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100% Anarchy of marvel / Chapter 16: A staff and a book

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Chapter 16: A staff and a book


Date: Monday 17 august 1974

location: Louvre Museum


"hey B93," said a man in a duffel hat and long dark jacket

"just call me alan man we're on earth right now" said another guy with a top hat, white scarf and an obsidian cane

"whatever man anyway look around isn't cool that we're practically creating history i mean this place is about to be robbed by us we might even be the first, even if we're on a mission just imagine how many to-be thief's and con-men that would be paying their respects if they knew who robbed the bloody 'louver' in the future,"

"firstly no it was robbed in 1911 alright and second just focus, right now we need to deliver 3 pages that were just brought in today this morning, the mayor will be visiting this afternoon to check on the new shipment of artifacts so we need to act fast, he currently is one of our own or on our payroll,"

"okay so we have several staff of our own working in there and the current supervisor is a 'good friend' if you know what i mean hehe," he said while making curvy hand hand signs

"you get the pages and meet me back here in 2 hours okay and don't spend to long with the these regular people unless you want to procreate second gens then you'll just be stuck on ground control doing menial tasks as one of the 'forgotten' alright,"

"Tch you really are a buzzkill ain'tcha,"


location: archaeological site, Greek burial ground

"halt" said Eric lensher the current team leader of the branch task force

the group stopped outside the burial ground, it was 2 minutes until midnight and a mutant patrol group was tasked to acquire several pages of an ancient artifact and some burnt remains.The cemetery itself is located at Aidonia, an archaeological site on Greece's Peloponnese Peninsula that's also famous for a nearby temple of Zeus.*

"alright so you know the mission get in retrieve the asset and get out, no distractions no mistakes this is the easiest mission you've been given so far so i want you all back in 5 minutes.

"yes sir "

"yes sir "

yes sir"



location: moon, HQ

floor: middle grounds

renovations had been made on the HQ in the last year, the core of the moon was now used as a direct supply unit for Geo thermal energy and bases had been further built around the the northern area of the moons surface but the true HQ had also been renovated by several of the clone units as the floors go further down and space and entire floor had to be given to to Pym for his work

"sir we have squads moving to locations ranging from the following

"Bran Castle, Romania."

"Tsarevets Castle, Bulgaria."

"Lovrijenac Fortress, Croatia."

we have already located several pages of the artifact and are currently compiling them including the front cover panel, the spine and the top and bottom edge we found in several museums and burial sites around the globe.

"good" said chief as smiled and stood up

"it seems that giant light bulb did come in handy i suppose hehehe," chuckles chief as he looked at the screen of several red dots scattered around the 3D projection of earth each one pulsing a bloody red



location: Amazon rain forest

"man i really hate humid places" said jax as he floated slowly below the canopy of the rain forest

he pressed the com on his ear and a hologram popped up in front of him

"sir around 3 hours ago we managed to retrieve the artifacts you asked for, we although had to kill several demonic cult worshipers but there existence will not effect the timeline and we have however had to kill several supernatural entities such as a couple of werewolves that tried to attack some of our forces when asked to hand over the pages and several poltergeist that were somehow killing our agents by somehow leeching of their life force and some even tried to possess them on the spot," said chief with a usual stern yet smiling expression

"altogether sir we have lost only 14 members none of them were veterans though so the losses were minimal," said chief

"alright send everything in including several samples of the lycans and the blood species DNA and send a sample of ectoplasm as well," said jax he began to prepare several mystic spells before the arrival of the products

as jax was preparing he then bent down and reached for a gym bag and brought out a staff and and the charred remains of a book that had a severed arm still attached to the spine

jax smile as he grabbed the arm and yanked it of the book then a long crimson tongue dripping with acidic lava slowly came out of his mouth

jax then spat a glob of the lava at the hand and watched as it disappeared in a puff of black smoke and left a bit of sludge behind

he could faintly hear an echo of cries when the hand vanished

he smiled placed the staff to the side then brought out a handful of pages from his pocket and placed them next to the spine of the charred book

he then brought out several pristine books that all looked similar to the charred book

jax then sat in the lotus position then began to do hand signs, he began to conjure a formation around himself.

he entered the mirror dimension then locked it, he then sealed the magic formations around the book and the pages and slowly the pages and the book morphed together and slowly once the light dimmed a pristine book just like the several others stacked neatly together was placed along side the staff.

