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Chapter 115: Type-Moon Specail


Several beams and attacks of pure energy were flying everywhere. Each attack was holding a very strong energy, so strong and pure than anything in this world, but unfortunately, their target wasn't something regular.

The colossal tower stood height and tall in the middle of the reality marble while receiving countless attacks, but no attack was able to leave a scratch on its surface. Even the glowing lines and weird runes didn't flash again, like mocking those 'weak' attacks.

Gathering the energy in his hand, Shinji attacked the 'Hook' with all his might, but all his attempts were completely useless. Despite the whispers in his head and all the chaotic knowledge, helplessness and despair filled his head more than pain and headache.

Completely useless, nothing can work, Shinji didn't need to attack the 'Hook' to know this. Only by trying to analyze the tower, he knew how bad his situation was.

Black body was made from a material that he never saw or knew about in his life, even if he had the knowledge from the Gate of Truth. The lines and weird runes dazzling glow was tearing his already tired brain just by looking at them.

Looking up, Shinji saw the tower extending beyond his vision, space, time, reality marble, even the world itself into a place he knew nothing about.

He knew that he can't stay here, even if it meant to abandon this ship, but sadly, the tower didn't let him go from the moment it felt that he had Origin power. The white energy was leaking from his tightly shut Gate of Truth, which left him helpless despite all his efforts.

Second after a second, sweat was dripping from Shinji's forehead. His Gate is losing more and more energy as time passes. Although he has a feeling if he just abandoned all his Origin power, he can escape, but there's a Beast down there!

Shinji couldn't help but think if this tower has the same relation with the being that gave him the cheat. He has a feeling that nothing in this world can hurt this tower.

Taking a deep breath, Shinji calmed himself and tried to think of a solution. He can't fail here, not now, especially when he lost contact with Medea and Sakura.

Suddenly, he felt something weird coming toward him, to be precise, his world. Rising his head, Shinji can swear he saw some strange red light outside his reality marble. Observing it for a moment, Shinji's expression became pale as he gathered the energy on his hand.

Meanwhile, outside the reality marble in the parallel world of Zelretch.

Zelretch was controlling the 2nd true magic to keep the connection between Shinji's reality marble and the 'Hook'. Although it takes a lot of Ether and effort from him, he thinks it's at least stable for the moment.

However, taking a quick glance to the side, Zelretch's lips twitched while looking at Gugalanna and Palkia, who were around the reality marble.

Gugalanna, with his body that was bigger than a huge mountain, almost took all the space around this place. If this wasn't a parallel world, this continent might experience some serious shaking.

Zelretch sighed a little while trying to ignore the golden bull around him, but then, he saw something that made him cover his face.

Above the reality marble, a golden ship surrounded with a red airflow appeared. Stopping the ship in mid-air, Gilgamesh glanced at the reality marble before he looked at Gugalanna.

"Fuhahahaha!! Did Ishtar get robbed by some mongrels? I know she's a waste of space of a mongrel, but for this to happen. Fuhahaha!!!" Gilgamesh laughed in the sky as his arrogant laughter was heard by everyone near the reality marble.

Gugalanna glanced at Gilgamesh in the sky without moving. Although it knew the man in the sky was the reason for its death, it didn't care that much, especially if its owner didn't order it.

"Did it get summoned to this era because of us? If so, does that mean that Ishtar is near?" A sound appeared around Gilgamesh, to be precise, the chains around him that appeared from GOB.

"Is that so? Very well…" Gilgamesh grinned madly before he raised EA to the sky and said" If she was here, then let her scram from the king's land immediately"


A red gleam glowed in the body of the sword before EA started rotating quickly. It sounded like a roar as it made anyone who heard it think that the sword was angry. The violent red spatial wind confirmed that further as Gilgamesh was unleashing the stored power in the sword from his fight with Leo.

"Gil, a king needs to consider his people and surroundings" Enkidu, who was in the state of chains, couldn't help it when he saw the power gathering on EA.

