27.27% ANIMEVERSE (ANIMES/MANGAS/NOVELS/MOVIES) / Chapter 3: 2-Meeting a certain Monkey


Chapter 3: 2-Meeting a certain Monkey

as i felt the knife in my throat i didn't move or even show anyfear suddenly the one od the bandits said

bandit 1 "what are you doing here kid"

jet said "nothing i was lost in the forest and start to search for a shetler for me to sleep during night time "

bandit 1 reply " you said shetler but what about your parents or relatives ??"

and then i replied " i don't have any like i said i am lost and i really need a shetler and some food can you be kind ans give me some "

another bandit 2 said " do you know who we are kid we aren't good people to ask for food or anything we are bandits and our leader is known as Dadan surly you will hear about her if you live in any nearby village as she is quite famous "

jet said " actually i am not from this island sir but first could you be kind to take off that knife from my throat it can't hurt me "

bandit 3 " shut up kid what do you think you are that a knife won't hurt you "

Jet said " i ate a devil fruit a logia one weapons isn't effective for me you can try but i don't recommand it as you will get hurt if you attack me instead of hurting me that's the anwser for your question "

suddenly the door that i came from slamed and the strangly the light enter the room i looked and saw a short bandit open the windows and from the door came a big women 'thought i would call her a man if you ask me '


Bandit 1 in fear " Dadan-san we didn't kiddnapp anyone this kid enter our hideout and said that he's lost and was searching for shetler "

Bandit 2 " yes that's right we only threaten him cause he enter our hideout "

i was thinking ' about a certain moment when Luffy called Dadan uncle it was sure a funny moment might as well have some fun and enjoy my youth since i am a kid ' i made my way until i was in front of Dadan and looked up to her 'man's big Jet said " hello uncle can you be so kind and let me stay hef tonight i might as well hunt for you as to thank you for letting me in "


Jet said with a child like smile " even if i am a child that doesn't mean i am weak also i have a strong devil fruit " i made my right hand crack in lightning showing her and the bandits and they were shocked

Dadan " that devil fruit isn't it a logia type one and a strong one on top of that alright if you want to stay the night here you have to hunt for use something to eat now OFF YOU GO "

after saying that she closed the door behind me i made my way thinking about the trio luffy ace and sabo ' i think luffy already got the straw hat aaah i need my own hat as all of them will have their own hats and i think it's good to have one too when i creat my pirate crew i will need something unique to add to the skull in my pirate flag also the name of my pirate but leaving that aside for now i will go search for something to hunt and i might get lucky and meet them .

after 3 hours of searching i start to think if there is actually any animals or beasts here as i didn't even found one but i need to find something suddenly my observation haki picked something nearby and without anymore thoughs i dashed toward it after pasing several trees i reached a field without trees and in front of me stood a big tiger but it's more like a sabertooth but it have two tails also it's pretty big he stood 4 meter tall looking at it there is no fear in Jet face bit instead there is exciting and fighting intent saying " look like my first opponent in this world is you little cat also i think i can test some of my abilities on you before finishing you off " the sabertooth as if sensed something he turned toward me and growled in response he look at me like as if i was a prey but saddly it'd the opposite i dashed at it using my full spees without using my D.Fruit and suprising i was too fast i already reached him and take out kusanagi from inventory but i didn't draw the blade from the sheath and hit it with full force on the side and suprising it was sent for 3 meters back bit i didn't gave it time i appeared in front of it hitting it on it's chin by the seath again and it rolled back trying to avoid me but i was faster sending it back again after landing a lot of hits for 30 minute i didn't even break a sweat then i decided to use an ability i loved extending my hand infront of me i said "SNATCH" and quickly the beast legs start to tremble as if it can't keep standing cause it lost all it's strength and as for me my muscls grow a little and my height too i was 4.2 feets and now i am almost 5 feets tall it's not only my muscls and height that grow even my srength it almost doubled that mean this beast have the same strength as me but was slower and his defence is quite low aftef taking it's strength i suddenly disappaired and appeard bside it yes my speed too grow i didn't use my sword sheath but instead i used my hand ans punched it hard and ofcourse this isn't normal punch as i hit it on the head you can hear his bones cracked broken poor him after than i unleash my kusanagi ans cut it's throat and it hit the ground that's it my abilities are too op but i know i am still too weak right now as i don't stand a chance on the new world i need to train my skills slowly so that i can use them properly like snatch i can only use it on one taget i need to train so that i can use it on a certain field as i ended my thought i returned normal after killing the beast and start to pull it from one of it's tails after that heading toward Dadan bandits hideout after sometime i heard someone from behind me it was a kid voice

