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Chapter 57 - Arc of Embodiment - Chapter 57 by RWBY_LOVER_101 full book limited free

Chapter 57: Chapter 57

-Draconic Deus-

Serafall is currently in a meeting with Yasaka for the day. The other day, Serafall told Jaune, in exchange for bringing him to Asgard, he could help her try out Star, the wand that Jaune gave her.

Serafall told Jaune that she couldn't test it out in the Underworld since she doesn't want anyone to know about Star. She could not test it out of Earth since there isn't any place that isn't occupied by someone. Therefore, ever since she got the Star, she hasn't been able to test it out.

Jaune agreed to this immediately, he knew that Serafall was itching to use Star, and a month of not being able to use it is making her go insane.

Jaune plans to let Serafall use the Mirror Dimension to test out Star, after all, the Mirror Dimension doesn't have any inhabitants and causing destruction inside doesn't affect the outside world. This made Serafall very happy which brought a smile to Jaune's face.

Now you may be wondering, 'Where is Koneko? Didn't she follow Jaune in the DxD world?', she did but she stayed behind in the ORC as she wanted to catch up with the others and ask the happening for the past month. Right now, Koneko was talking with Rias and the others.

"How've you been, Koneko?" Rias asked while sipping a tea made by Akeno.

"I've been doing great, Buchou. Jaune's been treating me well," Koneko said.

"So, have you made progress with your feelings for Jaune?" Rias asked.

"Yes, and I'm waiting for Jaune to bring me on a date, but there are others," Koneko said.

"What do you mean?" Rias asked.

"Just like Buchou and Asia are dating Issei-senpai, Jaune is dating multiple women as well," Koneko said.

"Ooooooh! So, Jaune is also a Harem man! But! I won't lose to him!" Issei said with a competitive spirit.

"Pfft! Issei senpai, if you count me, then Jaune has 10 girlfriends at the moment, he even has a son named Adrian, he was a cute bundle of joy, he loves climbing stuff," Koneko said to Issei who became deflated.

"Damn it! Is this the capability of a Bishounen?! Ahhhh! And he's already also lost his Virginity!" Issei shouted. As much as Rias is willing to give her virginity to Issei now, he knew that he shouldn't since Rias was of Noble birth, he needs to wait till they were either engaged or married, as for Asia, she was just too innocent at the moment, just like Ruby.

"So, Koneko. Can you tell us what Jaune's world is like?" Akeno asked.

"Well, there aren't any form of Devil, Angel or Fallen Angels. According to the history Jaune told me, his world used to have two Gods, the God of Darkness and God of Light, the were twin Gods, but their already dead, killed by a being called the True God…" Koneko tells them more about Jaune's world, from what is taught in History Class and from Jaune.

"So, you're telling me that immortality is a real thing on this world called…Remnant?" Rias asked.

"It is. Unlike devils that Humans believe to be immortal due to their longevity, there is a person that is truly immortal in that world…until Jaune got rid of her immortality. Now she just likes spending her time learning new things," Koneko said.

"Can you tell us more about this, Grimm thing?" Akeno said.

"From what I can tell, they are a pure magical energy-based beast. I asked Jaune about it and he told me that Grimm is darkness magic given form. He said that they are a creature that the God of Darkness created and they are a creature of destruction," Koneko said.

"Are they strong?" Issei asked.

"Depends. Of you head to a place called the Land of Darkness/Grimmland, there you can find some of the strongest Grimm according to Jaune, he also told me that they are capable of fighting against Mid Class Devils," Koneko said.

"Hmm…not very strong," Rias said.

"For us maybe. But for people of Remnant, it is powerful, since they are abundant and there are almost no people with magic in Remnant," Koneko said.

"Whoa! If they don't have magic, then how do they fight something as strong as a Mid Class Devil?" Issei asked.

"They have something called Aura. Jaune told me that it is sort of a degraded version of Mana. While we can use Mana to make different types of magic, Aura only can shield its wielder from attacks, increase strength, speed, durability, healing, Climate protection and Extrasensory Perception. Other than those, it isn't near as versatile as Mana," Koneko said.

"Aura seems to be quite similar to Touki, except Touki can't shield its wielder or heal," Rias said.

"Un. That's what Jaune told me as well," Koneko said.

"Ara…Koneko, do you know that almost every sentence you said have Jaune in it," Akeno said teasingly.

This made Koneko blush. What? She loves being around Jaune, it was fun, warm, safe, he makes her smile a lot and she feels a tingly feeling within her and it's not nature energy, and she loves it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Summer headed back home to Patch. When Jaune told Summer that he would be leaving on a trip with Ruby and the others, she decided to stay in Patch with Tai and spend some lovey-dovey time with him.

Tai loved being around Summer, it was just like the days before the time of her departure. It was too bad that he had to leave Beacon to head back to Patch since he is a teacher at Signal Academy, luckily, Summer decided to head back with him.

Right now, Summer and Tai were having a nice lunch in their backyard eating food that Summer learned from Jaune. Tai liked the cooking of Jaune, but to him, Summer's cooking is better by a mile away. Everything was going well…until something Summer said.

"I can't wait for Yang and Ruby to be officially dating Jaune. In the future, I want to have some grandbabies, at least two!" Summer said.