After having chains and ships accident in mid-air, Gilgamesh's ship of light was destroyed by the direct hit from Enkidu as they entered a free fall. But who is Gilgamesh? He just activated GOB and pulled another ship, although it's nowhere near the strength and speed of his last two ships.

Using this new ship, he caught Enkidu, who almost left due to his mana and body reaching their limits, and allowed him to possess his own Chains of Heaven. Enkidu didn't resist, especially when he saw the situation of Gilgamesh.

They both didn't have much mana and Gilgamesh seemed to be persistent in keeping EA in full power for one last hit, so Enkidu, who was going to leave anyway, chose to fight this last time with his friend.

"Hmph! In this situation, you still want to say what the king should do?" Gilgamesh repeated his words from his last battle with Enkidu before he smiled and said " Although this isn't the Bull of Heaven and this is a new era, I can say this is also a worthy to go all out"

"....." Enkidu sighed a little, but if he had a body, he'd be smiling as his last mana and power was flowing through the chains towards EA.

"Fuhahahahaha!!" Gilgamesh laughed as he felt Enkidu's power before glancing at the reality marble and charging his sword.

He can't see clearly what is happening inside the reality marble, but Leo's mana was there, so… He'll just blow everything up with EA. I mean, it's an Anti-World Noble Phantasm, it's not like he really has to aim.

Zelretch looked at EA in the sky tearing holes in his parallel world as he gave up. Except for keeping the connection between the 'Hook' and the reality marble, he doesn't care anymore. Let these idiots kill each other in battle royal or something.

Shinji inside the reality marble felt EA charging power as a black and speechless look appeared in his fact {Are you fucking serious? Now? From all the times, it has to be fucking now!!}

His head was spinning quickly while thinking about a solution. Suddenly, he thought about an idea. If EA was the sword of rupture, then he might be able to separate himself from the tower. Although the risk is huge and he might lose a lot, it's worth it.

However, he forgot about something as the dark hole at the bottom of the reality marble stopped releasing curses and malice.

Meanwhile, inside the core of the Holy Grail, Leo looked at the card on his hand before he sighed and said " This might be very early, yet I don't think I have more time to wait"

First, Leo took back VI from Nero, after he saw that everything is okay before he staring at the bright orb.

"It seems that I need to take care of a lot of loose ends after this is over, but I guess this can also count as preparation for the future" Leo waved his hand before the Heaven's Feels orb floated next to him and a cup appeared from his shadow.

{A sacrifice is always necessary…} A grave look appeared on Leo's face while staring at his infinite coffee cup before he clenched his teeth and crushed the cup. A faint purple orb with a deep black Ororboros serpent appeared in his palm.

Without any wait, the two orbs of Heaven's Feels and Ophis's Infinity concept floated in front of Leo before he took a deep breath and put the Fool Arcana on his chest.

With a dreamy, yet a plain gleam, the Fool Arcana sank into Leo's chest before disappearing. At this moment, Leo felt the whole world around him vanished.

Leo was experiencing a very strange and weird feeling beyond everything he saw or experienced. His eyes became blank as he was standing in his place, but his mind wasn't there at all.

What is Origin? The driving force from the Root, however, does someone know what it feels to be the Origin? Or to become very, very close with it? The answer is no because becoming very, very close with Origin means to give up yourself.

In using Origin and attempting to manifest its power, risk will always follow behind like a shadow, waiting to swallow the Origin's user in a moment of weakness.

To be honest, knowing that you've Origin and using it, is a completely different concept. Most people that knew Origin, only use it subconsciously like Emiya Shirou and there's people like Shinji, who almost completely awakened his Origin, but in fact, he wasn't even close because that one last step isn't simple.

What does it feel to try and connect to your Origin directly? Some will say it's like to float in nothingness and have the risk of losing their minds, well, they aren't wrong, but if Leo would describe it, he'll say, it's like a deep, deep ocean.

A dark place with no source of light, so deep that everything will become pitch black filled with unknown and mystery. In the depth of this ocean of unknown, Leo was sinking bit by bit and with it, the pressure was increasing with each centimeter of depth. The pressure wasn't on his body, but on his mind and soul, trying to break, tear, and crush them into dust to meld them into the big source. A dim light like a weak candle was gleaming from Leo, it was his mind and soul, which formed his last and only defense he can master in this place.

