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Chapter 7: Chapter Seven: Magic Instructor

In James's office, is a sweating Leo, seated across from James's desk, with Maria next to him, with Arc and Anne behind Leo.

Immense pressure is put on the room, deterring others from entering the room.

"So, would anyone care to explain what happened in the courtyard?" James asks, leaned back into his chair, arms crossed.

Silence plagues the room.

"I, er, wanted to test out my magic." Leo states, breaking the silence, head facing down.

"Despite knowing that you control all four elements, along with it enhancing you magic power?" Asks James.


James takes a deep sigh, "What am I going to do with you, we need someone to teach you some restraint."

"Huh?" Leo thinks aloud.

"You heard me, I've been thinking whether or not I should request for a royal magician to teach you." James states, leaning forward.

Leo remains silent.

"And due to your stunt a few hours back, requesting for one is justified, don't you think?"

Not being able to respond, Leo nods.

"It's decided then, everyone is dismissed." James states, before standing up and looking out the window, looking out into the courtyard.

Back in the library.

Leo can be seen, leaned back into his chair, with Anne and Arc, seated across from him.

"Young master, to think you are able to design magic imbued weapons, use all four elements and use tier one magic that's on par with tier three, nothing less should've been expected." Arc states, leaning over, both his arms supporting his head.

"Well, since we're here, I might as well design another weapon." Leo states, pulling out a large piece of paper.

"Oh no you don't!" Both exclaim in unison.

"Huh, why?" Leo asks, his confusion visible.

"Did you forget what we told you last time!?" Both yell in unison, standing over the table.

"Hmm?" Leo sounds, head tilted to the side.

"Ugh, well it is the young master." Both say in unison, facepalming.

"Oi, just what do you guys think of me!?" Leo exclaims, slamming his hand onto the table.

"Someone with overwhelming power that could destroy Omoria if he wanted to." Anne replies.

"Yeah, pretty much." Arc agreed.

"Huh, I'm only six!" Leo states, standing up on his chair.

"But you don't have the same personality and speaking mannerisms as a six year old, when we talk, you talk more like an adult." Anne states, folding some paper.

"Yeah, looks like you were well taught from a young age, huh?" Arc says.

"Y-yeah, it would seem so." Leo replies, scratching his head.

"Hmm, anyways, you can't just go on designing these kinds of weapons, if other people of nobility got word of this, they'll put no end into trying to get you into their hands." Anne states.

"W-why?" Leo asks, voice shuddering at the thought of being kidnapped.

"Well, you're capable of designing magic imbued weapons, calculating the estimated materials needed, and how the parts are to be made, anyone who hears about that will try to get you."

Before Leo could refute, John interrupts their conversation.

"Young Master Leo, Sir James would like to see you." John says, along with two royal knights.

"Again!?" Leo exclaims, racking his brain as to what he did wrong this time.

They make their way to James's office.

"Y-you wanted to see me father?" Leo asks nervously.

James looks up from his desk, puts up his glasses and leans back into his chair.


"Y-yes!" Leo exclaims, tensing up.

"According to Arc, I've heard that you've been designing some, well, weapons, something I thought I wouldn't say to a child, especially my son."

Leo looks down, nervousness and anxiety chewing away at his conscious.

"Leo, I understand that you're an extremely gifted child, too gifted at that, and as soon as I was told the news that you were designing weapons that could shift the balance of power, I knew that this would be necessary."

"What would?"

"You may come in." James states, staring at the door.

The door opens, and the room is greeted with a girl donning a robe with colors of the night sky, a wizards hat, with its trademark pointed tip, slightly bent, along with a staff a bit too tall for her.

She makes her way towards Leo, eyes locked onto his. Uncomfortable, Leo looks away, squirming in his seat.

Upon closer inspection, and as she got closer, she wasn't that tall, in fact, she's roughly Leo's height, giving his confidence a slight boost.

Standing in front of James's desk, she offers her greetings to Leo.

"Nice to meet you, my name's Leia, and on behalf of your father, I'll be the one to teach you magic, how to control it, as well as helping you in your studies." Leia says, bowing, her hat bending down as well.

"N-nice to meet you too, I'm Leo."

"As I've heard, you're able to design national grade weapons?"

Leo nods.

"Quite peculiar, that should stay a secret, a well guarded one at that." She states, hand on her chin and eyeing down Leo from top to bottom.

"Now then, Leia, I'm entrusting you with my son, I trust that you, an imperial mage, can keep a secret, as well as protect my son?" James asks, leaning forward.

"Of course, as friends that go way back, why wouldn't I lend a hand to a friend in need?" Leia states, in a sarcastic tone, whilst trying to keep in her laugh.

"Leia, this is a serious manner." James states.

"I know, I know, but it's been years since I've seen you so serious, back then you used to be so carefree, what happened?" Leia asks, walking up and sitting on his desk.

James sighs as he gets up and walks towards the window, and placing his hand on the glass.

"Life happened, Leia, ever since Leo came to be, along with his unnatural powers, it really takes a toll on the mind."


"Not like you would know, you don't even have a boyfriend!" James exclaims pointing at Leia whilst laughing, tears forming at his eyes.

Leia, practically steaming, clenches her fist, and mutters something under her breathe.

"Huh, could you repeat that?" James asks, wiping his eyes.

"O wind, come forth and split my enemies, Wind Cutter!" Leia chants, splitting his desk in half.

"Oi, what do you think you're doing!?" James exclaims.

"Oh, sorry about that, I missed."

"Oh, it's on now!" James states, readying his own magic.

Keep in mind, they're both adults.

Leo, in the midst of the fighting walks up to one of the knights.

"Are we going to do something about this?" Leo asks.

"I'm afraid not, young master, they'll tire out soon enough." The knight replies.

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