'hmph can't have distraction for this one,' thought jax as he then took the books and placed them all diagonal to each other and began to do hand signs.

as soon as he began black smoke began to rise from all the books but jax clenched his teeth and began to move his hands faster and left his body while leaving an auto pilot spell in his spinal chord to operate his nervous system,muscles and neurons and continue the work for him.

jax entered his astral projection state and then took out a a rock from his back pocket whilst in astral state, that rock was made from pure mental energy and he had created it through several months of hard work from sitting in meditation and even entering a simulation to spend an even longer period of time meditating to gestate this astral property within his consciousness. he has created this rock not only to alleviate the stress from the upcoming experiment but to also help him with something else.

jax put the rock on his chest and the rock just floated there.

jax then watched as the black smoke from the books had finally stopped.

'I'll make you mine even if i have to rip you apart a little,' thought jax as he curled his fingers and the shook, then they began to float all together and let of a dark purple light from the spine to the edges. the books slowly began to turn into shiny purple dust and swirl around the rock of pure mental energy that was floating on jax's chest.

jax grunted slightly as the purple light then slowly revolved onto a purple portal and slowly began releasing large amounts of purple dust dust spiraling out of the portal and into the rock placed on his chest.


4 days later

purple light continued to shine as jax's physical body sat in auto pilot while his astral projection continued to concentrate on controlling the flow of energy into the rock. He had spent over 96 hours slowly fusing the mysterious energy into the the rock.

suddenly the rock the began to make scratching sounds as veins of deep purple began forming on its surface.

it had grown to the size of a human hand and was beginning to reach saturation.

''almost over,'' thought jax as he stopped the spell and the portal collapsed in on itself and a bright light imploded the portal and left behind 5 glowing books,

the rock with the purple veins then fell into his hands still pulsating with a purple glow and jax entered his physical body and put it in his pocket.

he took a quick whiff and held his nose.

i need a shower, he thought

the books that he had were the Darkhold also known as the Book of Sins or the Book of Spells, it was an ancient book of spells and unspeakable power, It was said to contain infinite knowledge. Over the course of history, many individuals searched for the ancient Darkhold, including Red Skull, Daniel Whitehall, and Nick Fury in the previous timeline.

The book was made of dark matter from the Hell dimension the same dimension that the portal he had created, jax had siphoned of the pure energy from the dimension. his method although slightly simple had taken long a long period of time to make, he first had to find the Darkhold which would have been difficult but thanks to the watcher's all seeing eye he had the HQ run analysis on the eye and was then able to compile it's memories into a search engine and all he had to do in order to find something was simply look it up.

he first had the HQ look up several powerful weapons that exist on this world (as earth for some reason is the center of the universe in the MCU) and the first one he had found was the Darkhold.

he people had a lot of trouble finding it as supernatural anomalies seemed to be guarding it at the time and he had to kill some undead warlock that had his dead body guard it's own grave.

once jax had got rid of it he noticed that the book had a dark based security spell that scattered the book and it's pages across several check points in the world. jax then had he's people search for the missing pages and once they did also gain samples of any other super natural creatures in the world as he did no know of any vampire or werewolves in the current time line, he then moved on gaining the knowledge and he found out about the hell dimension but he had a problem.

there were some extremely powerful entities in that dimension and he currently did not have the patience or the resources to waste fighting an invasion so he went through the process more discreetly.

bu cloning the books and using the books as a passage he could control how big it was so he created a small crack in between both dimensions and the with the spells and formations he gained from kunlun he was able to create a small passage that siphoned and filtered the pure energy without his presence being detected on the other side.