In this location, you can never hope for light to appear. You're abandoned by everything, even the world around you has left, leaving you in a dark void. Extending your hand is useless because nothing will reach you. Calling for help is pointless because nothing will hear you. You only have yourself in this nothingness.

Staring at the dark void, Leo was slightly in a daze while sinking more and more in his Origin's ocean. He couldn't describe it clearly, his feelings were mixed and chaotic. Using his will and the soul's power to survive, he couldn't say anything about the situation.

To be honest, unlike those protagonists, Leo knows that his soul is plain and normal. It doesn't have a dazzling glow or profound aura, it's just his regular soul, which was strengthened by his Book of Law and Kabbalah. If it wasn't strengthened, it'll not play any role here and he has to rely on his will, but even so, his regular, plain soul was able to carry this deep ocean inside of it.

Filled with these weird feelings, Leo kept sinking as his Origin was awakening more and more. In fact, Leo wasn't a true Origin user, he was just borrowing it power, either subconsciously or using his skills, so he never had the chance to experience this face to face with Origin.

So, he created something that can work like a switch and a trigger. Opening the closed solid gates of his Origin and allowing him to face it directly. This is the main function of the Fool Arcana, to allow Leo to manifest his Origin more easily.

He saw Shinji using his Origin, so he wondered if he also experienced something like this, but he couldn't be sure.





The more he sank, the more he felt the pressure was getting stronger, but for him, it was nothing, at least in these levels, he was completely fine, except for the slight headache and pressure because he was already wounded.

After a while, even if there's no time in this place and it'll be just a flash in the real world, Leo felt a hard touch on his feet as he landed on a solid surface.

Although he doesn't know it, he has a feeling that he hit the 'bottom' of his current self.


Almost, almost completely awakening his Origin. Looking at the front, even in this darkness, Leo felt like he could 'see' the way forward. A few steps away from him, there was a cliff in the depth of this ocean. From the cliff, there was an empty void, dark and mysterious, it made the previous darkness look like an ant compared to it.

Leo stood there as he didn't move at all. He knew that if he took a few steps forward, his Origin will reach 100%, but he couldn't. The existence of the 'cliff' was beyond anything he expected and even dreamed about.

Although the Origin is strong and mysterious, it'll always have a limit, no matter how rare and strong this Origin. So, Leo didn't understand why there's more depth in his Origin, Essence, Source, core, or whatever you call it.

However, those mixed feelings finally showed a clear emotion that filled his very core, it was fear. Looking at the deep void beyond the cliff, Leo felt a deep fear that made him shudder a little. The darkness was like a monster staring at him and trying to devour him directly. This feeling was strong as he couldn't stop it at all, for the current him, what lies beyond the cliff was something he can never imagine.

Leo couldn't help but show a bitter smile. In addition to this fear, he noticed that the pressure at the cliff was beyond what the ocean had, even with his current soul and will, it'll crush him directly.

A few steps from reaching 100%, but now, Leo started to think. If this cliff existed here, then is this place really his 100%? Shaking his head, Leo stopped thinking a lot, after all, his goal here wasn't to reach 100%.

Glancing one more time at the cliff, Leo closed his eyes and raised his head before lifting his hand slowly. His goal from activating his Origin to this degree was to manifest its power and create a miracle. To turn 0% to at least 0.1%, like the Root said at first, it's time for him to grasp something in the nothingness.

It was hard, very hard. Even fighting Solomon wasn't this hard. Leo was struggling to lift his arm as he was pushing his soul and will to advance further. Sinking into the Origin to awaken it was one thing and trying to lift this awakened Origin to use it was a completely different thing.

The dim light covered Leo's more intensely while moving along his arm. The dim started to show some platinum glow as Leo kept pushing forward.

After a few moments, Leo's hand closed suddenly as he opened his eyes. His golden eye glow with a bright, yet not dazzling gleam before golden light appears in his palm. His will and soul joined the golden light. The dark surroundings became slightly dark blue because of the illumination before Leo's silhouette disappeared with light.

