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9.52% Apocalyptic System : apocalypse/dimension travel / Chapter 6: I don't have one

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Chapter 6: I don't have one

In a beautiful sunny day a boy with average build was running in a dense forest while being chase by a beast

"Your really are a good boy, come, keep chasing your daddy until you bleed to death!! "Alex said happily while running

a while later the chasing beast slow downed bit by bit until it finally stop and falls on the ground

"That should do it" he walk toward the deer and finish it off putting it in his storage

"Tsk" he frowled a little looking at his bloody wound "I should have brought bandages with me"knowing that the blood might attract some mutated beast he turned around to run back home

Along the way he encountered group Mutated rabbits " this mutated beast reproduce very fast, even I hunt hundred of them every day It can't make them extinct"

"It seems that they are attracted to the the smell blood coming from my wounded arm" he thought

Unsheathing his sword he dash towards the enemy cutting them at the same time, he used his skill *slash&dash*

4 of the mutated rabbits was hit sending them flying after they land in the ground they release a blood curling screech as blood spilled from there wound, twitching a little then lay there there motionless "there dead

Seeing there companion dead , the other mutated rabbit's released a low growl then pounce aggressively toward Alex

dodging nimbly using is inch dodge he counter them using his * rollingtunder* putting three holes on every single rabbit, or axe kick that crushed there head

After the battle is decided, a really ugly sight was seen, a bloody execution of the "victims" with either three hole on the body or a smashed head

Putting 27 rabbits in his storage Alexander continued his way.... After a while , he can now see the fortress

Finding that there was no one around he pulled the 15 rabbits carcass using a vine to tie them and strap them to his bag, pulling the deer he place them above the tied rabbits, we was surprised that he can carry it easily he proceed toward the fortress main gate

"I need to take some bag with me next time its to much of hassle strapping this bloody dead mutated beast in my body" he thought

*in main gate of the safehaven a guard calmly drinking coffee while sitting in the control room

"i hope that boy came back alive... he should have find a party before going out. Ahh young people this days are too impulsive "thought while taking another sip on his coffee

*dang. dang . dang*

Suddenly knocking sound was heard "hey mr. Guard its me , open up "

" speaking of the devil Hmm that boy come back early, he must had been scared by some mutated beast and run back home " he thought as pulled the lever opening the gate

*clank, clank, clank* metallic resonate as the giant gate slowly being lifted upward ,the smell of blood directly assaulted the guard nose

"Hey kid I can smell the blood from here , your not dying are you" say the guard jokily as he take another sip from his coffee

"Me? hahaha not yet"Alexander answered

As the gate opened fully , a sight of a boy covered with blood while holding a pack of Dead Mutated beast in his back

*Phuuuu* the guard spat out the coffee that his drinking

*ding Domination points +202*

Hearing the notification the smile on Alexander face become more wider " by simply holding A dead beast I can earn Domination points hehehe "

leaving the stunned guard he continued his path towards the butchery

On the way people walking in street that saw him was shocked by seeing a bloody boy holding bunch of dead mutated beast

*ding Domination points +35*

*ding Domination points +12*

*ding Domination points +50*

"A gold mine of Domination points !!! i can earn tons of domination points by simply carrying this while walking around the street but I might be labeled a retard if I walk around whole day but alas. i shall name you "domanation walk" hmm, I shouldve walk slower " he thought, beaming he started to walk slower

*ding Domination points +50*

*ding Domination points +85*


Arriving on his destination a 17yrs old or so, female with short black hair greeted him "welcome to sector 8 butchering station how can I help you" smiled as she greeted him

In his memory this girl is named Nana,the daughter of the owner of sector 8 butchering station mrs. Nefalin Gonzales

'she seems not shaken from the beast I am holding, I didn't hear some notification from the system "Alexander thought, , the girl bend down his desk to take a pair of spectacle then put on "Ehhh!!!"she suddenly yelled in surprised voice

*ding Domination points +250*

"__" or not" he thought

" hello miss Nana I'm here to sell this mutated beast"Alex told her with a smile "

A sudden change of reaction occured to Nana "Ehh!! how did you know my name. are you planning to hit on me"she said,

she suddenly bowed then said in a deadpan voice "I'm sorry I don't want a to be in a relationship lately my mother is counting on me to-"

"Hey hey,!! stop right there cowgirl I'm just her for business " Alexander said with a bitter smile

Standing straight again like nothing had happen Nana smiled and said "how my I address you? "

"_" Alexander didn't know if to laugh or cry "this girls mood swings are scary "he thought

"just call me Alex" he answer

She quicky check her file"Mr, Alex you can take those carcass in room 3 for examination" she said with a smile

Leaving the "wacky girl" Alex proceed to room 3 where a group of man are buthering some mutated beast

A big man holding a buthering knife had come to greet him "hello there young man are you selling that beasts your holding" he asked, Alex answered with a nod,,

putting down one antler and 15 rabbits in the table the man started to examine the carcasses

"Hmm this male deer is a level 3 mutant , its skin and antlers are in a good condition I can give you 3 gold for this one and for the rabbit I can 5 silver each at most, a total of 3 gold and 75 silver are you ok with that" the man told Alex

"ok" Alex answered without arguing any further

The butcher was pleased "i will make a receipt for your party " he said

"Don't bother I don't have one"Alex said truthfully

*ding Domination points +250*

dogoverflowers dogoverflowers

Day 4

my motivation is dangerously low

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