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100% ARGAST / Chapter 2: Awakened Rath

Awakened Rath - ARGAST - Chapter 2 by SleepyXenon full book limited free

Chapter 2: Awakened Rath

     On the next day Tracy and Tiffany went to school early because they had tennis practice leaving Xenon to walk alone to school. Even though he's walked alone for his entire life except for yesterday, for the first time he actually felt lonely. When he arrived at school a third year boy confronted him, "Do you need something" he said in a dull tone then the boy grabbed him by his shirt and slammed him into the wall causing the wall to crack "First of all, your tone and that look you gave me really pisses me off! Second of all the next time you act so flirty with my girlfriend I will kill you!". Blood runs down Xenon's face and the boy let's go of him and he fell to the ground. Then Xenon heard a voice in his head and it said "You did nothing wrong, yet he attacked you! Make him pay! Make him hurt just as much! MAKE HIM BLEED!" Then Xenon got up and his hair changes to a gradient of white and black and his left eye changed red. Xenon caused a shockwave that sent the boy crashing into a wall then his eye changed back and he went to class. "Hey Xeno- What happened?!" Tracy asked concerned about the blood that runs down his face, "I'm fine" he replied, "Who did this to you?!" Tiffany asked as she was pissed off then he replied "It doesn't matter anymore" "Tell us what happened!" they demanded then he said "like I said, It dosen't matter anymore. I've already dealt with it" then they calmed down. They took their seats and the blood eventually disappeared, "By the way,  what happened to your hair,  it's changing white?" Tracy asked, "I'm not sure" he replied, it's cool look not gonna lie" Tiffany stated, "Thanks" he replied then teacher came into the class and started class. Time passes and it was now break time, Xenon and his friends went to the cafeteria to get something to eat. "By the way make sure you have your lunch now because for the rest of the day we will have our Core Exams that will test our core power" Tiffany said as she eats her lunch, "Cool" Tracy said as she eats hers, "It's a team battles right? Can all of us team up?" He asked and then both of them said, "Of course we'll team up with you!" "Thanks" he replied then all of them linked held each other's hands and chains linked they're cores before disappearing. "Let's finish eating before before devise a plan" Tracy says then they finished eating got changed  and went to the practice arena, "Let's see the weapons we can use" Tracy says as she manifested a fusion weapon that was a gun and sword at the same time, "sweet" she says in excitement. "It's my turn!" She manifested a fusion weapon that was a sword that can separate the become a bladed whip, "Awesome! It's your turn Xenon" she says as she tested hers out. "Okay..." he summons two orbs in his hands and they turn into any weapon he could this of, 'Cool" Tracy says as she admires his weapons, "I think we should train while we still have an hour before our first fight" Tiffany stated, "true" Tracy responded then they practiced wielding their weapons except for Xenon, he observed there fighting styles and helped them correct their atto better suit their weapons.

     An hour had passed and it was finally time for their first Match, coincidentally, their first opponent was Kevin, the boy who confronted Xenon earlier,  Carlos, one of the fastest students in his class, and Katelyn, Tiffany's older sister. Xenon, Tracy and Tiffany all had a grudge against the other team and the feeling was mutual. "So we meet again Tracy" Carlos said with a smug expression on his face, "You may have won that race but don't get full of yourself! I will whip that smug expression right of your face!" She replied getting pissed off, "Well we will see about that" he replied. "Are you ready see how inferior you really are, little sis?" Katelyn asks in a mocking tone, "Would you can it! And I will make you eat those words." Tiffany angrily replied, "We'll see" Katelyn says with a chuckle. "I'll make you pay for what you did to me earlier" Kevin says in an annoyed tone, "I doubt that" he replied with a dull expression then Kevin kissed his teeth and manifested his weapon. They all summoned their weapons, Carlos had twin daggers and enhanced speed, Katelyn had a double sided Scythe and enhanced reflexes, and Kevin had twin axes and enhanced strength. One of the teachers walking into the middle of the ring to announce the rules, "The rules are simple, no killing, no lethal attacks, only us your own weapons and no outside items aloud. The last team standing wins" then battle officially started started and Kevin and his team started attacking first. Kevin slashes at Xenon and even though he was able to block it with his swords the force caused him to end up crouched on one of his knees, Katelyn slashes at Tiffany but she was able to counter then Katelyn started bombarding her with attacks leaving her on the defensive, Carlos circled Tracy at an untraceable speed and slashes from every angle but Tracy was able to block a few of the attacks. "If I release my limiters, I might kill him but I can't win unless I do it- oh right, our souls are linked" he says in his mind then he uses telepathy to talk to his teammates ("Hay Tracy, Tiffany, I am going release my limiters but is it okay if I split my power between us?" He asked, "Sure, I could use the extra power" Tracy replied, "Alright, but are you sure?" Tiffany asked,  "Yes, anyways brace yourself" he replied) then he released his limiters and a shockwave was released from all three of them from the sudden burst of power, al three of them were caught of guard by the sudden burst of power and the shockwave sent Kevin and his team into the walls of the area. Xenon's hair changes to a gradient of white to blue going down his hair with a tuft of black hair at the front of his head,  Tracy and Tiffany's hair also changed but instead of a white and blue gradient it was a white and pink for Tracy and white and red for Tiffany. The impact had knocked Kevin's entire team unconscious so Xenon's team won by default, "well that was over quicker than expected" Tiffany says as she chuckled at the sight of her sister unconscious, "Who knew you had so much power Xenon, also our hair changes. I think it looks cool" Tracy says, "Even though I don't know why, I think it looks good" Tiffany stated, "Are you all alright..." he asked silently as he walked towards them, "Of course we are!" Tracy says and Tiffany says, "Yeah, why wouldn't we  be-" then he hugged both of them and said "I was so scared of losing you too when I released my limiters" they were both surprised by how he acted but then hugged him, "Don't worry,  we won't ever leave you" Tracy says, "Yeah, we will always be with you" Tiffany said then he replied softly, "Thank you". Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