In the real world, Leo, who was standing with blank eyes for a split of a second, woke up immediately as sweat was dripping from his forehead. However, Leo didn't stop as he raised his hand and controlled the two orbs.

Heaven's Feels and Ophis's Infinity concept floated around each other before they had a contact.


A strong force almost made Leo kneels on the ground. The two orbs were rejecting each other as he was trying to fuse them, so all the burden was launched on him. However, he didn't stop as he pushed them further.

In a similar fashion to a chemical reaction, the two orbs glowed with a dazzling light as the sweat on Leo's forehead increased. The fusion between the incomplete 3rd True Magic and Ophis's concept was a very hard and tiring thing to do. All that was left from his calculation power was used to see some flaws in the fusion to allow them to merge smoothly.

A flaw after a flaw, Leo's eyes became slightly bloodshot as the two orbs finally started to merge. When the two orbs showed the first signs of fusion, Leo caught them in his palm before a golden bright light shone from it. The two struggling orbs move more smoothly as they blend quite easily this time.

Taking a look at the result, Leo failed. The two concepts didn't fuse properly and they somehow, in a miraculous way, exist in harmony.

{Another loose end to be taken care of…} With those thoughts, Leo raised his closed hand toward the back of his left shoulder.

He didn't care if the fusion succeeded or not because he knew that the chance was less than zero for these untreated foreign concepts to melt together. However, this didn't stop him from using them to their fullest now.

"..." Taking a deep breath, Leo pushed the bright light, which was the result of his work, on the star mark on the back of his left shoulder. Qliphoth Ophis that was floating above, sent a couple of green threads that pierced Leo's skin around the star before he let go of his hand.

"Ugh!" At this moment, Leo couldn't help it and fell to the ground on one knee. The star mark was burning and gleaming a dazzling light as he clenched his shoulder. All the bright light was getting sucked inside the star mark while moving directly towards his soul. The green threads moved like a professional surgeon and controlled the shape and form of light in the star mark. In fact, it wasn't his body, but his soul that was getting burned.

At this moment, all the servants that were receiving mana from the Holy Grail felt their supplies vanished suddenly and their time in this world started its last countdown. Medea and Medusa were surprised as they started attacking furiously, and Gilgamesh raised his eyebrow before channeling his mana faster.

The star mark was glowing with a dazzling light, but if you stare at it very closely, you can see the dense circuits filled every corner of it, layer by layer of magic circuits. In Leo's soul, the same thing was happening, but it was like someone was painting a tattoo with lava on his soul. In this fashion, the Heaven's Feel is becoming a magic crest of Leo.

For Leo, his body was never important after he became an angel. The so-called body is a mere vassal for his soul that can be recreated at any time with enough energy. The soul holds his mind, memories, magic circuits, mana, and Origin. The body is just an avatar and an anchor that allows him to act and materialize his power in the real world. Having the Book of the Law and Kabbalah, Leo's soul is very strong, even if it was plain, after all, both of them are focusing on the soul and its existence.

To be honest, Leo started to feel weird. Kabbalah, the Book of the Law, Longinus, Origin, Esper's ability, and most of his powers are related to the soul, even Gold Experience's life-giving ability creates souls for his beasts. The spell on the Book of Law can also be called stairs to Heaven because it builds the path to ascension.

Now, Heaven's Feels joined the game, which has a big relation to the soul.

Heaven's Feel is a magic that allows for the materialization of the soul, which stops the inevitable dispersion of the soul, and essentially makes it transcend to a higher form of existence. It is a magic that realizes true immortality by making the soul into a high-dimensional planar being capable of interacting with the material world as a mental body without having to return to the Roots. The practitioner will acquire an unlimited source of magical energy due to the soul becoming analogous to a perpetual motion machine.

{Even Gold Experience has the seed that allowed him to interact with Venus…} A lot of thoughts appeared in Leo's head as felt these events are very close and connected somehow.

