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60.86% An unknown world / Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Battle (Part V)

Chapter 14: Battle (Part V) - An unknown world - Chapter 14 by Tim.B.Suana full book limited free

Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Battle (Part V)

When he had finally come face to face with the professional shadow mage assassin, only one thing came to mind: he has to be careful with an assassin.

The reason he knew he was facing an assassin is because the aura that was flowing out of the person has that of a professional assassin.

At first, the person was standing still underneath the shady tree. But, when he noticed that someone was looking at him, he came out from the shadows slowly revealing himself.

The professional shadow mage assassin was a boy who is around his age. He has chopped medium champagne hair and has round black eyes. Plus, he has a medium build body with some muscles around his arms and legs. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

When Barry saw the appearance of his opponent, he was totally shocked and disappointed at the same time as he finds out that his opponent was someone around his age.

When the boy got a glimpse of his reaction, he feels exasperated and became enraged with it to the point of throwing multiple kitchen knives at his disposal in Barry's direction. This has made Barry to dodge all the knives, which ended up making Barry stuck to the tree because all the knives were lining up following his entire body from head to toe.

After having satisfied with the end results, the boy lets out an enormous sigh while tilting his face towards the sky to calm himself down. Not long after that, he tilted his face in Barry's direction and closed his eyes while taking a deep breath. He opened his eyes again and breathed out before he finally spoke.

"Sorry for displaying such horrendous behaviour, excuse me for that.", the boy said with soft voice. After hearing the boy's apology, Barry gladly forgave the boy's action and released himself from the knives that were holding him against the tree.

After a moment of silence between the two, the boy held a conversation with Barry to break the silence. "By the way, before we fight each other, may I know your name at least? And also, this might be awkward of me by asking you, but... you're not someone from this world, aren't you? Wait... where are my manners? My name is Diego.", he said.

After hearing the questions that Diego asked, Barry answered his questions politely. "Nice to meet you, Diego. My name is Barry. And yes, you are right. I am from another world. How can you tell that I'm not from this world?", he replied with a hint of confusion in his voice. "Well, if you're going to say about the clothes. I guess it wouldn't be weird at all.", he added.

"Well, the clothes are a part of what made me think about that. But, there is one more thing that makes it easy to distinguish between humans and spirits.", says the boy.

"I beg your pardon, did you just say 'spirit'?", says Barry with a surprised look on his face. This made even more confusion in his head. Driven into a corner, he asked the boy to give him some time while contacting Daemon via telepathy.

On the other side of the forest, things are heating as both sides aren't backing down just yet. Out of the blue, Daemon, who was busy fighting with his opponent, which is the mage swordsman, Damon suddenly gets a call from Barry. This made him kind of annoyed with Barry's untimely decisions, but he picked up the call, anyway. "Hey, anything wrong going on right there? I'm kinda busy at the moment. Speak up, or else I'll hang up.", says Daemon with an angry tone in his voice.

Upon hearing that, Barry immediately tells him about it. "Well, I'll go straight to the point. Am I already dead or what is this world actually?", says Barry with a hint of worry in his voice.

When Daemon heard that question, he didn't give any response to Barry at all. This made Barry's heart to beat harder and faster and also made Barry to be even more worried when receiving the answer from Daemon. Finally, Daemon opens up to answer his question. "You are not dead, you fool. Try beating yourself up. You could feel pain, don't you? That means you're still alive. And also, you even brought your own body here, which makes you kind of suspicious. But, if you want to know what name is this world, then I will tell you this just once. I will not repeat this again. You got that? So, listen carefully. You could call this Dream World, because this place is accessible through your mind. But you could also call this place Spirit World because it is a parallel world where spirits coexist with the living. Or else, it would make much more sense to call it an Unknown World because there are a lot of unknown things in this world that makes no sense for humans like you. Okay? That's all I can tell you. Now, I will hang up the call now. See you later.", said Daemon and disconnect it to continue his fight.

After hearing all the things that he was eager to hear, Barry breathed out a sigh of relief and turned back to face Diego once more.

When Diego noticed Barry has now turned back to face him, he looked at Barry while plastering an evil smile on his face and said, "So are you done yet? You will not turn your back on me, aren't you? Or is it you are afraid of attacking me just because I'm a spirit, are you? Anyway, I don't think you would stand a chance against me, right? So the victor will be me, of course.", said Diego while exalting himself with his head up high. After he finished talking, he saw what was Barry's reaction. And what he saw was incredibly shocking for him to comprehend the situation.

After Barry had finished hearing Diego praising himself, he was silent at first. But then he smiled. Not long after that, he laughed out loud suddenly that made Diego feel uneasy about the sudden changes in the surrounding atmosphere. "Hey, hey, why you're laughing suddenly? Have you gone mad? Hey! Listen to me! What the heck has gone wrong with you? Got a loose screw or something in your head? Hey! You're giving me the heebie-jeebies here! Stop laughing at me right this instant. Damn it! Hey!", screamed Diego with his body trembling uncontrollably.

Finally, Barry stopped laughing but only gave a smile and spoke. "Oh, what's wrong suddenly? Weren't you looking all proud of yourself? Where has all that pride gone? Why are you looking like a scared cat now? Didn't you just say that you will win earlier? I don't know who will win, but let's just see about that, shall we? Come on, let's just start the fight already. Prepare yourself.", said Barry with a hint of anger in his voice while preparing himself for battle.

As soon as Diego heard that, he gulped and sighed before answering, "Yes, okay then." and prepared himself for battle.

After they have finished exchanging words with each other, Barry and Diego finally got into their battle stance to start the battle.

Meanwhile, things are not looking good for Brittney as she is now lying unconscious and beaten up on the cold, hard ground.

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