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95.89% Annihilation Maker DXD / Chapter 138: Konosuba Side Part 23.

Konosuba Side Part 23. - Annihilation Maker DXD - Chapter 138 by Soul_Caliber full book limited free

Chapter 138: Konosuba Side Part 23.

In the broken castle, the chat members looked at the message from their current boss (World's will) and didn't know how to respond. However, there was a clear emotion, which was anger.

Imagine it like this, you started a new job, but your manager didn't give you any instructions or information. He just left you to run in circles, play tricks behind your back, and when you started to get a hang of it, he came to the clueless you with a smile to ask if you could do extra work. At this moment, it'll be kind if you didn't flip the table.

Considering this world and vast universe, a situation like this might be rare, but not impossible and the chat members were experiencing it right now. First, their emotions went from confusion to shock and speechlessness, then a shadow was cast on their faces as a dangerous atmosphere was radiating.

Misaka was staring at the message and the picture pinned on top of the channel as electric sparks were moving along her forehead. She still has a lot of questions, but sadly, after all this time, all those questions became a sigh.

{Not all the World's wills like this, right?} However, looking at her little meeting with the World's wills and their reactions, Misaka wasn't optimistic about the future.

Whitebeard was opening and closing his fist repeatedly as the sound of his action was particularly loud at this moment. His expression didn't change at all, he didn't even know what the pinned picture means, but that message was enough to make the look on his face more scary than usual.

{Um, how can I see this picture?} Like Whitebeard, Leone was actually clueless because she didn't understand what the pinned picture meant, but that strange mark (emoji) was making her mad for some reason.

"DON'T SCREW WITH ME!!" Kazuma exploded as he lost his shit and started to shoot the Chat's screen. Of course, all his bullets just phased through the screen.

In the eyes of his party, Kazuma started attacking something invisible in the air, like he was releasing all the frustration accumulated in his life. Megumin and Darkness had a strange expression on their faces while Aqua had an expression of realization.

Shaking her head as a pained look surfaced her face, Aqua sighed and said " We were too late. He's already a goner… "

Megumin and Darkness turned to look at Aqua, who clenched her fist with a dramatic expression and said " He…He… He went full retard"

Amid her pained expression, Aqua remembered that the reincarnation system had a small, tiny flaw of the probability of putting a lot of burden on the subject's brain, which may lead to permanent brain damage. Basically, they can become retarded.

"Eh?" Kazuma stopped as he turned slowly to see his party giving him a pained look filled with pity, even that Dullahan and Lich(Crystal) were looking at him weirdly before he said with a blank expression " You… don't give me that look, bastards" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Looking at Kazuma almost committing a party shooting, Kaguya took a deep breath, which was one of the longest breaths in her life before she activated her ability.

As the world was engulfed in complete silence, Kaguya rubbed her temples as only she and the chat remembers were excluded from the eternal moment. Although it's a time stop, she actually just stretches the length of a moment into eternity, but even an eternity doesn't feel enough to cure her current headache.

{From the moment I put that crystal, I got this headache} while the headache is almost completely gone, Kaguya can be sure that it wasn't just because of the stupidity going on. Opening her eyes, Kaguya took a glance at everyone

Obviously, all of them were angry as they exchanged a look with Kaguya. No words or signs were needed, just with one eye contact, the Chat's remembered nodded slowly before opening their chat and typing. They even sent the message at the same time.

This amount of synchronization between completely different people without any training was very surprisingly shocking, but their messages were another story.

[Advocate of Gender Equality: Die]

[NEET Princess: I refuse!]

[Bri-Bri: I won't accept]

[Big Sister Lion: No deal]

[The Strongest Man In The World: No]

The complete harmony in refusing their boss without changing expression strangely made the chat's members one step closer together.

"Isn't this your world?" Leone looked at Kazuma's message and asked, but Kazuma didn't raise his head while saying with a monotone voice " You see, I already gave up on this good for nothing world"

"Oh" Leone just turned her head away while thinking she shouldn't have asked.

[####(Konosuba World's will): I got rejected, how sad :( ]

[####(Konosuba World's will): Oh, well. There's still two abnormalities in this reality, enjoy looking for them, have fuuuunnnn~~ ^-^]

"....." Another moment of silence fell on this place, which was more quiet and awkward than the time stop itself.

" You bastard!! Giving a borderline impossible mission without any explanation, and now you want help?! And what the fuck is daddy shit??!!" Kazuma was losing his shit again as everyone watched him in silence.