thanks to this he had not only gained a portion of the knowledge stored in the book that he would increase in the future, but he was also able to gain the essence of a higher dimension and it would help he's plans greatly

''although they teach in kunlun that getting involved in the dark arts or otherworldly entities is wrong, the supremes still dabble in them, i guess when your on the correct side of justice using bad magic is good,'' thought jax as he picked up the books

''went through some of trouble for these things but in order to keep track of the timeline i have to replace the original that was meant to be found at the time with a fake, but if you think about it i was the one who found it in the first place so wouldn't that mean that me leaving the fake there wouldn't even be the smallest difference as it was me who found it in the first place,'' thought jax

'time can be such headache,' though jax as he turned around dusted his clothes and flicked his fingers to release a spell that would instantly switch his clothes for some new one's

jax then walked out of the formation and picked up the staff he had first placed outside the formation before, this staff was the The Staff of One was a magical object so powerful that, at some point in it's existence it had even made dormamu afraid, it contained a being known as the one and his was once a powerful warlord sorcerer with an army of thralls to do his bidding and act as blood sacrifices to fuel his magic. Two to three hundred years ago, the One lost a battle to Tokiko Minoru and her thrall army. After his defeat, Tokiko offered him a choice: "die by her sword or live as her sword." Using her magic, Tokiko transformed the One into the Staff of One, twisting and binding his magic to serve her and her female descendants. Jax was really happy gaining this weapon as it was very easy to gain he knew that this weapon would appear in the 3 strongholds of the mystic masters but he did not know when so he had simply put he's ear to the ground and tried to gain as much intel on the artifact as possible. he later got word of the item's possible founding in japan so he had first sent several operatives to japan to spy on a certain family and thanks to his bases and the candidates he had first backed such as the yashida family. they were his main foothold in the country and thanks to his backing they had gained a lot of political power and could be considered the major tycoons of the country. this happened earlier than the specific timeline but because the family patriarch Ichirō Yashida not only went through hallucinogenic therapy but he was also given certain mutant abilities that would keep him loyal for the rest of his existence.

jax had him send his operatives and some of his own into the minoru family, they were at the time the holders of this amazing weapon but because of the change of times this big family had just became a regular traditional family after the issues with WW2 as they chose to live an isolationism based lifestyle with no change to their traditions to date.

jax had his agents stay their for almost 4 years until he heard that practically all the family had been checked and were prepared to take the staff.

he had gained knowledge of the staff's history and how it worked , so he first ordered his people to take over positions of the higher brass of the family to make it easy for the other agents to operate.

thanks to this he learned that the one (being contained in the staff) was able to speak up for his freedom during a celestial alignment which would be due in around 140 days.

By then jax had gained most of the control of the family and during the traditional ceremony of the one usually being denied his freedom, this time the one was allowed freedom if he swore to work jax.

at the time jax had not been present but the operatives showed a holographic image of him which the one did a dogeza towards the group and then returned to staff form as these family elders had just given him a type of freedom.

jax at that point then sent the order to slaughter the whole family including the branch and the banished sectors.

that night several hundred family members of the minoru family watched as their relatives woke up at night and slaughtered their family members.

children woke up to witness there parents killing their neighbors and the other members doing the same. one kid screamed but died with his eyes open as a dagger slipped through his throat.

no authorities were involved in the incident and no one even witnessed how an entire family was ended in one night.

The One was then vindicated and taken up to the HQ where they did some tests to see the functions of the staff, it seems the staff was powered by blood magic capable of summoning any spell and incantation.

jax picked up the spear and took out a curved blade with marks engraved on the sides and cut his right hand hes skin couldn't be pierced bu regular weapons so magical artifacts or higher quality next gen weapons could only do it, the blood was colored dark orange began to glow and slowly increase in temperature. he let the blood drip and slowly it began cover the stem of the staff. the staff began to glow the same color as he's blood.

jax then waited several seconds and watched as the staff then calmed down and showed a new look, instead of the old round top and long bottom it looked like a black cane with a lizard head on top and it's eyes glowed with a dark orange. it let out a hum and vibrated softly on his palm as gold inscriptions at the bottom of the cane flashed.

