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ARCANE Chapter 4 - ARCANE - Chapter 4 by DOUBLE_V full book limited free

Chapter 4: ARCANE Chapter 4



"The thing is, what happened to you both yesterday night was all real..." said the profession as calmly as he could.

"WHAAAT!!??" Happi shouted so loud that I almost become deaf and then forming foam in mouth he fainted.

Then about me I cannot even move or move my mouth, is this called being in shock?

"It's a good thing that I prepared something for the emergency." saying that Prof Vigyan taped his phone. Then someone came inside the room he lifted up Happi and placed him on the sofa. Then he came to me and made me sit on a chair.

The professor did not speak for some time and the room was deadly quite. After some time I slowly came out of the shock.

"So why didn't you tell us the first time we met? Why did it feel like a dream? What happened to our wounds....." I started asking questions but the professor interrupted me by saying"I know that you want to ask a tone of questions but just wait till your friend gets up, I will answer both of your questions as detailed as I can."

After some time Happi woke up slowly wiping his mouth and after realizing the situation he stood beside me.

"So now can you tell us in every detail about the incident that took place yesterday?" I asked him as calmly as I could.

"So let me get straight to the point. You two possess something called ARCANE inside you." the professor said to us.

"WOW!!" shouted Happi.

"You know what that is?" I asked him curiously. Professor Vigyan seems to be as curious as me.

"No!!, it was just that the professor sounded cool!" Happi told us with a smile on his face "Please don't mind me from now on."

"Ok, so Arcane is some kind of power which is present inside the soul of a person. It some times gives physical strength and some times gives magical powers." said the professor.

"So what does this magical power mean?" I asked the professor doubtfully. I am not a teenager who would still fantasize about magic, the magic that the professor said should be different.

"The magic power I mean is the power of elements like water, fire like the guy that came to kill you or psychic like the other person, the magic is magic itself so you can think like the anime you saw when you were younger. It's more like you are a Superhuman now." said the professor.

"Then can I have all those powers?" Happi asked doubtfully.

"Um.... it's more like you may have any one power, it is a very rare case to have multiple powers." said the professor and Happi was disappoint.

"So professor what is the origin of this so called Arcane?" I asked Prof.Vigyan.

"Yes that's a good question, so no one knows how this Arcane came into our human body nor any one knows from when they are using their powers."said the professor.

"Then why the hell did those guys try to kill us yesterday?" asked Happi angrily.

"Oh yeah I forgot to tell you about them. They are the guys from AAA meaning ANTI ARCANE ASSOCIATION. They were trying to kill all the Arcaners..... I mean the people using Arcane. So because Arcaners are strong they were trying to kill the people who did not still awaken their Arcane power." explained us the professor.

"When and how did you know that we have Arcanes inside us." I asked the professor doubtfully.

"That, Arcaners can sense unawakened Arcane. So your company's CEO found that you had Arcane inside you during your interview." the professor explained to us.

"So our boss is an Arcaner?" Happi asked the professor excitedly.

"To tell you the truth the whole companies employees are Arcaners. Hehehe." said the professor grinning at us.

"How!?" Happi and I shouted at the same time.

"I will tell you about that later, first let's meet the Arcaners I mean employees." saying that the professor opened the doors.

"Everyone let's congratulate our new workers Rishi and Santosh." shouted the professor, it looks like everyone working is present in front of us and everyone started clapping.

After I and Happi thanked them we then went to the professor. "Hey Rishi and Happi too. It's been so long guys, I missed you." I saw towards the person speaking "!!!" It's him.

A tall and muscular man (he was not all bulged up but at a glance you can say he is strong) came towards us "AAHH yes man It's been so long. How are you?" we both came face to face and shaked our hands as hard as we can.

"Man you are still as you were, you did not change little bit Rishi hehehe." the man said to me with a bright smile."You are saying as if you changed Jeevan." I said to him smiling Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The professor walked between us with a confused look asking "Do you guys know each other?"

"Yes, we are best buddies." said Jeevan.

"Hey did you forget about me." Happi shouted folding his hands and looking at us seriously.