Although they were speechless because of Kazuma's actions, the chat's members completely agree with him.

[####(Konosuba World's will): Borderline impossible? :0]

"Oh, don't even try to say it was easy or something! These bastards have anti-detection and our boss doesn't want to give any clues, but also wants to screw with us. Do you think it's easy??!!" Kazuma was getting angrier with each word, but the next message froze him.

From the beginning to the end, who the idiot that thinks he can find a hidden target in such a backward world easily? Not to forget this world isn't technically a peaceful place. Wars are going every day at the borders of the kingdom between the Demon King's Army, all the monsters and natural disasters, and coupled with some shenanigans from the reincarnators of Aqua, make this almost impossible.

On top of that, there was a little to no clue at all! Even this current Lich was just a lucky guess. Heck! The first guess was actually 'It's Aqua's fault', which says a lot.

[####(Konosuba World's will): No, no, no, I meant why do you think it's borderline? It's, in fact, impossible :) ]

"....." Another wave of silence hit the place.

"So… you gave us… an impossible mission?" Misaka blinked as her calculation power stagnated for a moment.

[####(Konosuba World's will): Except blowing up the planet or somehow finding them, yes. Here a ☆~~ for you]

"Do you think this is funny?!" Kazuma glared at the chat's screen while almost shoving his face inside.

[####(Konosuba World's will): Yes ?-?]

"Why you little! Then what's the point of this mission?!" Kazuma still wants to continue his shooting on the screen, but he heard a deep voice.

"Hmmm, looking at it like this, an impossible mission is pointless, but that's just from our perspective." Whitebeard sat on the ground, but he was still taller than Kazuma before he said " Maybe because the recent mission was a one clear goal, you'll get the feeling all the other missions will be the same. However, not every journey is the same, and not every problem has one fixed solution "

"Impossible, but here we are. This might also mean that the goal from the mission is unnecessary or even undesirable" Kaguya glanced at Lich(crystal) before she said " This makes me wonder, what's the true goal and how did we contribute to it?"

[####(Konosuba World's will): wow, you're really thinking this through. I just needed you]

"Needed us? Like us? I mean, just…" Leone was having a hard time with this complicated stuff, but Misaka just said " You mean just our presence is necessary?"

[####(Konosuba World's will): Oooohh! Here another star ☆~~]

Waving with her hand, Misaka slapped away the cartoonish-looking star flying from the Chat's screen.

"You mean like a condition to start a quest? But this time, we were the condition… or at least, one of them" Kazuma sighed while shaking his head.

If his guess is correct, then they and the players were actually both necessary conditions to start whatever this world's will want. Maybe even the players were also invited here purposefully because this guy isn't showing any concern about them.

No, this world's will is even treating the players as a casual thing, like it can get rid of them at any time it wants.

However, what makes Kazuma confused is what's happening now. They were only able to guess this far because the world's will, even if it's keeping the annoying hidden style, is dropping hints like crazy, it even confirmed a few guesses.

{Why does this happen to me…*sigh*} Kazuma secretly sighed as he had an urge to cry.

It wasn't enough for his world to be filled with idiots, but his world's will looks like those hidden figures that only be mentioned in the lore and guide things from the shadows.

"Just say what you want" Kazuma wanted to skip all this talk because his head started to hurt.

[####(Konosuba World's will): Didn't you just refuse?]

"Yeah" they all nodded at the same time, which made the message delay for a moment.

[####(Konosuba World's will): you're quite honest]

"There's no helping it. Your actions and unclear goals aren't all that encouraging" Kaguya shrugged.

[####(Konosuba World's will): Oh, although I'm not that supportive of fighting fire with fire projects, after all, this thing is usually for the new generation, but I won't drop you into the death-zone. You should be ashamed of yourself for accusing me like that, how dare you :( ]

Kaguya clenched her fist as she had a huge desire to launch a barrage of bullets on this screen. Why getting a little amount of information has to be so infuriating!? Wait… isn't this what they usually do to all new members.

Floating slowly in the air, Kaguya looked at the sky as she felt karma is proving again how big of a bitch it is.

Shaking her head, Kaguya's eyes gradually became serious. "This reminds me, you said that an optional mission can give me some information. What exactly is that information, except from you making a copy of a player?"

Kaguya remembered the mission that gave her a headache while the Chat's members looked at each other before trying to find this optional mission in the Chat Room.

[####(Konosuba World's will): What? Hold on, you didn't understand anything from what happened?]

