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Chapter 112: Clash!

Silence, only the silence filled the place as miracles that were beyond this era were unfolding. What was going on here is something that cannot be described by lower dimensions and realities.

Human Order Ritual, which is the ring of light, is digging through the ceiling of the reality marble, leaving light particles everywhere.

However, the reality marble is reinforced by the Origin and concept of the Flow while using the boost from the World's authority, so it might take a while to breach it completely.

Venus, the Phantasm replica of the real planet, was glowing at the highest point of this world while showing the universe behind it. Just by manifesting here, the planet was trying to spread its authority and textures on this land, which made the ring of light clash with it, especially with the stars' constellations and the World's authority.

Authorities and concepts were fighting and trying to tear each other apart at each moment. Each texture and reality was trying to force itself on the world and come as the dominated existence. This reflected in the disordered space and sparks of lightning flashing here and there, like a circuit getting overloaded and almost burning.

This type of clash was rarely seen, even in the Age of Gods. Some gods saw these types of fights, but they could be counted on fingers because Gaia and Alaya won't allow these history breaking events to happen.

The silence lasted for short moments before it was broken by a thunderous roar that shakes the land. Gugalanna raised its head and roared. Its cries shocked the earth and sky as his body was glowing with a golden color.

The lightning was flying around it like a storm and much stronger than before. From the hoofs, the blinding blue lightning started changing into purple, even Gugalanna's eyes turned purple while looking at Shinji in the sky.

After receiving a buff from Venus' textures, Gugalanna's foothold and foundation in this world and era became stronger, which allowed it to use more of its power, even stronger with the help of Venus' light.

Shinji didn't like it when Bull of Heaven stared at him with those purple eyes. Like he thought before, Beast VI is really like a virus to his world! Venus in the sky is spreading its textures and infecting the area where Shinji's Flow and reality can move freely. No to mention the current buff it gave to the Bull of Heaven.

Seeing the Bull of Heaven receiving a buff, Leo was surprised for a moment. Venus' textures and authority gave this Bull more power like standing in a buff area, even Gugalanna's lightning carried the heat from the planet on it.

Taking a quick glance at the surroundings, Leo made his plan immediately {The Anti-Original Sin ritual is the biggest problem. Taking it down won't be easy}

The whole ritual of Solomon aims at clearing the Original Sin from humanity and starting a new era, which means a lot of attribute advantage for Solomon against Leo. Leo always used attribute advantage against his opponents, so he clearly knew how nasty to get attacked by a counter element.

{Of course, it won't be easy if I didn't want to get an injury…} Leo glanced at the light particles from Solomon's ring of light before his wings opened wide. Although it'll be hard, this ritual isn't Solomon, so this gives him more maneuvers around it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_49985678536135851">!_49985678536135851</a> for visiting.

However, at this moment, he saw Shinji gathering the flow around him. Back when Shinji had the host advantage, Leo couldn't see it, but now, he sensed it. Although it's faint, this Wakame is carrying some foundation from the Sephiroth.

"Would you look at that… This might end better than I thought" Leo's eyes flashed before his Spirit Core moved and activated his Self-Modification Skill, which awakened his Origin.

Leo slowly lowered his hand as the whole world was shaking again. Everyone raised their heads to see Venus has changed. The planet that was floating in the sky gradually became bigger and bigger… The planet was falling down!

"You madman!!" Shinji screamed while looking at the gigantic planet dropping towards the ground.

The golden light particles are flying in the air as mana was going out of control. Solomon, who was under the waterfall of light, looked at the planet advancing in his way.

If it was just a rock dropping it'll be fine, but this is a whole pack of concepts and textures! The moment it hits the ground, which is filled with Avalon's textures, it'll explode and release mystery and mana like thousands of nukes on their heads. It'll even affect the real world and cause a disaster!

Solomon raised his arms as his temple moved. All the Demon Gods gathered around the ring of light and connected their rituals to it.

