81.81% ANIMEVERSE (ANIMES/MANGAS/NOVELS/MOVIES) / Chapter 9: 8- and 9-rescuing 1/2 - 2/2


Chapter 9: 8- and 9-rescuing 1/2 - 2/2

You can see two people making their way toward a big mansion but surly no one would think that in this mansion was held a lot of people waiting for their cruel fate of becoming slaves

as Jet and Gon made their way toward the mansion Jet make sure to use his observation haki to count how many people was inside from the organization members to the leader to the people that was held inside and it seems that they were on the underground seems like they hide them well

after making sure of the their numbers he informed Gon about them and their places and told him about the underground were would his family held in .

as he heard the man that would be his future Captain telling all this information even before entering the mansion he was shocked surly after he told him that this is his observation haki he was looking forward to start training in both observation and armmanent and pushed the idea of having the third one as he would be satisfied by only this two and a devil fruit maybe for later

anyway as they reach the front door of the mansion Jet knocked the door 'that was not the way i though it would go i was thinking of breaking inside by force '

after a solid minute the door opened and what meet them was a man in servant clothes " welcome to Master Rostinar mansion how can I help you sir "

Jet repied " save your shit for yourself as we are here to save the people you held in the underground "

the servant was shocked to see someone know that they kidnapp people to sell them as slaves but after ge saw that it was only two he gather his courages and become confident in himself as he say " seems like you are idiots to come here without a backup , how foolish you are coming with only both of you how can you stop us "


Not wasting any time with this canon folder he zapped him with lightning making him faint and theh made their way inside leaving an a burned man in the front door not even bothered to be seen as they their way Jet order Gon " i will take care of them you find the doorway to the underground and save them after that i will destroy this mansion and we complete our deal as we need to leave tomorrow also we will meet our navigator then we set sail to the grandline there i will try to recuite our shipwright and a doctor also we need some other crewmates that isn't that important for now like a swordman and a marksman / sniper but they can wait as for what is our pirate name is the ALMIGHT PIRATES and as the name i would like us to be almighty in the sea so everyone would fear us and we will be free from the bounds that would held us like the world gouvernament or the Marines as i will claim the throne that was taken for a long time by the White Beard and i will be the next strongest man alive in the world "

Gon said with a smile " Roger that captain i also have a dream but with my family possible to be in danger i can't bring myself to leave them like that "

jet " don't worry about them getting harmed as you know we can sent them to Goa Kingdom it's safe and if you ask me i would advise to sent them to a foosha village it's the safest place i know as that place was the home of vice admiral Garp he would drop some time and that make it safe there is also a bandits group but they are good people you can say that when the village in threat they would be in action to help then you can come with me without having to worry about their lives as they will be safe there "

Gon bowed and qaid " thank you captain i can't repay your kindness "

jet " stop that now i said it we are crewmates we help each other we will no leave any of our crewmates in time of need also you might as will work hard after we reach the grandline and find a doctor and shipwright we will settle in an island for some time to train so you guys would be ready for the new world , anyway let's get things here done first "

as he said that a group of mens came rushing with thier swords and guns and from the front and behind as Gon was preparing to fight jet said " don't waste time in fighting leave it to me and go find the way to underground to save the people there as for this shits i would like to play with them a little "

after saying that he charged at the front group to clear the way he used his physical strength but was still holding back a lot cause his strength was too much even for the people in the new world as he reached in front of them he used snatch to quickly finish them as he extend his hand and said "Hunter festival " and everyone start to drop on the ground as they lost their strength not even be able to left themselves and he did Jet barely get any changes in his height nor did his muscls become big it's normal cause even with all his strength his muscls was perfect just like Zoro after the two years but he was a little taller as he did this he cleard not only the front group but everyone that in the room only he and Gon was standing as he didn't use snatch on him as his control over his abilities was perfect

after that they parted their way as to got their job done after clearing the room jet sart to make his way toward the higher floor in the second floor there was already a group bigger than the previous one and a little stronger but since he is not in rush he start to punch his way even after limiting his strength too much it was no joke he would sent anyone flying and would not stand up again 'look at this it's just like I am One Punch Man no one can stand more than one punch '

aftef clearing the other floors he was in front of a big door and inside it was the leader with some people and they seems like nobels looks like they are confident in their mens to end everything with ease but unfortunitly they are mistaken as theor mens were the one that was taken easly it seems there are three nobles inside with the leader that i thinl it's Rostinar guy the servant said also it seems like they are with their personal guards each with two and Rostinar with one but he himself will not be weak '

