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28.57% Anakdatu: Gods Among Us / Chapter 1: No Sleep, No Bath, No Rest, No Eat, No Elise.

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Chapter 1: No Sleep, No Bath, No Rest, No Eat, No Elise.

For three days, after that breaking news, I have looked for Elise everywhere, may it be my ex-neighborhood, the city, the public toilet and wherever my damsel can ever be found but alas, I simply cannot find her. I have looked and looked, I didn't even slept yet, nor took a bath nor ate for the search of Emanuelle Elise Vertucio and up to now, I really cannot find her and damn, I am worried, super worried of what had happened to her.

Oh yeah, hey there, sorry for that boring dramatic monologue, I forgot to introduce myself once again! Silly me. I am Ramil Liwayway, a top-secret Anakdatu agent who does cool stuff and spy missions like a boss and also, a so-called demigod, a son of the Philippine sun and war god Apolaki, and I am sure, the reason why you are still here, reading this schist is you have read the very first part of my adventure but yeah, read on, so back again, to be honest, at this point, I am really confused about everything, it's messed up, it's just so chaotic and ugh, let's just go back to the point wherein I cut my adventure before. Let's go back 3 days before this day, in which I don't want to go back into but for your sake, and so I shall.

This is what happened on the past 3 days my dear readers

"Your father is the Filipino war and Sun god, Apolaki." My father announced.

We, me, my mom, dad just stood there with the air of someone just died. No one should just drop a bomb like that, like whaaat, so what now, I am like a Percy Jackson series demigod? Last year, they told me I am a descendant of a very important Datu from the ancient Philippine times, and now, a son of a god? Yes, I remember the stories of those gods my mother used to tell me when I was young, like there was Bathala, Mayari, Amanikable, and lots more and Apolaki but I never thought they were real, maybe this is some kind of joke my parents used to stall me out in finding Elise.

I smirked "Oh come on, Dad, I have no time for jokes-"

"This is not a joke Ramil," My mother said as tears rolled down her cheeks "I am so sorry I didn't tell you a long time and it is your right to know, especially it is very wrong as you are an Anakdatu."

I was really awestruck on what is happening, I shook my head "Please, Elise needs me, I got to go and I don't need your silly crazy jokes."

My mother took my hand, "Please Ramil, believe our words, these are to be taken seriously, and you saw Macabulos' face a while ago right? This is serious, your fate, the fate of this world is within you, there's this prophecy-"

"Mom, Dad, please," I told them as I was really weirded out by everything "I need to go, I can't attend that meeting anymore with Macabulos and all the Datus, time is running, please."

My mother looked up into my eyes as she held my hand, her eyes giving the hint of sorrow and sadness, "At least if you will go now to search for Elise, please, after all, things, find the hidden city of Biringan, you need to be home, you belong there, tell them that the last chapter had started and you are the son of the sun."

I cannot believe what I am hearing from my mother, 'the last chapter'? 'Son of the Sun'? "I will," I told them hastily because I really need to go "I promise."

And so then I ran to my suite, rocked on my yellow Saitama Oppai shirt, jeans and running shoes, packed up my things on my knapsack, brought all my clothes, a canteen of water, my weapons such as my sniper pistol, my multi-weapon umbrella, my pens, Eve, some granola bars and everything I'll need to survive out there.

After fixing my stuff up, I went out my suite but Macabulos blocked my way with a very angry look in his eyes.

Macabulos stared at me sternly "Datu Puti, halt, it isn't wise-"

Everyone is getting really annoying stopping me for going so I kicked him in the groin and so he stumbled and put his hands in his uh, part.

And so then I ran towards the exit of The Hut and rode the elevator upwards.

As soon as I got to the surface, I went out the elevator and the view of the Quezon City memorial circle met me, I looked around the car I used to ride going to Batangas City wasn't there and even my staff isn't there, God, now what? I've got to go there via buses? Or jeepneys? I've got no time!

"Eve!" I yelled at my subconscious glasses assistant "I need to hitch a ride to Batangas City ASAP!"

Eve activated with the heads up display initializing "Good Morning Datu Puti, oh, a ride, your travel rights, and privileges were removed from you because you uh, went out the base without permission and also you kicked the Sergeant in the groin so I guess the whole Anakdatu is going to chase you. Speaking of, they are already behind you, sir."

I looked behind me and there were 6 staffs and Macabulos crutching his groin from the kick I have given him but on his right hand, a taser gun was present.

"Datu Puti, stop, I order you, yield now." Macabulos said with a strain in his voice.

I almost teared up from despair, worry, anger, but I stopped myself, "Macabulos, please, I need to go to Elise, please."

"You are not going anywhere, especially you are a godling." He pointed his taser gun at me "Yield, I tell you, child."

I am never going to be stopped, Elise needs me, and with that thought, anger built up on me.

"NO!" I yelled and as I did that, everything seems to turn to bright for five seconds and after that, the surroundings went back to normal and I saw Macabulos and friends have their hands covering their eyes. Did I do that? Did I control the sun's brightness? Is that like some kind of power I have? Or maybe it's my "dad" that helped me out. I don't know but it gave me time to run.