*Click!* *Click* *Click*

Numerous clicking sounds were heard from the ring of light before several light belts separated from it. Moving like snakes, the light belts did a circle around the temple before they rushed towards the planet.

Leaving a shrieking sound in the air, the light belts reached the planet in a blink of an eye before clashing with it.


More sparks and lightning appeared in the surrounding after the ritual clashed with Venus. Their clash made the world shake again, even the outside parallel world felt the impact.

However, those light belts didn't stop Venus as it kept descending towards the ground with the same crushing momentum.

Shinji also joined this clash as he pushed his ritual and Origin, which changed all the world's flow. Waves and waves of energy moved in the air like a raging sea towards Venus in the sky.

The energy dragged everything with it, wind, space, time, even a little of Solomon's light belts were dragged against Venus in the sky, which finally did something and helped Solomon to slow down the planet drop.

Venus kept releasing its golden scorching light, but against two conceptual haxs, it couldn't advance with the same speed.

Shinji wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but then, a deep purple lightning beam appeared in the corner of his eye.

After looking at what was happening to Venus, Gugalanna charged his mana and divinity in its mouth before shooting a beam towards Shinji.

The scorching purple lightning carried Venus's power while flying towards Shinji like a rocket, which made him unable to fully control it.

He didn't have much power to spare now. Most of Shinji's focus was on the planet that wanted to blow up everything, so all he could do was use his flow and retreat from that position.

The purple lightning passed him from the side as he could feel the different flows around him, but he didn't have much strength to control them.

Raising his hand, Shinji waved as a blade of space and time flow rushed towards Gugalanna directly.

Gugalanna stomped the ground as his huge size made the whole land shake and lightning flew all over the place, but the scorching lightning wasn't able to stop the blade completely as it rushed towards it.

However, at that moment, a pink wave of space rushed like a blade and collided with Shinji's attack. The two attacks clashed in mid-air as they turned into a turbulence in space and time before disappearing.

Palkia appeared around Gugalanna as the Bull of Heaven looked at him, but it didn't care about him a lot. For Gugalanna, dragons were like all other creatures that it used to stomp with hoofs. Although this one had the Venus' blessing on it.

The dragon of space felt the Bull of Heaven's eyes before he narrowed its eyes and roared at him. Gugalanna also roared at Palkia, which started a conflict between two hot blooded Divine beasts.

"I can't go like this…" Without a care about his attack result, Shinji frowned as he started looking around. Although Venus' speed slowed down, it didn't stop. He is just spending energy for nothing meaningful! Rather than stopping the process, he should look for the source, which is Beast VI.

After a moment, he saw Beast VI floating at a distance. His wings and body were glowing with a dreadful form of mana that he never saw before while his eyes gave him chills. He didn't know why, but he had a weird feeling that if Beast VI stared at him enough, he'd die instantly in the next clash!

Solomon frowned as he released more light belts. This might slow down his ritual, but it's better than letting Venus drop on his head.

Using all the rituals on the Demon Gods, he was able to substitute some of his energy and effort to attack Venus. However, the planet will fall eventually and he can't launch the ritual with Venus in his way, so he looked around with his Clairvoyance before he spotted Leo staring at his ritual.

A hard look appeared on his face when he saw Leo's eyes on his temple. He had the feeling that his ritual was being analyzed, which made him command the ring of light immediately.

The whole ring of light opened even further, blinding the world with a bright light. Tens of light belts separated from the formation and rushed like homing missiles as arcs filled the sky like a rain of arrows.

Leo looked at Solomon and Shinji trying to stop Venus with satisfaction. He didn't even care about the rains of attacks rushing towards him as his body glowed with a golden glow. Finally, everything returned to its rightful place and the balance was restored!

From the start of time, Beasts should be the ones destroying the world and humans trying to stop them. Not the other way around! He failed, failed terribly as a Beast and Satan!

The shame and headache Leo got from trying to save the world are immeasurable! He understood the pain and started to feel sorry for those who try to save the world while destroying it is much easier. He might even start praying just to not get in another mission like this!!