Kaguya just shook her head, but the moment she did that, a long message flashed on the screen.

[####(Konosuba World's will): Hahahahahahahahahaha!!... wait, you're serious… O.o]

[####(Konosuba World's will): Well, I used to always deal with all-knowing entities, which made me forget that there's still 'mortals' like you, my bad *-*]

Looking at the 'Sorry, I forget you're dumb' type of message, light flashed from Kaguya as an energy bullet flew through the screen and erased the other half of the castle.

After calming down and ignoring the weird gazes on her back, Kaguya said " "Anyway, now that you have contacted us, what is your goal or at least the current one"

[####(Konosuba World's will): Hmmm, it's nothing important actually. We are a bunch of civilized and productive members of society]

"...." The colors of confusion filled everyone's faces while reading this nonsense.

[####(Konosuba World's will): We are a helpful and kind bunch, we spread love, not war, so peace can fill the world( hey, that's me :D)]

"....." this amount of bullshit started to give Kazuma a stomachache.

[####(Konosuba World's will): So, because we're generous and kind, let's help our guests in their journey :)]

{Yup, those things are scary} Leone thought while looking at the emojis, which was a thought shared by most of the members, especially after they looked at Lich(Crystal).

They couldn't imagine what this world's will has done to that player, but it's certainly isn't a good thing at all.

{Ah, it's another screw loose person. Not, it's a world} Misaka facepalmed before she said with a quiet voice "What would happen if we refused completely?"

[####(Konosuba World's will): Nothing, I'll just end the mission and give you bad reviews because you didn't finish it. Of course, you could keep going on this :)]

"And the players?" Leone asked quickly.

[####(Konosuba World's will):... :D]

After this, the Chat's members basically confirmed that this world's will absolutely doesn't care about players, and those emoji are becoming scarier. Does this have something to do with this 'new generation' thing? Do the worlds has generations?

Glancing at each other, they quickly nodded. Although they got permission to end the mission now, they won't do that because after reaching this far and enduring the stupidity of this world, there's no way they're stopping now, especially if everything was going to be pointless if they refused.

[####(Konosuba World's will): Oh, something came up. Let's finish our conversation by… according to this reality time... tomorrow, bye~~]

And with that, the chat members wait for a moment, but apparently, the world's will left completely.

Despite not knowing what came up, Kaguya just sighed at this meeting with one of the hardest figures that she dealt with in her life. She knew from the previous experience that Konosuba world's will isn't an easy one, but she didn't expect it to reach this level.

Even in the current conversation, Kaguya can swear that this world's will already done something and didn't just come for a pointless conversation, but what is it? This feeling is so annoying.

Maybe rejection would be a good choice, but don't forget, unlike them, this is Kazuma's world, so at least, they should keep going and help him while figuring out a few things. Staying in the dark like this is really irritating.

"You… you have a 'unique' world, Kazuma" Leone cleared her throat while looking at Kazuma, who was covering his face. Kazuma might really start crying right now.

However, while they were still comprehending what just happened, the Chat's screen flashed again with a new notification.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): *Replying to Advocate of Gender Equality* Oh, I'm technically incapable of dying, but I appreciate your try. Although I suggest exterminating humanity for better results.]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): You here? Did you guys die? Anyway, what is this picture? You even pinned it into the chat, are you into self-humiliation?]

"...." Looking at the screen, they realized that they forgot about the Eldritch angel, who ran that day without saying anything. However, the second message was enough to trigger some of them.

[Advocate of Gender Equality: Shut up, you retarded angel! That message was for another asshole!]

[Annihilation Maker(Admin): Then you should have put it in private chat, you dumbass!]

[Advocate of Gender Equality: Dumbass?! Said the angel, who lost his brain cells!]

[Annihilation Maker(Admin): Said the guy who came from a retarded world!]

"..." Looking at the trash talk on the screen, Kaguya rubbed her temples before an idea flashed in her head. Although it doesn't seem like it most of the time, they do have a kinda all-knowing entity.

[Advocate of Gender Equality: Fuck off!]

[Annihilation Make(Admin): No, you fuck off!]

[Advocate of Gender Equality: No, you!]

[Annihilation Make(Admin): No, you!]

[Advocate of Gender Equality: No, you!]

[Annihilation Make(Admin): No, you!]

Before Kaguya began anything, the spam of 'no, you' that filled the screen made her rub her temples again. This is really a long and tiring day. she even started to add a few regrets with each moment passing by.

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