?? "hey you stop right there ,what are doing with our prey "

i turned around and God bless me i was lucky cause in front of me stood three kids two of my age and one younger they are luffy ace and sabo without doubts

i supressed my excitement and said in a calming voice with a smile "how it is yours i found it first and fought and kill it so it's naturally mine "

ace said with his serious face " we were folllwing this beast all the day and it's just meet you by luck but it was ours if you didn't kill it would already do it so hand it over and get out of here as it's our territory and anything enter it is ours "

Jet still smiling said " no cand do you see i was lost here and found a wooden house ans inside it was bandits and i request them to let me stay at night and ofcourse they didn't agree but after i offer them that i would hunt something for them to eat their leader agreed so i can't give you this one how about tomorrow i can get you another one instead of this "

sabo and luffy from behind mumble between themselves

luffy " he said bandits but we never meet them surly we fought pirates but no bandits "

Sabo " idiot! he's talking about Dadan and others can't you use your brain a little"

then ace smacked both of them and yelled "SHOUT UP YOU TOO AND LET ME TALK "

Luffy's head droped to the ground and his neck stretched but sabo shouted " THAT HURT "

looking at the three of them i start to laugh hearing me ace turned toward me and shouted "WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT BASTARD " he dashes toward me but i stood still and smiled at hil but he was annoyed by that and throw a punch at me but it pased through me with lightning crack whrtr he hit me in the face still smiling i said " sorry to disappoint you but you can't hurt me so can you let me go as i need to take this to the bandits " he looked at me and suddenly luffy and sabo was there too i was a little bit taller than them luffy have stars in his eyes and sabo didn't but he was surly excited

ace like a leader said first " how did you do that ??" sabo add " are you a devil fruit user " luffy said " devil fruit user ?? you mean like me " ...

i stay silent as they fired their questions after they quite i answerd " that's right i am a devil fruit user but not like you i didn't know your names by the way i am Jet , Creel D Jet , nice to meet you " luffy shout first " i am Luffy , Monkey D Luffy and i am going to be pirate king " ace and sabo shout at the same time " IT'S ME WHO WILL BE THE PIRATE KING !!" " NOT YOU IT'S ME !!" Luffy shouted "WHAT ABOUT ME !! " both at same time " JUST SHUT UP " Ace then reached his hand for a shake " anyway i am Ace , Portogas D Ace " sabo followed after him " and i am Sabo , just Sabo it's nice to meet you Jet-san " after that ace and sabo looked at each other and nodded and ace asked me " you said that you went to a bandits hideout and you sealed a deal with the leader that if you hunt them something to eat you will be staying this night right ??" i replied " yes actually the leadef was a women but to be honest she look like a man more than a women and i remember that her name was Dadan as the bandits called her why you ask do you know them " Luffy said with a wide smile " yes we actually lived there " jet said with a courious look " but i am sure that you weren't there when i meet them " Luffy being the Idiot and blockhead he was answerd honestly " that because we were in our secret base " and this time both ace and sabo smacked him in the head and his head hit the ground again while shouting at him " THAT WAS A SECRET DUMBASS " i laughed my ass off in this and said " you guys are pretty funny but can we get going it's almost sunset maybe we can continue our talk there " ace sabo and luffy shouted " ALRIGHT LET'S GET GOING "



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