"Just for you know, even if I have to push this body to the limits, I'll show you that everything you'll do is…" Waving the lance slightly, Leo raised his other hand and clenched his fist. The scorching light was just a split second away from him, but he only grinned as his fist glowed with the same light of Venus.

"MUDA!!!" With its battle cry, Gold Experience appeared behind Leo before they both punched the fist light belt. Gold Experience was shining like Venus in the sky, especially in the seed at the middle of his chest.


In Solomon's astonished eyes, his light belt, which is a part of the ritual, cracked slightly before bouncing away from Leo and Gold Experience's fist. The fragments from the light belt became particles of light that changed their shape into golden spores.

Leo shook his wings before he disappeared from his place, leaving a series of sonic booms and golden spores behind him. The light belts immediately changed their direction, some rushed to block his way and others followed him from behind.

Looking at the light belts in front of him, Leo did a large swing to the left with the lance. Rhongomyniad glowed with a shining light before clashing with three light belts.

*BAM!* *BAM!* *BAM!*

The light belts were knocked away like they were a solid substance, not just a form of energy before Leo rushed past them.

"MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!" Gold Experience kept punching all the light belts around Leo, cracking them slightly with its fist and making more and more spores that stuck on other light belts.

What was left from the spores fell on the ground as Shinji felt something wrong was happening.

Solomon frowned while controlling the light belt. Beast VI's speed was very fast, and that spirit next to him was able to somehow crack his light belts, but what came next was beyond his expectations.

The light belts started slowing down. The hottest form of light on the planet was getting weaker as spores on the light belts opened up.

In the eyes of Solomon, weird plants in the shape of fungus that came in different colors were growing on his light belt. The plants were burning quickly, but they managed to open up some sort of a mouth filled with sharp teeth and started to bite the light to heal and grow larger in size. On the ground, different plants that resemble trees were growing on the land, they had a pure white color as blue energy lines were pulsing on their surface. With each plus, the 'trees' seemed to suck something from the ground and grow larger.

"What?!" Shinji, who was still processing the fact that Beast VI, an entity from this world, has something from a completely different world, looked at the trees pulsing as he felt the textures of Avalon were becoming weaker. He even saw the ground get a slightly golden color around the trees.

{What is that? I don't know… Nothing at all} If anyone said those words, it'll be okay, but Solomon with his Clairvoyance should know almost everything about the world(Planet), unless it… Wasn't something from this world(Planet).

"I told you that everything you'll do is muda" Leo didn't bother with Solomon and Shinji as he flew higher into the sky.

Gold Experience followed him with the same speed as his fists were glowing with a golden light, which is Venus' textures.

His first stand, and probably his first true beast, means a lot and had a very important role in Leo's power. He's probably the first attempt to defy the rules of God with his life creation abilities, but that is not important now.

This stand had different forms and abilities, but its creation of life was always the first one. He can create any living creature on Earth, even without Annihilation Maker's power. That power is like GE has all DNA from the creatures on Earth and can be recreated by matter and it didn't change much now, even after all this time, except its database of DNA increased slightly by another reality, which is Venus.

Using the authority of Venus that Leo carries, GE gained access to the whole DNA of alien life forms on Venus. A whole planet filled with parasites and infectious types of plants that can eat away everything depending on its strength.

Although this ability is available, it has more relation to the seed in GE's chest, which after guessing a little, Leo can assume it's Yggadrasil's seed. It allowed GE to enter this form that Leo decided to call, Gold Experience Venus Wind!!

With each fist, GE can spread Venus' textures on behalf of the planet and create these life forms that will do the same because they are alien creatures that don't follow the natural concepts of Earth. They don't know life and death, getting hurt or injured, there's a lot of things that don't apply to these creatures, so the only way to injure them is a strong concept in a direct attack.