not caring about anything to happened he entered the luxurious room as for Gon he has a little difficult in fighting even thoughs they weren't as much as Jet fight with they were still a lot and he sure got some scratchs from some as he already arived in the underground he found a lot of people there and so he found his father mother and little brother but his little sister was not with them (the father is Mori and his mother is Jessica Brother is Han Sister is Rittha ) after he got them out he asked them where she is and theh told him that they toke her as some noble man was demanding a little girl as a slave so they toke her by force after breaking his fathers left arm

aftef listening to what happened he start to shake in anger but remember that he have to take them out he believed that his sister would be in the highest floor with the leader and the noble and that is were his captain was heading to so he was confident that his captain will bring his little sister safe without doubt he himself was shocked by how he trusted his captain to bring his sister back

in the highest floor inside a luxurious room three nobels woth the leader of the branch organization with their personnal guards and a little girl that was on the floor were facing a man that stood at heighy of 180 cm with a face handsome face like itachi with the same hair style bit his haor was white and had a hat that look like the one ace wore but black and white in colour with his pirates skull his eyes were silver with a scar in his cheek along the way his neck to his shoulder wearing a shirt like luffy's after two years showing his perfect muscls but was black with his own pirates skull on the back and a short with sandels add a coat over his shoulder that was silver on it's back was also his pirate skull with a perfect body that has a long scar like luffy but it was only on ond side not in 'X' shape like luffy from his right waist to the left shoulder that was Creel D. Jet our OP Mc himself

making his way toward them they seems a little surprised but then a laugh came from Rostinar as he said " nehehehe seems like you are lucky to came this much but unfortunatly this is were you would die kill him " ordring his guard as he mad his way toward Jet with a smug smile confident in himself that he would kill him easly as they made their way toward each other the leader's guard said with a lot arrogant " hehehe seems like you already given up on your little life as there is no way for you to win or escape " as they stood in front each other the guard unleash his sword and cut toward Jet's neck with the intent to cut his head smiling already thinking everything is done but what happened next broken his confident

as he stood there he used a little armmanent haki of one finger and stopped the sword with ease not believing what happened the others were shocked to the core and thier mouths were open wide , Jet stood there without caring like it was nothing for him to block that strike after what happened Jet used to fingers and start to pressure the blade for seconds before it shatter to a lot of pieces with this the guard already backed several steps back and fall on his butt also he pissed himself the leader wasen't happy with this nor the nobles but they keep their cool and orderd theif guard to kill him together all the 6 guards made thier way toward Jet as they forget his action they start to mock with smug smiles and the leader with the nobles didn't care as if everything was going their way and continue their buisness but then Jet said " how foolish are you to think to high of yourselves even as the people of the weakest sea in the world you seems more arrogant than other what are you in the grandline 'paradise' or the 'New World' nothing and here you are acting all might in front of me your arroganity are the most foolish thing i saw in my life and i would care less to waste my time with you as o deem you guilty and your punishmment is the most terrible pain you will ever feel in your lives

as he finished his speech he released his lightning around the room but not affecting the little girl




he made his way toward the little girl that was 5-6 years old all the other scream in the most horrible pain they felt in their lives as the he was infront of the scared girl she was shaking and holding her tears bacl he smiled at her and pat her head gently and said in a gentle voice " it's alright you are safe you don't have to fear me i am a friend of your brother Gon and we came here to save you from the bad people come let go to meet your family " extending his hands wide , she without thinking hugged him tightly and cried too hard as he gently stroke her hair and said " don't worry you are safe let big brother bring you to your family ok "

after several minutes of crying she was out of tears and calmed down " thank you big brother for saving me i want to see my family back can we go "

smiling gently at the little girl 'she's sure are cute nothing like Gon ' " ok here we go " holding the little girl and made his way out after that he turned his head and said coldly " be thankfull i didn't kill you i think killing you is mercy for the likes of you so i will let the marines handle this " not like they can hear him as they faint from the horrible pain they felt and they were completly black from burning .

making his way out they finaly meet the family and they thanked him too much and cried for their daugther's safity as we made our way back to the restaurant

Gon said " i really can't thank you enough for what you did "

Jet " that's enough Gon it's alright like i said we are crewmate threating each other like a family your problems are mine or ours anyone of us need help others will help also if you are thankfull then you better make me a lot of food i am too hungry " saying the last part with a smile

Gon " gladly but i want to ask how are you not fat with that much food you eat surly you will be like a big pig "

Jet rolled his eyes at his remark and said " beat me if i know that i only know that i need a lot of food and you as the crew cook it's your duty to feed me so let's hurry up " saying that he made his start to walk faster as he was talking with Gon family and it's seems that Rittha liked him as he would play with her all the way back to the restaurant

Gon stopped and looked at his Captain back and smiled and said " Roger that captain "



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