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100% Anno of Aeriant [Paused] / Chapter 5: Anno's a SAINT!?

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Chapter 5: Anno's a SAINT!?

The Prince's gaze shift back to the naked elf before him, whom was glaring back with a cold indifference. Why was she not attacking? Didn't did she know that the first person to strike was the first to win the battle? Slowly moving one of his feet forward, dragging it through the sand, he kept watch on her reaction to his advance.

It was quite clear that the Prince wasn't taking his time to make sure he knew his enemy. He was going to have his victory so easily. In her mind there were equations repetitively going through selected movements and possible attack patterns. What could be the best option for her?

There was no reaction to his gaze. The cold indifference compared, to before where she was acting all smug and grinning; even peeing in mid battle, was rather offsetting.

He knew he could physically overpower her if he could get her into an enclosed space. The only problem was, they were on an open beach. She had too much freedom to move around. With the experiences from earlier, he knew that if he were to swipe low, she'd jump. If he were to swipe high, she'd duck. Many of these choices of actions he had in his head, could be easily countered by this miniature pest.

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Blinking a few times at the notification, the Elf would glance to the side slightly as a red dot appeared on the mini-map in the corner of her inner eye. What was going on? It was approaching from the ocean? Squinting slightly, both the Prince and the Sailors seemed to have paled.

White lines would appear like before, highlighting the object closing in towards the shore. Pursing her lips, she watched as three question marks appeared where the name should be.

Glancing back over towards the Prince, she raised a brow. This man whom she had just been fighting without much fear in his eyes, was now cowering inside his metaphorical shell. He wasn't moving, was he even able to see out that far to see what it was?

"Interesting," the girl huffed and raised a hand in the air. Activating Ice magic once again, about thirty ice arrows appeared above her in perfect rows.

Feeling the Temperature drop, the man slowly looked over towards the elf. He saw the twinkling of the ice, his mouth slowly started to open. "…Shit…"

As if ordering archers to fire, she threw down her hand, sending the thirty arrows at the man, ripping him apart as if he were some piece of parchment. Once the arrows embedded themselves inside of the man's body, they expanded and exploded, ripping him apart and freezing him in place.

However despite having killed the man, it didn't feel as if he had even bothered fighting back. When she had summoned them, he could have just rushed her. This was concerning.

Anno would look towards the sailors who were still paying attention to the object that was coming from the distance, then she looked back to the Prince. Frozen standing up, she stared at his facial expression. It was a grin? He let himself die?

[ Grand Quest Added. Survive the Wrath of the Dragon King. ]

The girl could only open her mouth slightly when she saw the new quest which had been added to the drop down que.

Seriously? A dragon king, this early!? Anno almost burst into tears, "I don't want to die again!" She shouted on the top of her lungs before literally turning on her heel and dashing towards the sailors.

Their eyes rested upon the Prince just as they saw her approaching from the corner of their eyes. "SHE KILLED THE PRINCE! DON'T LET HER THR–" The one shouting was cut off by the girls elbow as she lunged forward. Bringing the sailor to the ground, she drew his sword from his scabbard and then resumed running.

The other men had barely registered the fact that she had already broken through their group and ran off into the dunes. "She was able to best Gel and Sven… Yet she runs away without dealing with us?" The sailors seemed to have snapped out of their daze now for a few moments until suddenly the sands shifted beneath them followed by a loud thud.

Slowly turning around as a massive shadow cast over them, their legs felt numb. Standing on its hind legs on the beach was a massive dragon. It had been so far away just moments ago, but suddenly it made its appearance, glaring down at the sailors and the frozen prince.

"So… That makes sense…" The sailor in the center of the group sighed lightly as his legs gave out and he ended up falling to his knees.

As the massive reptile opened its mouth and lulled its head back slightly, draconic magics began to swirl around between his open jaws. Then as it was readily primed, it would lull its head forward, breathing fire into the ball of magic energy.

A loud crackling sound was heard as the beam of dragon fire incinerated the body of the Prince and traveled along the sand covered terrain. Only three of the sailors had enough time to turn around to run away.

They only got a few meters before the beam of energy incinerated the rest of the group.

About an hour later, the one known as Anno found herself out of stamina and stumbling with each and every step. Her mouth was dry and she had nothing on her person. Sweat where moisture was once absent, was now coating her skin.

She was approaching the nearest village to her position after her excursion away from the beach. She could see people dressed in rags, their dresses nothing more than rag-like animal skins and furs of poor quality.

Compared to the clothes the Prince and those Sailors were wearing earlier, it seemed that the Kingdom was engulfed in poverty. Letting out a light sigh, she looked over seeing all the run down buildings and nearby ruins. They looked about four hundred years old, barely improved. It seemed like the game world itself regressed.

Many of the people who saw the person appear, began to gather at the entrance of the village. They were all staring at the nude elf which suddenly came from the direction of the beach. Though off in the distance, although it was an hours run away, they could see the large dragon off the horizon.

"Mama, why's the elf naked?" One of the kids asked, pointing at the girl.

"Don't look at her honey. She's one of those savages."

"…" Anno gave the woman a glance and tilted her head to the side before taking a step in through the front gate of the village.

[ Welcome to Saint Anno Village. This Village was constructed as a memorial for Nina Seo after her passing by the game developers. However in this world, it is considered a memorial for Saint Anno who died abruptly during the subjugation of the Demon Lord, her Father. There is a life sized statue in the very center of the Village. ]

Hearing the gentleman's voice read the notification, she let out a light sigh and stared forward passed the head of the people which were situated in front of her. Clearly the statue looked almost just like her except for the little devil horns which were pasted crudely to her statue's forehead.

Of course right now her hair was all over the place due to the salt water hardening it as it dried. The statue was also wearing rather dignified clothes too compared to what she was not wearing now.

A man who seemed to be dressed better than the rest, in white robes with a little black clip on the turtleneck collar. He had a bewildered expression on his face as he stared at her for a few moments.

Was he going to antagonize her like the Prince and Gel did prior? Her eyes glared forward at him with a curious glimmer in her eye. While it seemed as if the man was sizing her up, he seemed to have a look of recognition and surprise forming upon his face.


Staring at the Clergy man, the Elf would raise a brow slightly, watching as the people in front of her would be looking in any and all directions. Seriously? They couldn't recognize the living replica of the statue before them?

Letting out yet another sigh the girl would step forward and walk through the crowd of peasants. "Filthy Casuals," she muttered as she shoved them aside the best she could until she made herself standing before the man.

He stared down at her with a cheery expression, but she held a indifferent one, as if she believed that this was nothing of merit. "Couldn't they have landed a town after me instead?" She puffed up one of her cheeks as she looked up at the figure looming over her with expectation in his eyes. She got no response.

Taking in a deep inhale, she let out a sharp exhale before releasing one of the most high pitch adorable voices that could be heard by this young lady. "Anno is home Desuyo~" She held up two fingers in piece signs on either hand, just like the statue.

The sudden sound of all the villagers turning around to look over at the nude elf and the clergy man stood there with gaping mouths. They were all like country bumpkin goldfish, their eyes wide and their mouths holding ridiculous open expressions.

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