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Pudong, Shanghai

At an abandoned building, there were many people gathered there, about a thousand people gathered. The thousand people belonged to two groups of triads, Dragon Wing and Hawk Talon.

These two triads were the ones who ruled over Shanghai's underworld. The Boss of Dragon Wing and The Boss of Hawk Talon came up to an agreement to determine the true ruler of Shanghai's Underworld tonight.

Tonight, they decided to fight a bloody battle. The loser would get the territory annexed and got their triad destroyed, it was a life and death battle for both triads.

Dragon Wing Boss, Lu Gang brought 500 elites with him. He chose the best of the best of Dragon Wing members.

The same for Hawk Talon Boss, Pan Weiyan also brought 500 elites of Hawk Talon members.

Amongst the 500 elites of Dragon Wing, there was a person brought 5 pipes on his back. Even though it was only a mere pipe, but the elites of Dragon Wing respected this person.

Tang Shaoyang, he did not have a high status in Dragon Wing. He was just a mere thug responsible for one district, Youyouliucun District. It could be said he was at the bottom rank in Dragon Wing.

However, even though Tang Shaoyang was at the bottom rank, Dragon Wing's elites respected him. They called him Brother Tang.

Tang Shaoyang gained these people's respect through his prowess. When it came to fighting, people called him Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun. Just like a madman, he charged forward to the enemy and went berserk. That was how Tang Shaoyang way of fighting.

Whether he faced ten enemies, dozens, or even a hundred, he was fearless. This was how he gained the title Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun. With a pipe in his hand, he was invincible.

This was not the first time Dragon Wing had a big battle like this. However, since the first day, he joined Dragon Wing, Tang Shaoyang never absence from the battle.

Tonight was the same as usual. Tang Shaoyang responded to his Boss' call. Even Lu Gang, Boss of Dragon Wing fond of Tang Shaoyang. If not for Tang Shaoyang rejected Lu Gang's promotion. Maybe Tang Shaoyang might be Lu Gang's right-hand today.

Tang Shaoyang approached Lu Gang under the gaze of Dragon Wing members.


Lu Gang turned toward the voice and grinned, "Oh, you have come!"

Lu Gang approached Tang Shaoyang and gave him a bear hug. Lu Gang was taller than Tang Shaoyang, two meters height and his body was filled with muscle.

After giving a bear hug, Lu Gang turned toward the Hawk Talon group.

"How is it? Do you think we can win tonight?" Lu Gang offered cigarettes as he spoke to Tang Shaoyang.

Tang Shaoyang refused the cigarettes, even though he was a street thug, he did not have a habit of smoking as the other thugs.

Tang Shaoyang directed his sharp eyes toward Hawk Talon who was 20 meters apart from where he stood. Not long after, Tang Shaoyang smirked, "Don't worry, Boss. I will bring that Bastard Pan's body to you."

Tang Shaoyang declared confidently. He was not overconfident, but this was him. He believed himself Hawk Talon was just the same as the beforehand force he against. He would crush them with the pipe in his hand. The dark smirk became more obvious as his sharp and bloodlust eyes eyeing the prey, Hawk Talon.

Even Lu Gang himself somewhat scared of Tang Shaoyang. If not because of Tang Shaoyang showed a lack of ambition, Lu Gang would try to finish Tang Shaoyang off earlier.

Tang Shaoyang was like a double-edged sword. But it was fortunate Tang Shaoyang was loyal and lack of ambition. Every promotion he offered was rejected by Tang Shaoyang. Tang Shaoyang would rather manage a small district Youyouliucun. Lu Gang still clearly remembered Tang Shaoyang's rejection.

"Boss, my nickname is Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun and I quite like this name. So I will just stay at Youyouliucun, don't bother me with another territory."

Now, Lu Gang trusted Tang Shaoyang because of his lack of ambition. He also liked Tang Shaoyang's answer. Each time before going to battle, Lu Gang always asked the same question. He also always got the same answer. Not only that, Lu Gang always kept his words and presented the enemy's boss to him.

So hearing Tang Shaoyang's answer relieved his tension. Lu Gang tapped Tang Shaoyang's shoulder, "Good, I will leave Bastard Pan for you."

Even though they were triads, they always kept their words. The agreement said the battle started at 2 am, then both sides really wait until 2 am to start the battle even though all members were here.

It was still half an hour before the battle started, but the atmosphere already intense. Tension from both sides almost reached the peak. There were some people nervous and anxious. There were some people impatient. There were some people disdained their opponent.

Amidst these people, there was someone always staring at the opponent, just like a predator watching his prey. Tang Shaoyang sat at the frontline of Dragon Wing and his blood-red eyes never left Hawk Talon.

Tik! Tik! Tik!


Right at 2 am, the sound of metal getting hit resounded. That sound was the sign that the battle started.

Tang Shaoyang immediately shot up and dashed toward Hawk Talon with a pipe in his right and four pipes on his back.


Tang Shaoyang's cry reverberating throughout. The cry shocked the Hawk Talon. They did not expect that there would be someone dared to charge at the crowd of 500 people alone. Moreover, with only a mere pipe.