If these creatures appeared on Earth in normal circumstances, they'd get spawn killed by Gaia immediately because they are alien creatures from Venus that'll pose a threat to the environment, however, this place is the equivalent of a Lostbelt without much interference.

In the end, this is all thanks to Shinji, he's a very good guy, which makes Leo can't help but give him more gifts as a thanks.

"What's wrong? Didn't you want textures? Have some more!!" Leo dodged a few light belts before he fell sharply towards the ground and started to fly at a very low height in a quick speed.

While flying at this height, he lowered Rhongomyniad and started to scratch the ground. The lance and ground made a shrieking sound while tearing open Avalon's textures before GE arrived.

"MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!" Gold Experience rushed behind him and started punching the ground. With each fist, Avalon's textures were replaced with Venus ones and several plants started growing and releasing spores.

The light belts in the air moved in a zig-zag as they chased Leo. They fell like raindrops around him as he moved left and right to dodge. Wherever he went, the light belts would destroy the ground and leave explosions behind him. Despite that, the energy from the light belts became food for the plants as they grew up faster.

Shinji looked at the plants spreading and growing like there's no tomorrow. Spores and veins advanced everywhere and started eating his reality marble, their infection speed made Shinji helpless. If he were to compare them to a zombie apocalypse, these plants will infect the whole plants in mere hours with their current speed.

Moreover, how did Beast VI get Gold Experience and Palkia?! Did he stab himself with an arrow or became the very best?! Or did some idiots come to type-moon and got killed by Beast VI before their things got stolen?

Shinji knew after this time that he isn't alone in this world-traveling madness, which was one of the reasons he chose to stay low while preparing himself, but he doesn't want to imagine that Beast VI is also a traverse! Although it'll explain why he's in this form, it'll be very bad news for Shinji.

Considering whatever to use his third order or not, Shinji felt a burning gaze as he saw Solomon staring at him with cold eyes. It didn't take long for Solomon to figure out the situation and the reason behind it, which was Shinji's fault!

Although he had a sense he knew the meaning behind those eyes, Shinji chose to ignore them before several attacks reached his way.

Retreating from his place to dodge the raging purple lightning, Shinji wanted to counter-attack, but a portal appeared and teleported more lightning around him.

The lightning and portals made him feel like he's in the middle of a storm before Shinji waved his hand and made the space move around with the flow.

Palkia's portals moved away like leaves in the wind, leaving lightning with Shinji to get deflected with the same wave.

Gugalanna and Palkia put their conflict aside for a moment because Shinji kept throwing space-time blades at them, which angered them a lot. They even started working together to shoot him down, but Shinji, with the Flow of World's authority, isn't an easy target.


Suddenly, Shinji heard an explosion from below. Looking down, he saw a firestorm on the ground that was getting eaten by some sort of carnivorous plants.

Solomon summoned more and more light belts as he blocked all Leo's exits before shooting him down. The light flew in the air in a clear trajectory before they filled all the space around Leo.

Staring at the light, Leo clenched his lance and GE clenched his fists. Waving the lance, Leo shot a wave of light at his front, which knocked the first wave of light belts before he did a quick turn to his back. His lance turned into flashes as he stabbed the light belt close to him, even his wings stretched open and slashed down a few of them.

GE was punching all the light belts that Leo couldn't take care of with his fists while spearing the creatures of Venus on them. In less than a few seconds, the plants grew larger and larger as they blocked some light belts, which gave Leo a chance.


With a flap of his wings, Leo rushed towards the sky as all the light belts fell on the plants in his last position.


A thunderous explosion covered the place in a sea of flames as Leo rushed from the heat and flew in the sky with his fastest speed. His wings and body were slightly burned before it recovered.

{Damn you, attribute advantage!} Feeling the burn pain on his body, Leo shook his head while revising the data and values he got after this clash.

Of course, he'll not burn for nothing, even if had to, he'll get some value! Currently, he's analyzing Solomon's ritual to discover its flaws, even if it's very, very complicated. The lines and values that represent the flaws are flickering like crazy on top of Solomon, which makes it hard to find the true flaws from just a temporary illusion and weakness.