Glancing at his Book of The Law, in the flipping pages, Leo was able to see the first page and its 19 phrases. The 8th, 9th, and 10th phrases were glowing with different colors, unlike the other seven. Wyrd had a green gleam, Dragon was dark blue, and Fig Tart was a brilliant golden glow. Very similar to his three Noble Phantasms that represent destiny, end, and beginning.

Shaking his head to clear these thoughts, Leo stood up completely before he raised his hand up high. This isn't the time to dig into secrets and stuff, he needs to one tap the Wakame and the 'Hook'. Despite that, Leo is mainly focusing on the 'Hook' because Shinji is completely dead after being locked by the tower. His Origin power was the 'Hook' goal, a free meal, even his cheat was made from that energy, so he's so dead now.

Even if he miraculously escaped, he'll be in a very bad state that Ritsuka can kick his ass, so Leo didn't care much and focused on the bigger problem.

Also, he sensed Gilgamesh's EA. Goldy is really a good guy and a role model that everyone should follow. He even told Palkia to not mess with him and protect himself.


A terrifying amount of mana was rising from Leo's body. His star mark was glowing with a bright white light as he felt some pain. The magic crest is still young and new, it's already painful to use it to channel the mana that was left from the World's Evil.

Sinking his necklace into the void, The red drawing of Qliphoth appeared behind Leo before his shadow moved. VI, with his seven heads, emerged from the shadows as all his horns were glowing.

Leo clenched his teeth, but his eyes didn't waver. He needs everything he can master, even the tiniest bit of power can't be left if he wants to target the 'Hook'.

The huge mana was moving through his body as it reached his horns.


The horns were cracked before they turned into fragments and flew towards the Qliphoth behind Leo. VI's horns were the same as they became particles of light and joined the red drawing, which made the dragon's heads retreat.

The sinister Qlipoth shone brightly as its ten spots gleamed with light, like a hollowed tree finally filled with something. Its glow and ten spots were like a crown behind Leo's head. The Ten Crowns were fully liberated.

"Qliphoth Ophis!" With Leo's words, the snake of wisdom turned into a stream of light and fell into his palm. All other green threads joined the snake as they were gathering on Leo's palm.

With a wave, Rhongomyniad appeared in Leo's hand and waved engulfed with the green light before Leo said " This time, let make you a full transformation weapon, anyway, the Tower of the End isn't available in other worlds"

The lance vibrated slightly like it was happy with finally being able to have the ability to go back to its original form, which was a katana. Rhongomyniad is the weapon of its lord, and it'll become any weapon he wants, but it prefers its first form.

This puzzled Leo as he asked and the answer he received from Rhongomyniad was ' slashing people and things is fun!'

Leo's eyebrow twitched before he connected with the whole destiny of humanity and found his goal. The weapon that can play his 1st Noble Phantasm's power to the maximum.

The terrifying mana moved, gathering into Leo's palm like a singularity and drawing the lance in brilliant green. The Qliopoth behind shone with a red light before a dark fog mixed with green gleam.

Using the exaggerated amount of mana, It didn't take more than 5 seconds before Rhongomyniad changed completely. With a wave of his hand, Leo aimed his new creation at the hole in the sky.


His movements caused the green glow to break like glass and show the full form of the new weapon. It was a normal, yet slightly shorter flintlock musket with black color and some gold plating on the edges. It was completely normal, but it has a weird and mysterious feeling on it.

"Ddraig, keep using boost on me…" Leo's words made Ddraig puzzled because a normal boost can't increase Leo's power a lot, but looking at the situation, Ddraig did it anyway. Any bit of power is useful in this situation and he understands that very well. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Several regular boosts were being spammed by Ddraig to Leo. They were like a drop of water in a vast ocean, but it was better than nothing.

Without his order, Venom found good timing and threw all the 18 runes in front of the rifle. They turned into a circle and connected as the runes were playing their full strength to bless the next attack.

Finally, the last preparation, Leo sensed the fragment of Solomon's ring as connected the ring of light in space to his rifle. In space, Beast I's light ring started to become dimmer at a very fast speed while disappearing.