"Ahh, he is Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun! He is Berserk Tang!!!" A panicked voice resounded from Hawk Talon.

Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun. It was a famous legend in the underworld. Except one was newbie, everyone in the underworld already heard the infamous Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun.

The mad man who never lost in the fighting, with twenty-one killing records. Four out of twenty-one were a Triad Boss. Killing or to be killed was a natural matter in the underworld, but killing four Triad Bosses was another matter.

Each Boss would have their personal guard, the best out of the best of their men. However, this Berserk Tang still managed to kill the triad boss.

Hawk Talon grew restless when this mad man now became their opponent.

"Don't be afraid, he is alone and we have five hundred people with us!!! What are you afraid of?" As the Boss of Hawk Talon, Pan Weiyan opened his mouth.

Actually, he himself was scared of this Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun. However, as a leader, he could not show it. He had to hide his fear and rally his men's morale.

Just as he thought his words worked, another cry which was louder than Tant Shaoyang's resounded.


Dragon Wing's men followed Tang Shaoyang. He let out the same war cry as Tang Shaoyang in unison. The result was effective, the war cry intimidated Hawk Talon.

With the war cry, the battle to determine the lord of Shanghai's underworld started. The brawl lasted three hours, right at 5 am, the battle was over with Dragon Wing as the winner.

Tang Shaoyang was the first one charged at the enemy's line and he was also the last one who was still standing. The other members of Dragon Wing were sprawled on the ground in exhaustion.

Shrekh! Shrekh! Shrekh!

Tang Shaoyang dragged a body with him. He was walking toward Lu Gang who was still in the backline. He was dragged Pan Weiyan over, just like he said before the battle, he would bring Pan Weiyan body to Lu Gang.


Tang Shaoyang threw Pan Weiyan before Lu Gang, "Boss! I bring you, Bastard Pan!"

Lu Gang stared blankly at Tang Shaoyang. Just looking at Tang Shaoyang, already made his body shuddered voluntarily. The blue shirt and jean Tang Shaoyang had on his body turned red. Blood moistened his face and clothes. Lu Gang did not know it was Tang Shaoyang's blood or his opponent. However, he could see a few cut wounds on his arms.

He immediately looked away and set his eyes at the unconscious Bastard Pan. With just one look, Lu Gang could see Bastard Pan's four limbs were broke. Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun really gave no mercy to his enemy.

"Good Job! You can go to Old Man Dong to treat your wound!"

Even though this subordinate of his somewhat scary, but it was also a relieve to have a reliable subordinate as Tang Shaoyang.

Old Man Dong was a doctor Lu Gang hired. Each time they had a war, Old Man Dong would always wait for them outside of the battlefield.

Actually, Old Man Dong had a small clinic, but he earned a little from the clinic. This was the reason why Old Man Dong was willing to work with Dragon Wing to earn extra cash.

Upon seeing Tang Shaoyang's condition, Old Man Dong was shocked on the spot.

"Don't worry Old Man Dong, this is not my blood. You only need to stop the bleeding in my hand and my back." Tang Shaoyang grinned.

Tang Shaoyang and Old Man Dong was an old acquaintance. After all, Old Man Dong's clinic was in Youyouliucun District.

Old Man Dong could only shake his head and began his work. Even though Tang Shaoyang was part of triad and often involved in fighting between triads. Old Man Dong still thought Tang Shaoyang was a fine man.

Tang Shaoyang was often helping the people in Youyouliucun District. Old Man Dong was one of the most often got help from Tang Shaoyang. Old Man Dong focused on his work while Tang Shaoyang did not say anything. The van was fell into silence as Old Man Dong stitched Tang Shaoyang's wound.

After dressing the wound, Lu Gang ordered his driver to send Tang Shaoyang back. The battle was over, Lu Gang felt Tang Shaoyang already contributed enough. So he did not get Tang Shaoyang to take care of the aftermath. Seizing the enemy's territory or taking care of Hawk Talon's remnant, etc.

6 am, Tang Shaoyang reached his home. His home was at the end of Youyouliucun District. When he reached home, he immediately lied down on his bed.

He did not care if the blood on his body had not dried up yet. Tang Shaoyang just wanted to get rest as soon as possible. The bedsheet turned red as soon as his body landed on the bed. Tang Shaoyang however did not care.

As soon as his body touched the bed, he fell asleep.

Tang Shaoyang did not know how long he had been sleeping. However, he was awakened by a strange robotic voice. The voice was unclear and annoying. It kept buzzing and Tang Shaoyang was forced to wake up.

".... Game start! Step one: Survival for the fittest!"

It was what Tang Shaoyang heard as soon as he opened his eyes. He immediately jolted awake and found there was no one in his room. However, Tang Shaoyang was sure he heard the voice, a robotic voice.

He was looking at the source of the voice but found nothing. It did not take long before another strange voice resounded again. It was not a robotic voice, but it was like an unknown groan.


Tang Shaoyang turned his head and found something unbelievable. He found a zombie in his room. Never crossed in his mind there's one day a zombie would appear in his room.

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