The feeling of his ritual getting analyzed increased as Solomon had enough and waved his hand. The main light belt that was digging Shinji's reality marble, weakened slightly as countless light belts rushed towards Leo like homing missiles.

Even if the countless light belts covered the sky, Leo didn't care as he increased his speed and turned into a flash of light towards someone in the air. However, he didn't forget to give an order to Palkia via telepathy.

Shinji felt Solomon's movements as he wanted to use this chance to get an advantage in this battle royal, but then, a light flashed and an angel appeared in front of him.

"Yo...." With a quick greeting, Leo appeared in front of Shinji as he stabbed quickly with his lance. The lance turned into a flash of mana while blinding Shinji with its light. Solomon's attack followed Leo's position as Shinji was in its way, which made him a shield for Leo.

All the alarms in Shinji's head went off as cold sweat appeared on his back before he let go of the Flow on Venus and protected himself.


Losing the flow, Venus recovered his speed of falling as the whole reality marble started shaking again. With its size, the planet is almost covering all the sky and blocking the path for Solomon's main light belt, which made him frown and control the ring of light again.


A powerful shockwave filled the air as Rhongomyniad collided with Shinji's flow. The sparks were flying around the lance tip as it couldn't advance further against the flow. Shinji looked up to see the lance tip a few centimeters away from his forehead as a cold sweat filled his back again while feeling relieved to avoid this attack.

Solomon's light belts changed their direction and rushed towards the sky as they tried to push the planet away and clear the path for the main beam. His ritual isn't simple and any mistake can ruin the result, so he needs some time before it stabilizes completely because of Venus' authority.

Feeling the cold, icy lance almost near his forehead, Shinji controlled the flow to push it away and attack Leo.

"Don't celebrate this early, I said it, didn't I? everything you try now is…" Leo twisted the lance handle as the spinning energy was Shinji's flow rotate slightly against his control before GE rushed and punched.

"MUDA!!" With that punch, Shinji's flow got eroded by Venus' textures and its energy became spores flying in the air.

"So, for this 'wonderful' trip that I had in this world, here is my thanks…" Leo looked at Shinji's with eyes blazing with fury before he lifted his lance and GE clenched his fists.


The lance turned into flashes as Leo stabbed Shinji from all directions with his fastest speed while trying to grasp the flaws in his Flow and GE launched a barrage of punches with Venus' power on his fists.

"MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!!" The seven pages of muda are starting as Leo's eyes are burning with anger.

Shinji almost lost his ability to hear as the sound of the lance colliding with his flow and punches trying to erode his reality. Trying to master some strength from the World's authority, GE will quickly punch it and remove the flow while Rhongomyniad with Leo's flaws is cracking his defenses, which should be invincible in his world, within each moment passing by.

Solomon, who managed to push Venus a little, not backward, but to the side to allow his main beam to work properly. However, he stumbled at the scene of sparks and shock waves flying everywhere.

When he wanted to attack, his temple started shaking slightly as purple lightning was flying around and trying to burn it.

A portal appeared near him before Gugalanna ran and rammed the temple of time again as this attack made the whole place crack slightly.

Palkia teleported Bull of Heaven before he made Solomon's space and time defenses useless and allowed Gugalanna to land a clear hit.

Glancing at his temple, Solomon wanted to attack the two beasts directly, but then his temple started shaking again. Several plants and creatures from Venus started climbing on Solomon's temple and devouring it. Although they kept getting destroyed by the light's heat, they used their numbers to push forward.

Shinji, who was blocking the attack in the sky, was in a pinch, but he didn't understand why Beast VI looked at him like a sworn enemy?! He tried to run a couple of times but the rotation power of the lance dragged him back.

However, he didn't know that Leo classified him as the main target of his despair these days. The burned brain cells, the edge, the cringe, the nerf, humanity, philosophy, and everything that he had to endure in this world! Shinji and those players were the reasons for this mission, so technically, they are the cause of everything!