{The ring of light that burned humanity once. In a sense, it should contain all humanity concepts. With this weapon and my Noble Phantasm, the power might reach the desired level} Leo's head was spinning fast, even if his mind was stinging badly because of his injuries. The vision in front of him started to become blurry.

Liberating the Ten Crowns might pose a threat to himself as well these crazy operations. He was really pushing himself to the limits, but it's kind of refreshing to use his powers to their limits after all this time.

Compress and more compressing, Leo didn't want to waste a bit of power as all his power was gathering into the rifle in his hand. A bullet was forming inside of it, filled with a terrifying energy. Yet, Leo felt it wasn't enough, he needed to gather more and more power to assure his last attack.

Suddenly, Leo heard a voice in his head {Lucifer, the core of the reality marble is secured, is everything okay at your side}

{Well, I saw better days} Hearing Ritsuka's voice, Leo said casually like he isn't brewing the terrifying power in his rifle.

Ritsuka, who saw Medusa get blocked by Archer while Nero almost completely killed Medea, contacted Leo through their link.

{What? Do you need help?} Ritsuka asked seriously, but she only received a chuckle from Leo before he said {Of course, maybe your command seals can help, but in this place, you can't use them}

{Then, what should I do?} Ritsuka took a deep breath and asked.

{I don't know, try to jump into the reality marble or something, do a flip while you're at it} Leo said as Ritsuka clenched her fist in anger. This is not the time to joke at all!!

Calming down her feelings, Ritsuka stared at Merlin, who looked at her helplessly before he said " Do you really want to go?"

Merlin was the controller of the second core now, so he can open and close portals around the whole reality here. However, he was helpless after he saw Ritsuka contacting Leo.

Ritsuka didn't speak, she walked forward without stopping. Medea, who saw this, tried to shoot her, but Nero came quickly with her sword and blocked the hit before slashing Medea's arm off.

"Ugh! Curse you! Curse you all!! Do you think this is over?! Especially you, the one lost in time" Medea collapsed on the ground as she looked at Ritsuka and said " I wonder what it feels like, to see everything you held dear vanish!"

"I think you know that better than me" Ritsuka didn't stop as she ran into Merlin's side, near the ritual.

"I met a king one day, I asked her if she wanted the sword or the sheath, do you know what she chose?" Merlin held Avalon in his hand as he wanted to tell a story, but Ritsuka took Avalon directly and jumped into the sea of flowers.

She sank like a rock in water, leaving Merlin with his hand in the air and helpless expression before he sighed and said " Everyone is in hurry and don't appreciate my great stories"

However, he also took a breath of relief because he didn't have to pay any price to activate Avalon, but the world supported Ritsuka and allowed her to use the sheath immediately, which left Merlin in a sigh for these privileged people.

Outside the reality marble, Zelretch had a blank look on his face while looking at the galaxy above his head.

Above EA, a galaxy was formed by the spatial winds as Gilgamesh was charging EA to the maximum limit he can use. He didn't waste any moment because he felt the Holy Grail had just vanished.

"ENUMA ELISH!!" Without waiting, both Gilgamesh and Enkidu screamed. Gilgamesh pointed EA towards the reality marble as the whole galaxy became a terrifying beam crushing everything in its path.

The beam crossed the distance in a moment before bursting a hole in Shinji's reality marble and flying inside. In Shinji's helpless eyes, the beam hit him and the tower immediately.

All the sounds vanished from the place, leaving a hideous sound of the world getting crushed by EA's spatial winds. Shinji felt his brain hurting more while trying to survive in this red storm and maybe use it to his advantage.

Suddenly, a golden, yet not dazzling light appeared in the middle of the storm as it made both Shinji and Gilgamesh surprised.

A portal made from flower petals appeared as Ritsuka jumped from it. She was holding the golden sheath in her hands as it protected her from all dangers.

"With the power of all my command spells, send all the power to Caster!!" Ritsuka said as her command seal glowed before vanishing.

"She actually jumped… " Even if he couldn't see clearly, Leo could feel Ritsuka's mana in the reality marble when she used her command seals.