"No no not at all Happi." saying that Jeevan went towards Happi.

"Prof.Vigyan why are you shocked knowing that we are friends, do you fiind us unworthy of being his friend?" I asked the professor doubtfully.

"No no I am more surprised, you see Jeevan do not talk very much." said the professor.

"Yes he was like that when we were at school too. He did not talk much but he was very good at every aspect in the school, like he was good at studies, he was sports club president who was loved by students and teachers and the entire school." I said to the professor about the Jeevan I know.

"Yes? but here he tries to be alone and most of the time he is on duty doing dangerous work alone. Even if he is the most powerful Arcaner in this branch office and he cleared every [DOOR] in his mission I think he should have companions." said the Prof.Vigyan saking his head.

"Oh..... WAIT!!! what are the [DOORS]? what missions??!!" I screamed after relasing these new words.

"Oh boy I slipped my tongue hehehe." said the professor shaking his head.

"What happened?" asked Happi coming towards me.

"Man this professor did not say something important to us." I complained to Happi.

"What is it professor?." Happi asked the professor with a freaky smile.

"Jeevan help me!!!" Vigyan screamed.

"Rishi I will explain everything if you both come with me, the professor has too much research work you see." Telling that Jeevan took us inside another room.

"This is my office, how is it?" Jeevan asked us.

"It's good but just get to the topic." said Happi angrily.

"Alright, um.. I think Prof.Vigyan said about Arcane to you guys right?" we nooded.

"So as you can see Arcane gives unimaginable power but as you know great power comes great responsibility, we don't know but monsters started appearing on earth from something like dimensional gate which we call the [DOOR]..." Jeevan started explaining is and we started nodding.

"....So sometimes the monsters rush out of them or sometimes we Arcaners have to go inside it." Jeevan then showed us a video in his phone.

Instead of Jeevan if any other person showed me that video I would have never believed that. There were many monsters fighting with the Arcaners, the monsters of every size and shape. The Arcaners looked like they were struggling.

"Normally the association does not allow to take a video inside thr [DOOR] but I am an exception." said Jeevan keeping his phone inside the pocket.

"Even if someone saw this they would think of it as graphics and ignore it." I said to Jeevan.

"So now all this monster stuff is real huh." Happi sighs.

"If you start coming from tomorrow you can slowly start understanding all the things." Said Jeevan excitedly.

"Man my head started hurting with all this shock, I should grab a cool drink on the way home." said Happi catching his head.

"You always want to cool that stomach of yours right?" said Jeevan and I started laughing.

"Oh right, I forgot to tell you something important guys. There will be a small test on you to know the type of Arcane you have and to also know your other abilities." saying is Jeevan took us us some other room that looked like a laboratory with advanced science instruments or maybe magical instruments I think.

"Hey Jeevan are they the newly recruited people?" a man wearing a white coat asked Jeevan, I know that every one here are wearing a white coat but that man has nothing odd.

"Yes professor Balu they are, and also they are my best buddies." said Jeevan pridefully.

"Oh your friends? They must be special then." astonished the professor.

"One of you come inside and the other please wait here." said a female professor. I looked at Happi. He was signing me to go in.

I went inside "Please place your hand on the sphere." she said.

I placed my hand on the sphere slowly a blue light glowed. "It's electric power, this is the power of your Arcane. Please sit near Prof.Balu." she pointed towards the professor.

I sat near him nervously. "There is nothing to be afraid of I am just going to place a spell on you which will tell you about all your information it's more like....."

"A system window??!!" I screamed.

"Yes, how did you know that?" the professor asked me in shock.

"Umm.. I think I read too many fantasy novels and webtoons." I answered him.

"Oh it's idea of some idiot." said Prof.Balu and started casting the spell.

I think I know the idiot you are referring to, it is Prof.Vigyan or that's what I guess.

"The spell is complete, just say [STATUS WINDOW] inside your mind then you can see the window and don't worry only you can see it ok." said the professor.

[STATUS WINDOW] !!!!??? a blue window popped in front of me. It says.....

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