Carrying those unreasonable feelings, Leo launched all his fury as he finally caught a flaw in Shinji's defense.


Suddenly, Shinji heard a cracking sound as he saw the lance almost crushing all his defenses, which made him widen his eyes.

"Don't waste your time, it's not like you need a reason to hate someone, but if you want one, then…" Leo was able to read Shinji's face before he raised his fist and said " Your face"

Hearing the completely unreasonable reason, Shinji's lips twitched before he saw cracks spread into his flow barrier. Rhongomyniad was stuck on his barrier as it made the escape nearly impossible.

He doesn't have a choice, but to use it. In his soul, the Gate of Truth opened slightly as the same white energy shone slightly at the cost of more cracks on it. Shinji's face became pale again while raising his hands forward.

"How many times do I need to repeat it?" Without caring about Shinji's actions, Leo's fist was shadowed by GE before they punched at the same time " MUDA!!!"

The fist that carried a Beast's feelings of pain flew towards Shinji's face as the golden glow on it zoomed until it blinded his eyes.


A gigantic shock wave blows away everything around the clash location. However, Leo winded his eyes as he heard his fist cracking and flow was restored with a white clear energy.

With a quick reflex, Leo changed the direction of the punch. Avoiding the white light, the punch targeted a weak spot.


The first landed on Shinji's face as his entire facial expression was twisted by the Spin before a cracking sound was heard and he was launched like a rocket across the air.

"I've to say that you're a top tier parasite" Leo looked at his broken hand before he healed it with GE. To be honest, he never expected to see that energy in the hand of this guy, after all, that's the energy that started all the problems.

However, he quickly shook his head and calmed his Origin before his wings flapped as he flew after Shinji, only to see a bright light rushing.

During his flight, Shinji felt his burning face from pain and his wounded soul, but then, he sensed several energies behind him. It was the light belts that were blocking Venus from falling.

Desperately moving his flow, Shinji closed his eyes before several light belts hit him before behind. A huge explosion left a sea of flames in the air before smoke covered everything.

A huge pillar of light rushed from Solomon's temple and pushed all the creatures away. Even Palkia and Gugalanna weren't spared as they backed away because of the impact and heat.

Solomon clenched his fist while looking at Leo and Venus in the sky. At this rate, he is bound to fail, unless he ignores all the consequences. He really wanted to witness the new future and ensure the process, but apparently, that's impossible now.

Shaking his head, Solomon waved with his hand as all his rings shone before the ring of light behind him opened completely. The main beams vanished as the whole energy of humanity was blowing waves and waves of heat in the surrounding.

Nero, Fou, and VI, who were blocking the light outside, were surprised that the light vanished as they didn't know what happened.

Leo rushed from the flames and the smoke as he didn't spot Shinji at all " Did he teleport? Having that energy is really cheating, he should be badly injured to use it. However, this is also okay"

Shinji can't leave this place or his plan, which Leo can guess a little about, will fail immediately.

Without stopping, Leo completed his flight towards Solomon and his temple. His wings were shining brighter than ever as he was going to launch the last charge.

"The Time of Birth has Come…" Solomon said the first chant as the while light ring glowed brightly while shooting several light belts towards Leo. They were faster and stronger as the light that will clear all the sins covered Leo's vision.

"Hah…Leave this place Palkia… You too Gugalanna" Releasing a breath, Leo's eyes became firm before he clenched his lance while informing the two divine beasts that helped him. The Sephiroth in his Book of Laws shone with a bright light before the fifth position that represented severity glowed with all its four paths.


Waving the lance forward, Leo shot a horizontal wave of light that pushed the light belts away and gave a chance to pass. His wings flapped as he turned into a flash of light and passed most of the light belts, but like they have a mind of their own, they moved in a zig-zag way and covered appeared above him.

"MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!" Gold Experience punched most of the light belts away before Leo blocked them with the lance.

