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Chapter 132: Chapter 132: Silver Eyes

(Leon POV)

Raven: "You want to take the maiden's power and do something for you?"

Leon: "That's pretty much it."

We're back at the tent. Raven was astonished about the trunk. It was so small but can fit a large amount of people in it. Not to mention about the size of the island and its contents. I let Neo mingle with the tribesmen. She was too bored during my conversation with Raven so she just let herself out. Raven didn't even stop her.

Raven: "So, you're going to kill the spring Maiden and take her power?"

Leon: "Who said I'm going to kill her just to take the power? You just saw how capable I am so of course I have the ability to take the power without harming its owner."

Raven: "Can you tell what the 2nd thing you want us to do?"

Leon: "I'm going to defeat Salem." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Raven flinch when she heard that name. She just looks at me and waits for my explanation.

Leon: "As you can see, me and Neo are capable enough to defeat her. I want you, Ozpin and others to deal with the Grimms and her minions."

Raven close her eyes and contemplates the pros and cons. On one hand, she doesn't have to focus on Salem and her minions, plus if she agrees, I will give her the trunk.

Raven: "And if I refuse your offer?"

Leon: "I'll put a curse on you and your tribe and do my bidding. You have no chance to break the curse. I know that you killed many villagers and others just to take their resources. I could just punish you all but because you're the mother and an aunt of two friends, I've decided to give you a chance. Plus, your tribe could really use a good base. I notice that your tribesmen are not comfortable on their current environment. When did the last time did your tribesmen took a bath?"

Raven can't deny that her tribe has lack of some daily necessities.

Leon: "I assure you that only 3 things I want. The spring maiden power, assist me on defeating Salem and tell your tribe to not kill anyone anymore."

Raven: "Where did the no killing part coming from?"

Leon: "Just now. I don't really care if you continue stealing, just don't kill anymore."

Raven: [Nods] "I can deal with that."

I put a curse in everyone in the camp. They will felt fear whenever they tried to kill the innocent with the exception of criminals. They can kill them without any hesitation. Raven called the spring maiden and Cenna enters

Cenna: "What is it, boss?"

Raven: "Sit in front of our guest. He's going to take your maiden powers."

Cenna was shock and scared.

Leon: "Don't worry, I already took your maiden abilities."

I show everyone a beautiful golden necklace and a pearl gem attach to it. I used [cut and paste] skill. I cut the Cenna maiden abilities and paste it to the necklace. I did the deed while the two were talking.

Cenna: "Wha-. I feel weak all of the sudden."

Cenna felt weak and tired. Raven look at the necklace with greed. I put the necklace in my inventory and gave her the trunk. Cenna didn't want the power in the first place because of the burden it held. If you don't want it then let me take it then.

Leon: "Remember don't kill the innocent. Just kill the criminals. I'll call you when we're ready to battle."

Raven nods and let Cenna rest. Me and Raven go out of the tent and saw Neo makes a victory pose on top of one of the tribesmen. It seems someone challenge Neo for a fight and that someone was mercilessly defeated. No blood was spilled. Only the defeated one's tears spilled.

Leon: "Neo, we're going home. See yah, Raven. Here's a scroll so that I can contact you."

Raven: "Please keep it a secret to Yang, Qrow and Ruby."

I nod ,Neo skips towards me and hug my arm. We both disappear in front of everyone. I reported to Ozpin about Raven will be joining the fight. He was surprise that I manage to make the Branwen tribe agree. He then ask what did I do to make them agree to this.

Leon: "It was mostly magic."

Ozpin shakes his head and let out a big sigh. He just accepted my explanation. Well I didn't technically lied to him. Neo created the dragon, which is made of magic, and scared them, offer them another place that's almost a paradise, which is also made of magic.

Leon: "Don't tell Yang, Ruby and Qrow. That's the only request from Raven."

Ozpin: "And the necklace?"

Leon: "It's better I should keep this. It's safer if it is with me."

He nods and me and Neo left the room. Right after I went to my room, team JNPR and RWBY gang up on me and wants to train with me. The tournament is almost upon them and they really want to train hard. Me and Neo look at each and other and grin. We crack our knuckles and everybody went to the field.

After hours of training, everyone was sweating and breathes hard. I was the only who was chilling on the grass. I told the guys to use their magic as a last resort during their tournament or don't use it too often. Like Phyrra, she use her semblance not very openly. That's why her opponents were caught off guard.

I also train Ruby with her silver eyes and wants to do it privately. We found one of the Grimms inside the Forever Fall Forest.

Leon: "I don't know the origin of your Silver Eyes but I know that the only way to activate it is to have a strong desire of protecting your love ones."

Ruby tried to look at the Ursa hard and bulge her eyes. I laugh because she looks so cute.

Leon: "You'll hurt herself if you keep doing that. Just relax and focus on what makes you happy. Then imagine protecting that happiness."

The Ursa notice us and roared and run towards us. Ruby was nervous but I touch her shoulder and told to concentrate.

Leon: "Don't worry, I'm here to protect you."

Ruby smiles and close her eyes again. The Ursa run towards us and prepare to claw us. The moment the Ursa's claws was about to touch Ruby, her eyes shines and silver bright wings came out from her eyes. The Ursa roars and its body quickly turns to stone. After the bright light fades, we see the Ursa turns into a statue. Ruby collapse and I quickly grab her. There are burn marks under her eyes. I quickly healed her and she opens her eyes again. I smile at her and held her body carefully.

Leon: "You did it."

Ruby smiles and then fell unconscious. I was about to teleport with her until a pincer was about to stab my face. I grab it with my free arm and my assailant is stood in place. He use his tail to stab me but I re-equip Beowolf and grab it before it hit my face. I look at my assailant and he has a crazy smile.

Tyrian: "Hello there."

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