     After the exam they went to the class room to relax and chat, they were all exhausted but got changed and sat in their seats. "I am satisfied with the results of that battle" Tiffany says satisfied from beating her sister, "Yeah, I finally beat that smug bastard!" Tracy says proud of their victory, "Yeah..." Xenon replied softly. "Is everything alright?" Tracy asked, "yeah..." he replied, "By the way if you don't mind me asking,  what happened between you and Kevin?" Tiffany asked and he replied "This morning when I came to school he confronted me. I asked him 'Do you need anything?' In my normal tone and he grabbed me by the neck and slammed me into the wall braking my ribs and cracking my skull. He said something about about my tone pissed him off before a voice spoke to me,  it took what little anger I had and amplified it. This caused a short burst of power that sent him flying into a wall". "Oh, well I think that bastard had it coming. I mean who picks a fight with a random kid" Tiffany stated, "You're right..." he replied, "By the way,  because of your power our weapons got an upgrade" Tracy said, "Oh?" He responded, "Yeah, I think we should practice using them tomorrow before our next match" Tiffany stated, "Agreed" Tracy said "alright then" he replied. Lucy and Luke came up to them to congratulate them, "Great job you three!"  Lucy says with a smile, "Lucy, your boyfriend is Kevin, right?" Tiffany asked, "Um yes, did something happen?" Lucy asked then Tracy told her everything that happened. "Wait what" Lucy said as she was shocked to hear what happened, "Confronting you is one thing but injuring you is too far! I will have a word with him right now" she says as she stormed outside. "She's overprotective of her friends, especially if they got injured because of someone she knows. I hope this doesn't discourage you from staying in the club" Luke says before leaving the room, "oh. . ." Xenon replied softly. Time passes and it was time to head home but as he was walking outside he bumped into a first year girl, she fell backwards but Xenon caught her. "Are you alright?" Xenon asked, "I-I'm fine..." she responded and he helped her stand, "Not only did you wrecked my relationship but you're also after my little sister?!" He grabbed Xenon by his shirt and slammed into wall harder than last time. He coughed up blood and blood ran down his face, his eyes changed red and the voice spoke to him again "Kill him!". "Kevin what are you doing?!" She asked, "Stay out of this Lola! I'm going to teach this bastard a lesson!" He replied as he started throwing punches at Xenon, "Brother Stop!" Lola yelled but he didn't listen then Tracy and Tiffany came out of the class and saw what was happening then quickly separated the both of them. "Hey,  let me go! I'm not done with him!" He yelled then Xenon got up and his hair turned completely red and he had a red glow then he tackled him to the ground and he grew claws with the intent to kill him then Lucy came out and yelled, "Don't kill Him!" then he stopped and looked at her, he saw the sadness in her eyes and he got up then his body changed back and he calaps, "Xenon!" Tiffany said Tracy said as they rushed to catch him, he was unconscious.

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