However, the strength of the light made Leo's arm burn while pushing him away, but he did a quick turn in the air as the golden spore landed on the light belts.

Although they were burned immediately, the plants made the attacks slow down as Leo shot a beam of light to the sky crushing most of them.

Stabilizing himself in mid-air, Leo landed on top of one of the beams before he covered himself in mana and slid along the whole path.

A loud shrieking sound filled the sky as Leo stabbed his lance on top of the light belt and made it unable to move as he continued his sliding towards Solomon.

"**8, 9, 30, 40, 6, 1. The total is 94! Chet, Tet, Lamed, Mem, Vau, Aleph!**" Leo's lips moved quickly as he started to chant a spell, which made Solomon confused.

With his ten rings, all magecraft, no matter how strong it is, will lose its effect when they reach him, but then, he remembered Leo's eyes staring at his ritual.

"He is the One Who Masters All…" Solomon increased his speed, even if he needed some time because he isn't using the Noble Phantasm as an attack, but as a ritual. The Demon Gods' eyes glowed with an intense light before countless light belts attacked Leo's location immediately.

In an instant, Leo found himself in the middle of hundreds of light belts, the amount and strength increased further as Leo covered himself with his wings and rushed.

With Rhongomyniad in the front, Leo turned into a meteor of light as he flew directly towards the attacks.


The thunderous explosion shook the sky as it made Solomon unable to see because of the raging mana, however, the smoke was blown instantly as Leo appeared.

His wings and body had serious burns all over them, which made him feel a lot of pain after a long time, but he didn't care as he waved the lance and raised his free hand.

He aligned his hand perfectly with the Venus that was falling behind him as it looked for Solomon like he was holding the giant plant at the palm of his hand.

Venus glowed with a bright light before it vanished and appeared in a smaller version on Leo's palm, which alarmed Solomon for the next attack.

"** Unwavered, unshaken! Here I carry the words and awe! My wings shall light thy path! My sword will clear thy path! Here is the might of the Lord!**" Finishing the spell, Leo clenched his palm with Venus in it before he grabbed his lance with two hands. Sparks and deep red color appeared on the lance surface before flames exploded.


Like a volcano, Leo raised the lance to the sky as the flames rushed through it and became a giant sword that reached a few kilometers in length.

Using the fifth position of Kabbalah that represents the strength and element of fire, Leo was able to shape a sword that will drop the might of the Lord on whoever is in his way.

The red flames were vibrating through the air as they were burning everything, even the reality marble and Solomon's light belts.

Glancing at Solomon opening the light ring completely and aiming it in his direction, Leo clenched the lance tightly as the sword started to become smaller in size.

The sword that reached several kilometers started to compress its power and flames into a 40 meters sword.

Leaving a trail of flames in the air, Leo stabilizes the swords as his side while the golden glow of Venus was mixing with it. With a clicking sound, electricity was flashing on the sword before its color changed from red into purple with lightning around it. The sword of flames with the full power of Venus was already beyond this world as it was leaving black cracks of distraction in its way.

"Ars Almadel Salomonis!!!" Solomon, even at the cost of all his mana, launched his Noble Phantasm with full strength.

The whole ring of light, all humanity's mana equivalent, turned into a colossal beam of light that burned all the world in its way. Nothing was safe as the beam left a black deep void around its sides.

Is this attack on humanity or on the world? Leo felt it should be both because the beam that was burning space and time like papers, left no place for him to dodge, but he didn't back down as he flew directly with his sword of flames.

In less than an instant, Leo waved his flames sword in front of him and met the beam of light as they made an ear-piercing impact that made the people outside the reality marble cover their ears. The purple flames sword and golden beams of light were burning against each other as the sparks were flying, sparks and fragments of space-time fabric. The world lost its shape around the point of clash, leaving a black deep void with only purple and golden lights clashing.

Slowly, the purple light started pushing the golden light back. Leo was clenching his teeth as he felt all his body was burning against the beam of light. His skin was burning and recovering immediately as his arms were pushing with all their strength with the sword.