''hmmm like the new look how about i call you mac...wait a minute how about max...nonono mac sounds better'' said jax as he swing it around a bit.

he tested out the staff's new form, he swing i around a little and tried on a couple of accents to pass the time. After he got bored he put the staff down and grabbed the rock which had now turned into a completely purple gem and had a flowing current swirling inside it.

jax took the purple gem and placed it in a diagram he had drew while he was messing around with the cane. he then picked up the cane and and whispered the word ''form'' and as soon as he said that the diagram shone with a gold and orange glow and the purple gem then slowly started to glow brighter until it showed signs of changing form.

jax held the cane and continued to channel mental energy towards the gem and watched as it doubled in size, equivalent to a human head.

the gem then began to spin faster and and stretch itself into a chain like form, with tiny legs popping out on both sides.

the chain began to look more and more like a centipede as it began to move around in the air, the centipede was purple in color and had smoke under it's feet as it crawled around the area. it began to felt the place out with it's antenna while staying within the formation.

''i never really got people's fear of these things, the work best in the extermination department hehehe a bug killing bugs, it doesn't get better than that.'' thought jax as the cane glowed dark with flashing orange and the diagram then closed in on itself.

as this creature was born from the pure essence of his mind and energy of a higher dimension, jax knew it although it would be tricky he could still pull it of.

jax then entered he's half mutant form, he grew several inches and bulked up slightly and he's horns and tail slowly began to poke out from his back and the sides of his head.

he didn't change his size a lot as he didn't want it to affect his current experiment so he stayed close to the average size of a man.

jax then watched as the collapsed diagram had made the giant purple centipede into some sort of chain.

it rolled around and crawled about within the purple mist and it's eye's glowed purple gold

jax then waved the cane and watched as it crawled really quickly towards him and the moment it touched his skin the centipede turned into a tattoo. the tattoo centipede continued to move around on his skin but jax didn't mind as he watched it wrap around his arm and around his shoulder and neck. it calmed down after about 4 minutes and slowly glowed a purple hue and finally stopped altogether.

''never really liked the look of tattoo's but i gotta say this one looks kinda awesome, so in order to completely control this little guy i have to feed it my blood daily huh well it don't matter really cuz even if i cut my arm of and bled for a day it still wouldn't dry.'' laughed jax as he waved his arm as he looked at his new look with slight happiness.

the centipede tattoo was because of the diagram but thanks to this jax didn't have to leave it anywhere else as it was a pretty dangerous being in the current world. He knew that this centipede had a lot of potential and he had already brain stormed new ideas for it's next forms in the coming future.

jax had at first analysed it's abilities withe one of them being that he could control the higher dimensional energy of the 13th tier or in simple terms 13th dimensional level energy.

this would boost jax's intake of pure energy and gift him minor levels of spatial control as a higher plane would mean exercising his right as a controller of higher energy.

another ability would be it's base form as he could create a form of sorcery tied to the centipedes itself, he could enlarge it and make it as big as a tower or he could create a flood of them all glowing purple in a sea of fog.

he could also create constructs based on it's form like swords and chains and because it's made up of higher energy it would be near unbreakable.

jax walked around a bit and watched it slowly move and twist around his shoulder and chest.

he took the cane and began to draw hieroglyphs on ground and the marks glowed a a golden color and flew out the ground and on to the centipede itself.

''your given name will be Abyss Bane,'' said jax as the creature skittered around in tattoo form across his chest and his neck excitedly.

''but that would be a mouthful for me so i'll just call you terry how about that,'' said jax.

the centipede then glowed in a frustrated manner

''alright alright...chill chill but i like it tho so you can use you given name but i'm still calling you terry,'' said jax as he rubbed he's chest.

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