"Are people really taking my words seriously?" A weird expression appeared on Leo's face as he received all the power contained in the command seals. People should already realize that 70% of all his words are just bullshit that sounded cool in his head, for fuck sake, he even has the father of lies(bullshits) title on his head!

"She didn't do a flip though. Anyway…" Shaking his head, Leo's eyes flashed with a shade of rainbow before he started the last attack.

[Access complete! Artillery posture, finish!. Paradox Effector, deploy!] An electronic voice echoed from the rifle as several fine, magic circuits were all over the gun. They were very complex and numerous, which were hard to find and look at.

[Start the countdown! Accomplish Measure, start!]

[Target: Gate of Truth's Life Scale… 8000… 6000...5000!]

[Target: The 'Hook' Life Scale…???...???... Unable to measure!]

"Switch the Gate of Truth to a secondary target and put the 'Hook' at the highest priority!" Leo gave the command as he felt more and more energy slipping from him into the rifle.

"Reduce the power of the artillery and focus 70% of the energy on the Paradox Effector" A new command was entered as the magic circuits on the rifle shone while moving slightly.

"Curse, blessing, O' distorted divine light, will you light the path?" Starting his chant, Leo felt his body losing more power, but he gritted his teeth.

[Affirmative! Dead Counter, apply on the barrel!]

Aiming at the hole and exactly towards Shinji and tower behind him, Leo tightened his grip on the rifle as he put his finger on the trigger. A golden glow was moving from his hand towards the bullet inside, which was the power of the 1st Noble Phantasm.

"Yet, it was another dusk. Gasping light in the nowhere" Leo added the spin as the energy was spinning like a storm at the muzzle.

[Instant synchronization, complete! Correction rate… 60%...70%...80%]

The rifle in his hand shone with a dim golden light filled with black shadows, even the bullet inside was glowing with the same colors. The mana that was shaking the place became completely still as it was focused on the bullet.

[Start the Spirit Acceleration! Formation of the mana-bullet, complete! Loading the illusory shell!]

"As the fallen star rises, lighting a new dawn, for the story to be left untold…" Feeling all his power leaving his body, Leo stared tightly at the hole in the sky. The whole Qliphoth was glowing with its power and 18 runes became a phantom while spinning.

In the reality marble, Shinji shuddered as he felt something terrifying locking him down, but he couldn't move at all because of Gilgamesh and the 'Hook'.

"You know? I'm a simple Devil, I see an idiot cosplay as God, I shot him down…" Pulling the trigger, Leo said " Black Barrel: Lucifer!!"


With the name of the Noble Phantasm getting announced, the golden glow exploded on the bullet before Leo pulled the trigger completely.


A black-golden bullet with a shade of rainbow was shot from the rifle, passing through the 18 runes circle as they all attached to it instantly.

The bullet was slightly normal. There wasn't any world-ending attack effect as the bullet flew at a very high speed, leaving a golden trail of light as it went through the hole quickly.

From the depth of the red storm, a golden light flashed as Shinji felt the danger was locking him from all places! He'll die, he'll really die if he didn't do something!

Gathering all his Origin power, Shinji didn't care about the 'Hook' as he did his best to create a shield around him.

In a blink of an eye, the bullet reached Ritsuka and passed her body without any damage. Ritsuka couldn't help but close her eyes when that happened, but Avalon's light was slightly dim. Luckily, she wasn't the target.

Without blinking his eyes, Shinji raised his hand as the bullet arrived. Like nothing can stop it, the bullet that was normal, but containing a terrifying power, passed Shinji's barrier.

Raising his hand subconsciously to protect himself, however, the bullet left a golden-black flash as Shinji felt his vision was reduced and his head felt numb.


A bullet hole was left in Shinji's hand while the left side of his head exploded with brain matter and blood as the shocked expression was still on his face. The Gate of Truth wasn't better as the bullet left a large hole on the Kabbalah drawing before the cracks filled it.


The whole Gate of Truth was broken into fragments, leaving Shinji, who still had the shocked expression on his face, and reached the 'Hook'.

