughter Qiangye Ying'er.

RikuSaito RikuSaito

I was able to release a chapter for today, since I will be busy for a week with a research paper.

I hope you enjoy this.

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