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9.09% Ann and the secret painting / Chapter 3: Chapter three : I smell trouble

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Chapter 3: Chapter three : I smell trouble

So people started going on stage one after the other , until number 25 was called .

And as you know participant number 25 is the kid I switched with .

He ascended the stage , then he said with all confidence "take a look at the winner of this competition, all these kids don't know what they're doing, don't they know who I am ?".

Then one of the judges said "so you are ...." .

Which was kind of awkward, almost everyone lagged.

the boy said ".....I am (John Cristafor) The genius painter of this town , at any case I am here to win so let me present my painting" .

The judges said "yes , please begin" .

John took off the cover and said "this is my painting I give it the name of {the master}."

One of the judges asked him "So what's your dream ?" .

He told them "my dream is to open my own art school , and I will be that schools master"

It looked like the judges loved the painting , so the remaining contestants got scared and backed down .

So I was left alone , however I ascended the stage and to be honest I was kinda of pissed of , but I held myself.

I said "attention please , the remaining contestants baked down like fools , but I for one won't , I to have confidence in my painting so may I present my painting ??" .

The judges were surprised that there is still some one who dares to stand after seeing John's painting .

At any case they told me "yes child go on".

So before I took the cover of my painting I said "now you should see what true art is ?"  .

I took the cover off , and my painting was so sparkly it took everyone by surprise they all were shocked . [just as planed hehe ..]

Then I told them "should I start ?" .

The judges and among them was the leader of the (Layler Family) said "yes child please do , give us the name of the painting and tell us your dream" .

I told them "yes, sure" and I started .

"First of all my painting go's with the name

{ To know the unknown}  .

I gave it that name because as you can see my dream is : to know more about painting and I also want to know more about the painter who made me see the true beauty of painting .

I did not realize my dream until today to be honest, but I have truly fallen in love with painting, thanks to a painter's painting .

So my dream is to know more about the art of painting that is what this painting shows, it shows my future self holding that unknown knowledge.

Then the judges said "Now this is a dream we wanted to see , but may we know the name of the painter you look up to ? , and was he the one who taught you how to draw ? , oh and we are really curious how old are you ? You look so small it's hard to believe you are this talented" .

I answered "first I am only 6 years old I will be turning seven next month, as for the painter who I look up to : well his name is (Louis Layler) and no unfortunately he didn't taught me since he died long before I came to this world".

Then the leader of the Layler family said "wait how did you know about him if he is died ?". Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I answered him without thinking "not too long ago, I saw his last painting , and it was the first time I realized what painting was about , and that is to capture the beauty of the natural view in the painting".

"you can also express your feelings through the painting and the painting will come out wonderfully, would you not say so too ?" .

He said "yes I think so to , now then give us some time so we can decide the winner" .

I told them " yes please take your time" .

When I got down from the stage I was so shocked to see the owner of the cake shop .

I told him "hello" .

but he was in a hurry, he suddenly took my hands and said "come with me quick" .

I told him "sure but what's the hurry for ..?" .

He said "just follow me I have to talk to you so let's go outside , since most of the people are in the hall waiting for the results" .

When we finally got outside he said "Ann you should know , I will always be around you , oh yeh and no one can see me accept you, since you are the chosen one, so try not to talk to me when you are around people" .

I told him "is that why you called me ..?" .

He told me "no , I called you here because I forget to tell you something it's about the painting" .

I said "spell it out , the results might come out any minute now"

He said "you're not suppose to tell any one about the painting or the one who drew it , you do realize that you're in trouble now right?".

"After all the leader of the Layler family (Levin Layler) was searching for that painting for along time now , but he couldn't find it , because (Louis) didn't want to give his legacy to him ".

"His treasures that are hidden within the painting he wanted it all to be yours , He wanted you to grow up soon and become a great painter who can compete against his family , he is feared that his family will lose there talent if they don't have some one worth competing them , so it's up to you to keep there family going the right path" .

I told him "then why must I hide it ..??" .

He told me "well you see levin is deferent , he is after the painting for a different reason , you see he wants the wealth , the money ".

"So do you get it ?, he doesn't care about painting he just cares about money, That's all I can tell you, be careful he now knows that the painting exists so he will definitely make a move soon, Remember don't show the painting to any one unless I tell you to ,am I clear ??" .

I told him "yes you did , but what should I do ? He now knows that I have seen the painting , he will ask me about the place I saw it in , and since I am an artist he might go as far as asking me to draw the painting using my memories" .

The owner of the cake shop said "your right he might actually do that"  .

I told him "don't worry I have a way to get out of a situation like that no need to worry I got this" .

And I wasn't lying, I can always find a way out of my problems .

He told me "me , worrie.!!, I am a grown up, you should be the one worried , at any case I will trust you , so you better keep your word" .

I told him "I will keep my word not a single soul unless it's some one you and I trust , by the way I still don't know you're name .." .

he said "oh yeah ,you don't call me at all this I was the one coming to you , well then I am (Gorge) you just call me and I will come to you".

Then suddenly the competition organizer called everyone and asked them to come to the main hall".

I said to Gorge "let's go , I think they will announce the winner" .

Gorge said " I won't be so sure about that" .

I told him what do you mean ?" .

He said " I smell trouble" .

I told him " don't be silly , what could possibly happen" 

He said "I am not sure ,but be careful" .

I told him " you're starting to creep me out, but I am always careful" .

then he said with a weird smile on his face

"Oh really, that explains why  you told them about the painting right ?" , And he kept laughing .

To be honest he got me there , but I won't lose my pride , so I told him "that wasn't my fault alone , it's also yours , since you didn't worn me earlier ,we both are responsible for that" .

He said "looks like little Ann can solve her problems so why must I help you ?" .

He sure knows how to get on my nerves.

I told him "you said only I can see you that means no one can help you other than me , and besides you're master (Louis 's) friend are you not" .

He told me "you got a point there I will help you but please only call me when necessary , oh we arrived to the main hall you're on your own now good luck"

And he just vanished.

End of chapter three :)

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