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100% Ancient Prophecy (the last order) / Chapter 2: Battle Of Echelon 2

Battle Of Echelon 2 - Ancient Prophecy (the last order) - Chapter 2 by Austin_Fidelis full book limited free

Chapter 2: Battle Of Echelon 2

A long time ago in New Orleans, they lived a vampire pure-blood King and Queen who ruled over the Volkihar and Tremer vampire clan.

King Athan has been keeping the vampire order over the years after being elected as a boy by the thirteen elders from the 13 different clans of the vampire order, he got married to the most dreaded vampires, Queen Thana who was the most beautiful vampiress in her clan

They both gave birth to two daughters, Nimoes and Lilith. Nimoes who is the oldest and going to be the first female hair to the throne but her father's brother Raul, was not in support of this motion knowing the dangers they will face when arrival clans and other kinds like the witches and wolfs will attack...

"My beloved brother, I know how much you have put into your leadership, others are beginning to ask questions," Raul speaking to his elder brother the king who was strolling around the castle

"Questions like what?" king Athan ask

"There are rumors that your daughter Lilith is a cursed child, she can't be identified as a vampire for she possesses other unspeakable power and your eldest daughter Nimoes is a pure-blood but she is not strong enough to be our ruler" Raul continue" I was thinking if you should pick a second wife from any of the arrival clans who can bear you a son "

"Silence Raul" the king commanded in a voice like thunder and it frightened both the chief guard and Raul as they bow their heads for his voice makes them shiver his eyes were like flames when he is upset

"Marcus! summon all the elders in all the clans, tell them I, Athan need to see them immediately" the king order leaving them behind going to look for his beautiful wife who was sitting at the blood bank taking stock but could hear everything they king and his brother was discussing

Athan has never loved any woman outside his wife and daughters, now his worries and fear are coming to pass. he is getting weak by the day since he made a decree that no vampire should feed on humans blood but his daughter Lilith can't survive on animals blood, she is said to be caused for she doesn't look like a vampire, a witch or a wolf yet she has the strength ten times a hybrid.

Lilith has never set her feet outside her father's Castle for the only time she did, over thirty vampires lost their lives, she is faster than any vampire in the clan strong than ten vampires put together, her strength was something everyone fear. She has been kept in a secret portal in the castle with magic spells that could keep her inside, she only saw her Mom, Dad, and Nimoes sometimes Marcus

Lilith is a beautiful young princess, her fair white skin tone glows in the reflection of moonlight, her long white hair was so long that she could fold them and rest her head on them, her nails are like sharp steel. Unlike her father, her eyes were hazel one of the most beautiful eye colors. She was never taught anything but yet she was smart and intelligent

"My queen" Athan called

And she replied without looking at him "yes my lord" her voice was so calm that it could make him sleep

"I know you heard it all," he said

"Your brother has the guts to come to my home and order my husband to marry another woman and my husband did nothing about it, I would love him to say such words in my presence" she continued as she turned to see the king who was already sitting on the floor, she could not believe her eyes. She rushed to pick him up...

"What troubles you, my lord, you are the reason for all existence in the vampire order, how will it feel if anyone finds you sitting on the floor, remember you told me not to show weakness to my enemies," she said with tears rolling from her eyes

"My queen, my strength is failing me. My brother is planning with the elders to become the leader if I pass on and you know what that means...

For the first time, I am confused for my enemy is my blood and I can't face him with death," the king whispered to the ears of the queen with a faint voice like he was about taking his last breath

"I will face anyone with death if they come close to you or my daughters, I will make them burn in eternity, here my beloved. Drink of my blood the Elders you summon are already sitting in the royal court waiting for you " she ordered him, he drank of her blood which boils like hot charcoal when spilled on the floor

King Athan quickly regain some strength and flee to the chamber where the elders were already seated and murmuring why the urgent call but none of them could notice the presence of the king until Marcus demand their silence

"Silence..." Marcus shouting on the top of his voice

Seated in the chamber were: Lord Raul, Lord Silas, Lord Drake, Lord Lazarus, Lord Ravana, Lord Azazel, Lord Cassius, Lord Morana, Lord Vikra, and Lord Amelia

They all bow at his presence and for a moment silence roam around the chamber before one of the elders gained the courage to speak.

"My lord, we have been troubled with the urgency in which we were summoned. Is anything troubling my king or is there something we should worry about?" Lord Vikra asked

"Who is not among us and why," king Athan asked turning to Marcus

"My lord he set out on a journey this morning and will be back a week later " Marcus replied

"I hear rumors traveling around, saying my daughters are not fit to become the leader of the vampire order. I have called all of you the elders today, to make a selection among my daughter's who will be fit to be the leader of the vampire order " the king said standing up from his royal sit made of blood clothed wool with gold metal blades

"My lord is it not too early to make such decisions and it has never been heard that a woman will become ruler of all vampires and none of your daughters are married yet, one of them is..." Lord Drake could not finish his sentence before the king in anger draw out a sword and cut off his left hand

"How dare you, how dare you call my children names"

They all trembled in their seat as they watch the eyes of the king turn red and his voice sounded like thunder, his royal robe fell off his body and his fang became visible ready to attack. All the elders put together can not stand him in battle, he was full of power but his strength is fading away.

"I will demand the head of anyone who speaks ill words against my household, I will invoke my wrath upon anyone who stands between my household and this throne, with a snap of my finger I can draw life from any human or vampire. My wrath is death " Queen Thana speaks from the dark corners of the chamber making her way to stand beside her husband and immediately she walked into light the elders bowed to her presence

"My king, there will be no need for such aggressive display of anger among your leaders, it's a good thing to bite the hand that fed you and clothe you in times of trouble but it's a big mistake for keeping such man alive. There will be no more blood spilling in this chamber, for it is in the prophecy that a female ruler will bring back peace and order to earth and that prophecy is my daughter. Princess Nimose" the queen continues to address the elders in council Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"My queen the prophecy is a long age believed that we're told to us by our ancestors and it states that the queen will be the wife of a warlord who will possess magical powers...." The king cuts in before lord Vikra could finish

"My daughter will get married in a week and after which she will become the leader of the vampire order even before my passing, these are my final words. Now leave my presence all of you.." The king order

All the elders left the chamber to their various castles leaving the king and queen, the queen tried her best to calm him down for he was too upset that none of the elders wants his daughter to be the vampire ruler

"my beloved husband, there won't be any need for anger. We will pick a husband for our daughter, one who is strong and ready to die for her interest. From a Nobel rich family, we can also pick from any of the Lords son's" the queen suggested to king Athan...

Austin_Fidelis Austin_Fidelis

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