However, even in this heat that made his blood boil, Leo didn't close his eyes as he was looking for a flaw. His calculation power was on overdrive and his brain was getting cooked, but his bloodshot eyes didn't blink once as he pushed the light beam back.

"Didn't you see it?! The Land of Steel!!" Solomon, who saw Leo pushing back his ritual, became angry as he put his hand on his chest.

"You saw it and you're still persistent about this ending! Can't you see that this is the best outcome and chance for humanity?!" Solomon's expression became pale as something was leaking from his chest. The Demon Gods glowed before they became a form of energy around the ritual.

Using his Grand Saint Graph and Demon Gods as a fuel, five magical-circles with different colors. Solomon summoned the incomplete True Magic as he boosted his ritual with everything he has, even his own life.


"Ugh!" Leo clenched his lance tightly as the light started pushing him back. He tried to use his wings, which were stronger than his body as they lowered the strain, but even so, they were burning slightly.

Light beam became like an unstoppable tsunami, his hands were shaking, but he didn't let go of the lance. He just needs a moment, a chance, and he already can see it. The black line and necessary value for the flaw against Solomon's ritual.

"Even if it cost me my life!! I'll make sure this ritual succeeds!!" Solomon screamed at Leo before using almost all his core as fuel for the ritual.


More ear-piercing roar echoed in the sky before Leo was pushed back quickly by the beam, his body was burning and his mind was giving up, however, at this moment, he clenched his teeth and activated his last card.


His necklace glowed with a green color before the energy rushed towards his brain and directly into his calculation powers. In an instant, Leo's calculation powers doubled as his eyes became completely bloodshot.


The beam pushed Leo completely as it engulfed all his body and rushed towards the sky.

Outside the reality marble, Fou's ears moved before he jumped to the side, but then, the beam of light destroyed the reality marble ceiling directly and hit him.

Fou's giant body didn't last long before he was knocked away by the light beam. Nero, who suffered from the backlash of using Leo's power, forced herself as VI tried to stop the beam.

The dragons bite the beam from its sides, but they get melted immediately by the Anti-Original sin attribute before the light completed its journey and reached the formation in the sky.

At this moment, all around the world, the star constellation glowed with a bright light and became one giant magic-circle covering the planet. Now, with one order, the reality of humanity will be rewritten and a new era shall start!

Solomon struggled to keep his balance while looking at his ritual. Finally, it's complete! Now, with just one wave from his hand, his cause, his vision, and wish for humanity, will happen!


Suddenly, and without any warning, the beam of light next to the temple cracked open as a shadow flashed from inside of it and rushed directly in front of Solomon.


The shadow fell down on the temple, in front of Solomon, as he made it shake slightly before a bright light rushed forwards.

*PUFFF!!!* *CRACK!!*

With the sound of flesh getting pierced and glass shattering, a lance pierced Solomon's body and core before bright purple flames exploded from it.

The flames turned into a sword that rushed and cut down the ring of light behind Solomon like a hot knife on butter.


Another cracking sound echoed in the surrounding, but this time, it was all around the world as the giant magic-circle cracked in front of everyone's eyes.

Soul_Caliber Soul_Caliber

I, the author, know magecraft >:)

Spell of today:

Might of the Lord: Sword of Severity!

8, 9, 30, 40, 6, 1. The total is 94!  Chet, Tet, Lamed,  Mem, Vau, Aleph!

Unwavered, unshaken! Here I carry the words and awe! My wings shall light thy path! My sword will clear thy path! Here is the might of the Lord!

Unlike the usual spells, this one is one of the big tier spells that summon the whole Sephirah of Kabbalah, which is Gevurah, the Sephirah that means Strength/judgment/intention/withholding/awe of God and also represent the element of fire.

By using all the paths around Gevurah and two more leading towards the highest crown, the user can summon the sword of flames or shape to summon the strength of fire and inflict judgment with flames of Heaven!

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