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Chapter 4: 3- friends and maybe even brothers

here we are eating from my hunt and i would say i am surprised not about how much they eat but about me i too eat too much just like the trio i was thinking about the greatest secret in one piece and it's about how can some characters eat that much of food without getting even little fat

but i think i don't need to know all i care about is to live in each anime world like i always wanted like one piece i would like to admit that becoming the pirate king or marine admiral isn't to my liking nor becoming the greatest swordman in the world the title that i want to claim in one piece world is the title of the strongest like whitebeard has claimed for years it's seems i grow found of him and his title as the strongest in the world isn't a joke i mean even in his bad health he managed to get the marines ass kicked even his devil fruit alone made him at the peak of the world add his haki and physiqual strength too all this made him claim the title of the strongest in the world might as well try my best in training to gain the strength that is needed for it also this is only for one piece world i am a man of lot of dreams and each world i have great dream about anyway after that night i get to know the trio more as we become friends 'ace only show hostility to strangers and now that i am not he isn't bad ' we talked about several things even our dreams i mean their dream to become the pirate king and mine to be the strongest in the world but for the same result as they said that the pirate king are the most man with freedom in the world as for me it's the srongest that gave the lost freedom as no one can go against me i would be going anywhere when i reach that place even the world governament and the celectial dragons won't be able to do anything but to show their respect to me but i don't care about their respect if i ever meet a celectial dragon i will give any of them a good punch or two that would be able to change their features that even their famillies wouldn't even know them anymore aah anyway where we left it was the next day and i wau going to left but the trio acompany me in the forest as we were doing so i was talking with them i asked Luffy " hey luffy what is your devil fruit i didn't ask you though about it last night but i saw that like you can stretch any part of your body"

he answerd " i ate the Gomu Gomu no mi and i am a rubber man " i looked at him and he looked back and asked " what ??" i answerd " nothing just that your devil fruit by a chance was my devil fruit weakness as lightning can't harm rubber let's test it so we can get it through" he said cheerfuly " alright ! let's do it " ace and sabo agreed and go to the side to watch i stretched my hand infront of me and point my fight toward him and shout a lightning at him and after it hit him nothing happened he looked at me and said " it's seems like what you said is true lightning can't harm me but what about the opposite can i harm you " Jet replied " let's find out here come and punch me with a light punch " he dashed at me and man he didn't hold himself back and stretch his hand back before it shout forward as he shout with it " Gomu Gomu no pistol !!" he hit me damn his punch are a little strong i even felt pain and my cheek was red with the punch i said " are you calling this a light punch i know you use your full strength in this " he said laughing in idiotic way " sorry sorry i was exciting and i used a bit much power in that punch but you seems alright how can you do that " i said " easy with the training i was doing this punch is nothing compared to it like i said i am working hard to become the strongest in the world " ace and sabo came from the said and then ace said something surprised me " then can you teach us something too we also want to become strong because the way to become a pirate king are long and hard we need to be strong for this can you please help us " i was shocked that it would be him that would ask i smiled and said " but ofcourse what a friend i am if i didn't help my friend ok here you are the first thing is ... " after explaining the first and basic of the training method we start doing it but me with sime extra like that i approched the system and asked about how can i gain sp and he answerd that it's automatic and each of my exerciese would give me a certain amount of sp and there is also defeating peopke yes defeating not killing god i don't know who people would easly kill i mean i never see a real death only in the Tv and it would send me a a chill in my back i never liked the idea of killing man killing would give me bad karma even if they are evil we don't have the right to take their lives i mean the God made their existen for something that is what i believe moving on after the training it seems the trio trust me as they told me about their secret base and them fighting pirates in the area around also they offer me to sleep in the base with them and ofcourse i accepted it


after 3 years with them we already become sworen brothers and i even meet garp too and god i would like if i didn't meet him as he would beat us his fist of love isn't a joke it's quite strong and it seems he always use his haki to a certain level so he wouldn't hurt us more than needed also the accident of sabo's fake death happened and now me and ace are 13 and luffy are 10 i decided to travel a little in the goa kingdom as there is a certain 'marimo' that i want to meet and if possible prevent kuina's death too if i am not late after i said goodbye to my little brothers i start to make my way toward frost moon village after traveling for sometime on speed of lightning i reached the entrance of the village like Enel i can hear everyone talking in the village even out of it as it reached 2-4 km range and i can say that i even hear the people that practice in isshin dojo and it's look like i am not late as zoro and kushona are sparing on the dojo lucky me they didn't reach their last match yet that they used a real sword but that's alright now he go there after reaching the dojo he heard wooden swords clashs before he enter he got to a nearby tree and cute a branch and swing it a little and smiled " good this will do time to beat up the legend of kuina that even our future greatest swordman didn't manage to defeat in 2001 battle between them man 2001 lose anyway i knocked the dor before opening it with the branch still in my hand it seems zoro and kuina ended their little battle i start making my way until i was in the center of the sparing ground there was a middle aged man with a smile on his face looking at le as i looked at him i said " i came here to challange your dojo i heard that it's famous and have some good sword users ' not swordmans ' " he remain silent for a while before he said " i believe that you know already that no one here can do you a real challenge even my daugther that are curenlty the strongest can't " i replied " i don't need them to match me i wish for a fight that is all " i looked a the side and noted zoro and kuina giving me a fighting intent i pointed at them " how about this two they look good"

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