I ran the fastest as I could to the nearest bus station as I kept on glancing at my back if the Anakdatu men are still following me. I know, know, why I sound so desperate just because Elise is missing? Why will I turn my back on my own family, bloodline, and my own organization? She isn't my mission anymore, right? Well, I don't care what they say, she is my best friend, actually, my only friend after that traitor, John Delmundo. If you do not know who that John is yet, I suggest you read my first adventure but yeah, let's go back to running away from my captors.

After some time of pacing back and forth on the station, I finally rode a bus to Batangas City and there I was, back on my way on the majestic city of Batangas. I sat on the middle part of the bus with a middle-aged woman with her infant child in her arms.

I was really confused, to be honest, I was a godling? A son of the sun and war god Apolaki? The truth is I don't get it and the more I think about it, the more I just get confused and confused. I remembered my mother's face of despair and also my father's, why are they so desperate about that thought? They also said something about the last chapter starting? Now it gets the hell a lot messed up than before.

I rode the bus silently as I thought all about this. I decided to meditate so I can calm myself down. But also, it doesn't seem to work, it really bothers me. But what I just kept in mind is I need to keep my promise to find the city of Biringan. I just thought and thought more while I was on the way.

"Sir," Eve spoke through my mind "I activated 'Fugitive Mode' so that they cannot trace you, after all, sir, uh, no offense, but you announced yourself already as a fugitive."

I sighed "Oh well, yeah, I guess, how insane of me, eh?"

"Super, sir. I understand that Elise matters to you most, as she's your only friend. But don't worry sir, I will help you find her." Eve promised.

"Well, thanks, I guess, but Eve, do you have any info about 'Philippine demigods?' or something like that? Are they even true?" I asked Eve.

"Wait, Sir, I'll make a search…" Eve processed, I hope she is not going to just Google it or look it up on Wikipedia, internet is so unreliable these days, I remembered that they announced the actor of Mr. Bean, Mr. Rowan Atkinson died back in 2010, then in 2012, then 2015 but he is pretty much alive, so yeah, please Eve, don't just search it on Google.

"I found one sir, only one in the Anakdatu Archives and Database, it is entitled 'Philippine Civil War'," Eve announced. Thank God! Or the gods, she didn't search at Google.

I was astonished, the Philippines had a Civil War? Awesome! They didn't have that written on the history books. "Uh okay, tell me about it."

Eve narrated about the Philippine Civil War, she said about how bloody it was and how many died because of the battle's intensity, it was said that two sides, one was the Anakdatu and one was Filipinos with very powerful skills that were said to shake the battlefield battling for their rights. But the Anakdatu had no idea on where did they came from. Eve also said that their ancestors who wrote the archives are that they have been fighting for millennia but the reason was never stated. The archives assumed that maybe those men are demigods sired by the Philippine gods but no one knows what is true.

"Man, that's deep," I told Eve.

"Yes sir, and uh, I would suggest not to talk out loud, you are scaring the lady beside you." Eve told me as I glanced to my side and saw the lady holding her baby trembling.

"Oh, I am so sorry madam," I told them wryly "I was just practicing for a play later, peace!"


After hours of awkwardness with the lady by my side, the thought about the Philippine Civil War, and the bus ride, I got to Batangas City at the golden hour in the afternoon, and dropped by Batangas University as a wave of nostalgia struck me, looking at the bench we have been hanging out just outside the school. I was expecting students roaming around the school premises but I forgot it is still vacation time as it was just May, May 3 to be exact, so you know dear readers. And then I remembered my mission once again so I rushed to the Vertucio residence.

I got there within a minute and knocked to their door.

The door opened and saw Mrs. Vertucio with puffy eyes from crying and then she hugged me and sobbed.

"Mrs. Vertucio," I patted her back "It's going to be okay, I saw the news so I hurriedly went back here, I will help you find her okay? Don't worry."

"She was just here, just outside our house," She sobbed more "then… there was this huge man who just grabbed her, he is wearing a black cloak and she threw something, like a vial that released some smoke and then I think I got unconscious and then… and then I just woke up and she's just gone."

"I will find her, I promise." I promised her.

I escorted Mrs. Vertucio inside her house and let her rest, prepared her some tea, and just let her get some Zs, she seems so tired so at least she needed some break. I asked too if I can stay here for a while because my house here is closed (not really, the Anakdatu might search me there.), and she agreed and I asked for permission that I will start searching for Elise now and she just nodded and slept. I went out of their house and my adventure started and now, we will go back to the present time.

I searched for Elise everywhere, almost scourged all the parts of Batangas, the malls, the abandoned warehouses, the dark, scary alleyways, the wilderness and almost everywhere but no luck, I never had any traces, evidence or what, even Eve is doing her best to help out but, yeah, alas, I never found her.

For three days, without sleeping, eating, taking a bath and so on, I searched for her, but I can't find her. I asked for her around with the picture we've got on the last day of school. My clothes are tattered, my Oppai shirt in which I've got on the 2017 Comic-Con is already damaged. My innermost Otaku is already shouting 'Nooooo!' but no, I've got to find Elise. I'm never giving up, I'm never backing down, maybe I was just too hungry and I was not using my rational thinking skills to find clues or what because I'm hungry, I guess I need a break too.

And then I saw a McDonalds, the McDonalds Lapu Lapu and I met for the side ops, and I'm nearly passing out…

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