"Say...What!" Tai shouted.

"Hmm? Didn't I tell you long ago that Yang and Ruby were interested in someone? When I talked to them, I found out that they both like the same person, which was Jaune. Then a month or two later I found out that Ruby and Yang decided to date Jaune along with 7 other girls, I believe that there was even a new addition, I believe her name was Koneko," Summer said.

This made Tai's eyebrows twitch. 10 girls, Jaune was dating 10 girls. Ohhhhh! he was planning to get Qrow's help in taking Jaune down. And Qrow would happily try it with him since loves both his niece.

"Tai. I know that you're planning something stupid. Let Ruby and Yang make their own decisions, they are already young adults," Summer said.

"But, Summer! 10 women, that's a lot! And what am I going to do if Jaune decided to stop dating Ruby and Yang, that'll break their heart!" Tai said.

"Maybe. But from living with Jaune and the others, I can tell that Jaune cares about them a lot, I don't believe that Jaune will hurt them, I mean did you know all those women Jaune is dating even have a scheduled meeting to discuss…things," Summer said.

Summer and Tai continued talking, with Summer listening to Tai complain. This would last till nightfall. Eventually, Tai was convinced by his wife to let them be.

-Draconic Deus-

The next morning, Jaune and Serafall departed for Asgard. Serafall told Yasaka that they can continue with the matter at hand after she returns from Asgard. Yasaka understood and told them to have a safe trip. Serafall used her magic to teleport her and Jaune to Asgard, to be exact…Valhalla. Valhalla is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard.

Serafall told Jaune to follow her to the area where Odin would be. If Jaune needs to do something in Asgard, then he had to go through Odin.

When Jaune and Serafall arrived in the building, they were immediately asked to state who they were and what business they have in Asgard as they aren't Gods, Norse Heroes or Valkyries.

Serafall told them that they have an appointment with Odin regarding a sensitive matter. When the guards heard the word sensitive matter, they knew that it would be serious, therefore, they immediately informed Odin of their arrival. Not long later, the guards brought them to the office of Odin…Jaune was surprised as he thought Odin would have a throne room instead.

When Jaune saw Odin, he saw a magazine in his hand and on the cover was a woman with massive tits.

Jaune couldn't believe that Odin was reading a porno mag in his office even after he was told that he would have company.

Not far back from Odin was Rossweisse, she was sighing at Odin's behaviour, from the looks of it, this wasn't the first time Odin's done this.

When Odin looked up from his porno mag, he saw Jaune and Serafall. He knew who Serafall was, but he didn't know who Jaune was. And the most confusing part was that he couldn't feel any power coming from Jaune.

"Oh, Serafall. What brings you here, and who is this, a friend of yours?" Odin asked.

"I'm here to discuss some Devil matter with you regarding a peace treaty with Asgard and the Devils, along with Angels and Fallen Angel," Serafall said.

"If that's the case then I have no issue with that, I would rather spend my days reading this…than fighting a war with other factions, especially when I have to prepare for Ragnarök," Odin said.

"Wait! So, you're willing to sign the peace treaty?" Serafall was confused, that was fast.

"Of course! I'm guessing there will be a party later on to do the monument signing?" Odin said.

"That's right! Not too long ago, the three factions of Devil, Angels and Fallen Angels have already signed the treaty," Serafall said.

"Hmm…I guess the world is changing for the better, or there is a big threat out there that needs the co-operation of those three factions," Odin said.

"How about him? What's his purpose here?" Odin asked.

"I don't know. Jaune didn't say much, he just asked me to bring him here," Serafall said.

"I'm here for her…" Jaune said while pointing at Rossweisse.

"Me!" Rossweisse was surprised.

"I know that you're currently Odin's secretary, but I have a job opportunity for you. I've heard from someone that you wanted to be a teacher, right?" Jaune said.

"Y-Yes," Rossweisse stuttered.

"Great! I wanted your help with teaching a few people magic…Do you think that's something you are interested in, I've heard great things about your knowledge of magic," Jaune said.

"I am! But unfortunately, I am currently working as Odin-sama's Bodyguard," Rossweisse said.

"If you're interested in it, then go ahead and take the offer…I'll finally be rid of you, and I can finally enjoy my magazine to my heart's content," Odin said.

"Odin-sama!" Rossweisse shouted.

"What? Can't a God just enjoy his Porno?" Odin said. Rossweisse then turned to Jaune and spoke.

"I accept your offer. But, uhm? What is the salary like?" Rossweisse asked. Jaune whispered it to her ear and her eyes lit up at the amount that Jaune will be paying her, even if the payment isn't money, it is still quite valuable. Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphire and other precious gems that have a high value.

"But I have a requirement," Jaune said.

"What would that be?" Rossweisse asked.

"I will need you to be patient with your students, they are new to magic and have never been in direct contact with it," Jaune explained.

"That's not a problem, I'm willing to help and explain everything I know about magic," Rossweisse said, then she turned to Odin.

"Bye! Odin-sama!" Rossweisse shouted with excitement due to finding a better job than being Odin's bodyguard/servant girl.

At the end of this trip to Asgard, Jaune didn't immediately return to Orario as he made a promise to Serafall regarding Star, hence they returned to the Youkai faction with Rossweisse as an addition.

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