Without raising any ripples, the bullet sank into the giant tower. Everything calmed down at this moment, the red storm was still blowing, Ritsuka falling, Shinji dying, and Leo lowered his rifle while almost falling on the ground.

This is one of Atlas seven superweapons, Black Barrel. It's a conceptual weapon capable of imposing the notion of limited life-span into the body of near-immortal creatures to make the immortal creatures killable. This power of imposing and creating paradox is the best way to channel Leo's 1st Noble Phantasm because they both have the same function.

Holding his name, Lucifer, the 1st Noble Phantasm has the power to carry one of his important legends. The stupid and ridiculous idea of equality to God, and the fall of the angel.

Gathering all the power from all other Noble Phantasms, Leo can bless and curse any attack he has to impose the concept of Original Sin into any divine being, who shouldn't have any sin. This is the most terrifying poison and virus those beings can experience. It's the blessing and curse called humanity.

Their authorities will vanish and get smashed, their divine power will go berserk and destroy their bodies, even their minds will experience the humans' feelings and collapse.

In simple terms, this bullet will turn them into humans while still being gods, creating a paradox that'll crush their very core. As the morning star, Venus, represents the fall, they will also experience it and become very vulnerable, for even a weak human to kill.


The whole parallel world was shaking, the colossal 'Hook' finally started moving! Rising from the ground, the tower was rising towards the sky, like it was attempting to escape. If you look closely, you can see a golden shade of light on its body where the bullet hit, and it was spreading slowly.

The 'Hook' with its massive size was pulling everything with it, even the reality itself was getting dragged as Zelretch's parallel world was stretching like rubber. If the 'Hook' targets it, the parallel world will be smashed like an ant.

Suddenly, and without any warning, a shadow of a sword slash appeared in the air. The slash didn't affect anything, it didn't even move some wind, however, when it reached the 'Hook', it became something completely different.

Fear filled everyone in the world, they couldn't help but shudder fiercely when the slash reached the tower. Leo was also shaking, it was more like an instinct rather than true fear. He can clearly see that if the slash hit him, even if he was in his full power, he'll die instantly.

The slash passed through the tower easily before vanishing. The world was caught in silence before the 'Hook' was split in two. The white liquid Origin power was pouring from the tower like this unkillable behemoth was bleeding into death.

"Finally… It's over" Leo heard a ring from the Chat Room as he sighed before collapsing on the ground. He almost consumed everything he had, he even had to keep his Origin on to make sure he affected the 'Hook'. And now, he can see that Root, even if it was scary, finally completed the job.

The mighty tower was easily shattered before the damage speared to all its corners and exploded into fragments. When that happened, the whole place was drowned in a dazzling light.


True Title: The Day a God was Shot Down!

1st Noble Phantasm: Lucifer.

Rank: B.

Type: Anti-Divinity.


This Noble Phantasm imposes the Original Sin on divine beings that supposed to not have any sins. It bless and curse any attack or weapons with the ability to become one of the most scary poisons for divine beings.

When it hit the divine being, it'll make a paradox that will crush the whole existence of those beings, however, if the divine being strength and power was very strong, he can survive. It also require direct contact with the blessed and cursed attack


Current understanding:

Wyrd means the 2nd Noble Phantasm, the destiny imposed on all lives in the world, even gods. It comes before the beginning as it planned all the movement in the world. Being one of the stronger types of phenomenons in the existence, those who felt like breaking from it, did they really do that? Maybe they were destined to break from destiny and they jumped from a smaller web to a big one? Who knows.

Dragon means the 3rd Noble Phantasms that represents the end of the world, yet also the end of an angel. The dragons as the symbol of evil and bringer of disasters. Yet, this ending might be more complicated.

Fig Tart means the 1st Noble Phantasms that represents the fall and the beginning, a beginning from one owns hands. For everyone who lived, no one remembers their beginning only after experiencing the end.

The classification of these phrases with Wyrd(destiny) that was planned beforehand comes first, then the Dragon(end). After experiencing the ending, the beginning will arrive, which is Fig Tart.

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